Grasping Evil - Chapter 240(2)

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He tightened his grip and squeezed Chu He’s Nascent Soul to death without any hesitation. Again, Chu He’s Nascent Soul reformed, but he was now only left with 5 lives.

“You said the portal collapsed because of insufficient king beasts’ blood?!”


Once again, Chu He shrieked in pain. He only had four lives left.

“King beasts! Haha! Because of those mere Nascent Soul Realm king beasts’ blood, I, Wang Xiao, had to suffer the implication of losing my physical body?! Dear boy, this joke isn’t funny at all!”


The white-haired young man brutally squeezed Chu He’s Nascent Soul until the miniature version of Chu He burst into pieces. Without giving time for the Nascent Soul to regrow, the white-haired young man threw the remains of the Nascent Soul which looked just like a pile of mud onto the ground. Chu He’s lives was now reduced to three. As soon as his Nascent Soul reformed, the white-haired man lifted his leg and stomped directly on him!


Two lives left!


When he landed the last stomp on it, the mountains and rivers within a vicinity of ten thousand li* crumbled!

Pitifully, Chu He had only one life left!

The white-haired man curled his lips.

“You can’t die again, can you? Hmmph! Return to your sect and tell your Master to prepare a Late Spirit Severing Realm demon corpse for me to fuse with so that I can remold my physical body! Now, hurry up and establish the World Passage to the Second World. If you make one more mistake, I will make sure you never live another second!”

No matter how the white-haired young man trampled upon Chu He, the other nine Demon Generals including the red-haired Li Ban with a body full of red scales did not dare to stop him.

As long as the white-haired man did not kill Chu He, the mission would not be obstructed. If the mission is not obstructed, no one would be willing to provoke Wang Xiao for an unimportant being, not to mention Li Ban himself! It was because Li Ban was only an Early Spirit Severing Realm demon. Amongst the ten Demon Generals, his power was ranked at fifth. Three out of the four Demon Generals who were more powerful than him were Mid Spirit Severing Realm demons while the strongest was the injured Late Spirit Severing Realm Demon General, Wang Xiao!

“Interesting. Although I didn’t manage to sabotage Li Ban, I inflicted some damage on the strongest Demon General among them…Wang Xiao… With my current power, I have 80% assurance of killing Li Ban and 20% confidence to tie with him. However, there will be no possibility of winning against the three Mid Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals if I encounter them. Instead, I only have a 70% chance of fleeing alive. If I fight against Wang Xiao, even though he is only in soul form, I will only have a 10% chance of escaping. If he were to be in his complete form, I am literally not his match… A Late Spirit Severing Realm Demon General…This demon seems to possess the Immemorial Demon Veins…Besides, I am able to sense a trace of Eight Grade Divine Intent from his body. If this person is at his peak state, perhaps he would be able to put up a fight with the weakest being among the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea!”

The miniature Nascent Soul had grief all over his face. No matter how much hatred he harbored towards Ning Fan, he would never dare to put his last life on the line by confronting him.

Originally, Chu He a.k.a Seven Lives should’ve gain merits by welcoming the Demon Generals from the Demon World. With the meritorious service he did, he would be rewarded by Venerated Demon. Besides, it would be very likely that he would be given tips and guidance to achieve the Spirit Severing Realm.

However, because of a minor mistake of which he was at fault, he lost all his potential merits. Not only that, out of the seven lives he had, six were lost…

“I am truly out of luck!”

He muttered inwardly. In the meantime, he took out the last two human shark kings and killed them to offer their blood to activate the ancient demon formation which connects to the Second World.

However, two human shark kings were clearly not enough to open up the World Passage.

“Haha! You intend to open up the World Passage with two king beasts?! It’s no wonder the portal would collapse! Is that how you opened the portal for the Demon World to welcome me?!”

The white-haired young man broke into laughter even though his heart was filled with absolute rage. He deeply wished that he could immediately erase Chu He from his sight. It was because opening a World Passage would at least require 18 king beasts and it was supposed to be common sense for everyone who had to establish the ancient demon formation!

Doesn’t the Demon Sealing Sect have the slightest bit of common sense?!

“What a hassle! Fine. In this First World, there should still be quite a number of Fake Wild Beasts. Quickly hunt a few of them before this world crumbles. There should be some beasts that could replace the king beasts.

“Please wait, General Wang. We don’t have to spend time on that… In my hands, I still have a few king beasts. Their blood can be offered for the activation…”

Li Ban sneered and slapped on his storage pouch. Seventeen illusory demon Nascent Souls were taken out from it.

They were his demon partners who lost their bodies in the Void Realm.

The reason why they were not completely dead was not because Li Ban was kind to them. On the contrary, he kept them because they were king beasts.

