Grasping Evil - Chapter 231 (1)

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Ning Fan had finally grasped the Second Finger of Sword Finger, though it still contained some flaws. If he uses it in battle, he would definitely suffer injuries himself too.

A few days later, Ning Fan gained the recognition of the seven pieces of the silver armor.

Within the Yuan Yao World, he donned the armor. The silver helmet and the silver mail made him look like a celestial being from the heavens. With the addition of the Wind Lightning Wings which had black feathers, his presence emanated a strange demonic qi.

With a single thought, the seven parts of the spiritual armor set together with the Wind Lightning Wings, disappeared and went into his body.

And when he willed it, a silver light radiated from his body and he was covered in silver armor with a pair of black wings on his back once again.

“Light…is…impressive…” The female corpse’s eyes twinkled like stars.

As for Stone Warrior, he was overwhelmed when he stared at Ning Fan who was armed to the teeth.

“It’s a complete set of spiritual armor… A complete set of Low Profound Earth Grade Spiritual Armor like yours is even more expensive than a single piece of Peak Profound Earth Grade spiritual armor. It’s very obvious that Xu Rushan is trying to befriend you by giving you such an expensive gift… Zhou Ming, what exactly have you done to touch Xu Rushan’s heart, making him be so willing to befriend you?”  Stone Warrior could tell that he had missed a lot of things when he was sealed into a stone statue.

“I killed some men… and Xu Rushan took a fancy to my capabilities…”

Ning Fan just told him half of the truth as he did not want to reveal anything about the Evil Luo Mountain.

At first, the reason why Xu Rushan befriended him was maybe because he wanted to obtain his help to hunt the Fake Wild Beasts.

After the incident in the Sparrow Ascending Stage, Xu Rushan’s attitude towards Ning Fan greatly changed. He almost granted whatever Ning Fan requested. The only possible reason that Ning Fan could think of was the mysterious image – Evil Luo Mountain!

But there was no need for him to tell Stone Warrior about it.

Currently, Stone Warrior felt inhibited by just facing Ning Fan who was fully armed.

Ning Fan who had now attained the Jade Life Body Refining Realm was able to fight against Stone Warrior.

After comprehending the Second Finger of Sword Finger, Ning Fan was capable of even killing Stone Warrior!

Not only that, the complete set of Armor of the Silver General that Ning Fan wore also gave a huge boost to his power. His strength, magic power, speed, defense… The complete set of spiritual armor was specially made for cultivators who practiced the martial arts of immortals. In other words, the most suitable cultivators to wear this spiritual armor were those cultivators who focus on refining their bodies and techniques.

Suddenly, an illusion appeared in Stone Warrior’s mind.

With this set of armor, his defense becomes so strong that it can directly take a hit from my Gui Technique, Seven Kills.

Besides, after every part of the armor recognized him as the master, he seems to have unlocked some kind of offensive skill of the armor.

A body of silver armor with a pair of black wings was indeed impressive. But something seemed to be missing.

I need a weapon.

Ning Fan’s eyes moved and sensed the activation of the ability - Spiritual Formation. Now, his absorption speed of the Primordial Power of heaven and earth increased by one fold.

Originally, Ning Fan was not able to condense his Primordial Power into Heavenly Spiritual Energy to perform a Spirit Severing Realm ability with his current cultivation level.

But with the help of the Spiritual Formation, he had a feeling that he would be able to grasp the Heavenly Spiritual Energy which was freely floating in heaven and earth!

He recalled Xu Rushan saying that after gaining the recognition of the full set of armor, he would be able to condense Heavenly Spiritual Power and form a Heavenly Spiritual Sword!


He reached out his hand out to the air and grasped. When he opened his palm again, a silver vortex emerged from his hand. Traces of Heavenly Spiritual Power was pulled out from the air and gradually congealed into a one zhang* and eight chi* long silver serpent spear, beaming with bright silver light.

With the newly-formed spear in his hand, his forehead was beaded with cold sweat.

This silver spear sure is terrifying!

If I become the least bit careless, I might get killed by this spear because of the backlash that is more than capable of immediately eradicating a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like me.

Silver Armor, black feathers, silver spear.

They actually made him resemble the Divine General of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

After witnessing the silver spear, the eyes of Stone Warrior widened and they were both filled with absolute astonishment.

“There’s no way I can withstand this spear…The power of this spear is even greater than Heaven Breaker which is still incomplete!”

Stone Warrior’s power was almost on par with Xu Rushan.

Xu Rushan said so himself that if Ning Fan gained the recognition of the Armor of the Silver General, he would not want to become Ning Fan’s enemy. It was because not even him could take a single strike of the silver spear!

“What great power…”

Ning Fan felt that all his power and strength had been emptied and channeled into the spear.

If he throws the spear, the mountains and rivers within tens of thousands of li* would probably be razed to the ground in an instant, destroying every possible living creature within the vicinity.

The next moment, he dispersed the silver vortex in his hands as well as the silver spear. With just a thought, the spiritual armor vanished.

After landing on the ground, he moved his fingers to calculate the days and found out that the auction had already been initiated three days ago.

However, he felt just as well because only Gold Core Realm items and Nascent Soul Realm items would be auctioned on the first few days.

I guess the last auction for the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts has yet to begin.

