Grasping Evil - Chapter 234 (1)

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When Evil Light displayed his skills, every cultivator at the scene was stricken by fear.

When Evil Light fled after being defeated, everyone was terrified.

After all, Evil Light was an expert at the Spirit Severing Realm – a cultivation level which was dreamt and pursued by countless Nascent Soul Realm cultivators for their whole lives. Even though Evil Light was the weakest of the Spirit Severing Realm cultivators, none of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators was on par with him…

But now, he was defeated with just a single finger by a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?!

That finger congealed the Primordial Energy into momentum, condensing the Heavenly Spiritual Energy into the black sun and conjured a sword from the power of the sun and finally transformed the sword into threads… When the Second Finger was displayed, heaven broke and his enemy perished…

So this is the true power of Zhou Ming?! Among the 13 Spirit Severing Realm experts of the External Endless Sea, how many of them would be able to withstand that technique?!

Each of the old monsters’ eyes were anchored at the indifferent young man standing before Su Yao while gulping in fear.

For ordinary cultivators who entered the cultivation world, most of them played dumb to take advantage of other cultivators.

However, this Zhou Ming never knew how to keep a low profile for himself throughout his journey in the Endless Sea. Regarding his confrontation with Evil Light just now, the other cultivators would not have chosen to display their trump cards or ultimate techniques in the first round if they were the ones who fought Evil Light instead. They would at most try to probe their opponent’s capabilities. But Zhou Ming directly used his killing move in his first clash with Evil Light.

Though it looked reckless, it showed that Ning Fan’s philosophy of life was much wiser than theirs.

Without power, one surely has to lie low and avoid unwanted attention. If one had great power that is enough to rule over the External Endless Sea and overpower the Internal Endless Sea, why should he still hide his capability to himself?

If Ning Fan did not use his killing move in the first round, would it still be easy for him to do so after Evil Light saw through his capabilities and put up his guard?

Ning Fan felt unbearable pain from his immortal veins. That technique took quite a toll on him.

Even so, his eyes gradually turned calm, as if he was unaffected by the pain.

His gaze shifted from the eastern room to the northern room on the fourth floor and lingered on the western room.

From their respective rooms, Zhou Qing, Zhou Qi, Guan Xiong and Purple Gu walked out with a confused look.

All their auras pressed against Ning Fan, with the intention of testing the latter. However, in the face of the massive aura, Ning Fan remained composed and appeared to be unaffected.

He was not afraid of auras. At the very least, those aura below the Void Fragmentation Realm had no effect against him.

“I am Zhou Ming. I’ve killed someone here. Maybe some of you are displeased by my actions. If any of you is dissatisfied with me, by all means, fight me!”

Obviously, his words were for the Spirit Severing Realm experts from the three rooms of the fourth floor.

Guan Xiong was the first one to withdraw his aura. His eyes were filled with awe. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out a three cun* long silver sword which had a blunt tip and no sharp edges on its sides. There was an inscription on its surface. It was a token in the form of a sword.

“Sword cultivation is always domineering. It is very common to kill the foe with just one slash. I hold no discontent towards Fellow Daoist Zhou. In fact, I am impressed by Fellow Daoist’s incredible swordsmanship. If Fellow Daoist is free, perhaps you can come visit the Sword Island… This is the Sword Token of the island. With this token, no one would hinder Fellow Daoist from entering the island!”

Guan Xiong a.k.a Sword Slave was trying to befriend Ning Fan! He even gave him a pass to enter the Sword Island as a keepsake!

Suddenly, the Sword Token shot out a miniature sword that carried a sword qi containing enough power to eliminate an ordinary Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert in an instant at Ning Fan. But when it came in front of him, he flicked his finger and immediately, the small sword quivered while its sword qi dispersed.

“Crushing a sword with just a flick of finger?! This kid has a really strong body refining realm. I suppose he is at the Jade Life Realm…” Guan Xiong praised inwardly. The sword qi was actually released with intention to probe Ning Fan’s ability.

“Thank you, Senior Guan. I will keep the Sword Token for the meantime. If there is a chance, I will definitely pay the Sword Island a visit…”

Ning Fan kept the item and cupped his fists while Guan Xiong gently nodded his head and returned to his room in the northern direction. He was a representative from the Sword Island. In other words, the Sword Island harbored no hostility towards Ning Fan!

“This Guan Xiong has an outstanding spirit like that of a hero. He is a wholehearted sword cultivator. He befriended me mainly out of sincerity and partially because of my Sword Finger Technique… As such, if I attain Spirit Severing Realm, there’s no harm for me to visit the Sword Island.”

Ning Fan’s gaze fell on Zhou Qing. He was the second person who withdrew his aura. On his glabella, there was a half-formed silver Lightning Star which he had yet to fully congeal.

