Grasping Evil - Chapter 230(1)

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In the Profound Jade Palace, Ning Fan stared at the complete set of silver armor and his eyes began to fill with seriousness.

Evil Luo Mountain…

Ning Fan did not know anything about that mountain. However, Xu Rushan seemed to have found a satisfying answer from him.

“Is this the reason why he suddenly became so respectful towards me?”

After having Ning Fan promise to undertake the mission, Xu Rushan fulfilled whatever items Ning Fan requested for with no hesitation.

Other than the 12 Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons and the complete set of Profound Earth Grade spiritual armor, Xu Rushan also gave him 50 million immortal jade, 20 Fourth Revolution Pill recipes, 5 Fifth Revolution Pill recipes, 3 Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit and 50 Heavenly Primordial Pills.

Aside from that, Ning Fan had also been given innumerable pills for restoring  his magic power.

He also obtained a Mortal Void Realm spiritual iron which possesses the ability “Fire Spirit”. This spiritual iron could greatly enhance the power of magical treasures with the fire element. However, it was clearly unsuitable to use it to augment his Lightning Whip as it could only be enhanced by spiritual iron with “Gold Spirit” or “Lightning Spirit”. Although “Fire Spirit” was indeed not of the right element for the Lightning Whip and has currently no need for it, he would never think about returning it to Xu Rushan since it was already in his hands.

Aside from that, he also received two Profound Heaven Defective Treasures.

What Ning Fan never expected was for Xu Rushan to give him the Profound Liquid of Mother Earth in advance. Other than the Profound Heart of Mother Earth, Xu Rushan had completely granted him all the rewards according to their agreement.

200 drops of Profound Liquid of Mother Earth…. 2000 units of magic power!

If he manages to consume all of them, he could advance straight into the Peak Nascent Soul Realm!

However, there was one fundamental problem that he faced: time. No matter what he chooses to refine, be it the Profound Liquid or the other items such as the Heavenly Profound Pills, Dao Fruits or Green Phoenix Flame, it would be very time-consuming.

Among all the alternatives he had to increase his cultivation level, the fastest and most time-saving approach would be plucking the human cauldrons.

The next second, he shook his Cauldron Ring and summoned a Nascent Soul Realm female.

“I need to pluck you, but I will allow you to keep your cultivation level at the Gold Core Realm.” He spoke indifferently.

“Thank you Master for deciding on not killing me. Please be gentle, Master…”

Five days later, Ning Fan plucked the Profound Yin of all the 12 Nascent Soul Realm women he received from Xu Rushan. His magic power increased by 215 units, amounting to a total of 675 units.

The reason why the magic power he gained from plucking the women was lesser than what he expected was because he wasted too much of his Yang Essence, which diminished the effect of plucking.

Plucking Nascent Soul Realm women isn’t easy after all.

After plucking all the Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons of the Pleasure Devil Sea, I suppose it will be rare to find any Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators in the External Endless Sea other than in Bi Yao Immortal Island.

He pushed the door open and exited his room. The female corpse behaved as obedient as usual, quietly following him from behind.

Ning Fan lifted his head, gazing into the vast sky. The wind and snow gradually compressed the aura surrounding Ning Fan into his body.

The increase of his magic power sharpened his comprehension towards the primordial power of heaven and earth.

For ordinary Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, firstly, they had to comprehend the grand momentum and then identify the bottleneck of advancing to the Spirit Severing Realm. Only after they attain the Spirit Severing Realm would they then comprehend their Divine Intents. However, what Ning Fan did was exactly the opposite of what was common practice.

Before the auction, there are two more things to do!

Firstly, cultivate the Second Finger of Sword Finger!

Secondly, refine the Armor of the Silver General!

He pressed his hands down on the ground and used Soul Extraction.

This time, however, he was not after the soul of the island, but half of the entire gold element spiritual power of the island!

The Joint Joyous Immortal Island was not a large island. With his current cultivation level, he was capable of extracting half of the power of the whole island!

Suddenly, a tremendous amount of gold element spiritual power entered into his body through his right hand, threatening to blow up his entire body.

At that very moment, the Joint Joyous Immortal Island was in chaos. Countless old monsters found out that the spiritual qi of the island had become abnormally thin for a moment!

Only experts at the Spirit Severing Realm could sense that someone performed the Soul Extraction ability and drew out the spiritual qi of the island!

Who’s that?! That person has mastered the Soul Extraction ability?!

Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze turned into green smoke and flew into the sky. Ning Fan once obtained Xu Rushan’s approval to draw out half of the spiritual power from the island. Therefore, they naturally knew it was likely to be Ning Fan’s doing. But they were inwardly astonished by his capability of performing that technique.

Meanwhile, there were four other Spirit Severing Realm experts who appeared in the vast darkness, bathing in the black snow. All of them wore imposing expressions.

Under the influence of the Primordial Magnetic Force, they carefully spread their spirit sense, trying to find out the expert who extracted the soul of the island. But no matter how hard they tried, their efforts were fruitless.

It was because Ning Fan had already entered into the Yuan Yao World after he obtained the gold element spiritual power of the island.

How could a Spirit Severing Realm expert of the external world discover his presence when he was in a chiliocosm?

In the Yuan Yao World, Ning Fan’s body radiated gold light just like a man made of gold when he was encased by a massive amount of gold element spiritual power.

He strenuously pushed the gold element spiritual power into the second finger of his right hand in order to initiate his cultivation of the Second Finger.

First Finger, Mountain Crush.

Second Finger, Heaven Breaker!

The golden man sat down on the ground in a meditative position. As the gold element spiritual power was gradually forced into the tip of his finger, it brightly glowed, making it look like a mini version of the Sun.

The gold element power is already sufficient.

However, no matter what Ning Fan did, he could not unleash the power from his finger to perform the technique.

He felt as if there was an invisible layer hindering him from performing the technique.

He pondered in silence as thousands of thoughts ran through his brain. But in the end, an idea struck him.

There’s something that can’t be understood by just using my head.

I’m afraid that I will need to understand the essence of the technique through battle.

He ordered the female corpse to retreat to a safe distance. After that, he temporarily suppressed the spiritual power amassed on his finger and took out a stone statue from his storage pouch.

With a wave of his hand, the stone statue grew into the shape of a human and slowly regained its consciousness.

“Listen, Stone Warrior!”

When Stone Warrior was still barely conscious, Ning Fan gave out his orders with his tone carrying an immense aura, making the empty eyes of Stone Warrior immediately be filled with shock and astonishment.

“This aura is really strong! It’s almost comparable to that of a Spirit Severing Realm expert! You are just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator but why would you have such powerful aura…”

In the next second, Stone Warrior only realized at this time that the place he was in now was a chiliocosm. Besides, he was familiar with this place even though it had undergone a complete change and had been restructured by Ning Fan.

“This is… This is the Mistress’ Yuan Yao World! Impossible! How did you get your hands on the Yuan Yao Jade?! What have you done to my Mistress?!”

“Bei Xiaoman is safe now. I have fulfilled my promise and became a Feudal Ranking Pill Master of the Lost World Palace. Besides, when Bei Xiaoman was injured, I treated her injuries. As for this jade, I took it from her hands and she did not resist.”

What a joke. Her masturbation clip was in Ning Fan’s hands. Of course, Bei Xiaoman would not dare to resist.

Stone Warrior hurriedly placed his hands on the trace of blood on his glabella. It was Bei Xiaoman’s blood, which was given to him when he, a spiritual puppet, recognized her as his master.

Only after discovering that the blood was safe and tranquil did Stone Warrior feel relieved. However, he was not convinced at all about what Ning Fan said that he had saved Bei Xiaoman. Even so, he reluctantly believed that Ning Fan did not harm her.

Ning Fan frowned lightly.

Now, it seems that Stone Warrior really is not that loyal to me after all. It would be quite troublesome to use him.

If my power becomes far greater than Stone Warrior, I might as well just return him to Bei Xiaoman, since his loyalty is not directed towards me.

As for Bei Xiaoman, she is already my human cauldron! It makes no difference to give such benefits to a human cauldron of mine!

“Fight me!”

In Ning Fan’s right eye, the Earth Controlling Devil Star flashed and a monstrous devil intent billowed from his body and dashed into the sky, congealing into a black evil mountain that shrouded the heavens. In a flash, Ning Fan’s shadow emerged at the summit of the mountain.


His eyes looked down at Stone Warrior. At this very moment, Stone Warrior who was made of stones and soil sensed an overpowering pressure from Ning Fan. Currently, in Stone Warrior’s eyes, Ning Fan was no longer human. Instead, he saw the latter as a mountain; an evil mountain!

