Grasping Evil - Chapter 251(1)

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In the Northern Desert City, a ray of golden light flashed. In just a breath, it travelled thousands of li.

If one looks clearly enough, they would be able to notice that it was actually a Golden Flame Chariot which could travel with a speed that could rival that of a Half-Step Spirit Severing Realm being.

This chariot was wholly built from the golden demon flame. Its body glowed magnificently, just like a box of gold and jade in glorious splendor. The charioteer’s cultivation level must at least be at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm and the person should have a good control over flames.

The only Fourth Revolution pill master of the Northern Desert City was sent by Lu Sheng to drive the chariot!

Furthermore, forty-one Demon Soldiers of the Northern Desert City including Yao Yuan were assigned to stand guard at the sides of the chariot!

“What a Golden Flame Chariot!”

Ning Fan praised simply but the praise that came out from his mouth contained the prestige of a True Spirit Royalty which caused every demon expert to lower their heads.

Each and every one of their eyes were filled with irresistible awe.

A True Spirit Royalty! Facing a royal demon like him, it was really difficult for any demon to remain calm unless they possess a cultivation level that was much higher than him or they also possess royal clan bloodlines!

“Greetings to Demon General Bei!” Everyone greeted Ning Fan in unison.

Demon General Bei… I haven’t even passed the qualifying test for Demon General yet. Isn’t it too early to call me that?

Ning Fan thought to himself.

He waved his hand in response to their greetings though inwardly he did not regard it as the right title for him now. He then turned around and looked at the path behind him. Something turned his eyes cold.

“Apparently, there are a lot of ‘flies’ trying to take my life. One hundred million immortal jade and the royal clan bloodline are really tempting to them…”

Wearing an indifferent look, he entered into the chariot. To him, these assassins were just courting death.

The golden chariot did not look big on the surface. However, when one enters it, the internal part became enlightened. The ceiling and ground were all golden in color and there were countless palace-like loft.

The Golden Flame Chariot was an Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure. It was given by Lu Sheng on behalf of the Honorable Demon General…

Since it was an Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure, the disadvantage was that no one was able to cultivate within.

It was actually created by the Cloud General, Lu Daochen himself. Regarding talent and learning, Lu Daochen probably was on par with Old Ancestor Dong Xu.

If Ning Fan was not wrong, this Golden Flame Chariot actually resembled the chariot used in the Ancient Heavenly Court…

The Ancient Heavenly Court. The Demon Marshal, Lu Wu. The Demon General, Lu Daochen… Although this place isn’t interconnected with the Ancient Heavenly Court, but it seems to have some kind of relation with that place…

Lu Daochen gave me this chariot as a gift... Perhaps he is trying to imply something…

Never mind. If I enter the Province of the Luo Yun Tribe, this matter will naturally unfold itself. Now, although this place is unsuitable for cultivation, I can still concoct pills!

Ning Fan made his way to the Golden Flame Palace within the chariot. However, he did not immediately head to the pill refinement room. On the contrary, he went to the spirit augmentation chamber.

Spirit augmentation techniques were invented by the demon race whereas the devil marks inscriptions were created by the devil race.

As the blood sister of Demon General Lu Sheng, Lu Wan’er had been chosen by the Cloud General and taken as a disciple. Since then, she was taught the spirit augmentation techniques by the Cloud General.

Now, she had become a Profound Earth Grade spirit augmentation master. In the past, she had even created a complete set of Mid Profound Earth Grade spiritual equipment before…

She was also a quite reputable spirit augmentation master among the nine divisions.

The reason why she left the province and bid farewell to her master was because of some complicated circumstances.

Ning Fan pushed open the door. In the meantime, Lu Wan’er was squatting down in front of the gold-smelting furnace, adjusting the intensity of the fire in the furnace. Her face had been dirtied by gray dust.

She had been here for a few days to adjust the perfect temperature with all her focus. Because this time, she was going to perform spirit augmentation for Ning Fan… She had to be more attentive and diligent than normal.

After sensing Ning Fan’s presence, she uttered, “Aiya!”

Hurriedly, she took out her silk handkerchief to wipe the dirt off her face and stood up to welcome him.

But after squatting down for a few days, her legs had already become numb, causing her to stagger and fall backwards.

