Grasping Evil - Chapter 230 (2)

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It can’t be wrong. This person has certainly attained the Jade Life Realm. Otherwise, his Sword Finger would at most make me fearful but not to the point of threatening my life.

As a result of taking his technique head on, my avatar’s punch attack was crushed…

This could be considered the first time Stone Warrior suffered a loss in exchanging blows with Ning Fan!

Ning Fan did not answer Stone Warrior’s question since the answer was obvious.

If he did not have Jade Life Body Refining Realm, he would not be so conceited as to engage Stone Warrior in direct confrontation.

The First Finger of Sword Finger, Mountain Crush used the power of the earth element which could naturally restrain Stone Warrior. Combined with his oppressive Devil Intent, injuring Stone Warrior with that ability was not strange at all!

“Evil Luo Mountain… This mountain must be something of great significance among the devil race… Now, I understand what Xu Rushan was trying to imply. He gifted me the Armor of the Silver General and informed me that it was from Venerated Giant of the Giant Devil Sect. Although he did not directly recruit me, if I want to increase the power of my Devil Intent, I must gain a clear idea of the ins and outs of Evil Luo Mountain… Stone Warrior might not have any knowledge about it but the members of the Giant Devil Sect should know… It seems that I really need to pay a visit to the Giant Devil Sect the next time I enter the Internal Endless Sea…”

Standing in midair, he inhaled a deep breath and cleared his thoughts. His eyes then focused on the tip of his finger.   

The ray of golden light did not congeal into the Second Finger.

Not enough. It’s still not enough…

“Let’s fight again!”

Ning Fan leaped into the air and performed the First Finger multiple times and pointed directly at Stone Warrior’s body.

After discovering Ning Fan’s true body refining realm, Stone Warrior no longer dared to look down on him anymore. Facing the incoming destructive finger attacks, Stone Warrior displayed a Spirit Severing Realm Body Defense Technique. Suddenly, a fiery-red armor plate made of stone surrounded his body, blocking all of Ning Fan’s attacks.

The First Finger of the Sword Finger had limited destructive power after all. It was not strong enough to break through the fiery rock armor.

Without using any of their trump cards, the battle lasted for one day and one night with no clear winner.

The longer they battled, the brighter the golden light was on Ning Fan’s finger. However, he still felt that he lacked an opening for him to unleash the power of the Second Finger.

The source of power of the First Finger, Mountain Crush, came from the collapsed mountains it absorbed power from which eventually turned his finger into a sword to injure his enemies.

The Second Finger, Heaven Breaker. As what the name implied, the source of its power would come from breaking the heavens. But the important question was: since the heavens do not have a definite shape like mountains, how is it possible to break it?

How? How to break the skies?

Again, his finger met his opponent’s punch. The giant body of Stone Warrior was sent tens of li* away. Meanwhile, Ning Fan also suffered the same impact but when comparing the both of them, his miniature body made him look like a cannonball when he was sent flying.

His body retreated continuously for quite some distance in the sky and he could only regain his balance when he reached the sea.

After  battling without rest for one whole day, both of them expended quite a lot of their strength and energy. Ning Fan nearly reached his limit while Stone Warrior was not any better. Without the use of his trump card, he, a dignified Spirit Severing Realm expert, was evenly-matched with Ning Fan throughout the battle.

In the past when they fought each other for the first time, Ning Fan could only endure not more than three breaths despite him displaying all of his best techniques.

But today, as long as Stone Warrior did not use the Gui Technique granted to him by Bei Xiaoman, it was difficult for him to defeat Ning Fan relying solely on his physical body!

This kid’s improvement is incredibly fast. If he continues to progress at such speed, I think it won’t be long before I would be defeated by him!

“Zhou Ming. You are good! It’s beyond my expectations that our fight would last this long. Now, you are even able to put up a fight with any Spirit Severing Realm expert of the External Endless Sea with your current body refining realm. But you will never defeat me. Besides, you don’t have a Spirit Severing Realm Body Refining Technique that you are proficient with… If I display the Gui Technique that was passed on to me by the Mistress - Seven Kill, you will certainly lose!”


Ning Fan knew Stone Warrior was telling the truth. The reason why he tried so hard to master the Second Finger of Sword Finger was because he did not have any Spirit Severing Realm techniques.

