Grasping Evil - Chapter 241(1)

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One month!

In just one single month, Zhou Ming’s name became almost like a myth!

The name on the number one position of the Stele of Slaughter – Zhou Ming had become as red as fresh blood!

A name with that color showed that that expert had killed more than a hundred Fake Wild Beasts!

However, the redness of Ning Fan’s name was more intense than that of the former number one expert – Ju Yan!

Internally, Xu Rushan felt extremely relieved. That intensity of redness actually proved that Ning Fan had killed 150 beasts or probably even more than 250 of them.

After all, Ju Yan only managed to kill 274 Fake Wild Beasts himself in the past. Since Ning Fan’s name was much redder than his, it simply implied that the quantity of Fake Wild Beasts that had been slaughtered by him was more than that.

“The Demon Pills will be enough! Hehe. This time, Venerated Giant will surely never make things difficult for me. Besides, I’ve also found the man that he has long been waiting for. My merit won’t be small!”

At the same time, he was also greatly astonished by Ning Fan’s achievements.

Killing more than 274 Fake Wild Beasts in just one month… With Ning Fan’s current combat power that rivaled a Spirit Severing Realm expert, he might have to kill non-stop within the Secret Realm with all his techniques and means in order to achieve that result.

That was his seriousness in doing things which was caused by his principle of keeping his promises. Since he had given Xu Rushan his word, he would definitely fulfill his promise by all means necessary.

If someone goes against him, he would draw his sword. If someone breaks his promises, he would kill that person…

Not only was Xu Rushan shocked by his results, even the old monsters who paid close attention to the progress of the Secret Realm were all flabbergasted.

Only one month passed and his name glowed red… Cultivators whose cultivation levels were below the Mid Nascent Soul Realm would not be able to open their eyes whenever their gaze landed on Ning Fan’s name because of his tremendous Violent Qi.

Many cultivators considered him arrogant. However, if a person had extraordinary capabilities like him, he wasn’t arrogant but self-confident!

That astonishment lasted in everyone’s hearts for an entire month. On the other hand, when the change of Zhou Ming’s name was spread, countless old monsters from both the External and Internal Endless Sea swarmed towards the Stele of Slaughter to have a look for themselves!

However, at the beginning of the second month, all of them were shocked by something else.

The Secret Realm of the Broken World collapsed!

It did not just affect a minor part of the Secret Realm but the entirety of it!

“Impossible! A true Spirit Severing Realm expert who entered alone would only cause a domain to crumble. It wouldn’t affect the entire area…A large-scale collapse like this would only be possible when there is an intrusion of a great number of Spirit Severing Realm experts…But how is it possible?! I’ve been guarding outside the Secret Realm all this while and there is not a single Spirit Severing Realm expert who entered the portal!”

Xu Rushan’s expression experienced a drastic change. The collapse of the Secret Realm was truly beyond his expectations.

The subsidence of the Secret Realm was a serious mistake. As the master who took charge of the Secret Realm, he would probably be reprimanded by the members of the Giant Devil Sect.

However, to him, it wasn’t considered truly serious.

Could he safely leave the Secret Realm with the Demon Pills?

Xu Rushan was more concerned about the Demon Pills. It was nearly hopeless to place his hope on the other 39 experts who entered the Secret Realm with Ning Fan. It would be extremely rare for them to even gather a total of 20 Demon Pills within a single month.  If he failed to gather 200 Demon Pills, he would probably have to be responsible for Venerated Giant’s daughter’s health!

But inwardly, what he was concerned about the most was Ning Fan’s safety.

Ever since the first time he met Ning Fan, the latter never failed to astonish him. From trying to please Ning Fan to becoming friends with the latter and from having respect for him to truly admiring him…

Ning Fan’s personality resembled Xu Rushan’s a lot. What made him more important was that Ning Fan and his daughter seemed to have feelings for each other.

“How can my son-in-law die just like that in the Secret Realm?! Why is he still not evacuating from the place?! What is he doing inside the Secret Realm?!”

The Secret Realm of the Broken World was crazily collapsing because of the arrival of the ten Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals.

