Grasping Evil - Chapter 239(2)

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“The quantity of beasts is way too much compared to those revealed on the map… This map was recorded by Xu Rushan when he entered into this place himself. In other words, it only shows the condition of this place thousands of years ago. After so many years, there must not just be hundreds of the beasts. Perhaps there might even be more than thousands of them by now...”

If he is able to wipe out a thousand Fake Wild Beasts, not only would he get a thousand drops of demon blood from the Fake Wild Beasts, but also a total of ten drops of Demon Marshal’s blood. By then, his demon power would be able to increase by 3000 units!

That is to say, even if he was unable to enter into the Second World, it would not be difficult for his demon power to attain the Peak Nascent Soul Realm relying on just the Fake Wild Beasts in the First World!

Try to imagine this: What if he manages to enter the Second World?

Now, there were only a few million li* away from the World’s Passage that lay in the northern domain. He would definitely arrive there within three days!

While Ning Fan was absorbing the pills, the two demoness cautiously guarded him at his side.

Although it might look pointless for the two of them who only possessed Gold Core Realm demon power to protect Ning Fan as it made no difference at all even if they were not there, their intentions clearly implied that they had gradually learned to accept him as their new master. Besides, they began to sincerely respect him. To be exact, the Flower Demoness deeply admired Ning Fan for showing his magnanimity towards them. On the other hand, the Wind Demoness deeply respected Ning Fan for his courage and capabilities after witnessing him eliminate 300 Fake Wild Beasts and thousands of Fake Nascent Soul Realm Beasts on his own throughout the entire one-month journey.

To her, this man certainly had the power to completely wipe out the entire First World!

Furthermore, she could not imagine that Ning Fan who was yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm had actually mastered one of the Void Fragmentation Realm abilities – Soul Extraction!

This technique was like a secret art that gave a sudden boost to him in terms of power. By extracting the soul of the mountains and rivers which temporarily gave him a huge boost in his magic power, he activated the Profound Heaven Defective Treasure – Profound Heaven Soul Slashing Sword and cut down all his enemies in just a single swing!

Even the power of Demon General Li Ban, who is a Spirit Severing Realm demon, couldn’t compare to this, right?

Unknowingly, Ning Fan left a gentler impression in their minds comparing the way how he treated the two demonesses to Li Ban who was unsympathetic and indifferent to them.

When she thought of how she pursued Ning Fan for the All-Heaven Relic in the past, she could not help but laugh at herself.

“I was really dumb back then…”

She took out a purple jade slip and imprinted all the characters of the ancient demon language that she knew on it, though there were only tens of them. When Ning Fan breathed out a foul gas which was filled with impurities from his mouth and fully restoring his energy, she presented it to him.

“What’s this?”

“The characters of the ancient demon language…They are just the most common characters of the demon language. I didn’t learn much in the past and I only know 31 words…”

“Really? I heard that the language of the ancient demon race is extremely hard to understand. Apparently, some of the large demon races even have their own unique set of written characters. For instance, the Dragon Words, the Phoenix Language… Moreover, every stroke that forms a character has a hidden symbol that ordinary cultivators can never decipher through searching the soul and memories of the ancient demons… As a demon, divulging the characters of the ancient demon language to a human is a felony in the eyes of the ancient demon races. You will certainly receive severe punishment from them if they found out about what you just did…Don’t you regret giving me this jade slip?”

“As long as Master does not abandon us, I will never regret my actions. Will Master abandon me?” The Wind Demoness lifted her head, facing Ning Fan. Under the cover of her long purple hair, her appearance might be hideous but her eyes were filled with infatuation.

“What do you say?” Ning Fan smiled and stroked her hair. He then pulled them into his arms and continued their journey to their destination.

He did not speak much. The members of the External Endless Sea had countless remarks about him. Some said he was cruel and merciless, some said he was cunning and treacherous and some even said he was perverted and shameless. However, no one claimed that he was cold-hearted…

His arms might not be wide but they were always able to make one feel at ease.

In the last several million li*, Ning Fan did not continue hunting down the Fake Wild Beasts as he had already fulfilled his mission assigned by Xu Rushan more than needed. On the other hand, since he was approaching the World Passage, if he caused a huge commotion right here, he might alert the Demon Generals in the Second World. If that’s the case, he would probably be surrounded by a group of Demon Generals once he manages to open up the passage that connected to the Second World.

