Grasping Evil - Chapter 246(2)

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The darkness of the sky was infinite.

In the Cloud Mountain of the Vast Meadow.

Fifteen thousand demons were garrisoned in the mountain as thousands of bright torches lit up the area.

Within the biggest tent of the army camp, a dark-complexioned burly man was studying the military map. He was in the midst of discussing the next advancement of troops with a few Demon Soldiers.

However, all of a sudden, the heavily built man’s expression drastically changed and slammed on the table in anger, shouting. His thunderous shout reverberated across a few thousand li* away from the camp.

“Who is it?! Don’t sneak around like a ghost. Show yourself!”

As his voice reverberated, all the flames of the torches within the camp turned grey.

Then, the shadow of a winged demon in white robes gradually emerged in the night sky.

With the blood-red moon hanging in the sky, the presence of this man made the scene even more eerie!

Staring at Xiong Rui who hurriedly dashed out from his tent and the other experts who followed behind him, the young winged demon indifferent said, “I am Lu Bei. I’ve come to take your head…”

“Absurd! How dare a mere Early Nascent Soul Realm winged demon who has yet to achieve the Second Bloodline Awakening intrude the territory of my Fallen Peak Guards and talk in such an arrogant manner?! Pass my order. Demon archers, shoot this man down!”

As his words fell, five thousand shadows of small demons lined up one after another in an orderly formation. Their efficiency reflected how well-trained they were.

In the next second, each of them took out their spiritual bows and aimed towards the sky. Within a single breath, five thousand fire arrows were shot out.

“Shooting using spiritual bows? What a reminiscent sight. I haven’t seen them for more than three hundred years…”

That scene reminded the young winged demon of the memories back in Ning City.

As the five thousand fire arrows got closer to him, he opened his mouth wide and engulfed every one of them, turning them into nutrients for the Yang Power of his Yin Yang Locket.

After that, he clapped his hands together and performed a hand seal, displaying the small demonic technique – Fire Arrows.

Such demonic technique was only at the Core Realm. Almost every enemy in the Fallen Peak Guards knew how to perform it. However, a Harmonious Spirit Realm demon could only conjure ten fire arrows, a Gold Core Realm demon could at most conjure a hundred fire arrows while a Nascent Soul Realm demon could conjure up to a thousand fire arrows.

But when the young winged demon displayed that technique, a single arrow split into tens, tens into hundreds, hundreds into thousands. When there were fifteen thousand fire arrows in the sky, only then did Ning Fan stopped duplicating them. However, he clearly still had sufficient demon power to conjure even more fire arrows.

A common fire arrow was only enough to kill an Early Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

But the fire arrows conjured by the young winged demon were lit up with grey flames, making them be able to kill even Gold Core Realm cultivators!

Xiong Rui’s eyes narrowed with worry. The greyish flames on the tip of the arrows gave him a strong sense of danger.

“Earth Vein Demonic Flames?! No. It doesn’t look like any of them. The power of that flame is much stronger than those flames. What kind of flame is that? Could it be…the Sixth Grade Spiritual Flame that can only be devoured by the Demon Marshal?!”

He was wrong. That grey flame was actually the combination of two types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames and three types of Heavenly Cold Qi! The power of a fusion of five types of Fifth Grade Flames and Cold Qi would of course not be any weaker than that of a Sixth Grade Spiritual Flame!

The young winged demon flicked the sleeve of his white demon robes and immediately, the fifteen thousand arrows fell upon the enemy demons in torrents. The sky seemed to be raining greyish flames, turning the entire encampment of the Fallen Peak Guards into sea of flames!

In a flash, seven thousand Harmonious Spirit Realm demons were burnt to death, leaving only 8000 Gold Core Realm demons in the troops. All the surviving demons suffered different intensity of injuries after defending themselves against that small demonic technique!

However, the aftermath of the attack was either having their defensive magical treasures destroyed by the fire arrows or having their limbs burnt to a crisp. They were all in shock and trepidation.

Gosh! Is this a minor demonic technique? The rudimentary technique for the novices of the demon race?!

Who in the hell is that person that can annihilate 7000 Harmonious Spirit Realm demons with just a small demonic technique?

Even an Early Spirit Severing Demon General wouldn’t be able to perform that! 

Lu Bei… This person is Lu Bei!

Since this person has come to the territory of Lie Tu Tribe to kill us, this person is probably a member of the Luo Yun Tribe. But since when did the Luo Yun Tribe have a Demon General called Lu Bei?!

None of them had even heard of his name!

After the torrent of grey fire arrows, before the groups of enemy demons could catch their breaths, a dense, jet-black cloud spread across the night sky, surrounding the vicinity of up to three thousand li*! It was the dark sword sense!

