Grasping Evil - Chapter 231 (2)

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“Wha..What?!” Yu Long was stunned. He did not have the slightest idea that he had been marked by some people.

In the next moment, Ning Fan pointed his finger at the middle of Yu Long’s forehead which was the center of the latter’s Sea of Consciousness. Immediately, he released a trace of Primordial Energy, immobilizing Yu Long. Yu Long was inwardly astonished by his Master’s means.

He is unimaginably strong. By just using the Primordial Energy of heaven and earth, he restricted the movements of my body.

When Ning Fan withdrew his finger from Yu Long’s forehead, Yu Long’s expression turned pale at what he saw. There were four spirit sense seals planted on his Sea of Consciousness without him knowing!

The four spirit sense seals were of course planted by the four Spirit Severing Realm experts.

It would be impossible for them not to leave anything on a junior Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who tried to gather information on them. However, they did not immediately eliminate Yu Long because they were fearful of the person who was backing Yu Long – Zhou Ming. Instead, they gave a warning to him by planting the seals.

Among the four traces of spirit sense, one of them was akin to lightning as it was left by the expert of Zhou Clan. The second trace of spirit sense had the shape of a sword, indicating clearly that it was planted by the expert of Sword Island. The third one contained immense demon power. It was rather vicious as it might crush Yu Long’s Sea of Consciousness when extracting it. Without a doubt, it was planted by the expert of the Demon Sealing Sect. It seems that the Spirit Severing Realm expert of the sect was not really afraid of Zhou Ming after all. Besides, this spirit sense was able to stimulate the purple qi within his All-Heaven Relic.

Ning Fan got that qi after he killed the Eagle Crane Eagle. Since it responded to the spirit sense, maybe the qi was planted by the same Spirit Severing Realm expert of the sect who had come to the auction.

As for the last trace of spirit sense which had a resemblance of both Buddha and the Devil, it was obviously left by the Spirit Severing Realm expert of the Black Buddha Sect.

The expert expressed an absolute hostility towards Ning Fan without reservation as he afflicted a deadly venom on Yu Long at the same time he planted his spirit sense on him.

When Ning Fan extracted the venomous spirit sense, a voice echoed from it with a contemptuous tone.

“I am Evil Light. You will be a dead man soon!”

The reason why he held such enmity towards Ning Fan was probably because he had found out that the Five Ugly Monks had been murdered by him.

However, be it the vicious spirit sense of the Demon Sealing Sect or the venomous spirit sense of the Black Buddha Sect, Ning Fan extracted all of them with ease.

Currently, he already possess the power to battle against experts at the Spirit Severing Realm. To him, extracting the four traces of spirit sense was just a trivial matter to him.

He conjured four traces of grey flames on the tips of his fingers and incinerated the spirit sense.

After that, his eyes became cold and merciless.

As for Yu Long, he was nearly shocked to the point of collapsing to the ground. He never knew that he had been targeted by the Spirit Severing Realm experts. He could have lost his life if not for his Master.

It’s so terrifying…

“Thank you Master for saving my life!” Yu Long was so grateful that he almost shed tears.

“It’s nothing. Since you are my servant, I won’t let you die in vain.”

From the incident that happened to Yu Long, Ning Fan gathered that the Zhou Clan and the Sword Island did not hold grudges at him at the moment. Not only that, they did not even attach a hint of importance to him.

For the Demon Sealing Sect, they seemed to be unaware that it was him who killed the Eagle Crane Elder. Or maybe they were not even concerned about the death of one of their elders.

In regards to the Black Buddha Sect, it had explicitly showed their intention of treating Ning Fan as their enemy.

The reason why Evil Light Monk did not act in the island is probably because he heard that Xu Rushan has associated with me and he is fearful of the influence of Xu Rushan.

If I’m not wrong, Evil Light Monk will definitely pursue and kill me once I leave the Joint Joyous Island!

But he will only have the chance after I have completed my mission in the Secret Realm of the Broken World.

All in all, Ning Fan held no fear towards Evil Light Monk. If he has a chance, he would really want to eradicate people like Evil Light Monk and Purple Gu Taoist.

The Immortal’s Abode Tower had four floors. The first floor was for the Gold Core Realm cultivators; the second floor was for the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators; the third floor was for the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts; and the fourth floor was for the Spirit Severing Realm experts.

Since the auction for Gold Core Realm items had already ended, the first floor became empty. Ning Fan’s seat was at the third floor.

Each of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts had their own respective room that had a protective layer that hindered any outsider from spying on them using spirit sense. The experts must hold the jade token of their respective rooms before they could enter. Therefore, no outsider was able to sneak into the rooms.

But what surprised Ning Fan was that there were already two people sitting inside his room.

One of them was Xu Qiuling while the other was a dirty old geezer.

