Grasping Evil - Chapter 227 (2)

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In the ladies’ room of Profound Jade Palace…

Su Yao rested her elbows on the window pane, enjoying the beautiful dark snow which fell down from the sky like cotton. It was all like a dream to her.

Although she was the sect master of Bi Yao Sect, she had never stayed in any place like the Profound Jade Palace.

This palace was owned by the Pleasure Devil Sect used to provide accommodation only for Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts.

She wore a jadeite green long skirt that reached below her knees. Her fair arms which looked like lotus held her delicate cheeks upward and her light eyebrows rose in surprise.

Usually, her expression was cool like a pool of stagnant water even in the face of disasters. However, a calm person like her would also lose her composure when she was given a luxurious room in this palace.

All the rooms were built entirely using immortal bricks. Each of the rooms would require at least a hundred thousand immortal bricks with each brick formed from casting ten pieces of immortal jade.

In other words, a room like this was worth more than a million immortal jade. Moreover, practicing cultivation within this room was more effective than in the external world.

There was a joss stick lit up in the room. It was known as “Han Su” which costs one hundred thousand immortal jade each. It was rumored that lighting up this joss stick would help cleanse the heart and mind of a cultivator from their Heart’s Devil and increase their state of mind.

Even the water that she drank and bathed was the pure spiritual liquid that was obtained by condensing spiritual qi. A cup of that kind of water was worth ten thousand immortal jade…

She clearly knew the reason why she could enjoy such extravagant treatment, and it was all because of…

Zhou Ming!

A person who could make the Pleasure Devil Sect try to befriend him at all cost…

“Zhou Ming. I really can’t see through his mind… What is his relationship with Sister Suqiu? He is said to be a pervert who made love to countless women and the number of human cauldrons he has is innumerable like the clouds and rain. But why did Sister Suqiu still maintain her purity…”

“Speaking of which, I have sworn an oath in front of him that day. Now, I guess I am his human cauldron already. Is he going to pluck me? If he does, what should I do…Should I commit suicide?”

Su Yao let out a gentle sigh. She had been through a lot in order to achieve the Nascent Soul Realm. She was reluctant to be plucked by anyone, not to mention losing her virginity. It would be extremely heart-wrenching.

However, if what she imagined really does happen, she would still obey her vow and serve Ning Fan as promised. After that, she would still choose to kill herself…

But as she thought of Ning Fan plucking her, the aphrodisiac poison that was temporarily suppressed became unrestrained.

Chastity Falling Powder… Is there any other ways to cure it other than losing my chastity…

Her original undisturbed face immediately flushed red and an unbearable heat spread throughout her body, making her weak and powerless.

A mouthful of warm breath lightly blew out from her lips, carrying the fragrance of mint.

Under her skirt, her slender legs gently rubbed against each other and a few wet patches could be seen on the cloth.

It was as if a powerful devil force was seducing and controlling her. Against her own will, she moved her slim silky hand down to her skirt, lifting its edge with her fingers. She then placed her hand on the part between her thighs, groping it gently.

“This is…inappropriate…”

Su Yao bit her lips. She rotated the Profound Gate Mind Technique with the intention of clearing off the built-up lust in her mind.

However, the profound technique that was always effective against the Heart’s Devil became completely useless in her situation. It did not diminish even the slightest bit of the lust aroused by the Chastity Falling Powder.

“No… How could I, the dignified sect master of Bi Yao Sect, do such a thing to myself…”

She bent over and lied on the table beside her, feeling extremely shy to the point of nearly killing herself. From her perspective, masturbating was an immoral act that would only be committed by promiscuous women.

What upset her even more was that she was unable to resist the urge… Her hand just kept rubbing the soft and sensitive part between her thighs, making it wet and greasy.


She let out a deep moan. Her slender, long fingers penetrated deeper into it as if breaking through a thin layer protecting the opening. Although she did not completely destroy it, a trace of blood flowed out from the sides.

Her brows tightly knitted as she felt the pain which made her regain a little bit of her consciousness.

What she saw was her almost destroying her own virginity under the effect of the poison.

Guilt was plastered all over her face.

“Have I just…degraded myself…”

She mocked herself in a contrite tone and quickly stopped doing it. She held a bronze mirror in her hand and looked at her own pink-red cheeks and started blaming herself inwardly. All of a sudden, Ning Fan and the female corpse arrived at her door. As they witnessed the scene within her room, the female corpse remained as calm and blank as usual. Ning Fan, however, shot her an eccentric look.

“I guess I shouldn’t have come at this time. I’m sorry for disturbing you…”


The bronze mirror slipped from her hand and fell onto the floor. Su Yao cried out in surprise and stood up from the chair in panic. Her half-worn underwear which had a large wet patch and some traces of blood slid down.

“Zhou…Zhou Ming! This is the ladies’ room. How could you, a man, enter at will?! Be…Be…Besides, don’t you know how to knock on the door before entering…”

Su Yao squatted on her heels, trying to cover her bottom part with her long skirt. Her eyes were filled with both embarrassment and anger.

“Knock on the door… But Su Yao Xianzi seems to have left the door open while you were enjoying yourself. Even though this is the ladies’ area, it would still not be good to be seen by other female cultivators. It’s better that Su Yao Xianzi makes sure the door is closed first before you do that next time…”

“It won’t happen anymore!”

Su Yao bit her lip lightly. She was not willing to masturbate at all. It was all because of the poison. Despite that, leaving the door ajar was still a serious mistake…

Furthermore, it was completely out of her expectations that Ning Fan who disappeared for a few days would appear at this time…

I wonder if he saw my…

If he did, then I really need a place to hide myself… It’s too embarrassing!

