Grasping Evil - Chapter 235 (1)

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“3.5 million!”

“4 million!”

“5 million…”

Thousand Swords Heart Separation Grass would only be useful to swordsmen. Although there were not many swordsmen present, there were still a few of them among the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts. Doubtlessly, they too, were eager to obtain the grass.

But as soon as Ning Fan shouted 5 million, the entire hall fell silent.

In other words, his influence was still able to affect the cultivators currently at the scene.

Ning Fan floated to the stage and took away the grass after paying the required sum of immortal jade. However, Yan Zhongze put on a forced smile on his face.

Usually, it would not be difficult for the grass to be sold at 7 million and above. But when Ning Fan’s voice was heard, everything seemed to have been finalized. No one dared to bid against him.

Guan Xiong, the Spirit Severing Realm expert from the Sword Island, was also prompted to bid for the grass when he heard of its function. However, because of his intention of maintaining a friendly relationship with Ning Fan, he chose not to act against Ning Fan for a mere spiritual grass.

Therefore, in the end, the grass landed into Ning Fan’s pocket.

After that, most of the items for sale were ordinary ten thousand years old spiritual herbs. Ning Fan did not actually bid for anything unless the herbs which were what he needed. However, as long as there was a Fifth Revolution Pill Recipe for auction, Ning Fan would definitely bid for it with no hesitation.

As the profits that they would earn from the auction needed to be handed over to the Giant Devil Sect, Xu Rushan was unable to give Ning Fan any discounts.

After a series of bidding, Ning Fan splurged nearly 200 million immortal jade, including the money he got from Evil Light’s storage pouch. Now, there wasn’t even 50 million immortal jade in his own storage pouch…

Therefore, he did not care much about the auction for the Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasures and the Profound Heaven Defective Treasures…

For the rest of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, it truly was a relief.

They were all unaware that Ning Fan was actually a Fifth Revolution Pill Master. But even if they were, it would be difficult for them to believe anyway. Possessing combat power comparable to that of a Spirit Severing Realm could be considered heaven-defying at the age of 340. How could it be possible for him to possess Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Technique at the same time?!

About Ning Fan’s considerable wealth, people like Yang Zhongze were inwardly astonished.

For Spirit Severing Realm experts in the Endless Sea, they would be considered wealthy by just having tens of millions of immortal jade with them. After all, in the cultivation world, pills and magical treasures would cost a fortune, not to mention the price for establishing formations and refining weapons.

However, the Spirit Severing Realm experts in the eight hundred cultivation countries were much poorer as compared to those in the Endless Sea.

At the auction, many of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts were keen to acquire a Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure for themselves even though they had to use up all their fortunes.

This time, with Ning Fan out of the competition of bidding, it was obviously the most cheerful scenario for them.

But unfortunately, experts like Guan Xiong were also occasionally moved to buy magical treasures of such grade.

“Heavenly Purple Rope. A Profound Heaven Defective Treasure. The starting bid is 10 million!”

“Red Cloud Ancient Sword. A Profound Heaven Defective Treasure. The starting price is 15 million!”

“Sun Falling Tower…”

“Ten Million Soul Tempering Streamer…”

Countless magical treasures stirred up scenes of aggressive competition in the auction hall. Even so, Ning Fan remained unperturbed.

Three Profound Heaven Defective Treasures were already enough for him.

After the auction of the magical treasures, it was now the sale of spiritual armor and spiritual iron.

Since the Pleasure Devil Sea was a place blessed with large amounts of spiritual minerals, the spiritual irons were not uncommon.

Profound Grade Spiritual Equipment, Spirit Severing Realm Spiritual Iron. There were a few sets of items at the mentioned grades ready to be auctioned.

When it was time to auction the Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Iron – Power Drain, which was first out of the four most precious items, everyone including Zhou Qing were tempted to bid.

The Zhou Clan of the Internal Endless Sea excelled in a secret art which focuses on the Nascent Soul of cultivators. He also owned a weapon which resembled Ning Fan’s Spirit Crushing Whip, though its power wasn’t as domineering as Ning Fan’s.

If this spiritual iron was used to augment his weapon, the power of his techniques would certainly increase by a huge amount.

“‘Power Drain’ was a unique type of supreme grade spiritual iron among all Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Irons. By using it to augment a magical treasure, it enables the magical treasure to secretly drain your enemy’s magical power during a fight. The starting bid is 20 million…”

“21 million.” Ning Fan’s voice was finally heard again in the hall.

Zhou Qing’s eyebrows knitted together. But immediately, they loosened.

“Young Lord, should we bid?” Zhou Qi asked.

“Let’s give him face…” Zhou Qing spoke without revealing a hint of anger or joy on his face.

A Mortal Void Realm Spiritual Iron was something that Spirit Severing Realm experts would fight for. Naturally, the price would surely be exorbitant. However, with Zhou Qing’s status at the Zhou Clan, he still would have means to get one for himself. Therefore, it was not necessary for him to have a fallout with Ning Fan just for it.

After the auction of the spiritual equipment, it was the auction of pills. Fourth Revolution and Fifth Revolution Pills obviously made the experts at the hall bid competitively against each other. Ning Fan did not have much immortal jade left. Therefore, other than Heavenly Primordial Pills and Profound Primordial Pills, he never bid for anything else.

At the end of the pill auction, the second most precious item, the Divine Intent Stone, was put up for sale!

Yan Zhongze held a jade box on his hand. Within it, there was a blood-red, round-shaped stone with some engravings on its surface. As soon as it was revealed to the public, everyone’s attention was pulled towards it.