Nearly in just two hours, an area of millions upon millions of li* crumbled beginning from the western domain!

Each of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm activated their Transmission Formation Disks and managed to escape the Secret Realm in time. Even so, every one of them were drenched in cold sweat and their hearts were pounding heavily.

Thousands of li* would crumble in almost every single breath.

The Void Realm that was exposed after the crumbling of the Secret Realm made each of the old monsters who had yet to advance into the Spirit Severing Realm feel a numbing sensation on their scalps!

The Void Realm! Even ordinary Spirit Severing Realm experts who did not have enough powerful means would certainly be dead if they were accidentally caught within it!

Just now, when the ten Demon Generals and hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm demons were all caught in the Void Realm, only the Demon Generals were able to survive. However, if it was not because of the top four powerful Demon Generals and the cooperation of the ten Demon Generals, even the Early Spirit Severing Realm Li Ban would also die in it.

Therefore, it was very normal for Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts to die within a place like that.

Other than Ning Fan and Chu He, only twenty-five out of the thirty-eight experts who entered the Secret Realm managed to come out alive. The remaining thirteen of them were swallowed by the Void Realm and their names gradually turned grey.

One day later, the Secret Realm of the Broken World completely disappeared. Ning Fan and Chu He were still within the Secret Realm.

Xu Qiuling felt unsettled and perturbed. Even if she had unwavering faith and confidence in Ning Fan, she could not help but feel worried about him as he had not returned for a long while after the incident.

“Young Master Zhou… Young Master Zhou…”

Suddenly, an intense emotion surged in her chest, making her feel the urge to cry. When she saw Chu He’s name turned grey, her mind was in a daze. There was only Ning Fan left within the Secret Realm.

After the incident, the Secret Realm was totally engulfed by the Void Realm. Ning Fan was not dead yet but he was yet to exit from the Secret Realm. Perhaps he was bitterly struggling within the Void Realm.

“Young Master Zhou, what happened to you?”

“I’m afraid he is in a very dangerous situation… The power of the Void Realm… Without a strong magical treasure, even a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert would be unable to withstand it alone… Could he be hiding inside the Treasure of the Cosmos?” Dong Xu sighed. Only experts who had attained the Void Refinement Realm and above could freely travel in the Void Realm. Spirit Severing Realm experts would definitely not stand a chance after being caught alone in the Void Realm, let alone Ning Fan who was only a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

“No! He will be alright!”

Xu Qiuling gritted her teeth and stubbornly lifted her head to meet Dong Xu’s gaze.

Just as she was nearly overwhelmed with her anxiety, the rainbow-colored portal flashed. A storage pouch and a jade slip flew out from it.

The jade slip cracked as soon as it left the portal and a familiar voice echoed in the atmosphere.

“Fellow Daoist Xu, the Secret Realm has collapsed. I’m sorry about that…However, the 200 Demon Pills are all here. You don’t have to worry about me. I might be coming out slightly later. However, I don’t think we have to abide by the five months’ agreement. Therefore, Fellow Daoist doesn’t have to wait for me here. When I leave the Secret Realm, I will pay you a visit. Hmm… According to Mistress Xu’s personality, I suppose you are worrying about me now. However, please be at ease. The red color of my name will only become more intense as time passes by and it will never turn grey. So you don’t have to worry…”

Holding the storage pouch in his hands, Xu Rushan looked at the 200 Demon Pills which still were still stained by blood qi. He was deeply amazed.

The Secret Realm has completely collapsed but he still could safely send out the jade slip… Don’t tell me that he is able to stay in the Void Realm without being affected?

The same thought and the feeling of surprise surfaced in everyone’s thoughts at the entrance, although none of them discussed about it.

What kind of people could stay alive within the Void Realm?!

Void Refinement Realm experts might be able to travel within the Void Realm, but even they could not stay too long within the place as their lives might be at risk.

The only beings who were able to stay within the Void Realm without being affected by it were experts who had attained the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Only they could disregard the Void Realm. Only they could question their Dao and ascend to become True Immortals!


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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