Grasping Evil - Chapter 245(2)

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Having Mid Spirit Severing Realm aura force, Ning Fan would surely be able to climb up to the tenth floor and demolish the Ming Yu Building, if he had not brought Mu Xiao Huan with him!

Internally, Lu Sheng had already tacitly accepted his lost on his bet against Ning Fan.

At the same time, Lu Sheng also noticed that the Baleful Qi which appeared suddenly had already been used up, making it impossible for Ning Fan’s aura force to grow anymore.

However, Ning Fan’s actions which were always exceeding all expectations made Lu Sheng think that he actually still had several means to reach the tenth floor while bringing along the little girl!

It might be unreasonable but it was exactly how Lu Sheng felt.

“Is he going to continue climbing the stairs?”

With Xiao Huan by his side, the ninth floor was his limitation.

Without that girl, the tenth floor would be his limitation instead.

After arriving at the ninth floor, Ning Fan stopped. This time, the ringing of the bell did not cease.

The dull noise emitted by the bell still continued to echo within his mind. However, Ning Fan gradually discerned a human voice within the ringing sound.

It was as if someone was saying something in the bell, but the contents were unclear…

“Who is speaking?” Ning Fan hesitated.

Judging by the current situation, he also knew that it would be extremely difficult for him to ascend to the tenth floor, unless he activates the Yin Yang Locket and mount the next flight of stairs depending on the prestige of the Ancient Chaos Emperor.

But if he chooses the easy way out by using the Yin Yang Locket, it would then contradict with his original intention.

“The ninth floor. I’ve already done enough to obtain fifty thousand battle points. It has also proved that I am capable of climbing up to the tenth floor without bringing anyone else with me. So there is no need for me to deliberately use the Yin Yang Locket which will in turn expose the fact that I have no fear for any aura force below the Void Fragmentation Realm…”

Without uttering a single word, he held Xiao Huan’s hands and turned to his back, planning to go down.

Just as he made his first step to go back, the bell loudly rang within his mind.

This time, he was able to hear the faint voice which was mixed within the ringing of the bell.

“I am the Demon Ancestor. This technique is the Heaven Sealing Art. This is the Secret Art of Prestige which is a part of the Secret Art of Prestige and Aura! The epigraph records the verbal spell while what you will hear next is the mental spell. It will only be told once. However, if the ringing of the bell stops, the mental spell will cease to be told!”

When that voice resounded in his mind, Ning Fan paused!

Demon Ancestor?!

Although a mere Supreme Grade Magical Treasure like this Eastern Ocean Bell was not worth mentioning, as an Offering Vessel for the Ancient Demon, it actually hid the inheritance of the Demon Ancestor’s Secret Arts?!

From the words of the Demon Ancestor, Ning Fan had gained lots of information.

The Heaven Sealing Art was divided into two parts. The ability of the Eastern Ocean Bell as well as the Body Sealing Technique which Ning Fan derived from the bell belonging to the first part of the Heaven Sealing Art – the Secret Art of Prestige. As for the second part of the Heaven Sealing Art – the Secret Art of Aura, it was not mentioned at all by the voice he heard…

The Secret Art of Prestige was also split into two parts, which were the verbal spell and the mental spell.

The unfamiliar epigraph on the bell should be the verbal spell but Ning Fan could only assess it after deciphering it.

As for the ringing of the bell which incessantly reverberated in his mind, it was the mental spell. Apparently, this spell would only be inherited once. After that, even if Ning Fan could not get it, the sound of the bell would be destroyed and the mental spell would vanish forever!

Ning Fan had no idea how powerful the Heaven Sealing Art could be. But from the astonishment that Stone Warrior felt back then, this technique seemed to be one of the top Immortal Arts in the Four Heavens Immortal World. Today, by coincidence, he obtained half of the inheritance of the Heaven Sealing Art. He had even activated the Eastern Ocean Bell by accident which granted him the chance to gain access to the mental spell!

If Ning Fan were to retreat now, the sound of the bell would instantly stop and he would never be able to obtain the mental spell again!

“Cannot retreat! There are no other choices! I must obtain the mental spell before the sound of the bell ceases! This is the only chance!”

Ning Fan cleared his thoughts and brought Mu Xiao Huan back to the stairs which led them to the tenth floor.

“He does want to ascend to the tenth floor!” Lu Sheng guessed correctly what Ning Fan would try to do next. However, he could not figure out what Ning Fan would use to withstand the aura force of the tenth floor.

On the flight of stairs to the tenth floor, Ning Fan could feel the immense aura force which was equal to the level of Late Spirit Severing Realm rushing to his mind in every step he took.

This feeling was akin to what he felt when he saw the Late Spirit Severing Realm Demon General, Wang Xiao, for the first time before entering the Second World.

Even though Wang Xiao was in his soul form after losing his physical body, Ning Fan only had a 10% chance of escaping alive.

That aura force he was experiencing now was comparable to that of Wang Xiao’s. Perhaps even the Cloud General of the Luo Yun Tribe would not be able to withstand this!

Should I activate the Yin Yang Locket?


Ning Fan wanted to rely on his own to withstand the aura force. It was in that manner where he could listen to the sound of the bell.

One step later, his immortal veins nearly crumbled.

Ten steps later, his silver bones almost snapped.

A hundred steps later, his Nascent Soul was on the verge of collapsing.