“This is… Devil Intent! But what grade is it?! No, it’s not of the Eighth Grade. The Seventh Grade… Wait… No…It’s actually of the Sixth Grade! This kid comprehended a Sixth Grade Devil Intent within a short period of time when I was unconscious?!”

The last time when Stone Warrior turned into a statue, Ning Fan was still at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. This time, Ning Fan’s magic power had increased quite a lot. Not only that, what Stone Warrior was unable to believe was that Ning Fan who originally possessed the Eighth Grade Divine Intent of Rain now obtained a Sixth Grade Devil Intent.

Under that devil intent, Stone Warrior’s body trembled violently. His Divine Intent of Mountain was nothing before Ning Fan’s evil mountain!

He felt as if his ruler was in front of him!

“Come. Let’s have a fight!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned icy cold. He planned to make Stone Warrior his opponent and comprehend the Second Finger through this battle.

As his cold-piercing eyes met Stone Warrior’s, the latter who was never easily shaken despite facing great changes in the past felt his heart sped up in anxiety.


He was left with no other choice but to obey Ning Fan’s order.

Despite what he felt, deep inside, he still did not think that Ning Fan would be able to win against him.

He could tell what Ning Fan was up to. However, he was unsure whether the ability Ning Fan was trying to grasp was strong.

All in all, Stone Warrior was confident that he would not lose to Ning Fan!

“Bring it on! I was born to fight!”

At the foot of the evil mountain, Stone Warrior enlarged and transformed into a 700 zhang* tall giant. He thought he would be able to touch Ning Fan who was at the peak of the evil mountain but something strange happened.

In his original form, he was like an ant before the evil mountain.

In the form of a 700 zhang* tall giant, he was obviously taller and larger than the evil mountain in front of him. Despite that, his aura was far weaker than that of the evil mountain.


When Ning Fan opened his mouth and uttered a single word, Stone Warrior’s avatar nearly crumbled into pieces!

“What is this Devil Intent?! What mountain is this?! How did he make my body which is made of mountain rocks almost collapse with just a single thought?!”

Stone Warrior was appalled by the evil mountain. This evil mountain must have a powerful background. It was like the king of mountains. Such tyrannical ability could only be displayed by some of the Third Grade Divine Intents…The reason why this Devil Intent of Evil Mountain was just a Sixth Grade Intent was probably because Ning Fan had yet to completely comprehend it. If he does, perhaps this Devil Intent might be as powerful as a Third Grade Intent or even greater!

 If Stone Warrior did not recognize it wrongly, the shadow of the evil mountain closely resembled the devil marks he inscribed on Ning Fan’s back.

Don’t tell me that I accidentally created some kind of powerful Devil Intent after the 99 inscriptions!

At this moment, Stone Warrior no longer dared to underestimate Ning Fan.

In the past, Ning Fan had to rely on the Grievance Technique to capture Stone Warrior. But now, he was capable of having the upper hand over Stone Warrior with just his Devil Intent, let alone suppressing him.

Stone Warrior understood that the reason why he could still maintain his avatar was because Ning Fan was being lenient on him.

A Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was showing mercy to his Early Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet…

“The fight starts…now!”

When Ning Fan’s words fell, he made a step forward and leaped into the sky from the summit of the evil mountain. He lifted his finger and pointed towards Stone Warrior!

Under the power of his finger, countless mountains which he had brought into the Yuan Yao World from the outside world collapsed. The power of his finger would grow stronger and stronger for every mountain it collapses and absorbs power from.

When the image of the evil mountain behind his back collapsed and turned into a surge of devil qi and gathered in his finger, his finger glowed like the edge of a sword, striking directly at Stone Warrior’s punch.

Stone Warrior did not expect that Ning Fan would retain the power amassed in his finger and only unleashed it when his finger came into contact with his body, blasting out on his punch.

In his thoughts, Ning Fan might have strong physical body, but he only possesses a Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm. Compared to a true Jade Life Realm expert like himself, Ning Fan was still far weaker. Besides, he had transformed into his avatar while Ning Fan was just an ant whose body was eight chi* tall.

As soon as his punch met Ning Fan’s finger, he felt a trace of power that could cause mountains to crack and the earth to split. However, it was not from his punch but Ning Fan’s insignificant finger. A thunderous bang echoed in the sky. After receiving such forceful impact, his gigantic punch broke into pieces along with his arm!

The giant retreated tens of steps, flattening innumerable mountains and rivers before he could regain his balance. Suddenly, his eyes flashed with surprise!

“You have achieved the Jade Life Realm?!”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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