Grasping Evil - Chapter 247

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“Have you heard about it? The great victory of the Vast Meadow?”

“With one hundred thousand troops, Demon General Lu Sheng routed Demon General Bai Yuan of the Lie Tu Tribe! Who on earth doesn’t know about that?”

“Then, do you know that before the full-scale battle, a single man had gone to wipe out the entire Fallen Peak Guards which consisted of fifteen thousand troops on his own? As soon as this incredible feat was spread, the morale of the main forces of the Lie Tu Tribe was in chaos, undermining their confidence…”

“Ah?! Is there such an incident?! I just came out from my secluded cultivation so I have no idea about it. Hurry up and tell me more!”

“*Tsk, tsk, tsk* Didn’t you know?  The Honorable Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe had placed a 30 million immortal jade bounty on Lu Bei’s head… *Tsk, tsk, tsk* 30 million immortal jade. If I have that much immortal jade, I really can’t imagine how many things I could have accomplished!”

“Lu Bei…His name sounds quite familiar to me…”

“How can it not sound familiar to you?! Don’t you know who this Lu Bei is? He used to be the biggest scumbag of our Northern Desert City… But half a month ago, he managed to climb up to the tenth floor of Ming Yu Building, causing it to collapse…”

“What?! Did he really do that?! Lu Bei… Lu Bei…Now I remember. Isn’t he the shame of our Northern Desert? Don’t tell me that he isn’t a trash but a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert?!”

Discussions and gossip like that could be heard everywhere within the Northern Desert City.

A young man clad in white clothes walked past the street while holding a semi-conscious girl who was rubbing her eyes. Obviously, she just awakened from a deep sleep. When they passed by the street, they paid no attention to the conversations of the people.

Once someone recognized the identity of the young man, they immediately stayed away from him as if they had seen a ghost.

“He is Commanding Officer Lu of the Blood Orchid Guards, Lu Bei!”

“Shhhh! Keep your voice down…”

Ning Fan remained quiet. To those remarks and comments about him, he was not concerned at all.

Half a month had passed since the battle in the Vast Meadow. Within that period of time, Ning Fan went to the Scripture Tower every day to practice the ancient demon language.

The ancient demon language was hard to learn. A symbol was hidden within each of the strokes that constituted the word.

Additionally, the hidden symbols, meaning and magical power of words were recorded in a volume for each word.

Precisely, a book for every word. Each and every one of the words was equal to a rune.

With Ning Fan’s intelligence, in just half a month, he managed to learn 200 characters of the ancient demon language. They were all the words stored in the Scripture Tower of the Northern Desert City.

The 200 words only enabled Ning Fan to translate one third of the verbal spell on the Eastern Ocean Bell. The remaining ones were obscure and incomprehensible.

For something like cultivation method, the outcome of the method would be unbelievably varied by just having a word be different from the original spell…

“The Northern Desert City is a city at the border of the tribe. Since it is at the frontlines, the ancient demon language won’t be completely kept here. In order to master the complete set of demon language, I must go to the province of Luo Yun Tribe...The Cloud General, Lu Daochen, who is also known as Master Lu… He is said to be a brilliant man of wide learning. He should be proficient in the ancient demon language. Moreover, in the province, there is also the Demon Codex…To decipher the whole verbal spell, this trip is inevitable. As for the World Passage to the Third World, I must also be close to Lu Daochen. Only then will I have the chance to find out about it…”

He muttered to himself. Mu Xiao Huan did not understand a single word he said.

All this while, she was holding her head up, looking at Ning Fan with her large, round eyes while nibbling a shaobing[1].

“Master, where are we going next?”

“Find Lu Sheng. Today is the day we both agreed to awaken my demon bloodline…”

After spending half of a month in the Scripture Tower, Ning Fan had not only learned the ancient demon language, but also found out some information about the awakening of the demon bloodline.

Normal beasts which took in the qi of heaven and earth, the spirituality of the sun and moon and the essence of the blood and flesh would form immortal veins within their bodies. After the veins are opened, they would evolve into demonic beasts.

If the demonic beasts attain the Harmonious Spirit Realm, most of them would take the form of half-human and half-beast.

As for Gold Core Realm demonic beasts, they could choose to either entirely transform into a human or to remain in beast form. At this point of time, they would experience the First Bloodline Awakening.

At the Nascent Soul Realm, demon cultivators, the ones who chose to take the form of a human would congeal their Nascent Souls while demon beasts would still keep their demon cores. Once they arrive at this level, they would need to go through the Second Bloodline Awakening.

