Grasping Evil - Chapter 250(1)

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A wanted order was spread throughout the Land of Slumber in the form of snowflakes by the Lie Tu Tribe.

“A reward of a hundred million immortal jade for the one who brings down Lu Bei!”

There was no need to explain who Lu Bei was. There was also no need to explain to what extent the Earth General feared him. A reward as much as a hundred million was sufficient to move a Void Refinement Realm expert’s heart… Of course, the prerequisite is that there must first be an expert at that cultivation realm existing in the Second World.

The change of attitude of the Luo Yun Tribe towards that wanted order was subtle.

The Cloud General, Lu Daochen, continuously gave out twelve golden orders, commanding Lu Sheng to personally escort Lu Bei all the way to the Luo Yun’s Province to participate in the qualifying test for becoming a Demon General.

An Early Nascent Soul Realm demon with the royal Immemorial Demon Blood. Anyone who manages to kill him would be paid one hundred million immortal jade as a reward!

After the bounty placed on his head was spread, countless Demon Soldiers secretly sneaked into the Northern Desert City, attempting to assassinate Lu Bei.

However, after one month from the day he completed his Second Bloodline Awakening, he seemed to have disappeared from the surface of the world.

None of his traces could be found.

It was because he was inside the Yuan Yao World, stabilizing the cultivation level of his demon power!

The female corpse and Stone Warrior were beside him, guarding him while he was concentrating! There was another girl who was trapped within a grand formation. While she was strenuously suppressing her cultivation level, she was secretly feeling shocked by the strength of the young man’s prestige before him.

She was Yue Ling Kong!

This woman who was one of the venerated beings of the Internal Endless Sea had reincarnated with just her Primordial Spirit due to the profound technique – The Cycle of the Moon.

However, her massive cultivation level was automatically sealed within her Sea of Consciousness. Meanwhile, it was showing signs of bursting at any time.

She needed a male cauldron to pluck her so that she could discharge the excess magic power which had flooded her Sea of Consciousness…

Now, Ning Fan was her only choice…

“Little kid, this old grandmother has been thinking about it for a long time…About that matter…” Although discontentment was plastered all over her childlike face, she gritted her teeth hard, trying to overcome herself and tell him her decision.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have the time to practice dual-cultivation with you right now…”

Ning Fan stood up and stretched his body. Then, he shot her a smile.

He was not in a rush. It was because according to Yue Ling Kong’s current condition, the more she felt that she was on the verge of collapsing due to her massive magic power accumulating within her, the more the benefits he could obtain from dual-cultivating with her.

Besides, the current situation he was in made him have the privilege of not plucking her because in this demon world, he did not have to be anxious in plucking his female cauldrons to improve his cultivation level. In other words, practicing dual-cultivation with this Yue Ling Kong who was just a witless young girl with no breasts and buttocks would be worthless for the time being.

“You! This old grandmother has already begged you, how dare you… reject?!”

“If you insist, become my human cauldron and give your Divine Space Island to me as a present!” Ning Fan demanded.

“Over my dead body! Do you have any idea who I am and how well-respected I am? You could be considered lucky if I do it even just once with you! If it isn’t because I will certainly end up dead if I don’t practice dual-cultivation, do you really think I will set my eyes upon your skinny body?!”

“Yeah? I’d like to say that Yue Ling Kong, the dignified Venerated Moon of the Internal Endless Sea, is actually a young girl… If I practice dual-cultivation with you who have a body of a female child, I will also feel guilty despite knowing that you are an old monster… Because... yours… is too small!”

“You!!!” The young girl lost her temper but immediately felt a sharp pain in her Sea of Consciousness, as if her constrained magic power was going to explode.

Her face turned pale and quickly quelled her anger, thinking how malicious the young man was.

He spoke those words to provoke me on purpose, intending to disturb my mind. In that manner, the condition of my Sea of Consciousness will worsen quicker…

Above all, the only fact that Yue Ling Kong found unable to accept was why this young man’s aura force had gotten so strong after just half a year!

