Grasping Evil - Chapter 233 (1)

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In the room, Ning Fan looked at the Nascent Soul Realm auction progressing towards its end in silence with a smile on his face.

Yet Dong Xu smiled bitterly while explaining the reason why he had to hide his identity to Xu Qiuling.

Xu Qiuling had never thought that her master in gardening whom she arbitrarily went under was such a powerful figure…

But the thing that really frustrated her was that the usually loony master of hers tried ‘marry’ her off to Ning Fan with just a few words!

Even though she wasn’t reluctant, but…

But can a girl’s marriage be decided in such a sloppy manner?

She lightly sighed and her gaze fell upon Ning Fan’s quiet smile, which made her heart skip a beat.

I wonder if I am still underestimating Young Master Zhou...

He is a person who was able to make my father and Uncle Yan befriend him at all costs, and now he is even able to make one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea lower himself before him.

Aside from that…  Young Master Zhou directed my master on how to attain the Void Refinement Realm

Inconceivable, unbelievable…

The eyelashes of Xu Qiuling continuously blinked while her stare continued to linger at Ning Fan’s face, making her cheeks blush like a ripe tomato.

The calm and composed Ning Fan was indeed brimming with charm… Such a man of indifference was her cup of tea.

Her father was a devil who made a living via selling human cauldrons. Throughout her life, she had seen and met countless devils, but none of them had been as charming as this man before her.

Her lifespan had been preordained to be short which eventually caused her personality to become cold, but yet she could not forget this man after only meeting him once…

It was as if it was the man whom she had longed for in the past hundreds of years.

A man who could cause her to give all her affection to him without restraints, even if he couldn’t save her in the end…

Perhaps you won’t be able to see me wither away with old age in your journey.

But I am willing to follow you towards the ends of the world, enjoying all the beautiful scenes where flowers bloom like a piece of brocade in the world and promising you a vibrant life.

The Nascent Soul Realm auction had finally reached its end.

Several precious Nascent Soul Realm Magical Treasures and pills had already been auctioned off.

Each and every pill that could increase one’s cultivation level was acquired by Ning Fan, even though he had no use for them… The girls in my hometown may need them.

The average Nascent Soul Realm cultivator did not dare to make their bid after hearing his voice from the third level.

This time, he did not attempt to conceal his identity because his influence under the pseudonym of Zhou Ming had become far too hard for him to remain a low profile in the External Endless Sea. Many Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from the External Endless Sea immediately stopped bidding after recognizing Ning Fan’s cabin.

This was the power of his devil prestige.

Ning Fan’s gaze fell upon the second floor.

The Sense Blocking Formation that was established there was unable to prevent Ning Fan from probing what’s inside.

Within the room, Su Yao was slightly frowning. The Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit that she had painfully awaited had yet to be seen.

There should have been four Dao Fruits for auction, with one being auctioned in the beginning of the auction; two in the middle of the auction; and the last towards the end of the auction.

But now, even when the auction was nearing its end, no Dao Fruits could be seen, thus, making Su Yao anxious.

In the next second, the last item was finally unveiled under her worried eyes.

“The last item for this auction is an Early Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit, due to some unforeseen circumstances, our sect is only able to auction this Dao Fruit. The starting bid is 5 million!”

“5.5 Million!”

There was not an ounce of patience left within Su Yao, making her bid immediately without any hesitation.

The owner of this tender and pleasant voice was easily recognizable to those who knew her. Without a doubt, she is the Sect Master of Bi Yao Sect.

Dao Fruit was an item that spawned from killing others.

The Bi Yao Sect was the only sect that claimed that they were a righteous sect amongst the top ten sects and the disciples of the sect had to abstain from killing. There were many restrictions on taking a person’s life. However, it was rather ironic for the sect master of the righteous sect to actually come to the Pleasure Devil Sea to procure a Dao Fruit.

Some silently snickered, some spoke and teased sarcastically and some even lusted after her alluring body.

But nothing was able to diminish her determination. The sole purpose of this journey was to successfully procure a Dao Fruit for her sister, Yin Suqiu.

She wanted to assist Yin Suqiu in her Nascent Formation!

However, Su Yao had slightly underestimated the influence of the Dao Fruit.

The top ten sect’s influence wasn’t insignificant, but the Bi Yao Immortal Island was an exception.

As long as one doesn’t offend this sect in an excessive manner, the sect would not hunt them down on the surface for revenge.