Upon seeing the two people who had intruded his Master’s room, Yu Long’s eyes were filled with fright. It was because before he went to welcome Ning Fan, there was no one in the room.

“Er. Master, these two people…” Yu Long was worried that Ning Fan was going to reprimand him for his blunder.

“Never mind. They are my friends…”

Ning Fan waved his hand, showing that there was no harm for having them here.

It was not surprising at all for the daughter of Xu Rushan to have the means to sneak into the rooms of other cultivators.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Mistress Xu?”

Ning Fan calmly sat down and took a sip of the tea that was prepared on the tea table before them. His expression did not change but deep inside, he was astonished.

No, he was not astonished because of the presence of Xu Qiuling. Instead, he was amazed by the dirty old man sitting beside Xu Qiuling.

This person’s aura showed that he was just an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert. But when Ning Fan examined him properly, he found out that this person’s aura should be at… Peak Spirit Severing Realm!

One of the Venerated Seven?!

Could he be Venerated Giant of the Giant Devil Sect?!

No. It’s not. His body does not reveal an overwhelming body refining realm like Venerated Giant who is well-known for his unrivalled body refining realm.

What surprised Ning Fan the most was the person’s eyes which were like a bottomless vortex. He could not stare directly into his eyes because if he did, his mind would immediately be absorbed into the vortex and be eradicated!

Why did Xu Qiuling bring such a powerful expert with her to find me?

“Young Master Zhou, this is Qiuling’s master. He taught me all the techniques and knowledge about gardening. Master said he wants to meet Young Master Zhou. Therefore, Qiuling became bold and brought Master here without getting your permission. I hope that Young Master wouldn’t mind.”

Hmm? Judging from Qiuling’s expression, she seems to be unaware that her master isn’t just a common Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, not to mention a so-called gardening teacher. He is one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea instead…

It actually makes sense too. If any of the Venerated Seven tries to conceal their cultivation level, no one would be able to see through them, unless they are experts at the Peak Spirit Severing Realm…

Maybe Xu Rushan himself is unaware that there is a terrifying being residing in his courtyard too.

“This old man is Shui Ye. Greetings to Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming… Meeting you is indeed better than hearing about you from the rumors. *Clicks tongue* Fellow Daoist really has great fortitude! Even after meeting me, Fellow Daoist still can enjoy tea without panicking.”

To outsiders, his words might be praising Ning Fan for not judging a person by their appearance as Ning Fan did not chase him away because he was a dirty old man.

But to Ning Fan, the elderly man’s words were clearly complimenting him.

Being able to drink his tea without losing his calm even at the face of one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea… If that person who did that was not extremely audacious, then the person must have confidence in his techniques, making him be unafraid of the Venerated Seven.

Truth be told, Ning Fan did not pretend to be calm. It was because if he finds anything fishy, he could immediately hide himself inside the Yuan Yao World.

Among the Venerated Seven, the expert who has a favorable impression of me might just be Venerated Giant while the one who holds enmity against me should be Venerated Demon of the Demon Sealing Sect.

Who exactly is this man?!

Shui Ye…

He is Dong Xu!

Shui Ye((shuǐ)()) are parts of the Chinese words of his true name, Dong Xu[1]



If he really is Dong Xu who is an expert who has a close friendship with Venerated Giant, then would it mean he holds no hostility towards me?

However, Ning Fan could not understand why the dignified Venerated Dong Xu did not stay in the Internal Endless Sea and came to the auction at the External Endless Sea instead.

“Greetings from Junior Zhou Ming to Venerated Dong Xu! I wonder why Senior would personally come to meet junior.” Ning Fan communicated with him using telepathy.

“Hmm? This child is quite clever as you are able to correctly guess my identity. Why did I look you?... Er… Let me think about it… I guess it’s because I have taken a fancy on your Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure and Treasure of the Cosmos. Wait. Do I want to kill you and rob you of your treasures?”

As Dong Xu’s words echoed in Ning Fan’s mind, a sense of immense danger surged within his heart. He felt that the dirty old man before him was going to kill him at the next moment!

But a moment later, the old man scratched the back of his head and gently shook his head.

“No. It’s not… Since I have lots of Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasures, why do I still need yours? As for the Treasure of the Cosmos in your hands, it belongs to the Lost World Palace. You dare to take it, but this old man doesn’t…Hmm…Let me think again… Oh, I remember now!”

The old man swung his head while closing his eyes. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide and pointed at Ning Fan with his finger. What he said next was truly shocking.

“This old man sought you to tell you, Ning Fan, that you must not form your Primordial Spirit in your entire life, otherwise…you will die!”

Venerated Dong Xu actually knew Ning Fan’s true name!


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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  1. ^ 1. Click here to see the explanation of how Shui Ye is derived from Dong Xu.