Grasping Evil - Chapter 242

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In the Second World of the Land of Slumber, there was a blood-red moon hanging high above the sky.

When a sudden gust of wind blew across the night sky, a shadow of a winged demon in white robes flew by.

He hid the star in his glabella and dispersed the Violent Qi on his body. Now, he was neither Ning Fan nor Zhou Ming. His brand new identity was Lu Bei!

His current identity was one of the seven hundred Demon Soldiers of the Luo Yun Tribe under the Seventh Division of the Lu Clan.

Only Nascent Soul Realm demons were able to become Demon Soldiers and only demons at the Spirit Severing Realm were considered as Demon Generals. Among the seven hundred Demon Soldiers, this Lu Bei was the most unremarkable member of all.

From his memories, Ning Fan discovered that the demon with the strongest cultivation level in the Luo Yun Tribe was a demon who was granted the title of “Honorable Demon General”. He was the Cloud General, Lu Daochen. While the others called him Master Lu. His cultivation level was at the Mid Spirit Severing Realm.

Following after him, there were a total of seven Early Spirit Severing Realm demons and all of them were members of the Luo Yun Tribe.

In short, the entire Luo Yun Tribe consisted of 8 Demon Generals, 700 Demon Soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Gold Core Realm demons. It was the entire force of the whole tribe. However, even with that amount of soldiers, the Luo Yun Tribe was only ranked seventh among the nine divisions of the Lu Clan.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with a hint of seriousness.

The number of Demon Generals in the Second World was far more than he expected, especially the First Division of the Lu Clan – Pure Flame Tribe. That tribe alone comprised of 19 Early Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals, 3 Mid Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals and 1 Late Spirit Severing Realm Honorable Demon General. Apart from them, the tribe had a total of 8000 Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldiers!

In other words, the entire Second World had more than a hundred Demon Generals, taking every Demon Generals of the nine divisions into calculation! As for the Demon Soldiers, there were approximately thirty thousand of them!

“Although there is only one Demon Marshal which is known as Lu Wu slumbering in the Third World, there are more than a hundred Spirit Severing Realm demons guarding it. This place is vast with a myriad of experts residing in here, making it virtually like the Internal Endless Sea…”

The First World which was 70 million li large was merely one percent of the Second World… If Ning Fan wanted to travel across the Second World, it would take him at least a few years of time even if he flies at his top speed.

Fortunately, time was no longer an issue for him. Since the First World had collapsed, Ning Fan could choose to stay within the Second World for however long he wants. However, the only problem was that according to Lu Bei’s memories, the location to enter the Third World was only known by the nine Honorable Demon Generals.

Apparently, each of them held one-ninth of the map of the World Passage to the Third World… The specifics were not something that a lowly Demon Soldier like Lu Bei could know.   

As a matter of fact, this Lu Bei who had a terrible behavior would not have obtained the surname of “Lu” if it was not for his old ancestor who was once a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert that made great contributions to the Luo Yun Tribe. The surname of “Lu” in this world was the symbol of honor because the demons with that surname would be considered as the people of the Demon Marshal, Lu Wu!

What made the situation worse was that this Lu Bei would, sooner or later, be considered as a traitor to the Luo Yun Tribe!

He privately welcomed the ten Demon Generals from the Demon World into this world and led them to converge with the experts of the First Division. If this incident is revealed, perhaps many of the demons within the Luo Yun Tribe itself would want to kill him to vent out their anger!

Unfortunately for Ning Fan, he had to be a scapegoat for the deceased’s crime without a choice.

In the memories of Lu Bei, the area where Ning Fan just got out from the portal seemed to be the borderline between the Luo Yun Tribe and the Lie Tu Tribe – the Vast Meadow.

There was always a conflict of power between the Lie Tu Tribe, which was the Eight Division, and the Luo Yun Tribe. Therefore, the boundary that separated the two tribes became a killzone for them to fight and kill each other.

Above the dark sky, Ning Fan spread his wings and flew across the area. All the small demons[1] that he met along the way were all members of the Lie Tu Tribe. As soon as they sensed the Early Nascent Soul Realm demon power from Ning Fan, all of them hurriedly fled for their lives. None of them dared to stay and spy on him.

