Grasping Evil - Chapter 240(1)

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One day later, Chu He stopped and landed on the ground right below the rainbow-colored light barrier. He was completely unaware of Ning Fan who followed him all the way here.

It was because Ning Fan did not only just display the Sense Falsifying Art to hide himself as well as the two demonesses but also took out three High Grade Fourth Revolution Pills – Qi Concealing Pill and gave each of them one to consume in order to fully conceal their qi.

In their current state, even a Spirit Severing Realm Demon General would not be able to sense them!

For safety purposes, Ning Fan stayed ten thousand li* away from Chu He.

Although the range of detection for his Half-Step Spirit Severing Realm spirit sense was only three thousand li*, he secretly left a trace of scent on Chu He beforehand, making him capable of tracking the latter down.      

Besides, in order to keep an eye on Chu He, Ning Fan also consumed a Mid-Grade Fourth Revolution Pill – Sense Enhancement Pill, which made his spirit sense become extremely fine for the next couple of hours. It enabled him to spread his thin spirit sense to a larger area, covering a vicinity of ten thousand li*. Despite the thin form of his spirit sense, the power of his sense remained the same.

Those were pills given by Xu Rushan before he entered into the Secret Realm. Now, they came in handy in the current circumstances.

Cautiously, Chu He made sure that no one else was in the area. Only then did he begin to establish the formation. He ground the Purple Demon Stone into powder, determined the location of the formation eyes and carved the formation marks with his spirit sense.

After one day, the ancient demon formation was completed. Even though it was a Spirit Severing Realm formation, it faintly resonated with the rainbow-colored light barrier. It was the key to open the World Passage to the Second World. With Chu He’s current cultivation level, his power was just enough to set up the formation.

Once the formation marks were carved, Chu He took out tens of Offering Vessels of Ancient Demons and neatly arranged them around the formation. Now, the activation of the World Passage to the Second World only required the chanting of the ancient demon sutra and the blood of the king beasts.

However, Chu He did not immediately offer the blood of the king beasts. He left the formation instead and took out a six feet tall bronze demon beast statue, placing it in another corner. He then arranged eight dry corpses which had been dead for a long time to surround the demon statue.

Each of the dry corpses were once a True Wild Beast!

Next, Chu He successively took out eight human shark kings and killed all of them at the scene. He then wiped their blood on the dry corpses.

After that, he repeated the steps that he did to set up the ancient demon formation just now.

When the formation was completed, he began to chant the archaic and abstruse sutra. While he was chanting, he kowtowed at the demon statue.

Each time he did it, the demon statue would tremble once.

After ten times, the first dry corpse disintegrated and the blood on it was absorbed by the statue.

After a hundred times of kowtow, the second and the third dry corpses disintegrated one after another.

After a thousand times of kowtowing, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth corpses disintegrated.

After ten thousand times, the seventh and the eighth corpses decayed.

The demon statue emitted a ray of mysterious light and a crack started to form from its head down to its feet.

It seemed like it was going to collapse due to insufficient blood qi.

Ten thousand li* away, Ning Fan’s eyes brightened. That demon statue appeared to be just like a normal statue. However, because of Chu He’s action, a cloud of white mist came out from it. If Ning Fan did not see wrongly, that white mist should be the power that would only be possessed by a True Immortal. It was the power of Incense Fire!

This demon statue contained the power of Incense Fire that was accumulated by the Demon Sealing Sect for thousands of years.

He was going to use this power to open the World Passage which connects to the Demon World!

“The blood of king beasts isn’t enough to fully activate the power of the Incense Fire…Hai…What a troublesome matter…It’s all because of that Zhou Ming who killed many of the human shark kings…”

Chu He brought 12 king beasts and he only had 4 left after killing 8 of them. The remaining 4 were going to be used to open the World Passage to the Second World. In his current situation, however, he could not allow the Demon Generals to enter the Secret Realm from the Demon World. If they are unable to enter the Secret Realm, it will be pointless for him to open the World Passage to the Second World.

“Fine. I should prioritize the arrival of the Demon Generals. I will think about the rest later…”

He took out another two king beasts and killed them to offer their blood to the demon statue. Now, the demon statue completely broke into pieces!

A column of white mist which was partially dyed in dark red penetrated through the Void Realm and formed a portal made up of red mist.

When the portal took its shape, it connected to the Demon World, allowing one to catch a glimpse of the Demon World within it.

Meanwhile, ten traces of Spirit Severing Realm qi and hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm qi were approaching from the other side of the portal.

One of them was extremely familiar to Ning Fan. It was Li Ban’s!

“Interesting. After he left Great Jin, he actually went to the Demon World. Now, he brought some helpers from the Demon World and is about to transfer into this Secret Realm…Apparently, this demon and I are destined to meet each other. However, I wonder if they would die in the Void Realm if I destroy the portal when they are going through the passage! Li Ban, that day you destroyed my Teleportation Formation in Great Jin, today I am going to destroy your portal!”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone in cold light. The feud he had towards Li Ban was deeply etched in his memories.

If it wasn’t because of luck, I will definitely be dead in Li Ban’s hands!

Actually, the reason why he allowed Chu He to set up the formation without interrupting the latter was because he was waiting for this chance.

