Grasping Evil - Chapter 255(2)

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He had a strong feeling that the only True Spirit Race which still kept their “spirit” was very likely to be the Fu Li!

It was a kind of instinct!

Moreover, he finally understood why Xu Ri, a person who seemed to be uncommunicative, would be willing to come forth and assassinate him…

What he set his eyes upon was not the bounty…instead, it’s the Fu Li’s bloodline!

Xu Ri must have guessed that this bloodline was probably the cursed demon bloodline mentioned in the scriptures…

It was why he came but unfortunately for him, he no longer has the chance to study Ning Fan’s bloodline anymore…

“In the jade slip, is it possible that the Fu Li Race is the cursed True Spirit Race mentioned in the scripture…If it’s true, then the Fu Li’s bloodline definitely has limitless potential and prospects!”

Ning Fan’s eyes were shining in enthusiasm. After he made that guess in his mind, there was no way he could stop thinking about it.

Since ancient times, there were quite a number of True Spirit Races which had become extinct. Therefore, Ning Fan did not have 100% assurance that the True Spirit Race that was cursed by the Heavenly Dao was the Fu Li Race or not.

According to the jade slip, that particular True Spirit Race possesses the ability to see through the Heavenly Dao. It is exactly the same ability as the innate ability of the Fu Li – True Sight. In other words, the Fu Li Race might have been cursed, but their ‘spirit’ still remains intact, allowing their demon bodies and even demon wings to be engraved with… Spirit Seals!

Ning Fan intended to try it out but there was still a doubt unresolved within his heart!

After he had awakened the royal Fu Li’s bloodline, he had tried flying using the Fu Li’s wings. Its speed was incredibly shocking!

Every True Spirit Race had their own unique inborn talent. For example, the Phoenix Race was the master of flames while the Dragon Race was immune to lightning. As for the Fu Li Race, its unique ability was related to speed and illusory techniques.

With that extra boost of speed from the natural ability of the Fu Li’s bloodline, even if Ning Fan did not conjure his wings, his speed was already comparable to that of an Early Spirit Severing Realm being, when using the Shadow Mist Technique.

After summoning his wings, his speed would be enhanced to a level nearly comparable to a Mid Spirit Severing Realm being’s!

But what he could not comprehend the most was when he flew using the Fu Li’s wings and it did not consume any of his demon power as if it functioned with the magic power extracted from heaven and earth!

Especially during the last time when he chased after Demon General Jing Yun, the latter performed Instant Shift until he was already gasping for air whereas Ning Fan’s qi was unaffected at all after catching up with him.

Ning Fan did not pay much attention to that matter at first as he merely thought that it was the special ability of the royal demon bloodline.

But as he contemplated about it now, it was not as simple as it seemed to be…

Because of the existence of “spirit” in the spiritual equipment, users were able to borrow power from heaven and earth, and use them without consuming a single portion of their own power!

Perhaps, originally, the True Spirit Races could also borrow the power from heaven and earth to summon rain and command wind and become the master of the laws of nature when they still had their “spirit”!

Ning Fan was clueless what “spirit” was but he could faintly tell that it was an ability to borrow magic power from heaven and earth!

That is to say, the reason why flying with the Fu Li’s wings did not consume any of his demon power was because the Fu Li Race was exactly the race which still kept their “spirit”!

Because of their demon eyes, they could discover the truth of heaven and earth and managed to avoid the calamity. However, although they were able to keep their “spirit”, they were cursed and perished in just a short period of time…

My guess is extremely likely to be correct!

Yes or no, it will be revealed with just a single try!

I just need to carve a Spirit Seal on my body and that’s it!

If he succeeds, Ning Fan’s Fu Li bloodline would really be proven to possess the “spirit” and it would have unlimited potential!

Currently, Ning Fan only knew three Spirit Seals: Hardness, Flame and Sharpness.

He rose up from the ground and a pair of massive, purple-black crystal wings grew from his back.

Performing the hand seals with the tips of his fingers, he formed a Spirit Seal and engraved it on his left wing. Immediately, extreme pain which was equivalent to that of carving his own wing with a pen knife spread from his wing to his entire body, making him recall the agony of inscribing the devil marks on his back!

But since the pain of the first stroke of the Spirit Seal was not as painful as what he had felt from the devil mark inscriptions, he gnashed his teeth and endured it!

“The ‘Hardness’ Spirit Seal has only a single main demon character and seven secondary characters. In total, there are 197 strokes to carve…”

He muttered indifferently. Without giving himself time to rest, the second stroke was carved on his wing!

Subsequently, the third stroke, the fourth stroke… The pain of each of the strokes gradually intensified and it became a gruesome scene to look at after he had carved more than a hundred strokes.

101 strokes, 102 strokes…196 strokes… Ning Fan still endured the pain with his teeth gritted tightly together.

The last stroke should not be as painful as the thirtieth inscription of the devil marks. There should be no problem at all for me to endure it!

Brimming with expectations, he finally engraved the last stroke of the Spirit Seal on his left wing.

At the same time, the “Hardness” Spirit Seal solidified and became attached to his wing!

Ning Fan could clearly feel that the hardness of his wings had increased by a little…

Even though it was just a little improvement, it proved that his theory was correct! The Spirit Seals could really be carved on his body!

“The Fu Li Race is truly the True Spirit race which still maintained their ‘spirit’!”

Ning Fan’s eyes lit up.

With the Spirit Seals, my demon body can be augmented with unimaginable abilities.

The devil marks of the devil race were able to strengthen one’s physical defense while the spirit augmentation of the demon race could increase one’s abilities!

Ning Fan’s mind suddenly had a bold conjecture!

The creation of the spirit augmentation techniques of the demon race was because they lost their “spirit”. Then, is it possible that the creation of the devil marks inscriptions of the devil race was because of the loss of their “blood” which caused their physical bodies to deteriorate and were compelled them to come up with the inscriptions to replace their deficiency…

He had no idea whether all that was true or not.

However, the tremendous potential of the Fu Li Race made Ning Fan firmly believe that he did not awaken this bloodline for nothing!

His eyes flashed with resolution and erased the “Hardness” Spirit Seal on his left wing.

What he wanted was not durability as it was able to be enhanced using the devil marks inscriptions.

What he truly wanted was speed!

A new thought surfaced within his mind. He had to learn enough demon words in the province in order to assemble the “Speed” Spirit Seal.

If he is able to carve 7455 “Speed” Spirit Seals on his wings, his speed would probably not be any weaker than that of a Late Spirit Severing Realm being even if he had yet to attain the Spirit Severing Realm himself.

However, if he really advances into Early Spirit Severing Realm, his travelling speed would then be comparable to that of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea.

The province was near!

Three days passed by in a flash.

Outside the province, a group of Demon Soldiers were standing guard, as if they were waiting for something. The leader of the group appeared to be very impatient.

“Lu Bei…Hmmph! I don’t care whether you have awakened the royal bloodline or not. You can only die if you dare to steal Wan’er from me! The province is my territory. If you are a dragon, you will have to coil yourself up obediently before me; even if you are a tiger, you will have to lie on the ground in front of me!”

This person was Lu Tianming. He was the most valued descendant of the Cloud General! But he was also the reason why Lu Wan’er decided to escape from the province!


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