Grasping Evil - Chapter 227 (1)

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Ning Fan sat in a meditative position while regulating his breathing in the Profound Jade Palace. The female corpse sat quietly beside him while sewing clothes.

Three days had passed by ever since the battle. Xu Rushan finally got a satisfying answer from Ning Fan.

Ning Fan who has now attained the Jade Life Body Refining Realm made a positive response to Xu Rushan’s request. Of course, the Profound Heart of Mother Earth was included in his rewards as well as anything on the Pleasure Devil Island that Ning Fan wants.

Pills, magical treasures, spiritual equipment, spiritual iron, human cauldrons, immortal jade, pill recipes, cultivation methods…

Xu Rushan did not decline!

The first time Xu Rushan met Ning Fan, he requested help from the latter. During the battle at the Sparrow Ascending Stage, he tried to please Ning Fan. However, after he witnessed the image of the enormous mountain summoned by Ning Fan’s Devil Intent, he now felt the utmost respect towards Ning Fan! Moreover, the incident of Zhao Zijin’s murder had been restrained by Xu Rushan. No one had spread a single word about it…

“Xu Rushan’s attitude is rather weird. But I guess he shouldn’t be harboring evil intent towards me… Fine. Now I need to completely stabilize my Jade Life Realm…”

When Ning Fan muttered to himself, Yu Long’s respectful tone of voice could be heard from outside the door.

“This old servant, Yu Long, requests to meet master!”

“Come in!”

After gaining Ning Fan’s approval, Yu Long heaved a sigh of relief. He pushed the door with one hand while the other was holding a heavy storage pouch which was bursting at the seams. His eyes flashed with admiration.

“Reporting to Master. The ten thousand years old spiritual herbs that Master wanted have all been obtained. As what Master had expected, none of the stalls run by the Pleasure Devil Sect dared to reject Master’s requests. They granted me whatever I asked. Aside from that, I was also ordered to bring you ten bottles of High Grade Fourth Revolution Pills – ‘Devil Bone Pills’ which are for molding and refining the body. There are a total of 104 pills. Master, please check and accept it.”

There was no way for him not to admire his Master, a being who did not need to pay a formal visit to Xu Rushan while staying in his territory and even got such expensive gifts in return from the Spirit Severing Realm expert himself!

104 Devil Bone Pills. I suppose they cost at least ten million immortal jade…

Yu Long was not a fool. No one in the Pleasure Devil Sect would simply gift others such lavish gifts, unless Xu Rushan personally gave the order to do so!

It was so obvious that Xu Rushan, the Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of the sect, was desperately trying to please his own Master!

So a Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor in the External Endless Sea is nothing after all! Didn’t he need to show respect and befriend my Master?!

Yu Long’s eyes were blazing with enthusiasm, thinking that becoming Ning Fan’s servant was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his entire life! This time, he was full of joy and even felt a sense of fulfillment when he entered the Pleasure Devil Sect. Furthermore, those who offended his Master took the initiative to seek forgiveness by sending some gifts to him.

How fun it is to have people sending gifts in that manner?!

“En. Come in and put the pills and herbs on the table. After that, you may leave. As for the Pleasure Devil Sect cultivators who came to pay me a visit, you will help me entertain them. For all the gifts they are going to give you, please accept and assess them in full detail!”


Yu Long put down the storage pouch, closed the doors and politely left.

For the sudden change of Yu Long’s attitude, Ning Fan gently nodded his head.

This Yu Long’s cultivation level is not good. His Pill Refining Technique is also ordinary. However, as a servant, he has a clear view of things and a good sense of knowing whether what is or isn’t important. He is quite a trouble-free servant to order around to run some errands for him.

With a wave of his sleeve, the storage pouch on the table flew into his hands. After he confirmed the items within the pouch, a faint smile formed on his face.

“I only require ten thousand years old spiritual herbs to refine Facial Restoration Pills. But Xu Rushan gave me fifty thousand years old spiritual herbs. Besides, one pack of it consists of ten herbs. He also knew that I am planning on stabilizing my body refining realm, therefore he gave me 104 Fourth Revolution Pills in order to reduce the time needed to do so… Xu Rushan really showed his sincerity. Truly as expected, it was worthwhile to have gambled my life in receiving Yan Zhongze’s five palms… In this Endless Sea, those without power and refrain from killing would also be hunted down by others. Only those who have great power would not get any trouble even if they’ve killed tons!”

Ning Fan spoke to himself.

In the past when he just entered the Endless Sea, he was Now, even though he had killed countless people and his enemies were almost chased by the Demon Sealing Sect because he was weak!

everywhere in the External Endless Sea, none of them dared to take revenge on him!

The truth was plain and obvious.

A milu2 which always hides in the remote mountains and never hurt anyone would eventually be captured by hunters.

On the contrary, no one would dare to enter a mountain where a ferocious tiger resides not to mention hunting or taking revenge on them as they were ferocious creatures which see humans as their food, despite knowing full well the habitat of the beasts.

He, Ning Fan, was not a deer.

