Grasping Evil - Chapter 244(2)

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Chapter 244(2)– The Back of the Demon Ancestor!

Almost immediately, Lu Wan’er stood up and shot Ning Fan a look of disbelief!

His current state of mind is already at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm, it can’t be wrong! His demon power is higher than 1500 units, and this can’t be wrong too! But his demon cultivation level is only at the Early Nascent Soul Realm.

Having immense demon power comparable to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm yet remaining stuck at the Early Nascent Soul Realm… Doubtlessly, it was because his demon bloodline had not gone through the Second Bloodline Awakening.

Lu Wan’er was a person who had seen multitudes of people and read countless minds. In her eyes, the current Ning Fan was the only person who managed to gain her admiration. But the fact that such an exceptional being like him failed in the Second Bloodline Awakening was mind-boggling to her.

“How could he possibly fail to achieve the Second Bloodline Awakening?! Wait. The Bloodline Pool seems to be controlled by the father of Hao Chen. Is it possible that he tampered with the pool when Lu Bei was in the midst of the Bloodline Awakening?!” I suppose he sure has something to do with it. If not, how could Lu Bei be unable to achieve the Second Bloodline Awakening in the Bloodline Pool with his monstrous capabilities?

As she thought of that possibility, Lu Wan’er cast an unpleasant look at Hao Chen and let out a cold harrumph.

How could someone else bury a talented person like Lu Bei due to personal grudges especially in this demon city that is governed by my own brother? There’s no way I can condone such misconduct!

The more she contemplated, the more reasonable she felt why Lu Bei would have a notorious reputation.

Perhaps it was because after being set up by others, Lu Bei felt that he must not reveal his true capabilities before improving his power. Therefore, he purposely besmirched his own reputation and allowed himself to indulge in hedonism so that he could cast a mist before everyone’s eyes. He might be nicknamed as “the weakest Nascent Soul Realm demon” and disparaged by everyone, but he was working hard with his cultivation in private to accumulate enough demon power so that he could one day awaken his demon bloodline and break through to the Peak Nascent Soul Realm in one fell swoop!

As her mind thought of that probability, she immediately felt that the Lu Bei who always flirted with her every time they met was not that loathsome after all.

He is truly a forbearing man… As for the incident today, it marks the beginning of his resurgence!

Lu Wan’er had no idea that her thoughts were totally wrong. The bastard who frequently flirted with her was actually the useless Lu Bei. The peerless expert before her was just a fake Lu Bei. There were not so many twists and turns in his life like what she thought.

As for Hao Chen who was in the middle of pleasing Lu Wan’er, he was startled by her sudden coldness.

He was really clueless of what he had wrongly spoken which upset her, not to mention the fact that he was already being viewed as the accomplice who tricked Lu Bei to fail in his Second Bloodline Awakening by Lu Wan’er due to some misunderstandings.

“Mistress Wan’er, I wonder what have I done which displeased you…” Hao Chen smiled apologetically. It was a terribly unlucky day for him. After offending Lu Bei, only then did he found out that the latter was actually a diamond in the rough who was able to kill someone with his Violent Qi alone. As for Lu Wan’er, he was certain that he had behaved respectfully and he had never spoken a single distasteful word after honestly reflecting on his earlier conversation with her. In spite of that, Lu Wan’er just got upset with him for no reason!

Why?! At the very least, I need a reason for that!

“I’m sorry. I’m a little exhausted. Please excuse me. Young Master Hao Chen, please help yourself…”

Lu Wan’er wiped her lips with her silk handkerchief and rose from her seat. She walked towards Ning Fan, feeling complicated.

“Is Young Master Lu preparing to awaken your demon bloodline?!”

“Er… How do you know about it?” Inwardly, Ning Fan felt strange.

Does she know the Mind Reading Technique? How does she know what’s in my head?

No matter how smart Ning Fan was, he could never have thought of the ridiculous assumptions made by Lu Wan’er.

“Why haven’t Young Master gone there yet? Are you afraid of being tricked by some bad guys?”

“Bad guys?”

Ning Fan’s gaze shifted to Hao Chen who was sitting opposite him right at the moment when the latter was glaring at him. Upon seeing Hao Chen’s bitter look, he chuckled to himself.

I suppose Hao Chen should be one of the bad guys she meant…This Lu Wan’er is rather interesting. Hao Chen invited her for a meal, yet she stands at my side after I’ve injured that man. She even calls him the “bad guy” …

However, Ning Fan thought that what she mentioned was correct too. From Lu Bei’s memories, he discovered that Hao Chen’s father, Lu Zongyun, was a Peak Nascent Soul Realm demon. That man also possessed another identity in the Northern Desert City – the flamen of the Bloodline Pool. It was a place for Nascent Soul Realm demons to achieve their Second Bloodline Awakening.

Since I’ve hit Hao Chen today, I wonder if that Lu Zongyun would take revenge on me…

Anyhow, Ning Fan did not put Lu Zongyun in his eyes at all. In the First World, he had killed 300 demon creatures which were nearly at that man’s level in just one month!

“I am not afraid of bad guys. At least, that man isn’t worth my respect.” Ning Fan muttered while shaking his head.

“Then why haven’t you gone to the Bloodline Pool?”

“I don’t have enough battle points!”

Ning Fan put on a wry smile, as if he was mocking himself. However, that smile on his face hardened in the next second.

