Grasping Evil - Chapter 226 (2)

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He managed to block the attack combined from three palms!

Ning Fan coughed up a mouthful of blood as his dantian was wounded just now by the pressure from the gigantic palm above the sky. Even so, his eyes were filled with excitement.

My assumption is true!

During the first time, he had combined 27 punches into one large fist. Without a single doubt, throwing that many punches used a lot of his strength. However, it was influenced by the thought of submitting unbeknownst to him, making his first attack be lacking of unyielding spirit.

On the second time, he only displayed 21 punches. Despite the notable reduction in the strength used to throw the punches which fused into one, the aura and power were much stronger than the previous one!

During the third time, seven punches had merged into one, increasing the might of his attack to an incredible level!

The force he used to throw each of the punches remained unchanged throughout the three exchanges. But the aura of his attack rose and so did its power!

If he were to throw just seven punches at the beginning, the effect would not be as great as his third attack and would have not possessed such aura.

When his strength reached its limit, it turned into aura. When the aura reached its maximum point, his intent was born!

Nascent Soul Realm experts comprehended the primordial energy of heaven and earth and the grand momentum of nature. The deeper their comprehension in the grand momentum, the easier it would be for them to congeal their Divine Intent once they attain the Spirit Severing Realm.

Divine Intent was actually the way to control the grand momentum. In other words, it was a deep comprehension about the laws of nature.

Therefore, even though the last 7 punches were not as forceful as the previous attacks, a newly found Divine Intent which had yet to take its complete shape brought more power to his punch!

A sudden thought struck his heart. If he could receive one of Yan Zhongze’s palms with just a punch, his aura would then rise to its peak, enabling him to finally congeal his second Divine Intent! Besides, he could also use this chance to advance into the Jade Life Realm!

“I want to achieve the Jade Life Realm!”

At this moment, Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with absolute determination, just like what was on his face when he formed his Nascent Soul.

Yan Zhongze, who was standing on the ruins of the Sparrow Ascending Stage, as well as Xu Rushan and Zhuo Tong who were watching the battle in the night sky, were all deeply amazed.

Because they could feel a Divine Intent gradually materializing from Ning Fan’s body.

To their surprise, the Divine Intent lacked divinity as it was too ferocious, domineering and violent. Rather than calling it as a “Divine Intent”, it would be more appropriate to call it “Devil Intent”!

Devil Intent, the intent that devil cultivators had to congeal when they attain the Spirit Severing Realm!

It was only then did they realize the reason why the power of Ning Fan’s punch grew stronger while the number of punches he threw diminished. It was because he had now developed a new Devil Intent!

“Devil Intent… It can’t be wrong… Individuals who can form their Devil Intent must first possess Immemorial Devil Veins and secondly, they must be a devil cultivator who chose the Path of Defiance… All of us had misjudged him. He is actually a truly frightening devil cultivator… Devil Intent. Even in the Internal Endless Sea, there are only a handful of them who were able to congeal it…” Zhuo Tong heaved a deep sigh.

As the Devil Intent in Ning Fan’s eyes continued to surge, Zhuo Tong could feel a trace of danger from Ning Fan.

“This Devil Intent seems to have a high grade. It seems to be at the Seventh Grade but it looks like it is now advancing to the Sixth… The Sixth Grade… In our small Rain World, a Sixth Grade Intent would be considered legendary, though it is very common in the Four Heavens…” Yan Zhongze muttered to himself.

“Fine. Luckily we have sealed this place down. There should be no one who could spy on Zhou Ming when he was congealing his Devil Intent just now… I will relinquish my request of having him endure five palms. Having the ability to withstand three of your palms is enough proof of his worthiness and I would definitely want to befriend this man at all cost. In my perspective, this person’s cultivation level would never just be limited at the Spirit Severing Realm in his life… If he manages to achieve Void Fragmentation Realm, I’m afraid he’s going to be the next ruler of the entire Rain World judging by his character and his will to dominate! Perhaps, he would be the second… Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou!”

Xu Rushan let out a deep sigh. He had already made up his mind. Now, he would wait for Ning Fan to completely congeal his Devil Intent and then, he would offer Ning Fan anything, including all the resources of the Pleasure Devil Sea if the latter needs it!

But just as he finished speaking, Ning Fan shook his head.

He lifted his gaze and looked into the sky. Three glittering stars could be seen from his face!

The Lightning Divine Star, the Earth Controlling Devil Star and the Palm Wood Demon Star!

“I want to take on the five palms!”

His tone was indifferent and cold. However, when the three stars twinkled together, it formed an inexplicable grandness, making the three respected Spirit Severing Realm experts to exchange glances of awe.

He has three stars?! How is it possible?!

Moreover, the attributes of each of the stars are widely different…

Zhuo Tong and Yan Zhongze had no clue. Even Xu Rushan who had a half-formed Divine Star on his forehead could not understand it.

