Grasping Evil - Chapter 243(1)

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Ning Fan followed Yao Yuan to the Northern Desert City to register his battle points for killing the small demons and then returned to Lu Bei’s residence. 

Demon Soldiers had their own respective residences while the small demons could only stay within military camps. Although Lu Bei’s reputation was already tarnished in the Northern Desert City, he still had a home there.

In his bedroom, Ning Fan sat in a meditation position on the couch. His eyes coldly glanced through the plate that recorded his battle points and gently shook his head.

He obtained a total of 368 points after killing 71 demons of the Lie Tu Tribe. A demon at the Early Gold Core Realm was worth 5 points. A demon at the Mid Gold Core Realm was worth 10 points. It was 15 points for a Late Gold Core Realm demon while 20 points for a Peak Gold Core Realm expert. All demons below the Gold Core Realm was only worth 1 point each. Apparently, the battle points were rewarded based on the number of magic power units of the respective cultivation levels.

However, after adding up the 368 points he had just earned, the total battle points that Lu Bei had amounted to a total of 9742 points. What a pitiful result.

That person might have cultivated the demon path for more than a thousand years but his level was weaker than he seems…

The battle points could be used to exchange for immortal jade. The exchange rate was approximately 100 immortal jade for a single point.

Aside from that, they could also be used to exchange for scriptures from the Demon Tower to read, a chance for Bloodline Awakening, a Demon Egg to cultivate and many other benefits. They were all unable to be bought using immortal jade.

Among the scriptures in the Demon Tower, there were not only the manuals for demonic techniques but also the guidebook for learning the ancient demon written language…

Regarding the Demon Egg cultivation, it would not just enable the cultivator to reverse time but also increase the absorption speed of demon power.

Bloodline Awakening huh…

Ning Fan’s eyes brightened up in enthusiasm. The Bloodline Awakening aroused his interest.

Lu Bei was a winged demon and Ning Fan, too, was considered a winged demon as he had the same kind of bloodline. What was a winged demon? Amongst all the creatures with feathers and wings in the world, those which cultivated the demon path and achieved the First Bloodline Awakening would then become winged demons.

However, the bloodline of a winged demon was too common. When they break through to the Nascent Soul Realm, they would have to complete the Second Bloodline Awakening which would in turn decide the demon race that they truly belong to.

As a matter of fact, the winged demons could evolve into more powerful flying creatures like those in the sparrow race and the eagle race. Occasionally, some of them might obtain the bloodline of avian humanoids, which was a rather unpopular bloodline. If they were lucky enough, their bloodlines might evolve into Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines, making them into demons with extraordinary latent potential which stands above the rest. If their Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines were able to evolve into true Immemorial Demon Veins in the Third Bloodline Awakening after attaining the Spirit Severing Realm, even the members of the Immemorial Demon Races would offer them an olive branch and recruit them into their group.

In the past when Li Ban awakened from slumber, he did not immediately accomplish his mission. Conversely, he stayed in Great Jin for his Third Bloodline Awakening. As a result, he succeeded. He did not only complete the Dragon Transformation which allowed him to transform into a dragon as his second avatar, but also turned his Carp Bloodline, which was an Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline into the Thunder Dragon Bloodline, which was a true Immemorial Demon Bloodline.

Even though his Dragon Bloodline was extremely thin, he was already qualified to join the Immemorial Dragon Race.

Lu Bei, however, did not have a superior natural talent. Without the ten traces of Demon Marshal’s blood inherited from his ancestor, it would have been impossible for him to attain the Nascent Soul Realm. Therefore, it was not strange at all for him to fail in achieving the Second Bloodline Awakening.

As for Ning Fan, it was all thanks to Luo You’s persuasion that he was able to cultivate the demon cultivation methods. With her help, he managed to awaken the bloodline of a winged demon that was hidden deep within his body. However, he was completely clueless about the method to achieve the Second Bloodline Awakening even though his demon power had attained the Early Nascent Soul Realm.

Therefore, he was in the same situation as Lu Bei. Their winged demon bloodlines were stuck after the First Awakening.

Sadly, the devil lord Ning whose combat power was enough to kill ordinary Spirit Severing Realm experts was almost at the bottom among all the seven hundred Demon Soldiers of the Luo Yun Tribe in terms of natural potential for demon bloodline.

“Bloodline Awakening… I really have no idea about that. I wonder to what extent my demon bloodline could evolve if I have sufficient battle points!”

The evolution of the demon bloodline was quite important to demons. The type of bloodline would later decide the Demon Intent that they would congeal after attaining the Spirit Severing Realm.

For Ning Fan, he already had the Divine Intent of Rain and the Devil Intent of Evil Luo Mountain. What would his Demon Intent be?

The ancient demon written language, the awakening of his bloodline and the sleeping Demon Marshal… This place indeed lay a great fortune for Ning Fan!

