Grasping Evil - Chapter 251(2)

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To her surprise, Ning Fan did not take out a green ancient dagger. Instead, he pressed his finger on his glabella and summoned a ray of blood-red lightning bolt.

“This is…”

Lu Wan’er’s eyes gradually became serious. This blood-red lightning bolt gave her an extremely ominous and intimidating feeling.

If she was not wrong, it should be a whip and it was a High Supreme Grade treasure.

“This nasty Lu Bei really has lots of secrets. He had not even mentioned about such formidable treasure to me before. Is he treating me as an outsider?”

Lu Wan’er eyes blinked with slight disappointment. After observing it for a while, her disappointment was slowly taken over by her surprise.

“This…This lightning bolt is the dragon tendon of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon! Lu Bei, have you killed a member of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon Race?! This is a big offense! Why are you so crude and reckless?!”

At that moment, all her earlier dissatisfaction was turned into worries.

Her concern made Ning Fan feel warm in his heart. He patted her head and consoled, “Don’t be afraid. He is still alive. I didn’t manage to kill him in the past. I only severed his dragon tendon. However, so what if I have killed him?”

So what if he severed Li Ban’s dragon tendon?

So what if he killed Li Ban?!

Although there was not a single shred of fear within him, Lu Wan’er was filled with worries.

She looked solemnly at Ning Fan, behaving exactly like a female housewife and told him, “Remember this, you must never kill an Immemorial Thunder Dragon. The worst thing about that True Spirit Race is that they will hold a grudge for a very long time…”

But after contemplating for a while, Lu Wan’er felt a little strange. That dragon tendon clearly was an item that belonged to a Demon General. In the Land of Slumber, there weren’t any Demon Generals who possessed the Immemorial Thunder Dragon’s Bloodline.

Who did he obtain this dragon tendon from?

Besides, he has already thought of seizing a Demon General’s dragon tendon in his current cultivation level?

Holding the whip in her hands, her eyes were filled with disbelief.

All of a sudden, her eyes were slowly blazing with enthusiasm.

“Im…Immemorial Stars?! This is an Immemorial Divine Weapon!”

Lu Wan’er had always dreamt of having the chance to perform spirit augmentation on an Immemorial Divine Weapon!

However, such item was too precious. Among all the nine divisions in the Second World, no one had ever possessed such a divine weapon.

Unless it was the Demon Generals from the Land of Demons in the Immortal Demon World or the demons from influential background and had awakened the Immemorial Demon Bloodline, no one could get their hands on the Immemorial Stars. Only with that item could the Immemorial Divine Weapon be forged.

How did he obtain the Immemorial Stars?!

Lu Wan’er stood on her toes, shoving her face closer to Ning Fan’s. Their faces got closer together to the point where they could smell each other’s breath.

Her eyes opened wide and stared at Ning Fan, as if she wanted to see through how many more secrets Ning Fan had been hiding from her.

Hmm. I really can’t see through him.

She loved that lightning whip so much so that she could not bear to part with it.

However, after scrutinizing the weapon for a little while longer, her eyes flashed with a hint of sorrow.

That slight change in her expression did not escape from Ning Fan’s observation. He asked, “Hmm? Is there something about this Spirit Crushing Whip that is bothering you? You seem to have an opinion about it.”

“Spirit Crushing Whip? A whip that could crush one’s Primordial Spirit… It truly is a dominating divine weapon… The way the person refined it is so peerlessly fine and ingenious. I feel so ashamed that I am nowhere near that person’s level. I really admire that senior’s refining techniques. I hope I can meet that person one day…However…” Lu Wan’er expressed her thoughts.

“But?” Ning Fan was startled.

With the memories of Ancient Chaos Emperor, his level in refining treasures was comparable to that of a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster.

It was appropriate to describe his level as “peerlessly fine and ingenious”. However, as she shifted the topic of the conversation with a “but”, Ning Fan could tell that there must be something wrong with the weapon.

Perhaps I have missed out on something when I was refining this weapon.

“But why isn’t your Spirit Crushing Whip being enhanced with a ‘Spirit Seal’?

“Spirit Seal?” Ning Fan was surprised.

“Take out your ancient dagger and look closely…” Lu Wan’er smiled proudly.

Don’t think that Ning Fan was almighty as he had strong power. After all, there were still things that he didn’t know.

Ning Fan slapped his storage pouch and fished out Lu Bei’s ancient dagger which was only a High Grade Demon Treasure.

As it was just a High Grade Treasure, he had not thoroughly examined it before.

But now, after studying it in detail, the ancient dagger seemed to be rather unique.

Although it was just at the Peak High Grade, its might was slightly stronger than any ordinary treasures of the same grade…

Other than people who were proficient in the treasure refining techniques, no one would be able to perceive such faint distinction.  

 “Here it is!”

Ning Fan administered a trace of demon power into the tip of the dagger through his finger.

Suddenly, three abstruse ancient demon characters gradually emerged on the body of the dagger.

Ning Fan recognized the three characters. He had learned them before in the Scripture Tower.

The first character was ‘Wind’. The second one was ‘Sharpness’ while the third one was ‘Speed’!

It was the three of them which caused the ancient dagger to be a little stronger than ordinary Peak High Grade Treasures.

“So these are the Spirit Seals?!” Ning Fan’s eyes lit up with interest.

Originally, he could not comprehend why every single demon character was like a rune as he needed to finish a thick volume in order to fully master a word.

Now, his doubts were cleared…

Because he now knew that the language of the demon race was able to be used in refining treasures, performing spirit augmentation, establishing formations and killing people!

Just three ancient demon characters were able to be used as Spirit Seals to slightly improve the power of the ancient dagger.

If there are fifty of them, this ancient dagger could advance into the Supreme Grade!

If there are one hundred of them, this ancient dagger would become a Mid Supreme Grade Treasure!

If there are ten thousand of them, it could even become a Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure!

So this is the method the demon race uses for refining treasures?!

Speaking of the Spirit Seal, it rather resembles spirit augmentation. The only difference is that it does not add spiritual iron into the weapon but demon characters.

This is the main distinction between the treasure refining techniques of the ancient demon race and the human race!

“Eh… You can actually recognize the position of the Spirit Seals… Evidently, your treasure refining technique is quite exceptional too…”

Lu Wan’er shot Ning Fan an astonished look.

But why doesn’t he know about the Spirit Seal of the ancient demon race if he is proficient in treasure refining techniques?

If he used to be a person who knows nothing about treasure refining techniques, why is he able to discern the positions where the Spirit Seals were imprinted?

I really can’t see through him. He is so unfathomable…

In her eyes, Ning Fan was just as mysterious as the stars in the night sky.

However, there was one more shocking fact that she was unaware of. The treasure refining master that she admired and eager to meet was just standing right before her.


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