Despite hearing Stone Warrior’s words, he only stared at the glowing tip of his finger in silence.

He stood above the sea, letting the sea breeze to blow against his face while sinking deeply into his thoughts.

In his mind, he was pondering what exactly heaven was!

After the battle that lasted one day, he understood that only when he finds out the true definition of heaven would he then be able to break the heavens and complete his Second Finger, Heaven Breaker!

The devil star on his right eye glowed. Immediately, his Devil Intent congealed into an evil mountain billowing with black qi on the surface of the sea.

He stood at the peak of the mountain and dispersed all his magic power and aura, calming himself down.

He then lifted his head and gazed into the vast sky, retracing his thoughts about the heavens. He faintly felt that he was close to grasping the true meaning of it but then that feeling slipped away as he seemed to  be missing something.

The heavens has no clear definite shape. How can I break it?

He could see the broad sky above but it was like a mystery to him.

A hint of agitation began to surface within his heart, but he did not let it consume him and he took a deep breath to maintain his calmness instead. After that, he rearranged the sequence of his thoughts.  

When he shifted his gaze towards the boundless surface of the sea, a sudden feeling struck him.

“What’s missing in this sea…What’s missing in the sky…”

It was pitch-black in the Yuan Yao World. Although there were arrays of stars that sparkled brightly in the dark sky, it was still a world of darkness.

The sea water which was as black as ink became a trace of enlightenment and rapidly grew within his heart.

All of a sudden, he lifted his head again and stared at the sky!

“Heaven is shapeless in nature; so how does it hold the objects in it?! Where the stars are, there is heaven! However, the stars are not enough… Where the moon is, there is heaven… But the moon is not enough too… Among the sun, the moon and the stars, the most imposing one is the sun. And the sun is likely to represent heaven…”

The sun as the saint; the moon as the emperor; and the star as the fiendgod…

Unknowingly, the incantation that Luo You once passed to Ning Fan echoed within his heart: There’s a fish in the Northern Sea named Yue Kun. There’s a Saint in the Northern Sea named Hun Kun. There’s a sun in the Northern Sea named Yin Rong and there’s a thunder in the Northern Sea named Lei Tong…

This incantation had neutralized the power of Bai Feiteng’s Ice Sun in the past. But this time, the heavens quaked and an immense power surged and condensed.

At the edge of the ocean surface, a large red sun gradually rose.

This was the sun formed from the Primordial Power of heaven and earth!

“Heaven can never be broken itself. But if I break the sun, can I cause it to break?”

When the question surfaced in his mind, it was hard to get rid of it.

Standing at the top of the evil mountain, Ning Fan saw that the sun was on the brink of crumbling down when it was halfway to the sky.

The Primordial Power of heaven and earth was insufficient to hold the sun together…

The sun contains the might of Heaven, which is difficult to simulate…

He reached out into the empty air and grasped while his mouth continued to utter the incantation.

With the power of his Devil Intent, a trace of power of the True Sun was extracted out of thin air.


He flicked his finger, sending the power of the True Sun into the red simulated sun, immediately turning it red.

Every inch the black sun rose into the sky would cause the Primordial Power of heaven and earth within it to compress into traces of Heavenly Spiritual Energy.

Primordial Power was the power used by Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

Heavenly Spiritual Energy was the power used by Spirit Severing Realm experts!

The black sun finally rose to the middle of the sky. The black sunlight emanated from its body would make anyone feel like it was the end of the world.

“Since heaven has no shape, I will use the sun as a means to break heaven!”

When his words fell, Ning Fan leaped higher into the sky, approaching Stone Warrior step by step.

He raised his hands, touching the black sunlight in the air. Suddenly, he felt as if the sunlight was under his command.

He lifted his finger and allowed its tip to glide through the sunlight. It was his first time coming into contact with his own Heavenly Spiritual Power…

“Success or failure, all depends on this finger…. Fight me!”

“As you wish!”

A fearsome battle intent surged within Stone Warrior’s eyes!

The black sun which hung in the sky gave him an eerie and threatening feeling. He had no clue about the technique but he knew that it was unusual!

No matter what, he wanted to fight!

