Grasping Evil - Chapter 241(2)

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“How did he do that? Judging by his tone, he isn’t hiding in the Treasure of the Cosmos. If he isn’t cultivating within the Void Realm, then he surely is heading towards the blank domain of the map… No matter which one he chooses, it is indeed unbelievable. Because even I am unable to do any of them…”

Dong Xu’s gaze widened in surprise. He sat down in a meditative posture on the ground, showing no intention of leaving.

“Ling Er, I suppose you won’t be leaving from here unless your Brother Zhou comes out, right?”

“Yes. I will wait for Young Master Zhou…no matter how long it will take…Since he said that he is alright, then he will surely be alright!”

“Very well! I will wait for him together with you!”

The Secret Realm collapsed!

Within one day, the 70 million li* large realm crumbled, causing countless Fake Wild Beasts to be buried within the Void Realm.

Chu He hurriedly made a step forward and crossed the World Passage, entering the Second World. As such, he was able to survive.

He intended to wait for the guide of the Second World who had gone to settle the Demon Generals down to return because he had some matters to discuss with him.

Looking at the Void Realm on the other end of the portal, Chu He felt a tingling sensation on his scalp. However, his heart was filled with a trace of contentment.

“I wonder if that Zhou Ming has died within the Void Realm. Hehe. It’s a good thing that he’s dead. It’s indeed a good thing…”

Unfortunately, Chu He’s wish would never come true.

Ning Fan stood in the Void Realm with a golden small bell in his hands.

The golden bell created a golden halo that encompassed his body.

The Eastern Ocean Bell!

“With this bell, I can walk around without being affected by the Void Realm. Apparently, the collapse of the Secret Realm is a good thing for me. At the very least, I don’t have to travel all over the entire First World which is 70 million li* large to hunt down the Fake Wild Beasts. Now, the demon pills and demon blood all present themselves to me…”

A gust of wind blew towards him in the Void Realm. It was like an invisible trenchant blade which could even cut through an expert with Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

But as soon as this black wind came into contact with the golden halo emitted by the Eastern Ocean Bell, it trembled and opened up a path.

Corpses after corpses of the Fake Wild Beasts were blown to Ning Fan. Also, a lot of demon pills and demon blood which were floating in the black atmosphere were blown to him too.

Since the collapse started from the west to the east, the wind undoubtedly blew towards Ning Fan’s direction.

When he rang the Eastern Ocean Bell in the Void Realm, a black vortex was instantly formed by the echo of the sound in front of him, dragging countless demon pills, demon blood and also the storage pouches of the deceased Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts into it.

Every drop of demon blood was kept. Every trace of faint golden blood was extracted.

With the help of the vortex, Ning Fan now managed to accumulate 1084 demon pills dropped from Fake Wild Beasts, 1284 drops of demon blood of the Fake Wild Beasts and 1284 traces of faint golden blood!

Now, in his storage pouch, there were 13 full drops of Demon Marshal’s blood!

If he consumes every single drop of them, he would gain… 5000 units of demon power!

In other words, his demon power would then be halfway in attaining the Spirit Severing Realm!

“The World Passage of the Second World is open. After crossing the passage, I must first search for a place to refine myself with the demon blood and improve my demon power by 5000 units. Only then would I figure out the ways to assassinate the Demon Marshal and obtain his blood. If I succeed, my demon power will achieve the Spirit Severing Realm in no time!”

His eyes flashed with determination. One step at a time, he traversed the Void Realm and back into the rainbow-colored portal of the World Passage.

When he arrived, he made a step forward without any hesitation!

At the other side of the portal, the Nascent Soul Realm demon who was known as Lu Bei was in a conversation with Chu He. Both of them were whispering at each other’s ears.

Actually, Chu He was acting as a representative of his Demon Sealing Sect in the Endless Sea of the Rain World to form a good tie with the demon race in the Land of Slumber…

“Aiya. How did Fellow Daoist Chu end up in this condition? It just makes me feel sad…” Lu Bei casually asked with a tone of sympathy.

“Don’t mention it…It’s all Zhou Ming’s fault! However, I suppose this fellow is probably dead in the Void Realm by now. I hope his corpse would be engulfed by the Void Realm too after he died. Having him die in that manner is the only way my hatred towards him will be quelled…”

“It’s good that he died. It’s good that he died! Haha.” Lu Bei was not concerned about who Zhou Ming was, let alone the fact whether he was dead or alive.

However, as they were conversing, a faint red glow filled with tremendous Violent Qi abruptly came into their sight.

Under the pressure of the Violent Qi, the Early Nascent Soul Realm Lu Bei as well as the remaining Nascent Soul of Chu He sucked in cold breaths together!

Both of them paled, especially Chu He, when they saw the end of the other side of the portal. A young man dressed in white robes and draped in a black cloak steadily stood in the Void Realm. As he entered the World Passage, Chu He’s heart heavily pounded!

“No way! It’s impossible! You are not a Void Refinement Realm expert, not to mention the Void Fragmentation Realm. How could you travel within the Void Realm?!”

“Just now I overheard that you said it’s a good thing that I died?”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone in cold light.

He reached out his hands and instantly grabbed hold of Chu He and Lu Bei’s heads.

The strength of his grip was at the Jade Life Realm. None of them were able to break free at all.

“Soul Memory Searching Technique!”

When Ning Fan’s indifferent voice resounded, their Sea of Consciousness were instantly crushed, causing them to be mentally handicapped.

Chu He’s memories were the same as Eagle Crane’s as they had been planted with a purple seal by Purple Gu. This time, however, Ning Fan was able to dispel the seal with ease. After breaking the seal, of course he would not let any of the secrets regarding the Demon Sealing Sect to slip. Ultimately, he gained some understandings about the mission that the Demon Sealing Sect and the Demon Generals were involved in.

“This is the Land of Slumber and the Demon Marshal in this land is called ‘Lu Wu’…”

After searching Chu He’s memories, Ning Fan placed the miniature Nascent Soul into his mouth and chewed. In the meantime, he slammed on Lu Bei’s body, causing it to disintegrate. The latter’s Nascent Soul was then swallowed into his stomach.

“This demon’s name is Lu Bei. There are nine divisions of the Lu Clan. This demon belongs to the Seventh Division – Luo Yun Tribe of Winged Demons. He is a ruthless and cruel demon. In Luo Yun Tribe itself, he has quite a lot of enemies and he doesn’t even have a single friend… The nameplate of his life soul had also been banished by the temple of his clan because he broke the laws of the tribe... Interesting. If I kill this person, no one would know. If I shapeshift into his appearance and sneak into the Luo Yun Tribe, I believe no one would be able to notice the difference…Winged Demon huh… Never mind. His cultivation level is at the Early Nascent Soul Realm, which makes no difference from my current demon power…”

After swallowing the two of them, he made his step forward and displayed the Sense Falsifying Art, changing into Lu Bei’s appearance.

“From today onwards, my identity in the Second World will be Lu Bei of the Luo Yun Tribe!”

“Although the Secret Realm has collapsed, I have gathered more than enough demon pills. After entering into the Second World, I no longer need to leave within five months…I can send out the demon pills to Xu Rushan first to calm him down. After that, it would not be a problem if I have to stay for tens of years in the Second World of the Secret Realm… As for Xu Qiuling, hmm…I will imprint a jade slip to convey a message to her so that she could stop worrying…”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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