Grasping Evil - Chapter 233 (2)

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In a room located in the northern part of the area, a burly man whose face was noticeably red with a long beard was cleaning his gigantic sword which radiated silver light.

His sharp eyes stared at the body of the sword as if his entire thoughts were totally absorbed into the sword.

The ongoing Nascent Soul Realm auction could not arouse the slightest bit of his interest. When Evil Light Monk acted, he did not even raise his eyebrows.

The next instance, however, he stood up with his eyes brimming with vigor, staring outside the room in disbelief!

“This man is Zhou Ming? Such powerful sword technique! I think not more than 10 people in the Sword Island can withstand this person’s technique!”

Meanwhile, in a room in the western side, an elderly man dressed in purple robes was holding two women in both of his arms.

He was too lazy to even lift his eyelids when Evil Light caused the commotion outside. He sneered instead, “Oh. So this is the vice sect master of the Black Buddha Sect? He is way too weak compared to the Spirit Severing Realm experts of my Demon Sealing Sect…”

Evil Light was just someone beneath his contempt. The reason why he could be so conceited was because he was the third elder of the Demon Sealing Sect, Purple Gu.

However, right after Evil Light initiated his attack, someone emerged and his presence alone was enough to make Purple Gu be filled with towering rage.

Purple Gu could clearly sense the purple demon qi that he planted in the Eagle Crane Elder himself from that person!

It can’t be wrong!

“Zhou Ming! You’re courting death!”

Suddenly a purple light flashed within his room and the two ladies at his sides vanished into millions of golden purple worms.

The two women were not humans, but worms! Those worms were called “Purple Bites”. Despite their tiny size, a mature worm was able to bite a Gold Core Realm cultivator to death. Hundreds of them would be able to devour a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator while thousands of them could engulf a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

Purple Gu Taoist had seventeen-thousands of those worms with him. Therefore, none of the Spirit Severing Realm experts would be willing to fight him!

But the killing intent that surged within his eyes was quickly replaced with astonishment.

“Why is this Zhou Ming so powerful although he is just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?!”

Su Yao’s heart was filled with despair and hopelessness when Evil Light Monk displayed his technique.

The black smoke was just too fast for her, not even letting her take out her magical treasures to block it.

But what if I manage to take out my magical treasures….

There’s no way I can withstand it…

However, a silhouette of a young man was even faster than the black smoke!

With just merely a flash of grey light which was partially filled with green smoke, he emerged before the black smoke with a pair of cold-piercing eyes!

“Is my human cauldron someone you can harm? Crush!”

The five fingers of Ning Fan’s hands shone in dark green light. When he clawed towards the black smoke, a trace of Devil Intent of Evil Luo Mountain went out of his body, surrounding him with tremendous devil qi! The Heavenly Spiritual Black Smoke which was capable of shredding Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts into pieces, dispersed!

“Hmph…You finally revealed yourself! Haha. I will now have a justifiable cause to kill you now. There’s nothing Xu Rushan can say anymore! Die!”

Evil Light grinned hideously and quickly performed the incantations for the next technique. He had been waiting for Ning Fan to save her and he had finally showed himself!

But Ning Fan acted much quicker than him!

In a flash, he lifted two of his fingers and pointed at him.

First Finger, Mountain Crush!

Second Finger, Heaven Breaker!

Countless mountains on Joint Joyous Immortal Island began to crumble.

The immense power of his finger broke open the ceiling of the Immortal’s Abode Tower, revealing the vast sky!

Even though it was still day, the entire sky darkened and a giant black sun hung in the middle of the sky.

When Ning Fan triggered his killing intent, the black sun ignited.

The sun fell; the clouds crumbled; and the heavens broke!

Evil Light grimaced in fear!    

He was the weakest Spirit Severing Realm expert in the Internal Endless Sea but the incoming attack seemed to have the power of the strongest attack of an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert!

Even Stone Warrior nearly died to that attack. How could he, Evil Light, be able to withstand it?!

Run! I must run!


Ning Fan pointed at him his third finger. This time, it was the Body Sealing Technique!

Endless number of grey threads tightly bound Evil Light’s limbs, leaving him no freedom to move. With Ning Fan’s current cultivation level, he was more than capable of sealing Evil Light’s movements for half a breath.

“What technique is this?!”

Evil Light’s expression greatly changed.

What is this technique that can allow a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator to seal my movements?!

“You are the weakest Spirit Severing Realm expert and I am the strongest Nascent Soul Realm cultivator… You can die now! Crush!”

