Grasping Evil - Chapter 246(1)

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Demon General’s Residence of the Northern Desert City.

In the guest room, the ungrateful Little Stammer was sleeping soundly on the bed. For a 10-year-old girl like her, it was normal for her to easily get tired.

As for Ning Fan, he sat on the floor in a meditative position and looked at the battle points plate in his hand with a smile on his face.

After crushing the Ming Yu Building, he obtained fifty thousand battle points as promised. Now, he only had to kill one more person as what was agreed previously, he would then obtain another fifty thousand battle points. After that, his battle points would be enough for him to enter the Bloodline Pool for the Second Bloodline Awakening!

Although his power was exposed, no one had figured out that he was not the real Lu Bei as the former Lu Bei had more enemies than friends.

The secret of the Eastern Ocean Bell was uncovered, allowing him to obtain half of the inheritance of the Heaven Sealing Technique from the Demon Ancestor!

The most delightful thing was none other than the drastic increase of his aura force.

Late Spirit Severing Realm aura force!

Not only that, climbing to the top of the Ming Yu Building had also helped him develop the Emperor Shadow!

It was truly beyond Ning Fan’s expectations.

The three Void Fragmentation Realm divine abilities were Soul Incarnation, Soul Extraction and Emperor Shadow. Only Void Fragmentation Realm experts would be qualified to cultivate those abilities. However, not every one of them would be able to comprehend these three abilities.

Anyone who could master any one of them would be regarded as a rare being, just like the feathers of a phoenix and the horns of a qilin. But Ning Fan alone had learned all three of them before he had even attained the Void Fragmentation Realm!

With his current level, he might not be able to use the three abilities to their fullest potential.

But once he advances to the Void Fragmentation Realm…

“Void Fragmentation Realm is divided into nine heavenly layers. The difference between the layer is immeasurably vast like nine skies. Under normal circumstances, experts at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm wouldn’t be able to win against experts at the Second Heavenly Layer. However, if I attain the Void Fragmentation Realm in the future, even if I am just at the First Heavenly Layer, with the three divine abilities, I will be unmatched among the experts at the first three Heavenly Layers!”

Ning Fan had never guessed that he would congeal the Emperor Shadow in Ming Yu Building.

As such, there were quite many demons who had witnessed his Emperor Shadow. But no one knew how many among them truly recognize that divine ability.

Perhaps some troubles might arise or maybe I will be at peace. No matter what, there is nothing I can do as it has already happened…

“Assimilating the golden blood of the Demon Marshal requires a type of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual grass, Jade Fire Grass as supplement. The Luo Yun Tribe does not have this item. However, the first division among the nine – Pure Flame Tribe has a large amount of it…I intend to increase my demon power but it seems like the item is beyond my reach at the moment. If that’s the case, I shall go to the Scripture Tower and learn some words of their language. The language must be terribly hard to learn. With the intelligence of the Wind Demoness, she could only learn 31 words… If I am able to learn their language, I will then be able to decipher the verbal spell of the Secret Art of Prestige. If I have both verbal spell and mental spell, when I kill Spirit Severing Realm experts in the future, it will be much easier for me to condense my prestige… As for the Bloodline Awakening, I can only proceed on it after killing that person assigned by Demon General Lu Sheng…I wonder who that person will be!”

Ning Fan stood up and caressed Mu Xiao Huan’s cheek. He then shook his Cauldron Ring and momentarily kept her into the red mist realm so that she would be taken care of by the women within.

After that, he went to meet Lu Sheng that night.

Lu Sheng gave him ten days to kill a single person. To him, however, the faster he could accomplish his mission, the better.

According to Ning Fan’s conjecture, since Lu Sheng was the general who guarded the edge of the base of Luo Yun Tribe, he might want Ning Fan to assassinate the general of the enemy.

White Tiger Hall of the Demon General’s Residence.

Ning Fan pushed the door open and entered the hall where a man and a woman had been waiting for him.

As they caught sight of Ning Fan, the woman curtsied to him while the man nodded his head with a broad smile.

“Commanding Officer Lu, finally you have come!”

“Greetings to Demon General and Mistress Wan’er. May I ask whom does Demon General want me to kill?!” Ning Fan greeted them with cupped fists.

“Haha, I like straightforward people! This jade slip has a record of the information about that person. Take it and kill him. Once you have succeeded, you can vigorously spread his death in order to crush the enemy’s morale and boost the confidence of our main force.”

Ning Fan spread his spirit sense but he was not surprised at all after knowing the person he had to kill.

Because, as he expected, Lu Sheng wanted him to kill the commander of the Fallen Peak Guard of the Lie Tu Tribe on the other side of the Vast Meadow – Xiong Rui!

The Fallen Peak Guard was the elite guard which was led by Demon General Bai Yuan of the Lie Tu Tribe.

Xiong Rui was a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert with 3000 units demon power.