“Breaking through to the Spirit Severing Realm is difficult. Even if I obtain the Profound Heart of Mother Earth, the success rate will only increase by 10 percent. However, if my magic power, demon power and devil qi has 10000 units, I will, at the very least, have a 70% chance of successfully advancing into that cultivation realm. When the time comes, the Profound Heart of Mother Earth will truly be helpful as it can increase the chances of success to 80%. If I consume the Separation and Reunion Pill too, I will then have 90% chance of attaining the Spirit Severing Realm. If I take the two types of Divine Intent which I’ve congealed into consideration…it wouldn’t be long before I finally achieve that cultivation realm!”

The awakening of demon bloodline had to be conducted in the Bloodline Pool of the demon race which was worshipped by the demons. Not to mention if Ning Fan was able to achieve the Second Awakening in just a single attempt, entering the Bloodline Pool would cost one hundred thousand battle points for every attempt…

This time, Lu Bei might have performed a meritorious service when he returned. But as an Early Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier, disobeying the military command and leaving the tribe without permission was a serious offence. It was that meritorious service which offset his crime.

For now, unless Lu Bei broke through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, he would not be qualified to lead the troops to attack the enemy.

As such, everything went back to the basics – increasing his demon power.

The blood of the Demon Marshal couldn’t be assimilated at the moment. However, if Ning Fan absorbs all 1284 drops of Fake Wild Beast’s blood and 1084 demon pills, he would be able to obtain 2000 units of demon power. Relying on the level of his demon power, he would then truly advance into the Peak Nascent Soul Realm!

With that cultivation level, he might even be promoted to become a high-ranking commander. A portion of the battle points for every enemy that his troops kill would then belong to him.

Perhaps all it takes for him to accumulate 100000 battle points would be a medium-sized war.

As soon as he made up his mind, he immediately established a Sense Blocking Formation around his room and took out the demon pills and demon blood for consumption.

With his current level, he did not need any pills or spiritual grass to balance out the demon power from the demon pills and demon blood.

This time, the secluded meditation he entered lasted for an entire month. Throughout the month, Ning Fan was only confined to his room. But his aura rose bit by bit!

His demon power gradually increased to 67 units.

 68 units, 69 units…99 units!

When his demon power reached 100 units, it was now on the verge of breaking through to the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. However, to his surprise, when the demon power increased to 101 units, his cultivation realm for his demon power remained at the Early Nascent Soul Realm!

“Hmm? What happened?”

He opened his eyes and his mind was full of doubts. But he then shut his eyes and continued to refine himself with the demon blood and pills.

100 units, 101 units…299 units!

When he attained 300 units of demon power, it was supposed to be the time where his demon power cultivation level would advance to the Late Nascent Soul Realm. However, it still remained unchanged!

This time, he seemed to have understood something. He opened his solemn eyes and stared silently at a corner of the room. After that, he resumed the assimilation process.

301 units, 302 units…1499 units!

The moment when he gathered a total of 1500 units of demon power, his demon power cultivation level should’ve broke through the bottleneck of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. On the contrary, his demon power still remained at the Early Nascent Soul Realm!

This time, Ning Fan did not stop. He only knitted his brows as he was not calm internally.

1501 units, 1502 units… He continued all the way up to 2150 units before he rested.

Originally, the demon pills and demon blood should be able to increase his demon power by 2368 units. However, due to excessive consumption of demon blood, the effect gradually diminished.

2150 units of demon power!

When Ning Fan opened his eyes again, an immense demon power flowed within his body. If he unleashes it, the vicinity within a thousand li* would certainly be flattened!

Knowing the destruction that he might cause, he forcefully suppressed his demon aura which was now comparable to that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert.

After that, he immediately studied the immortal veins within his body. Their colors changed from time to time, showing the uncertain cultivation realm for his demon power.

“Unexpectedly, the reason why my demon cultivation level is unable to improve despite the large increase in my demon power is because of my demon bloodline…”

He now realized that the factor that hindered his advancement to higher demon cultivation levels was his demon bloodline.

At first, he was merely interested about the awakening of the demon bloodline.

Currently, he found out that if his demon bloodline could not achieve the Second Awakening, his demon cultivation level would forever be stuck at the Early Nascent Soul Realm regardless of how strong his demon power might be!

In other words, even if he obtains the Demon Marshal’s blood and increase his demon power to 10000 units, he would still be unable to attain the Spirit Severing Realm!

“Troublesome. It really is not as simple as it looks. I guess I will have to gather 100000 battle points and achieve the Second Bloodline Awakening…”

He shook his head and let out a faint sigh.

Suddenly, light footsteps of a young girl could be heard from outside the door. It was the forty-seventh time she came.

During the month when Ning Fan was in secluded meditation, this girl had come to his doorstep forty-six times. However, there was not even a single time, including this, that she dared to knock at the door and enter his room, as if she was afraid to interrupt him in his cultivation.

Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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