This person looks like a cultivator with Immemorial Lightning Vein…

Just as their gazes met, Zhou Qing’s eyes turned solemn and activated the power of his Lightning Star. The half star flashed and his eyes began to fill with lightning as he stared at Ning Fan.

He had already heard that Ning Fan also possessed the Lightning Star. If it wasn’t because of that rumor, he would not have shown consideration for a cultivator from the External Endless Sea like Ning Fan, judging from his supercilious attitude.

“I am the Son of Heaven of the Zhou Clan. I am the person who possess the strongest potential in the Zhou Clan. With a nearly discarded blood vein, I managed to congeal the Immemorial Lightning Star… This person is not a member of the Zhou Clan. It’s impossible that he has congealed a Lightning Star…”

Zhou Qing’s eyes might look like lightning, but Ning Fan’s eyes were like the starry sky. As their gazes met once more, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with blood lightning. Immediately, Zhou Qing felt as if a ray of blood lightning blasted within his mind, making the lightning in his eyes immediately diminish and submit!

A drastic change appeared on Zhou Qing’s face as he retreated two steps back. With his current cultivation level, he felt powerless in trying to expel the blood lightning from his Sea of Consciousness!

“Zhou Qi!”


The silver-robed elderly Spirit Severing Realm expert behind him made a step forward and reached out his hand to support Zhou Qing from the back, stabilizing him. After that, his finger which flashed with lightning power pressed against Zhou Qing’s forehead, forcing the ray of blood lightning out from the latter’s Sea of Consciousness.

At this moment, both Zhou Qi and Zhou Qing exchanged glances of disbelief. Both their hearts were in disarray, as if there was a tempestuous storm raging within their minds.

Zhou Qing was not shocked at the fact that Ning Fan could kill Evil Light because he was capable of killing him as well.

The devastating power of Zhou Ming’s finger might be able to impress Zhou Qing but the latter still upheld his pride, thinking that he too, had a powerful ability, though Ning Fan was stronger than him.

But when that ray of blood lightning flashed in his mind, Zhou Qing, the Son of Heaven of Zhou Clan had a total mental breakdown.

He was arrogant because he had successfully congealed half of the Lightning Star. However, the man from the External Endless Sea before him had formed the complete Lightning Star!

When we compared our lightning power against each other, my silver lightning can’t even compete with this man’s blood lightning.

What is the type of lightning he possesses?! It was just like the Lightning that belongs to the Heavenly Tribulation…

With just a glance, Zhou Qing lost.

A pained expression came over his face. But in the next second, he wiped that dispirited look on his face and wore a calm smile instead.

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou must be joking. The Black Buddha Sect was just an insignificant sect in the Internal Endless Sea, let alone Evil Light who was not even worth mentioning. His existence has no significance at all. Besides, our Zhou Clan has nothing to do with him even if you have killed him. Fellow Daoist’s techniques are indeed profound. Zhou Qing feels ashamed for not being able to be on par with you. Be it in the Internal Endless Sea or the External Endless Sea, now I can proudly say that Fellow Daoist is the number one cultivator below the Spirit Severing Realm. Moreover, Fellow Daoist would be recognized as an outstanding being among the Spirit Severing Realm experts. Take this. It is the Thunder Emperor’s Token of our Zhou Clan. If Fellow Daoist enters the Internal Endless Sea in the future, feel free to come to our clan…”

*Sucks in cold breath*

The strongest Nascent Soul Realm cultivator of the Internal Endless Sea conceded defeat to Zhou Ming?

It would be unreasonable for the cultivators of the External Endless Sea not to be shocked when even the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts from the Internal Endless Sea widened their eyes, feeling it hard to believe what they had just heard.

The Son of Heaven of the Zhou Clan, Zhou Qing. This person was famously known for his excellent innate potential as well as his haughty demeanor. No doubt, his techniques were strong. As a cultivator who had yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm, he had already defeated three Early Spirit Severing Realm experts in total. On the Board of Devils, he was a figure who was in the top 100 experts…

Usually, he was a person who did not even put Early Spirit Severing Realm experts in his eyes. But today, he had a favorable impression of Zhou Ming.

All in all, Zhou Ming’s decision in killing Evil Light was quite worthwhile as he had gained a favorable opinion and respect from the Sword Island and Zhou Clan, establishing a positive relationship with the two influential forces.

Ning Fan received the Thunder Emperor’s Token. This token, however, was not equipped with anything to test him as it was done through the single gaze earlier.

Ning Fan shifted his gaze to the surface of the token, scrutinizing the totem of a lightning beast with silver horns. It looked primitive yet domineering.

After keeping this token, Ning Fan cupped his fists as a gesture of respect towards Zhou Qing while the latter nodded with a smile and returned to his room with Zhou Qi.