A boundless aura spread throughout the entire Ming Yu Building all of a sudden!

As soon as this aura arrived, none of the demon experts could remain in their sitting postures. All of them were pressed to the ground by that aura.

It was an extremely overbearing aura!

But when this aura went towards Ning Fan and Mu Xiao Huan, it dissipated after Ning Fan flicked his sleeve.

“Very well, Lu Bei! Even under my overpowering aura, you can still remain unaffected! It’s no wonder that Yao Yuan would commend you with high praises. Originally, I didn’t believe him. If I have not seen it myself this time, it would be difficult for me to believe that the disreputable Lu Bei in my Northern Desert City is actually such a formidable expert! The question that I am about to ask you is similar to my sister, Wan’er. You, Lu Bei, as a demon, you should have the courageous heart of a hero and the unyielding spirit to swim against the currents. How could you hide your capabilities and conceal your true self? Why don’t you attempt to awaken your bloodline once more?!”

A young man wearing black armor gradually emerged beside Lu Wan’er.

He was the owner of that domineering aura!

The demon general of the Northern Desert City, Lu Sheng!

“You mentioned battle points, didn’t you?! Very well! I am going to give you a chance to obtain battle points! Today, if you are able to set your foot on the tenth floor of this building and endure the intimidating pressure that is equivalent to that of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm being, I will straight away grant your fifty thousand battle points! After that, I will give you ten days to kill a person. If you are able to accomplish that task, I will grant you another fifty thousand battle points. All in all, you will get one hundred thousand battle points, which will be enough to give you a chance to awaken your demon bloodline. With your potential, if there isn’t anyone playing tricks on you, you will certainly be able to succeed in just one attempt. However, are you daring enough to accept my challenge?!”

The black-armored young man’s eyes flashed. In the entire Luo Yun Tribe, the only being who could restrain him would be the Honorable Demon General himself!     

Even so, Ning Fan’s presence was able to make him feel a trace of tension!

The reasons why he challenged Ning Fan was because he was unwilling to neglect a talent and he was trying to test Ning Fan’s true capabilities.

Ten thousand battle points. Maybe ordinary Early Nascent Soul Realm demons would not be able to gather that large sum of battle points even if they participate in hundreds of battles.

But the black-armored young man gave such a great opportunity to Ning Fan. He intended to see whether Ning Fan would be able to grab hold of that golden chance!

“Lu Bei, do you think you can climb up to the tenth floor of Ming Yu Building?!”

“No. I can’t do it!” Ning Fan indifferently replied.


The black-armored young man’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment.

Could I be overestimating him?

“If I forcefully go up the tenth floor, this building will surely collapse!”

The young man took a deep look at Ning Fan.

This kid really has exceptional foresight!

The Aura Force Formation of Ming Yu Building was extremely unique. As a matter of fact, a special formation was established at the tenth floor, allowing only the Honorable Demon General to enter. Anyone with a cultivation level lower than the Mid Spirit Severing Realm would never be able to enter. Even if someone manages to access that floor, the special formation would then be triggered, causing the building to collapse!

It was because the Honorable Demon General disdained sharing a room with others!

Ning Fan was able to see through the special formation on the tenth floor. That observation skills alone was enough to prove that his knowledge in the Dao of Formations was truly profound!

“You really are a wild and arrogant kid! This Ming Yu Building is built using the Moonlight Crystal of the Demon World. Even if it collapses, it can be reconstructed using the power of moonlight. You don’t have to be worried about it! Ever since it was built, it only collapsed three times. If you are able to make it collapse for the fourth time, I guarantee that you will get fifty thousand battle points on the spot!”

“As such, I will accept your challenge… Xiao Huan, let’s stop eating for a while. For now, we will go up to the tenth floor. And then, you may continue eating there.”

He held Little Stammer and walked towards the jade ladder that was connected to the sixth floor.

The young man in black armor had a drastic change in his facial expression and warned, “This aura force of the building’s formation multiplies according to the number of people. If you bring this mortal young girl along with you, the aura force on the tenth floor will be equivalent to that of a Late Spirit Severing Realm being and the ninth floor will exert the Mid Spirit Severing Realm aura force on you. I suppose you won’t be able to even get up to the ninth floor…Are you certain you want to bring her along?”

“Precisely. I don’t feel good leaving Xiao Huan alone!”

As his words fell, he took a step forward and began to climb the jade ladder. When that first step landed, the building shook violently, as if it was shuddering in fear!

With the Eastern Ocean Bell by his side, an inexplicable eccentricity pervaded the atmosphere suddenly. A vivid spirit spontaneously arose from his back. The emergence of the figure on his back caused every demon at the scene to be filled with the intention to submit to him!

Under this shadow, the young man in black armor felt his heart palpitating for the first time while facing Ning Fan.

“The figure of his back is…is rather…”

The young man felt a great familiarity towards the view of his back.

Gradually, he recalled his first time seeing that figure which was when he was in the midst of achieving the Third Bloodline Awakening. After kowtowing to the rock statue of the Demon Ancestor, he was granted the Power of Restoration which helped him successfully complete his Third Bloodline Awakening by that figure. The figure of his back was the same figure who granted him the Power of Restoration back then. It was the virtual image of the Demon Ancestor. It was such an oppressive feeling that he only felt from the Demon Ancestor…

“Demon Ancestor!”

Bewilderment began to fill his eyes.



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