A trace of sword qi emitting black golden light went out from his finger. It was his first time displaying this sword qi and therefore, it had yet to reach its maximum potential. But as for the technique, he became more proficient in it after using it this time.

When the sword qi departed from his finger, it broke into countless fine black threads. However, if one looks closely enough, the tips of the black threads were razor-sharp mini swords.

It was as if a ray of light was pulled into innumerable thin shafts of light.

But when they arrived before Evil Light, they converged and enwrapped his body.

The weakest Spirit Severing Realm expert, Evil Light, did not even have the time to use his Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure. In desperation, he spurted a mouthful of black sand which was a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, intending to fend off the black threads.

But as his sand came into contact with the black threads, it immediately disintegrated into ashes.

At this moment, the boundless sky above the Joint Joyous Immortal Island broke, revealing the dark and eerie Void Realm, which made everyone feel a tingling sensation on their scalp.

After destroying his Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, the black threads were like maggots, devouring Evil Light’s body and tearing it into pieces.

However, just when his body was completely engulfed, a flash of black shadow forcefully dashed out from the seal of the black threads. Despite his grievous condition, he managed to perform incantations and turned into a cloud of black smoke to escape with his Instant Shift. The next second, he was already tens of thousands of li* away.

The fist-sized black shadow was like a Nascent Soul. His face was exactly the same as Evil Light Monk, however, his body was illusory and corporeal.

It was his Primordial Spirit!

The incredible speed of a Primordial Spirit astonished Ning Fan inwardly.

He sighed while wiping off the trace of black blood on the corner of his mouth, “It’s a pity that I failed to finish off that wicked monk and let him escape… Sure enough, I have yet to reach the level of being able to kill a Spirit Severing Realm expert…”

The atmosphere of the room was filled with pin-drop silence.

The cracks in the sky outside the tower gradually closed up by itself. But the ceiling of the Immortal’s Abode Tower could never be recovered again.

After witnessing that battle, the fear that each and every one of the old monsters from the External Endless Sea had for Zhou Ming escalated to an unprecedented degree.

Even the old monsters from the Internal Endless Sea who did not even look Zhou Ming in the eye earlier began to take notice of him, especially the Spirit Severing Realm experts on the fourth floor. All of them were impressed. If they were the one who received his attack, they would certainly be grievously injured as well!       

Zhou Qing clenched his fists in anger.

So it’s me who underestimated Zhou Ming?

There was no way he could withstand that finger!

This Zhou Ming isn’t just the strongest expert under the Spirit Severing Realm. In fact, only a few among the Spirit Severing Realm experts would be able to take his fingers head on!

Besides, he still said “it’s a pity”?

Don’t tell me that he is still not satisfied after destroying Evil Light’s physical body? He wants to kill his Primordial Spirit as well?

The Son of Heaven of the Zhou Clan Zhou Qing’s pride was punctured. He felt he was utterly inconsequential before Ning Fan…

“A Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator defeated a Spirit Severing Realm expert…”

Guan Xiong recollected the flash of sword earlier.

Threads Transformation Sword? It can’t be wrong! Those countless black threads were swords in threadlike form!

“I have been cultivating swordsmanship for three thousand years and yet, I haven’t comprehended the technique of transforming the sword into threads. This kid did it when he is just at the Late Nascent Soul Realm! Unfortunately, he is not a member of my Sword Island. Otherwise, he would be the one who will succeed Venerated Sword!”

Purple Gu Taoist’s eyes were filled with absolute shock.

He had already recognized Ning Fan as the person who murdered Eagle Crane Elder as soon as he appeared.

But when he witnessed the single finger Ning Fan used to eliminate Evil Light, he knew that he would also suffer critical damage, despite the amount of worms he had now!

“The murder of the elder of my sect… It can’t be resolved by just forgetting about it…. But he is not a man to be trifled with. If I face him myself, I would certainly be severely injured…”

Ning Fan might look repentant for his inability to completely eliminate Evil Light, but he turned towards his own room and passed a message using telepathy.

“Senior Dong Xu, I want his Primordial Spirit!”

“Hehe. Alright. Alright. A mere Early Spirit Severing Realm of the small Black Buddha Sect… Even if he has run for millions of li*, this old man can still catch him back…”

All in all, Ning Fan eliminated Evil Light but not his Primordial Spirit.

Even so, he still had people who could help him catch Evil Light! It would be a waste if he chose not to use a powerful expert like Dong Xu!

As the saying goes, cut the weeds and dig up the roots.

Evil Light could never run away! However, no one would figure out Ning Fan was the person behind Evil Light’s death!

“He is the first Spirit Severing Realm that I killed!”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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