Grasping Evil - Chapter 255(1)

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Lu Wan’er awakened after sleeping for a month.

As soon as she woke up, she was stunned by a pair of Fire Phoenix’s wings which was gifted by Ning Fan.

“This pair of wings are the best ingredients in making a Spirit Severing Realm flying spiritual equipment. How did you get them?!”

“By killing someone.”

“I don’t believe you… These are the wings of a Spirit Severing Realm demon… Are you trying to tell me that you’ve killed a Wild Beast and sheared its wings? Or have assassinated a Demon General of the other tribes and obtained them? Lu Bei, please be serious a little, stop joking around!”

A childish pout appeared on Lu Wan’er’s face.

From her perspective, this pair of Fire Phoenix’s wings were probably acquired using some unlawful means, just like the dragon tendon of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon.

No matter what, Lu Wan’er couldn’t not believe that Ning Fan had killed a Demon General in the past one month.

After all, it was really something unimaginable…

“Fine. If you don’t want to tell me, then just let it be… The reason why you’re giving me this pair of wings is because you want me to create a flying spiritual equipment for you, isn’t it? With this pair of wings as ingredients, I assure you I can forge a pair of High Grade Spiritual Severing Realm Fire Wings which will enable a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator to use Instant Shift… As for a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator, the speed of his or her traverse technique would improve by 30%!”

In her mind, she had made a decision to make a spiritual equipment using this pair of phoenix’s wings.

But her intention was seen through by Ning Fan. Smilingly, he caressed her face with his hand.

“You don’t have to make a flying spiritual equipment for me. I already have the demon wings of Fu Li. I no longer need a flying spiritual equipment to aid me in traversing…After you finish forging it, you stay here and I’ll help you to refine it! In that case, even though your cultivation level is only at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, if you want to flee, not even Spirit Severing Realm Demon Generals would be able to catch up with you. It will keep you safe…”

“You want to give such precious items to me as a present?!” Lu Wan’er lowered her head in shyness, allowing Ning Fan to caress her face without resisting.

“Mm. They’re yours now. Go on and take a little more rest. Yao Yuan said we will arrive at the province in another three days…”

Lu Wan’er lied down on the bed once more whereas Ning Fan sat alone in a corner of the room.

Throughout the entire month, his mind was comprehending his gains from the battle with the three Demon Generals.

Demonic techniques and the use of bloodline manifestation… Among the three of them, other than Xu Ri whose combat power was almost on par with Yan Zhongze, the other two were relatively weaker.

However, the way they displayed their demonic techniques without any restraints at the point of desperately defending their lives seemed to have opened up a door of enlightenment to Ning Fan.

Demon…demonic techniques…spiritual equipments…

The understanding he had towards the demon race had become wider and deeper.

He might have given the phoenix’s wings to Lu Wan’er as a gift, but it was not necessarily correct that he did not obtain anything at all. From Xu Ri’s storage pouch, he actually got a jade slip.

Furthermore, from the wings of Xu Ri, he had discovered a half but damaged Spirit Seal on it.

Apparently, Xu Ri had done a silly act the moment he awakened a half-drop Fire Phoenix’s bloodline during his Third Bloodline Awakening – engraving a Spirit Seal on his wings!

But in the end, he failed.

“Demon wings aren’t spiritual equipment…Only magical treasures and spiritual equipment can be engraved with Spirit Seals to enhance one’s speed. In contrast, demon wings and demon bodies cannot…”

“Xu Ri’s failure was inevitable.”

Ning Fan held Xu Ri’s jade slip and placed it on his glabella. Immediately, Xu Ri’s speech echoed from the jade slip. Coincidentally, the content of the speech recorded what Xu Ri had learned from trying to engrave a Spirit Seal on his wings in the past.

“Today, I have researched for the possibility of engraving Spirit Seals on demon wings from the scriptures within the Scripture Tower of the Lie Tu Province… The Honorable Demon General said that Spirit Seals can only be carved unto magical treasures and spiritual equipment. There is no way that a Spirit Seal can be engraved unto a physical body. It was the final verdict from the ancient times. But I don’t believe it…”

“I have spent two hundred years and checked out all one hundred and ten thousand books in the province and finally, I discovered an introduction to Spirit Seals which was recorded in an old, worn-out book. However, the introduction was rather disappointing. According to it, before the ancient times, the demon race were able to carve Spirit Seals on their demon bodies.  However, something happened later which caused the ‘spirit’ of the demon race to be taken away… Ever since that incident, the demon race can never engrave any Spirit Seals on their bodies anymore. However, there is an exception. There was only a True Spirit race who managed to avoid the catastrophe and retained their ‘Spirit’ because they specialized in cultivating their demon eyes which enabled them to see through the ‘truth’ of heaven and earth. Because of that, that True Spirit Race was cursed by the world and eventually, they became extinct…”

“Today, I have invited the best spirit augmentation master of the Lie Tu Tribe to help me perform spirit augmentation on my phoenix’s wings. I want to find out whether there is a possibility for my Fire Phoenix’s wings to be engraved with Spirit Seals…As a result, I failed, not just because of the excruciating pain but also because the Spirit Seals didn’t remain in my bloodline… The master said it was due to the loss of ‘spirit’ in our demon race…just like the devil race who has lost their ‘blood’ and the divine race who has lost their ‘heart’…No one knows what the ‘spirit’ of the demon race is…As such, it seemed like I can only give up on the fancy thought of engraving Spirit Seals on my wings…”

After hearing his speech, Ning Fan kept quiet and pondered for a while before keeping the jade slip.

This Xu Ri might not have been powerful but he truly deserved to be a Spirit Severing Realm demon based on his courage in trying out new things. Moreover, he has commendable patience… Despite knowing that the Spirit Seals can never be engraved on a physical demon body, he still dared to give it a try... Besides, he was willing to spend two hundred years to study all the books in the Scripture Tower. His willpower sure is strong. It’s no wonder that he is the strongest among the three Demon Generals!”

But carving Spirit Seals on demon wings?

If it was not Xu Ri who brought that idea up, Ning Fan personally thought that he would probably not be able to think of it.

Ever since the moment he learned the way of engraving Spirit Seals, he had always thought that Spirit Seals were only applicable to magical treasures due to his inner thinking.

After killing Xu Ri by chance and obtaining the deceased’s jade slip, only then did he know that the Spirit Seals were not originally carved on spiritual equipment but… on the physical bodies of the demons!

However, because of the loss of their ‘spirit’, the use of Spirit Seals became impossible.

Therefore, in order to make up for their loss, they created spiritual equipment!

Spiritual equipment…Spiritual equipment, the word ‘spirit’ that made up the name actually carried a startling meaning!

Even the majority of the ancient demons had no knowledge about the true meaning of ‘spirit’ because it had been far too long after the incident.

Xu Ri was a person who did things wholeheartedly. He had figured it out and he had also discovered it… As for the speech he left within the jade slip, it made Ning Fan’s eyes brighten up!


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