In the Second World, there were small demons.

In the Second World, there was no limitation on the duration of stay.

In the Second World, he could use the female corpse and Stone Warrior!

To Ning Fan, the Second World was a place full of great opportunities. It was a place where he had hopes of having his demon power attain the Spirit Severing Realm!

“This Lu Bei secretly headed to the borderline to meet the people of the Pure Flame Tribe. He is considered to have gone missing. If there isn’t an appropriate explanation, it would be very troublesome. If the members of the tribe insist to look into this matter, I may face the danger of being exposed. In order to discover the World Passage to the Third World, I have to lie low within the Luo Yun Tribe for the moment…Hmm… Luckily I am right here at the borderline just in time. I will kill some enemy demons and bring their heads back to the tribe. In that case, even if there are people who want to blame Lu Bei for being absent from duty without permission, they would have nothing to say!”

Determination shone within Ning Fan’s eyes. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out a short dagger-axe with the shape of an animal’s fang. It was only a Peak High Grade Demon Treasure which belonged to Lu Bei before his death. To a certain extent, it just showed how weak his combat power was as an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon like him as he did not even have a single Supreme Grade Demon Treasure. Furthermore, amongst the seven hundred Demon Soldiers, he was also considered as one of the weakest soldiers.

If it was Lu Bei holding this dagger, maybe he would not even be able to kill a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator with a single strike.

However, when Ning Fan wielded the dagger, it transformed into a ray of green light. From just a single ray, it split and multiplied, forming a thousand of them. When it scattered, tens of demons which were at the Gold Core Realm and Harmonious Spirit Realm within a vicinity of a thousand li* collapsed to the ground with some of their heads detached from their bodies.

“71 heads. I suppose Lu Bei would at most be able to kill that many with his combat power. If I kill too many of them, people might be suspicious of me instead…”

Ning Fan drew out his demon power and turned it into threads which bundled up the corpses. He then headed towards the base of the Luo Yun Tribe which was situated at the side of the Vast Meadow.

Here, there was a Demon Soldier with nearly a hundred small demons standing guard.

As they caught sight of a Nascent Soul Realm demon flying towards them, the Mid Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier immediately yelled. The next second, multiple torches were lit up, brightening the dark sky!

“Who’s there?!”

“I am Lu Bei from Luo Yun Tribe!”

“Tell me the countersign!”

“Summer Nettle!”

Summer Nettle was a type of demon grass that could be easily found in the base of Luo Yun Tribe. However, it became the countersign for the garrisoned demons tonight.

Since Lu Bei was able to leave the borderline of the base, he, of course, knew about it. Naturally, Ning Fan learnt about it after searching his soul and memories.

When the Mid Nascent Soul Realm heard that answer, he instantly heaved a sigh of relief. But when he heard that the person who came was Lu Bei, he shot him a disdainful look.

Lu Bei? The winged demon who relied on his ancestor to obtain the surname of Lu? The useless demon who failed to achieve the Second Awakening for his demon blood?

If it wasn’t for his ancestor who was granted ten traces of Demon Marshal’s blood after doing countless meritorious service for the tribe, I believe this Lu Bei would not even be able to form his Nascent Soul.

All of a sudden, the Mid Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier’s eyes were filled with doubt.

Despite his nasty behavior, this Lu Bei only has a weak power. There’s no way he left the borders to kill enemies at a time like this. Could he be colluding with the Lie Tu Tribe on the other side of the Vast Meadow?

This Mid Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier was named Yao Yuan. He had a tactful personality which made him stand out among the rest of the Demon Soldiers. Because of that, he was appointed to be one of the frontline troops.

After pondering for a moment, he almost concluded that Lu Bei must be in cahoots with the enemy.

However, his guess was slightly off the mark. Lu Bei was not conspiring with the Lie Tu Tribe. Besides, the Lie Tu Tribe was only ranked eighth among the nine divisions. In other words, it was weaker than the Luo Yun Tribe which was ranked at seventh. No matter how lackadaisical he might be, he also knew how to aim high. Therefore, the tribe he colluded with was the strongest tribe among all – Pure Flame Tribe!

