Grasping Evil - Chapter 236 (1)

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Ning Fan’s state of mind dove deep into the girl’s memories.

The lowest grade of Soul Memory Searching Technique demanded the use of the caster’s state of mind. If he failed to search the soul, he might suffer a backlash from it. Anyhow, he intended to search the soul once with the technique.

The girl’s Sea of Consciousness was like a black void of space. In that pitch-black world, every fragment of memories blended itself into the color of black, making them indistinguishable.

Neither the path he came from nor the path to go could be seen. When walking in the empty black space, Ning Fan felt as if his state of mind was going to melt into the darkness.

What a strange memory seal!

It was sealed using the power of the Void Realm. It’s no wonder that even Old Ancestor Dong Xu was unable to explore her soul. There’s literally no one who could access her soul and memories other than experts at the Void Refinement Realm!

Ning Fan did not attempt to continue entering into that deep, bottomless void, despite knowing that the girl’s memories were all hidden somewhere within.

For him, it was way too risky to enter the Void Realm without the help of the Eastern Ocean Bell, let alone just his state of mind.

When he turned and intended to withdraw his concentration, he jolted in surprise.

He lifted his head, as if sensing something.

“Hmm? A beam of light…”

The three divine, devil and demon stars surfaced in both of his eyes and on his glabella. At this moment, his gaze could faintly see through the darkness of the realm, catching a glimpse of …moonlight!

Although it was just a ray of moonlight, it gave Ning Fan a huge sense of danger. That feeling was much more intense than that of which he felt from Old Ancestor Dong Xu!

If he did not have the divine and devil stars, it would be impossible for him to discern the moonlight out of the darkness…In other words, only with those stars could Ning Fan peek at the moon!

A shred of uneasiness filled his heart at the moment he glimpsed the moonlight. It was as if he unlocked something within the girl’s Sea of Consciousness, making the moonlight gradually spread out, causing the darkness in her Sea of Consciousness to fade away. A brief moment later, a crescent moon emanating silver light emerged into the vast sky!

The girl began to regain her consciousness!

“It’s bad!” Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn. This moonlight hurtled towards him in an unimaginable speed.

If he gets consumed by the moonlight, his state of mind would surely be destroyed!

At the same time, a voice which supposedly belonged to the young girl echoed within her Sea of Consciousness. It sounded childish yet arrogant on account of her seniority.

“Who are you? A mere Late Nascent Soul Realm junior dares to search this grandmother’s memories?! You are courting death!”

Before Ning Fan could pull himself out from her Sea of Consciousness, his state of mind was nearly destroyed by the power of the voice.

Ning Fan hurriedly took his hand off of the girl’s forehead, escaping with only a portion of his state of mind. A mouthful of blood flowed out from his lips. Without hesitation, he immediately amassed a trace of the Yin Plucking Finger’s power on his finger, trying to insert it into the girl through her shoulder and chest. Moreover, he even activated his Jade Life Body Refining Realm, making his finger turn jade green. He showed no mercy even though she was just a little girl.

To his surprise, when his finger landed on the girl’s chest, he felt like he just struck an impenetrable iron wall. This girl’s body had actually attained the Second Level of the Jade Life Realm. Not only could the power of his Yin Plucking Finger not enter into her, the bones in his finger almost cracked when it collided with her shoulder. A tremendous repulsive force pushed him a thousand zhang* backwards.

Ning Fan’s gaze drastically changed.

This girl’s physical body is unbelievably strong!

The next second, her eyes began to turn clear. The originally vacant expression became indifferent and arrogant.

An overpowering aura like that of a massive dragon which was just roused from deep slumber flowed within her body.

“Thanks to your accidental touch on my Moon Consciousness, you woke this grandmother up. Now, you can die!”

The girl sneered. It was Ning Fan who unintentionally awakened her Moon Consciousness. But now, she wants to kill Ning Fan to repay his kindness with malice!

As her elegant small feet made a step forward, she immediately turned into a column of bluish white smoke, just like the color of the moon. In a flash, she travelled across a distance of a thousand zhang, appearing in front of Ning Fan. She lifted her hand and flicked her finger at Ning Fan!

That finger was infused with the power of the moon and it definitely was not any weaker than Ning Fan’s incomplete Second Finger of Sword Finger.

At that very moment, the girl was pretty confident that she could finish off Ning Fan. But suddenly, a silhouette of a slender woman dressed in white robes appeared before Ning Fan without a sign and threw out a punch.


A green light flashed in her ferocious eyes. The little girl whose body refining realm was slightly stronger than Ning Fan was sent flying away by the female corpse with just a punch. Blood was spurting out from her mouth and her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Corpse Devil! A Mid Spirit Severing Realm Corpse Devil!”

She kicked her delicate legs in the air and performed a somersault to stop herself from flying backwards. The powerful strength of her kicks created traces of rifts in the vast sky. The arrogance of her expression gradually diminished and was replaced by a shred of fear and seriousness.

I was consumed by my second Primordial Spirit back in the Divine Space Island. My original body was seized and I was in a grievous state. How did I come to this place…

Speaking of which, where is this place… Who is that Late Nascent Soul Realm boy that has a Mid Spirit Severing Realm Corpse Devil as his guardian?

Her eagle-sharp eyes swept across the Yuan Yao World and immediately, her face was filled with shock.

“This is…a Treasure of the Cosmos!”

She looked up towards the stars in the sky which were formed by innumerable magical treasures. Then she turned around and cast her gaze to the mountains and rivers, discovering a Peak Spirit Severing Realm Grand Formation which was established in the area. Finally, her face turned gloomy and stared at Ning Fan.

“Are you the one who caught and brought me into this world?!”

She seemed to have no memories of her previous identity as a human cauldron who was passed through many hands and finally reached the hands of Xu Rushan in the External Endless Sea.

Ning Fan did not reply to her. Instead, he activated his Yin Yang Locket to read her mind and found out who she exactly was!

The cultivation level she’s revealing right now is just at the Early Spirit Severing Realm. Her body refining realm is at the Second Level of Jade Life Realm. However, regarding the moonlight in her Sea of Consciousness, if I am not wrong…it was a Sea of Consciousness in the form of moonlight.

It’s the Moon Consciousness!

A unique Sea of Consciousness was not easy to cultivate even for True Immortals. In fact, it had no relation with cultivation level at all. It was all about luck and natural talent…

If this girl is able to comprehend such special consciousness, she can’t just be an ordinary disciple in the Divine Space Island…

“Who are you?!” Ning Fan asked.

“Hmmph! You haven’t answered my question. I suppose you are the master of this chiliocosm, am I right? Quickly let this grandmother out and I will spare you!”

However, in her mind: I’m not telling you, little boy. This grandmother is actually the master of the Divine Space Island, Yue Ling Kong!

Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn. Her answer was completely out of his expectations.

Yue Ling Kong…This girl claims to be Yue Ling Kong…

She wasn’t a Spirit Severing Realm disciple of the Divine Space Island… She is… Venerated Moon, the strongest among the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea! She is an expert who was supposed to be a hair’s breadth away from the Void Refinement Realm!

I can’t believe that the first Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron I acquired is the strongest expert of the Internal Endless Sea…

“It’s you, Yue Ling Kong! However, from today onwards, you are no longer the master of Divine Space Island. You are now my human cauldron!”

“Hmm?! How do you know my identity?!”

Astonishment was plastered all over her face.



Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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