I wonder if Su Yao would join the auction to buy the Dao Fruit as she had mentioned…

He took out two Fourth Revolution Pills, one was gold while the other was silver and consumed them both. Both of them were pills given by Xu Rushan.

The golden pill was the Heart Primordial Pill, which could restore a great amount of magic power. As for the silver pill, it was the Silver Blood Pill, which could recover his strength and heal his injuries.

After setting Stone Warrior aside, Ning Fan held the female corpse and a portal congealed by the power of the Yuan Yao World appeared.

“Weiliang. It’s time for us to leave!”

Immortal’s Abode Tower. As the name implied, this tower was an auction tower created using an Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure.

The last auction for Nascent Soul Realm items was being held at this place.

The surrounding area of the tower was sealed off, leaving only a path for the cultivators to move. Occasionally, some cultivators would exit the tower and leave Joint Joyous Island after successfully acquiring the items they wanted.

Yu Long had already been waiting outside of the tower after handling the registration for Ning Fan. As soon as he caught sight of Ning Fan, he immediately led them inside the tower.

Ning Fan was inwardly amazed when his eyes landed on the internal hall of the tower.

This Xu Rushan used an Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure to hold an auction? The backing he has sure is impressive…

If Ning Fan was correct, this Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure and the golden house that Xu Rushan showed him in the past were made by the same person.

The quality of the magical treasures is comparable to that of my Cauldron Ring.

After all, with the memories of the Ancient Chaos Emperor, Ning Fan also inherited all the Treasure Refinement Techniques that the emperor learnt prior to achieving the Void Fragmentation Realm.

The person who made those Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasures can’t just be a nobody in the Endless Sea.

“I heard that one of the Venerated Seven, the old ancestor of Heavenly Abode Sect – Dong Xu, is proficient in techniques which manipulate the Gimmick Puppets. Aside from that, he also excels in creating Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasures and a master of divination. On the Board of Devils, this person secures the top ranking with his ability to perform divination. However, this person is secretive in his movements and doesn’t leave much of his traces as he always acts alone. Rumor has it that not more than 10 people in the Endless Sea has actually seen his face… If my guess is not wrong, only he possess the skills and techniques to build and refine the Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasures. The reason why Venerated Giant of the Giant Devil Sect was able to obtain the magical treasures from Dong Xu was probably because of their strong friendship…Therefore, Xu Rushan who is allied to the Giant Devil Sect was able to obtain two Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasures…”

Countless thoughts surfaced within his mind. From just the Immortal’s Abode Tower, he deduced that the Giant Devil Sect was very likely to have a strong tie with the Heavenly Abode Sect.

After clearing his thoughts, Ning Fan turned towards Yu Long and asked, “About the information I asked you to gather, how is the progress?”

“Reporting to Master. According to my findings, there are at least 17 Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts from the External Endless Sea and 74 Peak Nascent Soul realm experts from the Internal Endless Sea participating in this auction. For experts at the Spirit Severing Realm and above, other than Old Ancestor Xu - Xu Rushan, there are also Yan Zhongze from the Cloud Treading Sect and Zhuo Tong from the Purple Charm Gate. However, due to some personal matters, Old Ancestor Zhuo had left earlier…”

“Mm-hmm… How many Spirit Severing Realm experts came from the Internal Endless Sea?”

“I have only discovered four of them on the surface. They are the Spirit Severing Realm elder of the Zhou Clan, Zhou Qi, who was brought along by the ‘ Son of Heaven of the Zhou Clan’, the third elder of the Sword Island, Guan Xiong a.k.a ‘Sword Slave’, the third elder of the Demon Sealing Sect, Purple Gu Taoist and the vice sect master of Black Buddha Sect, Evil Light Monk… However, I wasn’t able to find out if there are still some hiding in the dark. As Master had specially ordered me to keep an eye on the people from the Demon Sealing Sect and the Black Buddha Sect, I have collected some information about the two Spirit Severing Realm experts without being noticed. Regarding the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron, the woman’s background is a mystery. Please forgive me, Master. Yu Long is unable to find out anything about this woman… The only thing I know is that this woman is not easy to pluck…”

“If there is only the Black Buddha Sect, it would have been fine. However, three out of the seven forces of the Venerated Seven had come. The Zhou Clan of the Internal Endless Sea; the Sword Island; the Demon Sealing Sect… If it’s just about the Secret Realm of the Broken World, the Spirit Severing Realm experts would not have appeared. But it is a little unreasonable to have so many Spirit Severing Realm experts from the forces of the Venerated Seven coming for just a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron. However, other than the Black Buddha Sect, none of the Spirit Severing Realm experts among the small forces came, as if they smelled danger and did not dare to come… Perhaps Xu Rushan did not lie to me. There must be some problems with the identity of the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron…Not even a single detail can be found?”

Ning Fan knitted his brows. The reason why he ordered Yu Long to find out the details about the auction prior to his arrival was because of the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron.

If he could obtain the human cauldron, he would at the very least gain 500 units of magic power. Despite knowing the fact that that human cauldron had a mysterious background, Ning Fan could not remain unaffected by her.

Suddenly, Ning Fan stopped walking and eventually the female corpse and Yu Long who was also following him did the same.

He took a glance at Yu Long’s body and his eyes turned cold.

“Yu Long, you were targeted… After all, it is still too dangerous to ask you, an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, to pry into the details of Spirit Severing Realm old monsters...”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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