As she thought that she had been caught in the act by Ning Fan, her heart began to race. The aphrodisiac poison which finally ceased just now because of the pain she felt flared up again.


This time, she completely lied down on the ground while her hand tried to lift the skirt and made its way to the sensitive part below her skirt.

She shut her eyes in misery. To her, she would rather die than commit such disgraceful act before a man!

It is Zhou Ming who stands right before me. He is a man who is notoriously known as a pervert. After seeing me in such a state, I think he would likely take advantage of me…

Just as she was in a state of anxiety, Ning Fan frowned and waved his hands to shut the door and windows.

“Weiliang, guard the door. I will cure her now…” He ordered the female corpse.

Su Yao’s eyelids quivered.

Cure my poison? It seems that my guess is correct. This Zhou Ming really wants to have sex with me…

Suddenly, she felt that the hand that was stroking her private part was grasped by Ning Fan. The next moment, she unconsciously felt that she was being carried to her bed.

“No… I haven’t… I haven’t decided yet…” This moment, she turned into a weeping beauty as tears streamed down from her eyes when she imagined that she would be plucked by Ning Fan and lose her virginity forever.

In that split second, she no longer viewed herself as a sect master or a devoted cultivator of the righteous path, but a helpless woman who was going to lose her purity to someone.

 “Eh… Did I say that I want to pluck you?”

Ning Fan laughed and flicked her forehead, causing her to shudder in shock.

“Chastity Falling Powder. This poison is deemed to be incurable. But as long as you haven’t destroyed the hymen1, there is still a way to cure it. On the other hand, having sex with you will only momentarily cure it and the poison will imprint in your heart and soul for the rest of your life, making it impossible to be cured. In fact, it will turn a woman who is ready to die to preserve her chastity like you into a licentious whore… If I came a little late, I suppose your hymen would have already been destroyed by your own hands and will have been placed in grave danger…”

Fortunately, when Su Yao lost control of herself earlier, her fingers did not damage much of her hymen.

After searching Milian’s memories, Ning Fan found out that this poison was not like any other ordinary aphrodisiac poisons. Women affected by those poisons could be cured by having sex with them but that method would only worsen the women who were afflicted by this poison. It was why this poison was considered incurable by many.

If the woman did not fulfill her sexual urge, she would die because of lust.

If she had sex, the poison would then enter into her bones and veins,  deeply rooting itself within her, turning her into a sex slave.

Milian planted such poison because he did not plan to give Su Yao any chances to break free from this poison.

Otherwise, Ning Fan would simply detoxify her by having sex with her.

To common people, there was no solution for this poison.

But Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Locket which could restrain any form of bewitching techniques and aphrodisiac poisons was able to cure this poison without the need of taking her virginity.

Besides, Su Yao was a good woman. If her virginity was forcefully taken away from her, allowing the poison to overwhelm her, it would be a waste to lose someone like her…

In a way, Su Yao could be considered half of a human cauldron to Ning Fan. He would not stand and watch a woman of honor like her to fall low.

A female had two mouths. One on the top and the other on the bottom. Since he could not detoxify her from the bottom, he could only cure her from the top.

Su Yao became slightly unconscious under the effect of the poison. She thought that Ning Fan was going to pluck her, so she kept pushing him away with her powerless arms. All of a sudden, Ning Fan pinned her arms down against her body and kissed her on her lips.

Her body shuddered and she immediately regained consciousness. As she saw Ning Fan kissing her, she hurriedly closed her mouth and teeth out of nervousness.

What should I do…

Because of the close distance between the both of them, her nostrils were filled with Ning Fan’s manly smell, which made her face burning hot.

“Are you a little more conscious now? Then, please cooperate with me. It will only be a kiss. There’s no need to take your virginity…”


“Yes. Even if you are my human cauldron, I will never hurt you when you are in difficult times… Let’s leave it to next time. The next time I pass by Bi Yao Immortal Island, I will come and find you…”


Su Yao heaved a sigh of relief. It was truly a joy to her as she did not need to lose her chastity today.

However, when she thought of what Ning Fan said just now, her heart… was a little worried…

If, if…it’s only a kiss…

Su Yao closed her eyes once more. This time, she did not show any signs of resistance.

In her opinion, all aphrodisiac poisons could only be cured by making love, let alone a powerful poison like the Chastity Falling Power.

This Zhou Ming can actually take advantage of me right now and take away my purity. However, he chose to cure my poison with a kiss. Such an attitude is 10,000 times better than those upright gentlemen in smart clothes.

This time, it should be the third time he saved my life.

Su Yao’s expression became unnatural and her voice were soft like mosquitoes buzzing in the air, “Thank you… The next time when I…when I am ready, I will fulfill my promise…”

“Oh really? Stick your tongue out…”


Su Yao stuck out her pink, satiny tongue from her lips, revealing just the tip.

She had no clue of how sticking her tongue would help in curing her poison but she still did it anyway.

But at the next second, her eyebrows raised and her eyes widened in terror.

Her tongue was sucked into Ning Fan’s mouth…


The fright she felt in her heart was unprecedented.

Despite that, there was a kind of comfort that she had never felt before.

This kind of feeling was called a first kiss and she, Su Yao, had never experienced it before throughout her life.

Her tongue carried a whiff of fragrance similar to that of peppermint.


Note :

  1. Hymen is a membrane which partially closes the opening of the vagina and traditionally, it is a mark of a female’s virginity.

  2. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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