Demon power… This stinky brat also cultivates the demon path? His current demon power is more than 7000 units…

Yue Ling Kong was very sure that during the last time she confronted Ning Fan, the latter did not possess 7000 units demon power.

That is to say, this man managed to increase 7000 units demon power within just half a year!

To her, it was completely mind-blowing.

Besides, she could tell that his demon power was not forcibly enhanced using external items. In stark contrast, it was because of the awakening and the evolution of his bloodline that caused his demon power to increase!

There were quite a few forces composed of demon races in the Internal Endless Sea such as the Demon Sealing Sect. Even though Yue Ling Kong was a person who never set her foot outside the island, she was still aware of virtually everything happening all around the world and at the same time foresaw what was going to happen next.

As far as she could see, even the demon bloodline of Venerated Demon was clearly not as mighty as Ning Fan’s!

 What exactly is the grade of his demon bloodline? Fortunately, I am not a member of the demon race. Otherwise, my aura force will also be weaker than his even if I regain my Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation level!

Putting his demon power and demon bloodline aside, his aura force alone is undoubtedly as strong as that of a Late Spirit Severing Realm expert!

It just sounds absurd if this is spread to the public… A cultivator who has yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm actually has a Late Spirit Severing Realm aura force…

Furthermore, his aura force seemed to be filled with a trace of killing qi. An aura force normally did not possess any attack power, but the killing qi within his aura force made his aura force capable of causing harm to others…

“Baleful Qi…This man has killed a Spirit Severing Realm expert before!”

Her eyes flashed with disbelief as her tiny hands balled into fists.

A person who is capable of killing a Spirit Severing Realm expert. I suppose this man probably has his own means to confront me…

The reason why he trapped me within here is because he is waiting for the moment when I can no longer endure the agony caused by the excessive magic power within my Sea of Consciousness and beg him to dual-cultivate with me. When the time comes, there will be no other ways other than accepting all of his demands…

“Hmmph. Considering that you are still a young man, this old grandmother does not want to be mad at you…”

Yue Ling Kong seemed to have learned to be good. She now knew that she must never be easily infuriated as it would only be in accordance with what he wishes.

Reluctantly, she squeezed an ugly smile on her mouth and then sat down on the floor in a meditative position with her eyes closed.

She is truly deserving to be named as the heroine among women. She has become vigilant of my intentions. I guess it would be much more difficult now to enrage her… If I practice dual-cultivation with her, I might be able to take in the excess power within her, but as soon as she is done discharging the amount of magic power she wants to, she would automatically stop the outflow of the remaining power. When the time comes, she will at least recover her cultivation level to the Mid Spirit Severing Realm and possibly even Late Spirit Severing Realm! It will be hard to confine her within my grasp and pluck most of the magic power out of her… However, what I have is patience, the patience to wait for her Moon Consciousness to collapse…”

Ning Fan caressed the female corpse’s hair. His eyes were filled with remorse, not just because he had treated her coldly for a long time, but also because he could not kill Mu Xiao Huan to recover a part of her soul.

“I’m sorry. You still have to stay within the Cauldron Ring for some time…”

“Oh…” The female corpse sounded as if she was slightly disappointed.

“However, she will accompany you…Her name is Mu Xiao Huan…”

Ning Fan shook his ring and summoned Little Stammer.

Shortly after the both of them met each other, each of them felt like they had known each other since they were born.

It was just like the time when Zhihe met Si Wuxie. The fondness they had for each other was innate.

“The two of you please get along well with each other…”

The power of the Yuan Yao World flashed and Ning Fan reappeared in his room. He had vanished for one whole month.

As soon as he appeared, he heard the light breathing sound of a woman sleeping soundly on his bed.

It was a purpled-robed woman who had a ruddy complexion with ample bosom. She was just like a little fox curling up under Ning Fan’s blanket.