Stone Warrior pointed his finger into the sky and the next second, seven blood-red stars emerged.

As the seven of them connected to each other, the power of the seven stars transformed into seven rays of blood light which fell from the sky and gathered at Stone Warrior’s finger.

The destructive power of his finger was much greater than Yan Zhongze’s seven palms combo attack.

With this finger, he once killed a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

It was a Spirit Severing Realm Technique, which summoned seven stars and used the stars as vessels to condense Heavenly Spiritual Energy. Therefore, the might of the technique could be said to be peerless.

However, the stars were more inferior than the moon; the moon was more inferior than the sun.

In the face of the black sun, even the seven blood-red stars were faintly trembling.

Their techniques were both at the Spirit Severing Realm. But the only difference was the stars not being equal to the sun!

“You can’t win against me! Unless you attain the Spirit Severing Realm!” Stone Warrior’s voice was as loud as thunder, echoing endlessly within the Yuan Yao World.


Ning Fan’s tone was cold. Eventually, he raised his hand with his finger pointing upwards, the golden light on the tip of his finger completely turned into dark golden.

The black sun in the sky lit up!

Suddenly, black flames began to roil on the surface of the sun. On the surface of the sea, the waves lost its calmness!

Stone Warrior’s heart was filled with surprise. That’s when he found out that he had misinterpreted Ning Fan’s technique from the very beginning.

Stone Warrior condensed the stars to perform his technique. On the contrary, Ning Fan intended to break the sun to perform his technique!

When the black sun was fully ignited, an explosive power erupted from within!

The next second, the black sun was blown into pieces and a windstorm filled with black flames permeated the entire sky, burning it down.

After the invisible veins of the sky was burned up, the sky could not stop crumbling down!


The clouds collapsed!


The sky broke!

The power from the broken clouds and sky was absorbed into Ning Fan’s finger, making the dark golden light on the tip stronger and brighter.

Then, he pushed out his finger at the direction of Stone Warrior.

“Heaven Breaker!”

Although it was just a finger, the black light split into countless rays of light like reeling off raw silk from the cocoon.

An unprecedented feeling of imminent danger surged within Stone Warrior’s heart, making him unleash his power that was amassed on his finger without any further hesitation.

“Gui Technique, Seven Kills!”

His empty eyes both became filled with shock and ferociousness.

He was shocked because of how Ning Fan broke heaven.

He became ferocious because if he could not block this attack, there were only two outcomes for him: being severely injured or death!

The blood light that was enough to eradicate almost everything was immediately turned into ash as it met the threadlike black light.

Stone Warrior was flabbergasted. His greatest technique could only offset less than thirty percent of the power of the black light!

The fiery red stone armor emerged, protecting every part of his body. But when the black light arrived, the armor was torn to pieces in just an instant.

The black light with half of its original power got closer to Stone Warrior’s body. As his stony body touched the black rays, it was turned into broken stones.

Within seconds, his seven hundred zhang* tall avatar was entirely broken.

Countless black threads encased Stone Warrior’s true body like forming a cocoon. However, it did not continue to tear him down.

Stone Warrior was stunned with his mouth agape.

Obviously, it was Ning Fan who stopped the technique in time to avoid killing Stone Warrior.

If Ning Fan wanted to, he could have pressed his finger an inch further and Stone Warrior would certainly be dead!

“I’ve lost…”

Stone Warrior who was born to fight squeezed a bitter smile from his lips.

He was once an ant who could only endure not more than three breaths in my hands. Now, he has become a fierce person who is capable of taking my life.

Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator defeating a Spirit Severing Realm expert… If this event was leaked, perhaps the Early Spirit Severing Realm experts of the External Endless Sea would have to avoid any confrontations against Ning Fan.

“Finally, I’ve comprehended the Second Finger… But its side-effects really are great…”

A trace of black blood flowed down from the corner of Ning Fan’s lips. Despite that, his eyes flashed with excitement.

Stone Warrior was the first Spirit Severing Realm expert that he won against on his own without any external help!

If Stone Warrior is considered to be the top five Spirit Severing Realm expert of the External Endless Sea, there would at least be 8 of the Spirit Severing Realm experts who would not be able to withstand Ning Fan’s Second Finger.

In other words, they would certainly be killed by it!

Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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