Ning Fan’s face was deathly pale. But he proceeded without hesitation.

All of a sudden, the mental spell gradually echoed in his ears.

He seemed to notice a golden-robed young man standing on top of a star in the boundless Void Realm, gazing down on the common people.

The eyes of the golden-robed young man had a type of prestige! A prestige that was sufficient to freeze heaven and earth!

A new enlightenment began to flow within Ning Fan’s mind.

Why is the Eastern Ocean Bell capable of sealing a person’s movement? I guess the direction of my comprehension was wrong…

I condensed my magic power and turned it into threads to bind a person in order to immobilize them. It was a wrong way of using that method…

He began to recall his childhood memories where he entered the Ning Bi Hill to gather herbs.

There, the young Ning Fan saw a real wolf for the first time!

The ferociousness within the green eyes of the wolf scared the little Ning Fan to the core, petrifying him.

That intimidation was the secret to the first part of the Heaven Sealing Art!

Using magic power to seal a body, the technique would only be limited to sealing people or living creatures. In order to freeze time, the samsara and even the Heavenly Dao, one must master both “prestige” and “aura”!

“Secret Art of Prestige…”

As comprehension arose within him, the burdensome aura force which nearly overwhelmed Ning Fan was instantly dispersed like a gust of wind.

His eyes glowed with a mysterious, faint-golden light. His lips moved, repeating the mental spells from the voice in his head.

Suddenly, a dazzling gold light blinded his vision. Among the light, Ning Fan saw that the person standing at the peak of the star was also murmuring something!

He looked down upon the starry sky and his lips curved into a proud smile. Then he lifted his leg and stomped! The star abode which was a hundred times larger than the Rain World was crushed!

He turned up his nose at the Heavens and shouted a question!

“Treading on the Eastern Ocean while looking at the North. I shall ask the Heavens who is more mighty!”

A blood light flashed around the golden-robed young man. His strong, fierce demon qi dyed the moon blood-red.

His lifted his finger and sighed. The blood-red moonlight was then absorbed into his hand, turning it into a boat. He made a leap and stood on it while the boat travelled across the Void Realm without facing any resistance!

“Heaven and earth anchor the demon moon, wind and rain form a boat!”

The scene faded.

The mental spell constituted four sentences.

Even so, the aura force contained within the four sentences blew against Ning Fan’s face, diminishing the golden light. Slowly, he regained his consciousness.

As soon as his eyes could see again, he found out that there was only one final step from the tenth floor!

He did not immediately put his foot forward but he stopped and thought for a moment.

The golden-robed young man is the Demon Ancestor? His aura force is so dominating…

Within the four sentences of the spell, there are four messages hidden within. Treading the Eastern Ocean, question the Heavens, turning the moon into a boat and overpowering the Void Realm.

“Demon Ancestor…”

Ning Fan pensively looked at his palm. A ray of golden light slowly emerged.

This golden light was the ringing of the bell that kept sounding within his mind!

This golden light represented the prestige of the Demon Ancestor!

The mental spell might be able to be heard once, but this golden light was the perfect nutrient for increasing his aura force. It was even better than Baleful Qi!

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with excitement and gulped down the ray of golden light. After that, he took one final step and ascended the tenth floor!

At this moment, the golden light was assimilated into his body, drastically raising his aura force to the Late Spirit Severing Realm! It wasn’t the prestige borrowed from the Yin Yang Locket but it was the prestige belonged to his own!

At this moment, a golden virtual shadow condensed on his back. It was a few zhang* tall but its face was indistinct.

At the same moment, the Ming Yu Building began to crumble!

“This Lu Bei is still able to go to the tenth floor while bringing one person with him! He is truly monstrous! If I am not wrong, his aura force has attained the Late Spirit Severing Realm! The most unbelievable thing was the golden shadow on his back! If I am correct, this golden virtual shadow should be one of the three Void Fragmentation Realm abilities – Emperor Shadow!”

“This kid actually learned the Emperor Shadow while he is just at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. In other words, he will definitely attain the Void Fragmentation Realm! Apparently, Northern Desert City and even the Luo Yun Tribe has finally got an extraordinary demon. In no time, this kid will be promoted to become a Demon Marshal and even win over the Demon Sovereign!”

By just witnessing Emperor Shadow, Lu Sheng had already lost his composure. His intention to rope in Ning Fan had become even more earnest and determined.

However, Lu Sheng had no clue that the three Void Fragmentation Realm divine abilities – Soul Incarnation, Soul Extraction and Emperor Shadow, were all mastered by Ning Fan!

Ming Yu Building collapsed!

But Lu Sheng did not feel any heartache about it!

Because the person who was capable of making the Ming Yu Building collapse surely there was a peerless expert!

“I announce that from this moment onwards, Lu Bei is the first Demon Soldier of my Northern Desert City. I hereby grant him the Blood Orchid Token. He will command 10000 small demons of the Blood Orchid Guard and he is now approved to lead the troops to launch an attack on the enemy! In addition, record fifty thousand battle points into Lu Bei’s battle points plate. No mistakes shall be condoned!”

A sense of pride surged within Lu Sheng’s heart.

The Northern Desert City would certainly be in euphoria because of Lu Bei. The Luo Yun Tribe would also be in joy because of Lu Bei in the future.

Now, I must immediately report to Wan Luo City and recommend this person to the Honorable Demon General!


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