Grasping Evil - Chapter 244(1)

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Chapter 244(1)– The Back of the Demon Ancestor!

Ning Fan held Little Stammer’s hand and made their way up to the fifth floor step by step. They then sat down on the seats near the window. Ning Fan did not plan to go up to the higher floors as each of the floors above had the Aura Force Formation. Any cultivator who tries to enter those floors without the required cultivation level would certainly be wounded by the aura force exerted by the formation.

Not to mention Ning Fan whose current level does not possess the sufficient aura force to offset the formation, Little Stammer[1] who had zero cultivation would be completely unable to go up.

His presence was like a razor-sharp sword. As he went through the crowd, all the guests hurriedly made way for him, as if they were trying to avoid a malefic being.

Most of them at the scene were Gold Core Realm demons. Only a minority of them were at the Nascent Soul Realm with the strongest at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm.

None of them were able to maintain the orderly circulation of their qi under his ferocious Violent Qi, let alone having the guts to denounce him!

Relying merely on his Violent Qi, he was capable of putting an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon like Young Master Hao being in a critical state. Such immense Violent Qi could only be  condensed by Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals.

 This person is truly terrifying!

But if he is one of the elites among the 700 Demon Soldiers, why would he be unknown until now?

“*cough*… You are Lu Bei?!”

Hao Chen who was wearing a red robe had blood all over his mouth and his eyes flashed with a hint of unquenched hatred.

However, more of him was filled with disbelief.

Hao Chen was a famous son of a notable family of the Northern Desert City. In stark contrast, Lu Bei was a person on the opposite extremity.

Hao Chen was a domineering person with great capabilities. His father was the flamen who was in charge of the Bloodline Pool for the Bloodline Awakening. In other words, he was a person with high status.

Lu Bei was domineering too. However, he only dared to display his arrogance in front of the Gold Core Realm juniors. His power could be considered ranked at the bottom among the Nascent Soul Realm demons. Besides, his family had already been in decline.

In the past, when Lu Bei met Young Maser Hao Chen in the Northern Desert City, he would always submissively cup his hands with his head lowered to greet the latter with utmost courtesy.

Now, Lu Bei’s attitude turned one hundred and eighty degrees and he became so bold that he even dared to hurt Young Master Hao Chen!

The most unbelievable fact to Hao Chen was that Lu Bei who was known to be the weakest Nascent Soul Realm being in the Luo Yun Tribe could actually hurt him depending solely on his ferocious aura!

It might sound absolutely absurd to others but it literally happened in front of Hao Chen!

He is the biggest trash of the Luo Yun Tribe – Lu Bei?!

All the old monsters at the scene lost their composure, especially the Nascent Soul Realm old monsters. It was no wonder they felt like they had met him before. He was used to be known as the useless scumbag of their tribe…

One month ago, they heard the rumor that Lu Bei privately went out of the city into the Vast of Meadow alone and brought back 71 corpses of their enemy tribe. At first, none of them believed it…

But judging from what had happened earlier, the rumors seemed to have described him differently. His cultivation level was clearly at the Early Nascent Soul Realm but his qi was even stronger than a Peak Nascent Soul Realm demon’s!

Sure enough, rumors are never reliable! The Lu Bei who was so badly criticized by the members of the tribe was actually a powerful expert!

“Lu Bei?!”

A voluptuous woman stood from a seat in the middle of the fifth floor. As she stood, no one could resist the urge of having their eyes be drawn to her. Her presence was just like a bright, round moon among clusters of stars in the night sky. Her gaze shifted towards Ning Fan’s direction but her eyes flashed with a hint of embarrassment and resentment.

“Is there something that you want?”

Ning Fan shot her a glance and asked, showing little interest in her.

This woman wore purple robes. Her bosom was round and full and her waist was slim, perfectly shaping her body into an hourglass figure. The youthful look on her face combined with her natural beauty made her a cute, angelic woman. “A young face with big boobs” was the best description for her.

However, when such a cute appearance looked at Ning Fan, it was filled with irritation and displeasure. Apparently, she had those feelings because she was brazenly provoked by Lu Bei many times in the past. Ning Fan did not manage to discover too much details about it from Lu Bei’s fragmented memories. Besides, he was disinclined to even know about such information.

The only thing he knew about her was that she was the sister of the governor of the Northern Desert City – Lu Wan’er.

Her cultivation level was at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. She was 900 years old. Her natural potential was not bad but she was not qualified enough to have Ning Fan put her in his eyes. Her brother, Lu Sheng, might be an Early Spirit Severing Realm Demon General, but he probably was not Ning Fan’s opponent too.


Lu Wan’er had actually prepared a few swear words to talk back at “Lu Bei” in case he assails her with obscenities. To her surprise, it was her first time being mildly rebuffed by “Lu Bei”.

“Is there something you want?” It was obviously a rejection. Unexpectedly, this Lu Bei seems to be uninterested in me…

How is it possible?!