After breaking through to the Spirit Severing Realm, the demon cultivators would be regarded as Demon Generals while the demon beasts would be considered as Wild Beasts. Demons of this level could achieve the Third Bloodline Awakening.

During the First Bloodline Awakening, a majority of demons possess the ordinary bloodlines which were divided into a few types such as winged demon, grass demon, beast demon, sea demon, spirit demon and so on. Only a very small minority of them possess the bloodlines of the True Spirits.

During the Second Bloodline Awakening, the demons would undergo a specific evolution. For instance, Ning Fan’s winged demon bloodline would evolve into the bloodline of a particular flying creature such as eagle, crane, sparrow, pigeon, egret, goose, bat, vulture, swallow and others.

However, all of the types of demons mentioned were just ordinary ones. The ones which were more unusual were the hybrid types. An example of the hybrid types was the lion vulture, which were formed from awakening the beast demon bloodline and the winged demon bloodline at the same time.

The rarest type of bloodline of all was the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline!

Immemorial Dark Sparrow, Immemorial Fire Phoenix, Immemorial Golden Crow… Their bloodlines were the bloodlines of the Immemorial True Spirits.

To the demon cultivators, if they are able to awaken such bloodline, they will have a meteoric rise in their lives. After their ascension, they would have a high chance to join the True Spirit races.

But even if they could awaken the Immemorial Demon Bloodlines in the Second Bloodline Awakening, the bloodlines within their bodies were sparse. It was why they were regarded as Incomplete Bloodlines.

Only in the Third Awakening would these bloodlines have the chance to evolve. It would be their final evolution.

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with resolution. His objective was of course to awaken the Immemorial Demon Bloodlines. In other words, during the Second Bloodline Awakening, he must at least awaken a thin trace of Incomplete Demon Bloodline.

With the two hundred thousand battle points in his hand, he could have two chances to experience the Bloodline Awakening.

In the Northern Desert City, the eastern part of the city was a forbidden area.

A ten thousand zhang* tall black giant egg was situated at that place. By just the look of it, Ning Fan felt a strange but familiar feeling.

It was the Demon General Egg, a place for the Demon Generals to slumber. Back in the Scripture Tower, Ning Fan had actually read about it before. However, it was his first time seeing this object at a close distance.

“The Demon General Egg?”

Taking his mind off of that thought, Ning Fan approached the gigantic egg step by step.

But as he neared it and was just a few steps away from the enormous egg, a few cold and merciless voices echoed from within in unison.

“You, stop right there! From today onwards, the Bloodline Pool is reserved by a Demon General. To any unrelated person, please leave immediately!”

Meanwhile, a door cracked open on top of the black egg. 12 Nascent Soul Realm demon guards appeared from the door and fiercely glared at Ning Fan.

But when they saw Ning Fan’s face clearly, their expressions changed drastically. They instantly cupped their fists and bowed to apologize.

“Commanding Officer Lu?! Please forgive us for being rude and reckless!”

A commanding officer was the person who commanded all the Demon Soldiers!

In other words, the life and death of these Nascent Soul Realm demons depended on Ning Fan!

When they thought of their rude tones which might have offended Ning Fan earlier, they felt extremely distressed. Fortunately, Ning Fan did not say anything about their previous insolence but nodded instead and asked, “Is the Bloodline Pool ready?”

“Don’t worry, Commanding Officer Lu! The pool has been fully filled with the blood of Gold Core Realm demonic beasts. On the other hand, the Demon General has ordered that no one is allowed to stay or linger around within the area of ten thousand zhang* and if Commanding Officer Lu is not satisfied with the pool, the general will immediately send someone to change the blood in the pool.”

“It’s fine. Lead the way!”

Ning Fan patted Mu Xiao Huan’s head. After whispering something in her ears, Ning Fan kept her into his Cauldron Ring. After that, his expression turned cold and entered the door under the lead of the Demon Soldiers.

Within the black egg, there were black-armored demon guards everywhere. They were assigned to protect Ning Fan during his Bloodline Awakening. It was enough to prove how important this matter was to Lu Sheng.

A huge palace was located at the end of the path. Inside the palace stood a jade wall which was known as the Wall of Demon Shadow. Under the wall, Lu Sheng and Lu Wan’er had been waiting for him for quite some time.

“Commanding Officer Lu, you’ve contributed a lot to our victory in the battle of the Vast Meadow. Today, I, Lu Sheng, will personally protect you during your Bloodline Awakening. If anyone dares to interrupt you, I will definitely kill them without exception!”

Those words were meant to be a warning to Lu Zongyun and his son, Hao Chen.