“Zhou Qing is really an exceptional personage. He could erase the bitterness of defeat within his heart immediately after the battle and reignited his fighting spirit… He must be a person who climbed up from the bottom and strived to grow from adversity which molded him into a tenacious and resilient man. Thousands of years later, his name might appear on the list of Void Fragmentation Realm experts in the Rain World… But the main reason he tried to befriend me is probably because of the blood lightning of my Lightning Star and only a tiny portion of sincerity… Unless I have the power to resist Venerated Zhou, I must never go to the Zhou Clan. If not, I might get killed and robbed of the blood lightning…”

Finally, Ning Fan’s gaze fixed on Purple Gu Daoist.

“Truth to be told, I have some conflicts with the Demon Sealing Sect. I wonder what Fellow Daoist Purple Gu is going to do about it!”

A hint of gloominess flashed within Purple Gu’s eyes. The next second, he burst into laughter.

“Fellow Daoist must be joking. I have already known about the death of Eagle Crane Elder. A mere Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like him truly deserved death the moment he decided to pursue Fellow Daoist. I’ll just forget about it and just treat it as a friendly gesture from the Demon Sealing Sect. However, Fellow Daoist must not harm anyone from my sect. Otherwise…Hehe, Fellow Daoist should be able to understand what’s the consequences for it.”

As Purple Gu finished speaking, he took out a purple token and tossed it towards Ning Fan.

“This is the token from Venerated Demon of the Demon Sealing Sect. With this token, Fellow Daoist will surely be treated with respect when you come to my sect in the future. I sincerely hope that we will be able to meet in my sect one day.”

Ning Fan received the token and studied it using his spirit sense. Immediately, his lips curved into a sneer.

Within the token hid a grey demon seal that is used to track his position… The one who planted this seal must have a cultivation level that was not any weaker than Venerated Giant and Venerated Dong Xu.

It should belong to Venerated Demon himself!

On the surface, this token was a sign of a friendly relationship between Zhou Ming and the Demon Sealing Sect. In actual reality, if Ning Fan keeps this token, Purple Gu would be able to grasp his location and then pursue him to hunt him down.

Evidently, this Purple Gu didn’t really mean what he was saying. He is not actually unconcerned of the death of the Eagle Crane Elder.

I have forced the purple demon seal that he planted on the Eagle Crane Elder into the All-Heaven Relic, causing him to lose track of my location. Therefore, he gave me this token under the façade of a friendly party so that he could have access to my location…

“Purple Gu Taoist. He is rumored to own seventeen-thousand worms which are called Purple Bites. Among the Early Spirit Severing Realm experts, no one would be willing to be his enemy… This person might act friendly on the outside, but deep inside, he harbors the intention to kill me. Perhaps he thought that I have pried into the fragments of the Eagle Crane Elder’s memories and discovered some secrets of the Demon Sealing Sect. Maybe that is why he intends to extinguish my existence. He wants to prevent the leakage of their secrets… However, what he does not know is that I had not managed to undo the power of the purple seal, let alone pry into the secrets of the sect. But I guess even if I give him that explanation, he would not believe me. Hmm. The feud against the Demon Sealing Sect will be difficult to defuse… There is not any sincerity in his act of giving me this token. There is only enmity instead. Unless I possess the power to annihilate the entire Demon Sealing Sect, I must never set foot on the sect’s territory!”

Ning Fan’s expression remained unchanged but he was sneering within his heart. He kept Venerated Demon’s Token and shifted his gaze away from Purple Gu. He never cast another glance at him, not to mention greet him with respect.

Purple Gu’s facial muscles twitched in irritation. Despite the boiling anger within his heart, his expression did not reveal even a hint of rage. He shot Ning Fan another glance and returned to his room.

“A wildly arrogant kid! Just wait for me to call for my men. When the time comes, death will be your only ending!” Purple Gu inwardly swore.

After the defeat of Evil Light from the Black Buddha Sect, three out of the seven venerated forces befriended Ning Fan!

For the cultivators present, all of them were dumbstruck.

A cultivator who had yet to attain Spirit Severing Realm was capable of eliminating Evil Light, a true-blue Spirit Severing Realm expert. Apart from that, he had even made the three venerated forces of the Internal Endless Sea to be on friendly terms with him.

This Ning Fan is truly fierce! If he attains the Spirit Severing Realm, he surely would be able to put up a fight against Mid Spirit Severing Realm experts, wouldn’t he?

Furthermore, only a minority of experts knew that Xu Rushan was actually backed by the Giant Devil Sect. His action of befriending Ning Fan implied that the Giant Devil Sect also sided with Ning Fan.

That is to say, among the Seven Venerated in the Internal Endless Sea, four of them had associated themselves with Ning Fan!


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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