Aside from that, his time was running out. One month had passed by and he only had four months left. After four months, he must leave the Secret Realm. The method of getting out of the place was simple. He only needed to establish a Low Grade Nascent Soul Realm Formation – Evacuation Formation and he would then be able to leave this place. This formation was widely used by cultivators who went in to explore the Secret Realm. Besides, there were people specially selling the Formation Disk of the Evacuation Formation to cultivators who entered into the Secret Realm so that they could immediately evacuate from danger without the need of setting up the formation. They only had to activate the Formation Disks and they would get out from there.

I wonder if four months are enough for me to get into the Third World from the Second World…

If the Second World was hundreds of millions of li* large, undoubtedly, Ning Fan would miss the opportunity of killing the Demon Marshal.

Currently, however, nothing could be known for sure. Ning Fan could only try it out.

Two days later, they were only one million li* away from the World Passage.

From afar, he was able to catch sight of a barrier radiating rainbow colors. It separated the Second World and the First World by blocking the path connecting both worlds.

Not many Fake Wild Beasts were spotted lingering around that area. Perhaps most of them were afraid of the seven-coloured light of the barrier.

All of a sudden, Ning Fan stopped and wore a serious expression with a pair of vigilant eyes.

A few hundred li* in front of him, a transmission light shone. Almost immediately, Ning Fan displayed the Sense Falsifying Art, concealing their traces.

“A Transmission Formation Disk?!”

Every Transmission Formation Disk was stamped with the Spirit Severing Realm Transmission Formation. It can send a person a hundred thousand li* away at a time. They were precious items which were usually used by Spirit Severing Realm experts to flee whenever they were defeated in battles.

The Formation Disk could be repeatedly used. However, it would cost a hundred thousand immortal jade for each transfer. Apart from that, it had a cooldown time of two hours before it could be used again…

After the 40 Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts entered the rainbow-colored portal, they might be separated and sent to different locations, but most of them were tens of millions of li* away from the World Passage of the northern domain.

This person who arrived at this place using a Formation Disk had at least spent tens of millions of immortal jade. Judging by the way he hurried to the World Passage of the northern domain, his intentions were probably not simple…

When the transmission light emitted from the Formation Disk completely faded away, the person who emerged was actually the Sixth Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect – Chu He. Seeing him appear at this area was really beyond Ning Fan’s expectations.

This Chu He rushed all the way to the World Passage of the northern domain. What is he trying to do here? Don’t tell me that the Demon Sealing Sect has some kind of plan in this Secret Realm?

Chu He held the Formation Disk in his hand and made a step forward. However, his eyes became cold all of a sudden. In the next second, he turned to his back and conjured a sea of red flames at Ning Fan’s direction, burning the area of a thousand li* ahead.

Only when he noticed that no one was caught in the sea of flames did his expression softened and he felt a sense of relief. In spite of that, his eyes were still filled with a shred of doubt.

“Hmm? I clearly sensed the presence of other experts. Was it an illusion? Never mind. Perhaps some experts happened to pass by this area just now and have left here by now… I must not be distracted from the mission. There is still one million li* before reaching that place. I suppose I will be able to arrive by tonight! I wonder if the coordinator from the Second World has arrived… The opening of the World Passage for the Secret Realm isn’t difficult. However, it will be troublesome to open the World Passage for the Demon World… *Sigh* The Demon World is sending at least ten Demon Generals for this mission. If I am late and make Lord Li Ban wait, perhaps the trouble will be more serious…”

Chu He muttered to himself. After flying in the air for two hours, he then used up another one hundred thousand immortal jade for the Formation Disk.

When he was gone, Ning Fan slowly revealed himself.

His eyes were solemn!

“Demon Sealing Sect. As an influential force in the Rain World, it actually colluded with the Demon World… Judging from his words, apparently he is going to establish a formation and directly open up the World Passage here. However, there are two passages. Firstly, the passage that connects to the Second World. Secondly, the one that connects to the Demon World!”

The Demon Generals from the Demon World intended to come here!

One of them had a very familiar name to Ning Fan…Li Ban!

“Li Ban…Interesting…I’m going to follow him and see what happens next!”

With the two demonesses in his arms, they quietly tailed after Chu He…


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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