In spite of his slight miscalculation, he could already be considered to have keen foresight as he was able to see through Lu Bei’s treacherous intentions.

He secretly gave the rest of the troops a throat-slitting gesture, making all of them feel shivers down their spine.


Once Lu Bei gets near them, they would neutralize him!

But as he flew closer to them, his shadow slowly emerged from the dark, revealing a white-robed young man with an indifferent expression. His hands held a large rope. On the other end of the rope, there was a trace of demon power which was split into seventy-one fine threads, binding up seventy-one demon corpses!

*Suck in cold breaths*

None of them could remain calm witnessing the scene before them. It was too gruesome!

As for Yao Yuan, he immediately held his hand upright as a signal to stop anyone from taking action. His look drastically changed!

“So this Lu Bei wasn’t colluding with the enemy tribe. Instead…he killed the enemies by taking advantage of the night! 71 demons. In just one night, he infiltrated the enemy territory and killed 71 of them. Such contribution isn’t insignificant at all. But is this truly done by him?”

With Yao Yuan’s shrewdness, it was obvious to him that the 71 demon corpses consisted of strong and weak demons.

The weakest among them was only an Early Harmonious Spirit Realm small demon who was still in the form of half human and half beast. After all, bullying a Harmonious Spirit Realm small demon actually fitted the despicable attitude of Lu Bei.

But there were a few strong ones among them. They were Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm experts… Normally, killing experts at that level would require large-scale demonic techniques. However, in the territory of the enemies, none of those skills could be used as they would create shockwaves that would certainly attract more enemies.

Yao Yuan knew that if he were the one who intruded in enemy territory, there was no way he could kill Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm experts without being noticed!

Surprisingly, Lu Bei did it!

 “Oh. It’s Brother Lu! I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you earlier. Apparently, Brother Lu managed to kill quite a lot of enemies. I am really ashamed that I could not be a match to Brother Lu!”

“It’s nice to see Brother Yao.”

Ning Fan landed on the ground and calmly cupped his fists. The 71 corpses that were tied to his hand floated eerily. As he made a step forward, the small demons instantly retreated a step back out of reflex. Their actions obviously showed how deeply they respected and feared him.


Yao Yuan was once again shocked by Ning Fan’s indifference.

Lu Bei was rumored to be a demon who loved seeking attention. In the past, he vigorously spread his achievements in public after he had killed a few Gold Core Realm cultivators by chance, as if he was afraid that no one in the world would know about it.

Today, after meeting him in person, Yao Yuan found out that Lu Bei was actually a person who could remain calm in the face of events. Besides, he did not take pride in his meritorious service. That indifferent and tranquil look on his face also made Yao Yuan realize that this Lu Bei actually had a laudable tolerant spirit. In Yao Yuan’s heart, he felt that Lu Bei was not a person that he should underestimate!

“Sure enough, the rumors can’t be trusted. How could a demon who inherited the surname of ‘Lu’ be a mediocre being? Perhaps this Lu Bei offended someone which in turn caused him to be bad-mouthed in that manner… This person should be an outstanding figure even though his demon power is just at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. I suppose I would not be his match if I really have to fight against him… In short, he is extraordinary!”

Yao Yuan’s attitude towards Ning Fan became even more courteous.

Besides, within his mind, he firmly believed that the condemnation against him was fabricated by others.

However, it would be impossible for him to find out that the calm and composed “Lu Bei” in front of him was a different person from the rumors.

As a matter of fact, the original owner of the name was truly a nasty bastard…

“Brother Lu, is it convenient for you now to follow me to record your battle points?”

“Please lead the way, Brother Yao.”

As Ning Fan pulled the demon rope, the seventy-one demon corpses floated after him.

As such, he blended himself into the Luo Yun Tribe under the identity of Lu Bei!

If the true Lu Bei knew that his bad reputation would soon be revamped into a fearsome name that could shake the entire Luo Yun Tribe and even cause other Demon Generals to tremble with fear upon hearing it, how glorious would he feel in the underworld?

Yes. Apparently, Lu Bei and Zhou Ming should be thankful to Ning Fan as he had made their names famous.


Note :

1.     Measurements :
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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  1. ^ Small demons are the demons at the Gold Core Realm and below.