As a matter of fact, it would be rare to encounter anyone in the Nine Worlds that was able to see through the abstrusity of the three stars!

Furthermore, it would be even more rare to find anyone other than the True Immortals who could bear the solemnity of the three stars!

“Do it as promised. Five Palms!”

Although there was nothing unusual about the words he spoke, to Yan Zhongze, it was more like an order that he dared not to go against.

“This is… Spirit Speech? No. It’s not. But what exactly is this solemnity that restricted me from disobeying it…”

Yan Zhongze gulped and for the first time, he felt a heartfelt respect for Ning Fan.

He did not know that a cultivator who can possess three stars at a time is not a divine cultivator, devil cultivator or a demon cultivator but… a cultivator who practices the Path of the Immortal Sovereign!

Immortal Sovereign! That was a realm that was unreachable by many True Immortals in their entire lives!

Anyhow, Yan Zhongze did not have a clue about it. His body reacted naturally to Ning Fan’s order, gritted his teeth and swallowed a secret medicine, making the blue veins on his body stand out even more obvious.

“Little friend Zhou Ming, the combined attack of the five palms is this old man’s strongest technique that doesn’t need me to hurt myself. If you are able to withstand it, your power would be on par with a Spirit Severing Realm expert who ranks 10th out of the 13 in the External Endless Sea! Combined Five Palms, Soft Cloud Quake, Gold Cloud Smash!”

This time, five rays of golden light shot out into the sky and transformed into a golden sea of clouds which stretched for over a thousand li*. Each and every piece of the clouds did not take the shape of a palm as their force was absorbed into a large mass of clouds which was above all of them.

The Cloud Intent was adaptable.

No sign was shown when the palm took its shape.

Some of the nearby cities were affected by this massive golden cloud which almost caused the buildings to collapse!

The giant then slammed his hand into the ground. The thousand li of golden clouds fell with a screech as if the entire sky collapsed!

This kind of aura was capable of striking fear into the hearts of ordinary Peak Nascent Soul Ream experts. Ning Fan, however, did not have the slightest fear in his eyes. Instead, they were as peaceful as a cold pond.

“Clouds. No matter how strong they are, it does not change the fact that they are still clouds…”

He muttered to himself. In Ning Fan’s eyes, there was nothing to fear on the thousand zhang golden clouds.

No matter how strong or powerful the clouds might be, they were still clouds and there wasn’t any kind of cloud that could shake a mountain!

He felt a sharp pain from his back as the devil marks became boiling hot.

He could also feel a burning sensation from the Earth Controlling Star on his right eye.

His skin was torn apart; his muscles were broken; his bones were fractured.

He was badly mutilated, and looked tattered with blood all over his body, but the pair of eyes on his face remained as calm as usual.

All of a sudden, a vast and boundless devil prestige surged, surrounding Ning Fan’s body!

When it reached its peak, an immense Divine Intent rushed to the skies in the form of black mist, taking the shape of an enormous mountain!

Its summit was so sharp that it could pierce through the heavens while its bottom was so huge that it could suppress the abyss of devils!

The deep and immense devil qi from the black mist made the hearts of Yan Zhongze and the other two experts tremble in shock.

That Zhou Ming has successfully congealed his Divine Intent!

But what mountain is this?!

What kind of Divine Intent has he congealed?!

The Divine Intent of Mountain? No! That is only an Eighth Grade Divine Intent and it’s known for giving the people around a heavy feeling. But this Divine Intent…wait... this Devil Intent is solely formed with a fierce unyielding spirit!

In Yan Zhongze’s entire life, he had never seen such a cultivator who could form an image of a mountain from just his Divine Intent.

Though he did not know what Divine Intent it was, he could tell that it was a Sixth Grade Divine Intent!

Because of the grade of Ning Fan’s Divine Intent, his Divine Intent of Cloud began to give way!

“I am a mountain!” Ning Fan shouted.

He threw a punch which carried a massive devil might to the sky. The next moment, the heavens broke apart and the clouds dispersed!

The dot of jade color on his soul floated around him, turning his entire soul into the color of jade!

At that same instance, he stomped onto the ground, breaking through the thin veil to the Jade Life Realm!

The combined attack of the Five Palms was twenty-five times stronger than the first attack.

However, this time, Ning Fan was as steady as a mountain when he received the attack without retreating a step backwards.

With just one punch, the golden clouds disappeared. Yan Zhongze felt a blow on his chest, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood as he fell down from the sky.

In his mind, as he reflected about the confrontation earlier, he felt that he could not withstand the punch without using all of his means!

As for Xu Rushan, he wore both surprised and bewildered expressions.

It was because he had a feeling that he had seen that image before.

If he did not see wrongly, that mountain, it was probably the totem that was enshrined and worshipped by Venerated Giant!

“Don’t tell me this kid is the one whom Venerated Giant is waiting for…”


Note :

1.     Measurements :
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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