A cloud of smoke flashed past her. Ning Fan appeared beside her and held her wrist.

“Thank you for your effort, Wan’er. There’s a saying that goes, a woman will doll herself up for the one she loves. Since you have smeared your own face, does it mean that you hate me?”

“Pah. I have been too busy in preparing for the spirit augmentation of your magical treasure for the past few days and now you tease me…”

Even though Lu Wan’er’s wrist was held by Ning Fan, she did not intend to break free from his grasp. Instead, she let him hold her as long as he wanted to.

Just as she wanted to take her handkerchief to clean her face with another hand, she realized that it was already in Ning Fan’s hand as well.

“Let me help you.” A heart-warming smile formed on his face.

Gently, his fingers held that piece of cloth and wiped off the grey dust on her face.

Her heart was filled with agitation but still she warned, “You are already a True Spirit Royalty. As a member of the royal clan, you will surely be reprimanded if someone found out that you once helped a lowly female demon to wipe her face...”

The grading system of the demon race was much stricter than the human race. The Nascent Soul Realm demons were considered as Demon Soldiers. The Spirit Severing Realm demons were considered as Demon Generals. The Void Refinement Realm demons were regarded as Demon Marshals and the Void Fragmentation Realm demons were regarded as Sovereigns. Such partition clearly showed that the demon race attached much importance to their bloodlines. They even divided themselves into three categories, making them represent their levels using their bloodlines.

In his Second Bloodline Awakening, Ning Fan had already become a True Spirit Royalty.

In his Third Bloodline Awakening in the future, his royal clan bloodline might evolve to greater heights.

To Lu Wan’er, a being like him was not someone she could associate with, let alone be in an intimate relationship with. This was how much they valued and respected a demon of high status.

“I might be a royalty of my True Spirit race. However, I’m afraid that even if I ascend to the Land of Demons, there won’t be any seniors of my race welcoming me, let alone anyone to punish me…”

Ning Fan smiled bitterly.

A royalty of the Fu Li Race. It might sound mighty and intimidating but as a matter of fact, this True Spirit race had already become extinct millions of years ago.

Ning Fan had no idea why this race had become extinct.

Ning Fan also did not know why the race would be cursed by the Heavenly Dao.

The only thing he knew was that his Fu Li Demon Bloodline might be strong, but he had no backer in the Land of Demons, unlike the other royal clan bloodlines.

For the True Spirit races, if anyone of their members was hurt, they would immediately send countless Demon Immortals to stand up for them.

No one knew what Fu Li was. In fact, some of the proud sons of Heaven who had awakened the Incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodline viewed Ning Fan’s bloodline as a bad omen. If their thoughts were spread, perhaps no one would dare to seize his bloodline anymore.

However, Lu Wan’er had no knowledge about it. She could only feel her heart be swayed in front of him, just like that of the ladies who dreamt of falling in love with their prince…

He is a True Spirit Royalty.

He is an outstanding being who worked his way up to awaken a royal clan bloodline from just 17 demon bloodlines.

The more she thought about how superb Ning Fan was, the lesser her courage to express her feelings to him.

Ning Fan let loose of Lu Wan’er’s wrist and returned the handkerchief to her. His gaze shifted to the gold-smelting furnace and his eyes flashed with surprise.

With his keen observation, he noticed that the furnace was different from those he saw in the outside world.

The gold-smelting furnace of the Rain World could refine magical treasures and also spiritual equipment.

But the furnace in front of him was built solely for performing spirit augmentation. Its surface was carved with countless characters of the demon language, intensifying the demon power within the furnace.

Spirit augmentation is still the secret art of the demon race after all.

The spirit augmentation techniques of the human race aren’t as good as theirs.

“General Bei, Wan’er has yet to ask this. What is the demon treasure that you want to be augmented? Do you have any suitable spiritual iron? If you don’t, I have some Spirit Severing Realm spiritual iron…”

Lu Wan’er remembered that Lu Bei’s original demon treasure was a green ancient dagger.

That dagger was not even a Supreme Grade treasure. It was just a High Grade treasure. Augmenting Spirit Severing Realm spiritual iron on it would be wasteful.

But since she was going to do it for the sake of her love, she just wanted him to be happy. To her, it was not a matter of whether or not it would be wasteful anymore. 


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