“This Lu Wan’er really is audacious. How dare she come to my bed to sleep while she is a woman? If I am a little more inhuman, she would have lost her virginity just like that…”

Ning Fan teased. He then walked up to her and properly covered her with his blanket before sitting down at the side of the bed to meditate.

Ever since his demon star in his left eye became purple-black, it had gained another type of ability – the inborn ability of the Fu Li Race.

True Sight!

With this ability, he could easily see through a person’s concealment and neutralize imaginary formations as well as distracting mist, as long as they were not a small realm higher than Ning Fan.

For the time being, since his demon power had reached 7455 units, it would be arduous for him to continue to improve it. The fastest method was none other than obtaining the Blue Flame Grass to help him in devouring the Demon Marshal’s golden blood.

By consuming all the golden blood which he had gathered, his demon power would surely rise to more than ten thousand units. At that time, it would be the time for him to break through to the Spirit Severing Realm.

“In attaining the Spirit Severing Realm, I need to first prepare some pills… Before arriving at the Luo Yun’s Province, it will be arduous to raise my cultivation level. For the time being, I guess I might as well concoct the Facial Restoration Pills for the Wind Demoness and Flower Demoness as a reward for their commendable loyalty… As for the recipes for concocting Fifth Revolution Pills which helps in increasing the chances of success to attain the Spirit Severing Realm, I have obtained two from the Scripture Tower. One of them is the General Breaking Pill and the other is the Profound Blood Pill. Each of them is able to increase the chance of success by 10%... As for the Separation and Reunion Pill, although it is only suitable for humans to attain the Spirit Severing Realm, it can also be used in improving my demon power. It’s just that the effect of the pill will be reduced by half… As such, the possibility of attaining the Spirit Severing Realm with my demon power will increase by quite a lot. Now, the only thing I am lacking of is a demon cultivation method…”

“The Camelia Scripture can’t be used to advance into the Spirit Severing Realm. However, from the drop of ancestral blood, I have obtained a few new abilities as well as cultivation methods. Therefore, I don’t need to intentionally cultivate a new one. After all, they are inherited from the memories of the ancestral-level bloodlines. The only thing I have to do is to familiarize them. This cultivation method is called “Shadow Swallowing” It is a demon technique which primarily focuses on two types of techniques: the traverse technique and illusory technique. Hmm. With my current demon power and the royal clan bloodline, the speed of my Shadow Mist Technique will be the same with the Spirit Severing Realm Instant Shift…Who’s there?!”

The purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye shone. He saw a thin silhouette of a person hiding outside his room. That person’s cultivation level was at the Early Spirit Severing Realm.

Perhaps the person did not expect that he would be discovered by Ning Fan, he immediately performed Instant Shift and fled ten thousand li* away.

“Try to run?!”

Ning Fan sneered. He made a step forward and his entire body turned into a cloud of purple smoke. Within a second, he also traversed ten thousand li away*!

Comparing their speeds alone, his speed was slightly faster than the infiltrator.

The Spirit Severing Realm expert had already stopped because he did not expect that Ning Fan who was not at the Spirit Severing Realm was able to catch up with him in such a brief moment. Widening his eyes in surprise, he moved once more and travelled ten thousand li* further.

However, the direction of where the person was heading became even more remote. After fleeing for hundreds of thousands of li* away, that person stopped between a valley, panting heavily. He turned to his back and stared at Ning Fan.

In his eyes, Ning Fan’s shadow looked just like that of a ghost. Every step he made was so relaxed as if he was strolling idly in a courtyard and each of them was able to bring him more than ten thousand of li* closer.

Just as the mysterious man stopped to wait for him, Ning Fan caught sight of something behind the valley, which caused him to retreat instead of moving forward and grinned.

“I really didn’t expect you, Demon General Jing Yun from the Pure Flame Tribe…”


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