The Divine Intent Stone could actually be categorized into four grades: Heavenly, Earth, Profound and Yellow. The Nascent Soul Realm divine messengers of the Rain Palace were entitled to be granted a Yellow Grade Divine Intent Stone. However, Profound Grade Divine Intent Stones like the one being auctioned right now could only be obtained by the Spirit Severing Realm revered elders of the Rain Palace. The starting price of the stone was 30 million.

Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts who had yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm would never waste tons of their wealth to purchase this stone. Only massive forces like the Rain Palace would be willing to give their Nascent Soul Realm divine messengers to consume such a precious stone.

The three Spirit Severing Realm experts of the fourth floor were regarded as veterans among all of the experts at the same cultivation level as them. As such, they did not need the stone either.

Ultimately, Zhou Qing was the one who bid for the stone.

Ning Fan did not intend to bid against him since there were a few Profound Grade Divine Intent Stones in Dong Xu’s hands, though they would not belong to Ning Fan until he saves Xu Qiuling.

After the Divine Intent Stone, the auction continued with a few more pills. Then, it was the third most precious item of the auction – Dao Crystal!

It was a green crystal stone which had a lotus mark on its surface. A Dao Crystal contained a tremendous amount of spiritual power which was equivalent to a total of 5 million immortal jade.

“This is a Dao Crystal. It is an item needed by Void Fragmentation Realm experts to become immortals. Besides, it can be used to establish an Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation. Not only that, it is the currency used in the Four Heavens of the Immortal World. The starting bid is 5 million immortal jade…”

This item indeed sounded important. But in actual reality, it would only be useful to Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters as well as in setting up an Immortal Void Realm Formation. For Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts, however, it was not that tempting.

“A currency of the Four Heavens of Immortal World…” Ning Fan gently shook his head. He did not need such a thing. If he has the chance to ascend to the Four Heavens, he could amass a sufficient number of Dao Crystal by killing others and robbing them of their treasures.

A Dao Crystal might be precious in the Rain World but to True Immortals in the Four Heavens, it was just similar to a piece of immortal jade in the Rain World.

At last, it was acquired by Purple Gu Taoist with 9 million immortal jade.

Upon hearing that result, Ning Fan sneered.

I wonder if this Dao Crystal would fall into my pocket when I encounter Purple Gu someday and kill him.

All the Nascent Soul Realm human cauldrons had already been acquired by Ning Fan prior to the auction. Therefore, to replace them, they decided to auction demon pets, spiritual worms and spiritual charms.

Items like demon pets at the same grade as the Fake Wild Beasts and a spiritual charm containing a Spiritual Severing Realm full-attack were able to make Ning Fan’s eyes brighten up with interest. But he did not bid for any of them since they were not of much use to him.

Besides, after saving Xu Qiuling, he would be able to obtain 17 Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppets from Dong Xu. Demon pets would still need to be fed and cared for. Wouldn’t spiritual puppets be much better than them?

Now, he was waiting for the last and most precious item of the auction.

The Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron!

The auction lasted for three consecutive days. Three days later, it was finally nearing its end.

When a little girl in a bluish dress wearily dragged her shackled limbs to the stage under the supervision of three Nascent Soul Realm experts, every voice and noise in the hall died out.

At this moment, Zhou Qing, Guan Xiong and Purple Gu’s eyes lit up in interest.

She looked just like a loli, dressing up like a slave girl. Her lips were red and her teeth were white, making her look clean and attractive. However, her eyes were vacant like those of a zombie.

All in all, it was difficult to convince everyone that such a child-looking girl was actually a Spirit Severing Realm old monster.

But it was not impossible at all. Some old monsters who cultivated the Virgin Child cultivation method were able to maintain their appearance like that of a child throughout their lives and even after they passed away.

Yan Zhongze’s gaze began to be filled with seriousness. He was now on full alert against the three Spirit Severing Realm experts on the fourth floor who might try to kidnap the girl. In an obscure corner, Xu Rushan broke out with cold sweat, worrying that something bad might happen.

Zhou Qing, Guan Xiong and Purple Gu landed on the auction stage in succession. Each of them spread their spirit sense, trying to pry into the girl’s Sea of Consciousness. However, their attempts were all fruitless, dimming each of their expressions.

Yan Zhongze cleared his throat and suddenly released his Spirit Severing Realm aura, shocking everyone in the hall.

“This is a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron and it is the last item of the auction. Those who don’t intend to bid for her may leave first!”

Everyone would be entitled for a drop of Profound Liquid of Mother Earth. However, it was something they can get after their journey in the Secret Realm of the Broken World. Before that, the missions of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts ended here.

I have to lessen the people present just in case the Spirit Severing Realm experts really discover something from this girl’s memories. If they truly find out some shocking information, it may cause massive changes among the forces of the Internal Endless Sea…

Although the Divine Space Island was low-profile, it has, at the very least, countless forces in alliance with it. If they were to find out any evidence Venerated Moon’s death, those forces would change hands and be divided up…

Xu Qiuling slowly stood up. She knew Ning Fan needed human cauldrons for cultivation. But she thought that he would still try to get his hands on the human cauldron even after her master had told him not to be involved with this woman.

However, to her surprise, Ning Fan did not appear to be leaving as his gaze was constantly fixed on the little girl at the stage.

“Young Master Zhou, I think it’s better we make a move first. Don’t get involved in an unnecessary trouble like this…” Xu Qiuling advised.

“It’s fine. I want to have a look…”

As his words fell, he leaped into the air and landed on the auction stage.


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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