Grasping Evil - Chapter 234 (2)

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Try to imagine this: how would they feel if they knew that there was still one of the Seven Venerated of the Internal Endless Sea – Venerated Dong Xu, who personally met Ning Fan and tried to rope him in by offering him precious benefits that would tempt just about anyone at the Nascent Soul Realm?

Unfortunately, none of them would know anything about it. Likewise, none of them would figure out that Evil Light would be brought back although he was seen fleeing away at an incredible speed.

After the death of a Spirit Severing Realm old monster, most of the cultivators who bid for the last item were instantly filled with regrets.

After the death of Evil Light, the Dao Fruit lost its master.

On the auction stage, the Late Nascent Soul Realm auctioneer’s face was filled with awkwardness.

To whom should I give this Dao Fruit…

“Who was it that shouted 8 million just now?” The auctioneer’s eyes swept across the hall and landed on the Nascent Soul Realm old monster who called out the price earlier. Immediately, that cultivator behaved anxiously as if he was sitting on pins and needles and inwardly cursed at the auctioneer.

F**k you! Are you blind and senseless? Why the hell are you looking at me?! This Dao Fruit is clearly a hot potato. It has to belong to the sect master of Bi Yao Sect, Su Yao! Don’t you know who Su Yao is?! The devil lord, Zhou Ming, has literally said that she is his human cauldron! Evil Light who shouted 9 million has died… Do you want me to die too?! He is Zhou Ming ah! Don’t you get it?! Zhou Ming ah! During the auction in Peng Lai Immortal Island, he massacred thousands of people. This time, he even killed a Spirit Severing Realm expert. If I dare to go against his woman for the Dao Fruit, there is no way I can be freaking alive!

That cultivator was a respectable Late Nascent Soul Realm old monster of the Lu Clan from the External Endless Sea. However, he was as insignificant as an insect in front of the devil lord, Zhou Ming.

Before he could even speak, he could feel the cold-piercing eyes of Ning Fan staring at him.

For a moment, he felt a chill down his spine with his heart skipping a beat.

It’s bad! I’m being targeted by him!

“This Fellow Daoist, you bid 8 million, didn’t you? Please pay for it…” The auctioneer squeezed out a smile on his face. Deep inside, he earnestly wished that the auction could end straight away and immediately leave the tower.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t bring enough money. I don’t want the Dao Fruit anymore. Give it to the person who bid for 7 million just now!” The old monster surnamed Lu’s face was filled with impatience and terror.

“Er… If that’s the case, the Fellow Daoist who bid 7 million just now, please pay for it…”

“Aiya. It’s so unlucky that I didn’t bring enough money as well… Please give it to the person who shouted 6.6 million earlier…”

“Er. Who bid for 6.6 million…”

Before the auctioneer could finish speaking, a series of voices echoed in the air.

“It’s such an unlucky day. I lost my storage pouch. I’m sorry. I don’t have 6.6 million…”

“I shouted 6.2 million but I don’t have enough money…”

“This old man shouted 6 million but similarly, I don’t have that amount of money ah…”

The old monsters exchanged awkward glances. None of them dared to take the Dao Fruit.

They were not imbeciles who would risk offending the devil lord Zhou Ming for just 20 units of magic power… If they lost their lives, all their efforts in cultivation would then be washed down the drain.

“Interesting. Everyone seems to have insufficient money. As such, only Yao Er2 could buy this Dao Fruit…” Ning Fan grinned while Su Yao blushed.

She was both grateful and angry.

Yao Er… Since when did I allow him to address me in that manner…

The dignified sect master of Bi Yao Sect which was one of the top ten sects in the External Endless Sea was publicly announced as Zhou Ming’s human cauldron. That identity did not degrade her worth. On the contrary, countless female devil cultivators secretly envied Su Yao for having Zhou Ming’s protection.

“Er… Sect Master Su, this Dao Fruit is worth 5.5 million. Do you have enough money…” The auctioneer bitterly smiled.

“Of course I do…” Su Yao who had yet to recover from what had happened earlier answered intuitively and flew to the stage while kicking her legs, making her appear to be walking in  mid-air. After paying the exact amount of immortal jade, she returned to her room with the Dao Fruit.

The sale of the Dao Fruit marked the end of the auction. Finally, the stressed-out auctioneer was permitted to leave. The person who took over his position next was Yan Zhongze.