Defeating this guard and killing their commander could lower the spirit of their main force. When the time comes, Lu Sheng would lead the main force of the Luo Yun Tribe to initiate a full-scale attack on Lie Tu Tribe himself!

About the details of the battle strategy, Ning Fan had no concerns about it. The only thing that mattered to him was killing the people who were assigned to kill.

“This is easy!” Ning Fan muttered.

 After keeping the jade slip, he cupped his fists and left.

During the war between the two forces, assassinating the enemy commander was just a normal thing.

As long as the target was not a Spirit Severing Realm Demon General, it would be as easy as flipping hands to Ning Fan.

“Wait! Commanding Officer Lu, you can bring Wan’er along with you.”

Lu Sheng pointed at his sister, Lu Wan’er and put on a smile while the latter blushed in shyness and nodded.

However, Ning Fan shook his head in disagreement.

“Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert will only be a burden to me.”

“You…” The shyness within her heart was instantly consumed by discontentment.

Experts who achieved the Mid Nascent Soul Realm at the age of 900 was considered to have outstanding inner potential. Besides, she had followed her brother participating in wars, making her extremely familiar with matters regarding troops and formations.

The reason why Lu Sheng intended to send her to follow Ning Fan in battle was because he was worried that Ning Fan did not know how to lead the troops.

Lu Wan’er felt ashamed and displeased.

After all, she was regarded as one of the outstanding figures among the female demons. But Ning Fan saw her as a burden.

Internally, she thought to herself, “In the past, you pestered me almost every day with honeyed words in order to smear your own reputation. However, I can’t believe that you are such an indifferent person when you exposed your true self.”

But such indifferent attitude of not being moved by a woman’s charms made Lu Wan’er have a completely new opinion of him.

“Fine. Since you are unwilling to bring me along, it doesn’t matter to me… However, for this battle, how many soldiers does Commander Officer Lu plan to bring? The Falling Peak Guard consists of approximately fifteen thousand small demons. I wonder if ten thousand soldiers are sufficient for you… If you still need…”

“I, alone, will suffice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have rejected Mistress Wan’er to follow me for the mission. Don’t get me wrong for my answer earlier. Actually, I am aware that Demon General Lu asked Mistress to follow me to supervise the troops but I don’t need them.”

“You want to assassinate Xiong Rui yourself?! Isn’t it too risky?” Her tone revealed a hint of worries.

“Wan’er, you don’t have to speak much! Since Commanding Officer Lu has such confidence, I really look forward to see him go solo on this mission. Besides, the main force lacks some troops for a direct frontal attack on the enemy base. If Commanding Officer Lu is not bringing the Blood Orchid Guards, it is a good thing. I will be able to transfer some troops to the main force…”

“If there’s nothing else, please excuse me!”

Ning Fan opened the door and vanished in the night sky.

As soon as he left, Lu Sheng bitterly smiled and heaved a sigh.

“Brother, why did you allow him to go alone? What if something bad happens to him?”

“If he dies, are you not planning not live anymore?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Lu Wan’er’s cheeks flushed red.

Privately, her own brother really liked to tell jokes. However, who could have guessed that the callous black-armored Demon General actually had such an attitude.

Lu Wan’er admitted that after getting in touch with Ning Fan several times, her heart was moved by him.

After all, a fine man like Ning Fan in a woman’s eyes was just akin to a peerless beauty in the eyes of men. It was hard to find someone in the opposite gender who would not fall for him.

However, she just had good feelings for him. She was not that desperate to the point where she couldn’t live without Ning Fan.

Brother really likes to talk nonsense…Does he really think that the reputation of a woman is a joke…

“Brother, anyhow, I think it’s improper for Lu Bei to enter the enemy’s territory himself… What if I bring the Blood Orchid Guard to assist him?”

“You don’t trust this man so you want to keep watch on him?” Lu Sheng’s eyes flashed.

“No! It’s not like that! I am worried about his saf… Brother! Please be serious!” Lu Wan’er seemed to have fallen into Lu Sheng’s trap once more.

“Alright. Let’s be serious now. Speaking of him, I am really worried about him when he has to lead the troops. It was why I suggested sending you to supervise the troops and assist him in arranging the formations to kill the enemy. Apparently, I seem to have misjudged his intentions…He rejected to bring Blood Orchid Guards with him. It surprised me a lot. He seems to be uninterested in gaining control over the Blood Orchid Guards at all… Ten thousand Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realm subordinates. If he is a spy from the enemy, he doesn’t have to do that. His aspiration is not about commanding an army. Getting promoted to be a Demon General is not something that can satisfy him…What he is after are higher cultivation levels and power. I…I am not as good as him…”

Lu Sheng gazed into the vast night sky and sighed.

“I have a feeling that this man will be the key to victory of our battle against the Lie Tu Tribe… Wan’er, it’s already late. Let’s gather our men for a roll call. It’s almost time to set out to the Vast Meadow!”


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