“General Li, they are your partners. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate to use them as offerings?” It was the purple-robed Demon General who voiced out his opinion again.

“Inappropriate?! Why would it be inappropriate?! Everything they possess belong to us, the Demon Generals. I don’t see anything wrong to sacrifice them to activate the formation!”

Li Ban’s five fingers turned into a claw and slashed at them, killing all seventeen Nascent Souls on the spot.

With a flick of his sleeve, he sprinkled their blood on the formation.

Immediately, the formation glowed in a strange, primitive blood light.

Li Ban shot a cold gaze at Chu He and harshly warned, “If something goes wrong with this World Passage, you will be dead!”

“No…It won’t…19 traces of king beasts’ blood are enough…More than enough.” Chu He’s heartbeat quickened out of fear. He silently chanted the ancient demon sutra to activate the formation.

Gradually, a portal emerged on the rainbow-colored light barrier which allowed them to pass through.

“This time, you all walk first. I will walk at the back of the group!” The white-haired young man solemnly spoke, as if he had a psychological trauma for portals.”


None of the Demon Generals dared to disobey Wang Xiao’s order.

The ten of them successively entered the light portal.

This time, it was truly difficult for Ning Fan to destroy the World Passage that was supported by the blood of nineteen king beasts, causing him to be unable to sabotage anyone else.

Besides, even if he could destroy the portal, all of them would be fine as they were not in the Void Realm.

The moment when the Demon Generals entered into the World Passage, a flattering voice echoed from the other end of the passage.

“I am Lu Bei. Hehe. Greetings to all Demon Generals…”

Chu He faintly heaved a sigh of relief as this time the World Passage did not collapse…

However, his mind was filled with worries once more when he thought of how he should report to Venerated Demon when he returns.

“Hai…This is really an unfortunate day!”

Before he left the Secret Realm, there was some matters he had to talk in the welcoming of the Second World.

Ten thousand li* away, Ning Fan was unable to make up his mind.

Since Chu He has already opened up the World Passage, I don’t have to trouble them to set up the formation and worry that they might fail in the end.

This portal would last for a few days. Once Li Ban and the others go further into the Second World, Ning Fan would then sneak into the Second World.

But there were 10 Demon Generals involved in this plan.

Four of them possess greater power than me. Without a doubt, the danger within the Second World became far greater than before.

Should I enter or not…

While he was hesitating, the two demonesses in his arms were feeling depressed.

What Li Ban did earlier was truly cold-hearted…

After witnessing the way Li Ban treated his demon partners, the last shred of guilt in their hearts which was aroused due to their betrayal to him dissipated.

“Li Ban is not as good as Master…” Their expressions were slowly filled with resolution.

Ning Fan had more than a thousand human cauldrons. Even so, all of them lived peacefully in the Cauldron Ring.

Even if Ning Fan faced great danger, he would never allow them to help, let alone sacrifice them for his own benefits like what Li Ban did…

Ning Fan was merciless and cruel towards his enemies. However, towards his loved ones, he was really kind.

As Ning Fan’s human cauldrons, the two demonesses did not have to worry that someday their Master would slaughter them for fun out of a sudden impulse.

“Is there something wrong? Look at those expressions… Are you feeling confused because you saw your former master?” Ning Fan teased.

“You are our only master!” They firmly replied.

“Oh?” Ning Fan smiled.

They seemed to be even more loyal to me after recognizing Li Ban’s true behavior.

If that’s the case, it’s indeed a good thing.

“I need the two of you to enter the Cauldron Ring for the moment. The Second World is full of danger. You two don’t have to be involved…”

“Thank you for Master’s kindness.” They bowed and expressed their gratitude. Entering the Second World with their current cultivation level would be extremely risky. They were powerless to even defend themselves and they would only be a burden to Ning Fan. Therefore, it would be safer for them to stay inside the Cauldron Ring.


After keeping them, Ning Fan revealed his presence and headed towards the portal. The closer he got, the more serious his eyes became.

He waited a few days in front of the portal. However, during these few days, the Secret Realm of the Broken World experienced a massive change!

The arrival of ten Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals caused the originally unstable Secret Realm to collapse!

Of course, it was only the First World that collapsed!

Beginning from the western domain, the Secret Realm was consumed by the Void Realm. Countless Old Monsters immediately activated their Transmission Formation Disks and evacuated from the Secret Realm. But a minority of them were forever buried within the Void Realm!

Outside the Secret Realm, Xu Rushan’s expression drastically change.

“The Secret Realm collapsed?!”

Xu Qiuling’s face turned pale and her eyes were filled with anxiety.

On the Stele of Slaughter, some of the experts’ names turned from black to grey…They died…

“Young Master Zhou! What happened to you?!”

Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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