He had been invited by Xu Rushan to preside over the Peak Nascent Soul Realm auction. Many of the items that would be auctioned were able to raise the interest of the Spirit Severing Realm experts to bid. It would then be dangerous if there was not a Spirit Severing Realm expert to manage the auction.

All the cultivators below the Peak Nascent Soul Realm stood up and left the tower. A short while later, there wasn’t a single person left at the second floor.

Meanwhile, those Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who did not possess the Pleasure Devil Pass also had to leave the auction.

In other words, Su Yao could not stay at the auction too.

However, there wasn’t any reason for her to stay any longer as she had achieved her main objective.

“Thank you…” She bit her lip in shyness.

This time, can this be considered as the fourth time he saved me?

“Only thanking me verbally…” Ning Fan teased.

“Er. No. It’s not…”

Her cheeks turned rosy and signaled the other female cultivators of her sect to leave first.

When every female cultivator left the room, Su Yao hesitated as if she was making the biggest decision of her life. Then she stood on the tip of her toes and brushed her lips against Ning Fan’s cheek, just like a dragonfly touching the water lightly.

“If you come to Bi Yao Sect one day, I, Su Yao, will never break my promise. I will be ready for you to pluck me…”

Her cheeks became redder and hotter. As the master of the sect, she would be considered audacious to speak such words to a man.

But still, I have to leave…

She slowly walked to the door of the room. Each of the steps she made got her further away from Ning Fan, making her feel an inexplicable disappointment.

However, before she could exit the room, Ning Fan caught her wrist.


“Why? Is a kiss not enough for you…” When her skin came into contact with Ning Fan’s hand, she felt her body become limp and numb and felt reluctant to let go of Ning Fan’s hand.

“Take these 3 Dao Fruits with you. As for this Nascent Formation Pill and ten million immortal jade, help me to pass them to Suqiu…”

“Three Dao Fruits?! Ten million immortal jade?!” Su Yao covered her mouth in shock.

“Mm-hmm. Maybe your Bi Yao Sect also has this Nascent Formation Pill. However, pills refined by common Fourth Revolution Pill Masters cannot match mine. Mine is much better!”

He did not explain to Su Yao about his identity as a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. There was no need for him to do so.

“See you again!”

Ning Fan cupped his fists with a broad smile on his face and returned to his room on the third floor.

Su Yao’s gaze lingered on the sight of his back and her lips curved into a shallow smile. Only when his body disappeared from her sight did she turned and left with light footsteps.

“Thank you. Thank you for being so nice to Sister Suqiu. Thank you for saving me so many times…”

Back in his room, Dong Xu who was already back, looked at Ning Fan with a faint smile on his face. His hands were holding an extremely powerless black Primordial Spirit.

“Here is the Primordial Spirit of that person. You may do whatever you want with him. So will this be considered as the first time I help you?”

“Senior must be joking. Catching a Primordial Spirit of a Spirit Severing Realm expert is just a trivial matter to Senior. How could such an insignificant act be considered as an occasion…”

Ning Fan took the Primordial Spirit and storage pouch of Evil Light and planted a seal on it before keeping it.

Suddenly, he shifted her gaze towards Xu Qiuling.

Defeating Evil Light, catching his Primordial Spirit, the power of his means… Xu Qiuling was awestruck by all the things that had happened earlier. But at the same time, she remembered that the reason why Ning Fan fought was because he was saving his woman. As she thought of that, her heart began to feel sour.

“Young Master Zhou sure has a lot of women…”

But the sourness in her heart immediately turned into nervousness when she caught sight of Ning Fan staring straight at her.

“Why? Is there some dirt on my face?”

“No. It’s just that I am rather interested in the next auction. Other than knowing there will be a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron for sale, I have no idea what items will be auctioned. Therefore, I thought of asking Mistress Qiuling about them. Of course, what I am concerned about the most is the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron. I wonder if Mistress Qiuling knows anything about her…”

“Since Young Master has asked, I will tell you everything I know. In this auction, there will be lots of good things for sale. For instance, Fifth Revolution Pills, pill recipes, Spirit Severing Realm cultivation methods, secret arts, Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasures and of course, the keys to certain secret realms of the Endless Sea. However, I suppose all the things I have mentioned might not be able to raise Young Master Zhou’s interest. The main attraction of this auction consists of four things. Firstly, a Profound Grade Divine Intent Stone which can assure Spirit Severing Realm experts a certain success rate of congealing their own Divine Intent. Secondly, a Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Iron – Power Drain. This type of spiritual iron is considered as a rare supreme grade spiritual iron among all the Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Iron. Thirdly, a complete Dao Crystal. Lastly, it certainly is the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron. However, I really don’t know much about the identity of the woman…”

“Divine Intent Stone, spiritual iron, Dao Crystal…” Ning Fan muttered.