As long as one possesses sufficient wealth, they could go against Su Yao and bid on the Dao Fruit with a higher price. Even so, Bi Yao Immortal Island would not take action.

“6 Million!”

“6.2 Million!”

“6.6 Million !”

“7 Million!”

A series of bidding resounded in turns.

The competition stopped when the bid raised up to 9 million. 

Because… the one who gave out the bid was from the southern room on the fourth floor!

“I bid for 9 million!”

The moment the owner of that coarse and evil voice was heard, every cultivator that was below the Peak Nascent Soul Realm felt a chill down their spines simultaneously.

Even though it was just a common voice, it sounded as if it possesses a strength that could even crumble the heavens.

A surge of Primordial Energy of heaven and earth congealed into innumerable Heavenly Spiritual Threads that appeared along with this voice, shattering the protective formation of the room that Su Yao was in!

An obese black monk walked out of the room snickering and licking his tongue at the same time while he gazed upon Su Yao’s room.

“So… this is the human cauldron that had been prepared by that little fellow Milian. Hmm… She looks good. She is the type that I like! But since Milian died because of you, you are better off dead!”

The black obese monk’s evil eyes glowed and a black devilish Buddha image which was nearly six zhang* tall appeared behind him. The Buddha image then burst into black smoke dashing towards Su Yao.

However, only Spirit Severing Realm experts knew that it was not smoke, but a fatal technique that was congealed from countless Heavenly Spiritual energy black threads!

Immediately, the Bi Yao Sect’s female disciples behind Su Yao had all their faces plastered with fear.

All the old monsters and experts at the scene recognized the perpetrator!

“He is a Spirit Severing Realm Old Monster! He’s Evil Light Monk, the vice sect master of the Black Buddha Sect!”

“This black smoke is Evil Light’s strongest technique – Evil Smoke. After getting caught in it, even Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators would lose their magical power instantly and be shredded into pieces…”

Each old monster that were usually snobbish suddenly became inconsequential existences like ants in the face of a Spirit Severing Realm old monster. They didn't even dare to take a deep breath.

None of them dared to question the Spirit Severing Realm expert from the Internal Seas who’s trying to kill one of the sect masters of the top ten sects of the External Endless Sea, let alone go against him.

While all of that was happening, Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze were leisurely enjoying their tea on the Blissful Summit. It’s completely beyond their expectations that a mere Nascent Soul Grade auction would cause a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator to cause a scene.

That Evil Light Monk is nuts! He actually shifted his target to the Bi Yao Sect to vent his anger after we warned him not to go against Zhou Ming!

The two of them wanted to help but they were too far away from the scene.

As for the other three Spirit Severing Realm experts at the auction, they had their own agendas.

In the eastern room, a young man with a pair of glittering eyes donning a silver robe folded his fan. An emblem of a silver thunder beast had been sewn on his lapel!

This person was a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and his magical power had reached 8 thousand units!

This person’s aura was on par with Evil Light!

He was Zhou Qing from the Zhou Clan!

This person was a genius of the Zhou Clan from the Internal Endless Sea. As such, he gained the nickname of “The Son of Heaven of the Zhou Clan”. He was the most talented devil cultivator among all his peers in the Internal Endless Sea and he could be considered as “the strongest cultivator below the Spirit Severing Realm” in that place! Whenever he leaves the sect, he would be accompanied by a Spirit Severing Realm expert, Zhou Qi. It was enough to show how important he was to the Zhou Clan.

“Rumour has it that this woman was the cause of the conflict between Zhou Ming and the Black Buddha Sect. But Evil Light won’t dare to kill Zhou Ming to vent his anger as Xu Rushan gave him a warning. Hence, he is trying to force Zhou Ming to act so that he can have a proper reason to kill him…  Hmm… Evil Light, is a person that is worth my attention. He does not even possess a Divine Intent even though he is already a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator. I suppose he attained his current cultivation level with a cheap trick. I will at most only need to use 4000 units of my magic power to finish him off. But this Zhou Ming… He is not a member of our clan, yet his techniques are good… The strongest below Spirit Severing Realm in the External Endless Sea… I wonder how many blows he could take from me… and how much magic power I would need to defeat him.”

“Three moves! A thousand unit!” Zhou Qi looked like a taciturn man.

“Zhou Qi, I guess you’re overestimating this man…”

Zhou Qing smiled coldly, but in the next instance, his gaze shuddered!

“He is Zhou Ming?!”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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