 He did not hold back his intentions towards the two demonesses in his arms. When the two of them heard that Ning Fan was going to sabotage Li Ban, they exchanged confused looks with each other. However, none of them tried to dissuade him.

If Li Ban knew they were at Ning Fan’s side, perhaps he would mercilessly slaughter them…

If they had to choose either Ning Fan or Li Ban as their master, they would rather prefer Ning Fan.

The auras from the other side of the portal was getting closer!

When one of the Spirit Severing Realm Demon General had half of his body out of the portal, Ning Fan activated his sword sense and secretly pierced through the power of the Incense Flame that supported the World Passage, breaking the portal!

Due to the damage taken by the source of the power supporting the World Passage, the entire portal collapsed and the Void Realm engulfed the entire passage. The Demon General whose body was halfway through the portal had half of his body severed by the power of the portal!


Almost at the same moment, countless shrieks echoed from within the portal. A second later, the atmosphere fell silent.

But Ning Fan knitted his brows. Among those painful wails, he did not hear the voice of Li Ban.

Seemingly, the Spirit Severing Realm Demon General that was torn apart by the portal wasn’t Li Ban. Perhaps he is buried within the Void Realm…

Chu He was nearly shocked to death!

With great effort, he finally managed to set up the formation and established the World Passage connecting to the Demon World in order to welcome the arrival of the Demon Generals from that world. However, the portal he activated had now collapsed and the group of Demon Generals were missing! No one knew whether they were dead or alive.

Why did the portal collapse? Don’t tell me it’s because of insufficient king beasts’ blood?!

If only I chose to kill all the 12 king beasts… If only I chose not to save the two for the next World Passage, perhaps the portal would not have collapsed…

“It’s all my fault…It’s over. If the mission fails, Lord Venerated Demon would surely never let me go…”

Chu He’s eyes were filled with dread and terror. All of a sudden, the place where the portal was at just now formed into a hole into the void. Nine demons and one soul walked out from it. All of them were enraged!

The Spirit Severing Realm Demon General who was in the form of a soul was the only Late Spirit Severing Realm being among the ten of them. Before they could even wake the Demon Marshal, his demon body was crushed due to the collapse of the portal!

If it wasn’t because of his powerful demon soul, he would probably be dead within the bottomless Void Realm…

“So you are the person who was sent by the Demon Sealing Sect to establish the formation?! What kind of freaking formation are you setting? Why would it collapse?! Damn you! You should die!”

The demon soul had the face of a young man. He wore a silver robe and his hair was white. His expression was cold. His eyes, however, became red due to his rage.

His large hand clawed at Chu He, immediately shredding Chu He’s physical body and his Nascent Soul. But the white-haired young man was surprised when Chu He’s Nascent Soul reformed with a trace of mysterious power after crushing it.

“Hmm? This junior seems to know the ‘Life Technique’…”

The white-haired young man sneered and grabbed the Nascent Soul which was shivering in fear into his hands. He intended to swallow it in whole as a way to vent out his anger on Chu He.

No matter how many lives you have, you will only be dead after your Nascent Soul is swallowed!

“Wait! General Wang, please be calm! If this man is killed, who is going to be our messenger to the Demon Sealing Sect?” An Early Spirit Severing Realm Demon General in purple robes advised.

“Fine! For the moment, I will let you live! Tell me, why did the portal collapse?!” The white-haired young man roared.

“I…I think it’s because of insufficient king beasts’ blood…”

The miniature Nascent Soul of Chu He almost passed out because of fear when he was being held in the white-haired young man’s hand.

After his body was destroyed, leaving him with just a soul, his cultivation level greatly worsened. Despite that, he still maintained the combat power which was comparable to that of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert.

A Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert. In the Internal Endless Sea, a being like that would be considered a top expert. Chu He, who was just an inconsequential Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert would not have the audacity to provoke such a being, let alone the person who was a Demon General from the Land of Demons. Besides, he was a member of the Immortal Demon World – an expert from the upper world… An insignificant Nascent Soul Realm mortal cultivator like Chu He would surely not have the guts to offend him.

However, Chu He would certainly not able to think that the collapse of the portal was not caused by the lack of the king beasts’ blood for offering, but Ning Fan instead.

Because of this incident, hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm demon partners of the Demon Generals were all dead in the Void Realm.

Because of this incident, the Late Spirit Severing Realm Demon General lost his body.

Now, the rewards of accomplishing the mission are just wishful thoughts that can never be realized. Even if this white-haired young man is not going to kill me, I will also be punished by Venerated Demon once I return to the Demon Sealing Sect…

Hai. Why am I so unlucky?!

It’s all Zhou Ming’s fault! It’s him! If he didn’t indiscriminately kill the human shark kings, I wouldn’t have chosen to keep the remaining human sharks… Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming! As long as I am still alive, I will surely kill you!

This old man was innocently killed once just now. I still have 6 left!

I will finish Zhou Ming off even if I have to sacrifice all six of them!

Chu He would never realize that his accusation actually was not wrong. Coincidentally, his finger was pointed at the right person.

But as soon as the poor Chu He mentioned “insufficient king beasts’ blood”, the white-haired young man immediately became even more furious.


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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