Lu Wan’er was stunned. Usually in the past, whenever she met Lu Bei, his eyes would definitely lasciviously focus on her and even shamelessly flirt with her…

But today, Lu Bei did not show any interest in her, let alone harbor any lecherous thoughts towards her.

No. He wasn’t pretending!

If he was pretending, he would certainly reveal some signs. However, Lu Wan’er who was able to read someone like an open book due to her keen observation found out that the current Lu Bei was like a completely different person as compared to the past.

“No. It’s nothing… Ming Lu Building is my brother’s restaurant. Just now, it was indeed Young Master Hao Chen who was impolite at first. However, since Young Master Lu has taught him a lesson, just leave him alone. Consider it as giving me face, okay? As an apology, I am willing to invite Young Master Lu for a drink.”

“I think you can save it for someone else. When I am here, I simply don’t want to be disturbed by anyone else. I will let this matter pass. But if there is someone else who tries to provoke me, don’t blame me for being merciless…” Ning Fan only looked at Little Stammer beside him, as if he was thinking of something. When he talked, he did not even turn his head.

Compared to Lu Wan’er, he was more concerned about how he should deal with this young little girl.

His indifferent tone carried a bone-chilling coldness. Lu Wan’er could not help but hug herself, shivering from the coldness of it. Inwardly, she was surprised.

If she were to invite Lu Bei for a drink in the past, perhaps he would immediately agree and keep pestering her like a fly.

Today, it was truly abnormal to her for him to behave in a courteous manner…

“Since Young Master is reluctant to do so, I will drink a cup myself as a compromise. Then, we will be done with that matter…”

Lu Wan’er raised her cup and gulped down the wine before she sat down again. Hao Chen consumed some pills to suppress his injuries and returned to his seat. A few seconds later, every guest went back to their respective seats.

This time, however, the atmosphere in the fifth floor was no longer full of noises. Everyone seemed like they were sitting on a spiked rug, feeling uneasy. As for Hao Chen, his gaze would glance sideways at Ning Fan from time to time. Those eyes were filled with hostility and also dread…

Quickly, Ning Fan had put the earlier matter behind him.

He looked at Little Stammer while she was also looking at him, but a loud growling sound came from her stomach.

“Hungry now?” Ning Fan laughed.

“Mm…” Little Stammer lowered her head. Her little face reddened in shyness. It was quite embarrassing to her when her stomach growled…

The manservant of the restaurant jittered when he came to take Ning Fan’s orders. Not long after, their table was full of exquisite delicacies.

At first, Little Stammer was affectedly bashful to even touch the food. Subsequently, she began to gobble down the food herself without caring about Ning Fan. In a way, she shared a similarity with the female corpse as well as Mu Weiliang – being heartless and ungrateful to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan remained silent.

Even though she knew that this girl was the second soul of the female corpse, he was reluctant to kill her and take her soul no matter what.

This girl is obviously a duplicated version of Mu Weiliang…The 10-year-old version…


He rubbed Little Stammer’s head again. She curiously lifted her head up and looked at Ning Fan with her mouth full of food.

“Did Xiao Huan[2] do something wrong?”

“No. It’s nothing. Just eat…”

Ning Fan bitterly laughed.

‘I am thinking whether to kill you or not…’ How could he tell her such words?

Little Stammer, your name is Xiao Huan. But your surname is Mu, do you know that? Your name should be Mu Xiao Huan, do you know that?

Just look at your silly face…You are really comparable to Zhihe…

The ray of light of the setting sun permeated through the window, shining into the fifth floor. Multiple demon lamps were successively lit up, illuminating the Northern Desert City with brilliant lights.

It has been a long time since the last time I had a meal in such a quiet and peaceful environment… Ning Fan stared at Little Stammer and his heart felt a trace of warmth.

“Master said I have to bask myself in the sun more. Unfortunately, it’s so rare for me to even bask myself in the sunset.”

In the midst of feeling that simple tenderness, the affection that Ning Fan lacked the most in his state of mind was gradually filled up, causing his state of mind to slowly improve. Finally, it broke through to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm.

As soon as he achieved a breakthrough in his state of mind, his eyes flashed brightly. But that look faded in a flash.

No one at the scene noticed anything. To put it in a more accurate way, no one would dare to be so ignorant to provoke Ning Fan after he displayed a portion of his power.

However, only Lu Wan’er was aware of what had happened.

She looked at him with her mouth agape, finding it difficult to believe. None of Hao Chen’s flatteries and words of flattery to her were able to enter her heart.

“He actually improved the cultivation realm of his state of mind in just a meal!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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  1. ^ 1. Little Stammer - A way Ning Fan chose to address the young girl who stutters
  2. ^ 2. Xiao Huan - Basically Xiao Huan = the young girl = Litter Stammer. Her name was mentioned in 243(2).