Under that sword sense, even Mid Gold Core Realm demons would instantly be killed when they become caught within. As the black cloud swept across the entire enemy base, 6000 lives of Gold Core Realm demons were taken.

In just a brief moment, the base of the Fallen Peak Guards was turned into a wasteland with dead bodies all over the place.

A minor demonic technique and sword sense. They were all it took to nearly destroy the Fallen Peak Guards. There was not even any interval between the two simple attacks. Before the enemy could react, they had already suffered huge losses!

Before achieving triumph in battle, all the troops had already dead… Even though they are the elite troops of Demon General Bai Yuan!

“Retreat…Retreat! Now!”

Xiong Rui rose into the sky and went to the frontlines while ordering the remnants of the troops to quickly retreat.

He knew that the young winged demon before him was not a pushover! But he also noticed that the latter only had 2150 units demon power. In other words, the young winged demon was not at the Spirit Severing Realm!

In his mind, he admitted that the young winged demon was indeed powerful. But the latter gained the upper hand because of the surprise attack. If he could fight the intruder fair and square, he did not think he would lose!

After all, he had 3000 units demon power!

Even if this young winged demon possesses a greater combat power than me, it’s still possible for me to resist him for a while!

However, Xiong Rui’s judgement was utterly wrong!

The winged demon made a step forward and suddenly vanished into a column of black clouds. His physical body burst into countless black sword sense and dashed towards Xiong Rui.

“Black Tempest Rupture Art…”

As soon as Xiong Rui got engulfed by the black cloud, his body was shredded to pieces, leaving only his Nascent Soul. In the form of a Nascent Soul, he hurriedly fled away. His mind was already overwhelmed by fear.

A Peak Nascent Soul Realm demon with 3000 units demon power like him did not even stand a chance against the winged demon!

As the demon’s Nascent Soul tried to escape in a panic, the young winged demon pointed at him.


At that instant, his Late Spirit Severing Realm aura force was unleashed!

At that moment, traces of red threads emerged from within the demon Nascent Soul and bound him, like reeling silk from a cocoon!

That was the true form of the Body Sealing Technique! Deterring the opponent with his prestige and pressuring the person with his aura. The opponent would then be paralyzed from within!

This Sealing Technique was able to at least immobilize an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert for one breath and the seal could not be broken even if the targets inflict damage on themselves to exchange for a temporary boost in power! It was because this Body Sealing Technique was now able to even seal the thoughts of a cultivator, other than the movement of the body!


A grey light shone. The young winged demon teleported to the front of the Nascent Soul and pressed against it with his finger.

Instantaneously, the Nascent Soul disintegrated into blood mist which was then absorbed by the young winged demon.

After that, he shifted his attention to the remaining troops of the Fallen Peak Guards and took out a green ancient dagger-axe.


The shadow of the dagger-axe multiplied into thousands of them and swept across the entire base once more!

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, there was not a single living creature in the area.

Ning Fan glanced at his battle points plate. From this skirmish, he had acquired a total of 94607 battle points.

Including the battle points which he earned previously, he had accumulated more than one hundred and fifty thousand battle points. Not to mention the Bloodline Awakening, it was more than enough for him to learn the demon language.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Ning Fan walked to the foot of the hill. He pressed against his glabella and took out his Separation Slayer Sword. Wielding the sword, he carved a few words on the hill.

Lu Bei, the slayer from Luo Yun Tribe!

Perhaps the Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe had discovered the death of Xiong Rui by now and had sent someone here to investigate.

If this incident is exposed, the morale of the troops would surely waver.

Besides, if the enemy found out that the entire Fallen Peak Guards were slaughtered by only a single person, it would weaken the morale of their troops even more. Whereas such an outstanding deed would without a doubt enhance the morale of the troops of the Luo Yun Tribe by several folds.

To the winged demon, however, be it the morale of the enemy troops or the morale of his own troops, none of them was his concern but Lu Sheng’s.

His only duty was to kill!

The Lie Tu Tribe would definitely be shaken by what had happened tonight!

After all, other than the Honorable Demon General, who else would be capable of single-handedly exterminating the entire elite guard?!

Three days later, the Lie Tu Tribe suffered a crushing defeat!

In the Lie Tu City, the Earth General, Bai Wu Zun, flew into a rage!

“Lu Bei?! Who is this man?! Pass my order. In the name of Lie Tu Tribe, hunt him down no matter what! The bounty on his head is 30 million immortal jade!”

The name of Lu Bei was spread throughout the Second World in an unimaginable speed!


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