“The Profound Heart of Mother Earth. Xu Rushan said that he would only give it to me after I complete the mission… The auction will be held ten days later and as for the mission, there are still half a month to go before the Secret Realm of the Broken World opens. The Secret Realm would only open for half a year. In other words, I must cut down 150 Fake Wild Beasts in about five months… Before what happened in the Sparrow Ascending Stage, it was true that I still had doubts in myself. But after attaining the Jade Life Realm, I can even go against the weakest Spirit Severing Realm of the External Endless Sea. It will only be a piece of cake to kill the Fake Wild Beasts!”

“Now, after stabilizing my body refining realm, I will find Xu Rushan to get some pills and human cauldrons. It will be better if I can increase my cultivation level to Peak Nascent Soul Realm before I enter the Secret Realm, though I don’t have much time left… As for the Spirit Severing Realm Body Refining Techniques… Perhaps I can ask for a few techniques but I don’t think I will have enough time to cultivate them… Hmm. I heard that Xu Rushan has also prepared a complete set of Profound Earth Grade spiritual equipment for me…”

Ning Fan shook the storage pouch, kept the spiritual herbs for refining the Facial Restoration Pills away and took out the bottles which contained the Devil Bone Pills. Without any hesitation, he consumed each and every one of them.

They were High Grade Fourth Revolution Pills. Their medicinal properties were strong and the devil properties within the pills were tremendous. Ordinary cultivators who consumes these pills to refine their bodies would feel unbearable pain. But for Ning Fan, he felt that the medicinal power of the pills were moderate and they were cool and moisturizing. Aside from that, the Profound Earth Devil Marks seems to respond to the medicinal power.

“Devil pills, huh? The unique pills of the devil tribes. They are calling out to my devil marks. The person who backs Xu Rushan is Venerated Giant of the Giant Devil Sect. I suppose this Giant Devil Sect must not be ordinary…”

Ning Fan cleared his thoughts and put all his focus on digesting the pills.

Three days later, when he stepped out of the room and stood in the blowing snow, calmness was the only correct term to describe his face.

The minor injuries he suffered have all recovered. Not only that, some of the internal injuries were also healed under the effects of the pills. His Jade Life Body Refining Realm had finally stabilized at the First Level. To be more precise, it was actually already one-third of the way to the Second Level!

Ning Fan raised his hand and clawed at the invisible air!

Suddenly, a heavy gale blew across the sky as if it was going to be torn apart and the black snow began to fly in reverse, condensing into a shadow of a giant claw.

He did not use any of his magic power in that move but he felt that it exceeded the strength of his physical body.

To hurt an enemy with force, the force must first come into contact with the enemy.

To hurt an enemy with aura, the aura must first be incorporated into a technique.

For intent, however… With his current Jade Life Realm, the strength that he displayed earlier would be able to pulverize even Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

Silence filled the atmosphere.

In the past, he cultivated a body refining technique which enabled him to transform into a giant. But after he obtained the Corpse Devil Record, the technique emphasized more on increasing the defense of his physical body. The Corpse Devil Record also allowed him to congeal the Earth Star. Combining the Earth Star and the Profound Earth Devil Marks, the current Ning Fan had a different path of cultivation in terms of body refinement.

He was no longer cultivating to make himself bigger. Instead, the techniques he cultivated compressed his strength and power…

He no longer needed to fuse tens of punches into one. Instead, he would condense all the intent of his punches into one single punch…

He slapped on his storage pouch and took out the secret technique that he got from Milian. After taking a glance on it, he gently shook his head.

“Having more Nascent Souls does not mean you are powerful. Also, having a colossal body is not a sign of supreme strength. If the techniques one possesses is as many as the clouds and did not master any of them, he would likely destroy his own path due to lack of focus… There isn’t the strongest magical technique or ability in the world. There is only the most suitable ability or technique customized for myself. Even if Emperor Moksha was a ten thousand zhang* giant, I, who was only eight chi* tall, severed ten of his fingers with just one of my fingers! The body is small but the aura and intent is strong…”

“However, it is still difficult to attain Spirit the Severing Realm… In the entire External Endless Sea which consists of three thousand floating islands, there are thousands of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators but there are only 13 Spirit Severing Realm experts. Those who are able to form their Nascent Souls are people with outstanding talents. However, there may not be even one out of a hundred of them that can attain the Spirit Severing Realm. In other words, talent is just an external factor after all. In order to walk further in the path of cultivation in this world, the only thing one needs is the heart to strive hard and fight!”

Ning Fan stood there in silence for a good while. When his heart became as calm as a pond, only then did he walk down the stairs made of jade and stepped on the snowy ground.

In the room, the female corpse hurriedly put down her pin and followed Ning Fan.

She was just like his shadow.


“To cure Miss Su Yao’s poison. If you follow me, it may be a little inconvenient…”

“I…am……” The female corpse firmly nodded her head.


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

  2. The Père David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus), also known as the milu (Chinese: 麋鹿; pinyin: mílù) or elaphure, is a species of deer native to the river valleys of China and grazes mainly on grass and aquatic plants.

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