These three items were indeed exceptional especially the Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Iron – Power Drain. If it was used to augment the Spirit Crushing Whip, the weapon would without a doubt become even more powerful. But now, the item he was concerned the most was still the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron.

Xu Qiuling also does not know about this woman…

“You must not touch the woman…” Old Ancestor Dong Xu spoke in a solemn tone.

“Oh?! Senior Dong Xu knows something about the woman? Please speak more!” Ning Fan’s eyes widened in surprise.

“She is someone from the Divine Space Island! She is probably the disciple of Venerated Moon!”

“Divine Space Island?!”

Ning Fan knitted his brows while listening to Dong Xu’s explanation.

Divine Space Island was one of the forces of the Venerated Seven in the Internal Endless Sea. As for Venerated Moon, she was the strongest among the seven venerated beings. Her power was slightly stronger than Venerated Giant and the others. Furthermore, her cultivation level was already half-step away from the Void Refinement Realm.

This Divine Space Island was located at the Divine Space Sea. However, the Power of the Void Realm caused a disturbance in that area. Therefore, even Spirit Severing Realm experts would only have a slim chance of surviving if they enter the Divine Space Island without caution. The Divine Space Island did not care about the outside world and the disciples of the sect rarely got in touch with people from outside.

But recently, countless female corpses had been spotted floating out of Divine Space Sea.

One of them was not completely dead yet and she had been caught to become the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron of this auction.

Every force in the Internal Endless Sea guessed that something massive must have happened on the island.

The most absurd rumor was that Venerated Moon failed in attaining Void Refinement Realm, rendering her mad and slaughtering all her disciples.

Some of the experts in the Internal Endless Sea who had once been planted Mental Seals by Venerated Moon claimed that their seals vanished themselves! Undoubtedly, it meant that Venerated Moon was probably dead…

If anyone could search the Spirit Severing Realm woman’s memories, the mystery of the Divine Space Island would then come to light. They might even gain a clear idea of the location of the Sea Market and the capital of the island. Perhaps someone might be able to obtain the inheritance of Venerated Moon. The people of the island might all be dead, but the treasures and items were still probably there in the sect.

Publicly, they appeared to be bidding for a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron. Privately, they were actually competing with each other to get the inheritance.

However, the memories of the human cauldron were sealed. Her state of mind was not conscious, causing her to be like a dunce with no intelligence. Ordinary people could not search her memories at all, let alone interrogate her. Not only that, even Venerated Giant’s secret art of soul searching was ineffective on her.

As such, the Giant Devil Sect gave up on her. Even Dong Xu was incapable of searching her memories and soul. Those who had yet to try searching her soul were the Sword Island, Zhou Clan and the Demon Sealing Sect. The Black Buddha Sect was purely being overconfident of themselves to send Evil Light to participate in the auction of the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron…

No matter what happened in the Divine Space Island, the danger was grave and unpredictable.

Only the forces of the seven venerated beings dared to conduct investigations on the island. For Ning Fan, Dong Xu advised him not to intervene in this matter. Regarding the key to enter the island, it would definitely be the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron.

“The so-called auction of the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron later is actually a platform for the Spirit Severing Realm experts from the three different sects to search the woman’s memories with their respective secret arts. If none of them succeeded, the woman will then lose her value and she would only be regarded as a human cauldron…”

“If she is just a human cauldron, no one would be willing to bid for her…”

Dong Xu clearly knew more about the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron than Xu Rushan and the others.

After hearing his explanation, Ning Fan pondered in silence.

As such, if the Spirit Severing Realm experts fail, I will then have the chance to get this human cauldron.

I suppose they would not bid against me for the human cauldron with the prestige I have established earlier by killing Evil Light.

Moreover, I wonder whether my Mind Reading Technique would enable me to know anything from this human cauldron.

“The auction now begins. The first item is a forty thousand years old spiritual herb - Thousand Swords Heart Separation Grass. If this grass is refined, it can help in increasing a sword cultivator’s cultivation level. The starting bid is 3 million!”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned clear. The first item of the auction was the perfect item for stabilizing the cultivation of his Second Finger of the Sword Finger Technique.


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

  2. Yao Er(瑶儿 )= Su Yao (苏瑶)

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