After feeling the prestige of the Demon General, Hao Chen’s body trembled and he immediately lowered his head in fear, not daring to look at the Demon General in the eye.

His father, Lu Zongyun, forced a smile and cupped his fists.

As a matter of fact, he had never tampered with Lu Bei’s Bloodline Awakening before. But he knew that Lu Sheng would never believe his explanations.

“Commanding Officer Lu, please be at ease. This humble servant will certainly do everything in my power to help you. I hope Commanding Officer Lu must not act rashly in the pool later so that the process will not fail…”

God, please don’t let him fail again! He can’t fail anymore!

If he fails again, the Demon General will surely think that me, Lu Zongyun, as the culprit who caused him to fail!

God, please have mercy and protect us! I have been doing this for nearly a thousand years and I haven’t even tricked anyone before!

“En. Bloodline Awakening is an important matter. I will try my best as well!” Ning Fan answered.

“*Chuckle* It’s good to hear that. It’s indeed good…”

Lu Zongyun cast him a strange look. Internally, he thought that the Lu Bei before him was nothing like the Lu Bei in his past memories. His aura and attitude were completely different than before.

Among the seven hundred Demon Soldiers of the Luo Yun Tribe, Lu Bei was the only one who failed in the Second Bloodline Awakening.

As a result, Lu Zongyun had quite a deep impression of this good-for-nothing young man who came from a family with outstanding ancestors. In the past, he even said that this Lu Bei would definitely be unable to attain the Nascent Soul Realm if he did not have the help from his ancestor…

But now, Lu Zongyun’s belief was changed. He could firmly tell that the Lu Bei in front of him was not a weakling who only knew how to rely on his ancestors.

Since his daily job was mainly associating with demon blood, he had developed a particularly sharp sense towards demon blood. From Ning Fan’s body, he felt an extremely massive demon blood qi which could make him suffocate.

It was as if Ning Fan had killed hundreds of thousands of Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts and devoured over thousands of Wild Beasts’ blood…

“I must be imagining things… Devouring more than thousands of Wild Beasts’ blood. How can such a thing be possible?” Lu Zongyun shook his head while smiling bitterly, mocking himself for overthinking.

“Commanding Officer Lu, please leave a trace of your demon blood qi on the Wall of Demon Shadow. It will allow the jade wall to identify your bloodline.”

Ning Fan’s gaze shifted towards the one thousand zhang* tall wall. It had recorded tens of thousands of names and each of them were labelled with their respective types of bloodlines.

Without uttering a single word, he expelled a trace of his demon blood and flicked it to the wall.

Within seconds, somewhere behind the list, a new name appeared.

Lu Bei, winged demon bloodline. The score for the bloodline, 17.

17 marks, it was not a high score but after blending in with the other names, his was not ranked the lowest.

After all, Ning Fan might not know about the method to awaken his demon bloodline, but he more or less had devoured multitudes of demon blood. Therefore, his bloodline had been refined without him knowing.

“17 marks? It’s still good as it isn’t considered low…If that’s the case, Commanding Officer Lu only needs to try your best to absorb the blood power in the pool. I will kowtow to the Demon Ancestor in front of the demon statue and perform Fuluan[2](planchette writing) to enhance the power of your bloodline. As long as the score of your bloodline reaches 25 marks, then you may start the Bloodline Awakening…”

It was true that he could start awakening the bloodline after reaching 25 marks.

However, if his bloodline is enhanced to 60 marks, he can try awakening the bloodline of hybrid demons.

If his bloodline reaches 100 marks, it might even be possible for him to awaken the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline!

However, Lu Zongyun did not think that a person who had failed to awaken the bloodline in the past would be able to enhance his blood power to 60 marks, not to mention 100 marks.

Besides, he only had 70% confidence in helping Ning Fan in improving the latter’s bloodline to 25 marks.

Anyway, who asked Lu Bei to leave such an awful history in the past?

“Hopefully this man’s blood power can be enhanced to 25 marks…Otherwise…Hai…This old man has to take the blame from the Demon General…”

Lu Zongyun sighed.z


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

1. Measurements:
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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  1. ^ 1. Shaobing[烧饼] is a type of baked, unleavened, layered flatbread in Northern Chinese cuisine. (Click here for picture)
  2. ^ 2. Fuluan[扶鸾] or better known Fuji[扶乩] is a method of “planchette writing” or “spirit writing” that used a suspended sieve or tray to guide a stick which writes Chinese characters in sand or incense ashes.(For picture, click here)(For video, click here)