Grasping Evil - Chapter 256(1)

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At the entrance to the province, the sound of galloping hooves echoed from the distance and seventeen brilliant young men emerged from the dust in a flash. Each and every one of them wore a proud and arrogant look.

The young man leading the group was clad in silver armor, emanating a dense Late Nascent Soul Realm qi. His appearance was rather handsome and energetic, making him a little more unusual compared to ordinary demons.

He was Lu Tianming, the person who had the most outstanding potential among the descendants of the Cloud General, Lu Daochen.

Ever since Lu Wan’er became a disciple of the Cloud General, he had fallen in love with her. However, Lu Wan’er rejected him and left the province and went back to Northern Desert City.

“I, Luo Tianming, am the strongest youth in the Luo Yun Tribe! As for Lu Wan’er, her innate potential could be regarded as first-class while her spirit augmentation technique is the best in the entire tribe. Other than me, who else has the qualifications to marry her?! Lu Bei? He is a person who only achieved Early Nascent Soul Realm after a thousand years, relying on the shade of his ancestor. He is a person who failed the Second Bloodline Awakening. What is he? He is the weakest Demon Soldier of the Luo Yun Tribe, the utter shame of the Northern Desert! According to my sources, the reason why he was able to awaken the royal bloodline was because of the Fifth Revolution Blood Awakening Pill given by Lu Wan’er and also the flamen, Lu Zongyun, who totally used up the Incense Flame he inherited from his ancestors!”

After he finished speaking, his handsome and elegant facial features dissipated. What replaced it was a strong, evil and violent qi.

Originally, only Demon General Lu Sheng was granted the Blood Awakening Pill. It was actually Lu Tianming who pleaded the old ancestor of the tribe to grant a second pill for Lu Wan’er to aid her in awakening her bloodline.

However, Lu Wan’er gave such a precious pill to another person!

How could Lu Tianming not feel hateful about it?!

“Lu Bei! Even if he had the help from Lu Wan’er and Lu Zongyun and managed to awaken royal demon bloodline, but what’s his bloodline?! Fu Li?! Is there really such a True Spirit Race in this world?! I suppose he is trying to court people’s favour by saying something impressive. Today, let me teach that cheater who deceives the people in order to build a false reputation for himself a lesson!”

He leaped down from his horse and stepped on the ground. As soon as his foot landed on the ground, it shook violently. Clearly, his body refining level had attained Half-Step Jade Life Realm!

He was regarded as the most talented son of heaven. However, his frivolous and unrestrained attitude needs to be corrected.

In a dark corner, a silver-haired elderly man wearing an armor set made of the scales of the beasts stood while leaning on his walking stick which was adorned with the sculpture of a dragon head. His eyes were squinted in a line but his presence emanated a formidable demeanor.

There were four Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts standing respectfully behind him. One of them was surnamed Qin. With a worried expression, he cupped his fist towards the elderly man and said, “Honorable Demon General, isn’t it a little inappropriate to allow Young Master Tianming to welcome Lu Bei?”

“Why is that so?” The elderly man replied coldly.

“Young Master Tianming likes the sister of Demon General Lu Sheng. It is a matter known by everyone. However, I heard that Lu Bei has also brought her along in this trip and their relationship is more than just…Perhaps, they are already… I’m afraid, Young Master Tianming would challenge Lu Bei to a fight because of that lady!”

“Isn’t this good?” The elderly man’s lips curved into a smile.

“Good?! Lord! Although that Lu Bei has offended Young Master Tianming, I don’t think his sin is unreasonable enough to cause him to die! He might just be a Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon, but his innate potential must be extraordinary for being able to awaken a royal demon bloodline. Even though no one knows what Fu Li is, it has to be one of the True Spirit Races that was extinct in ancient times. Anyhow, Lu Bei is also a talented person. As for Young Master Tianming, he is a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. Besides, he cultivates demonic techniques as well as body refining techniques. Now, his body refining realm is just a hair’s breadth away from Jade Life Realm… If Young Master Tianming gets infuriated and intends to kill Lu Bei, won’t the latter be in a very dangerous situation?”

“Hehe. Just look. Nothing will happen to Lu Bei. In stark contrast, my son, Tianming will be taught a huge lesson today. It is a good opportunity for him to learn how to restrain his attitude. Only then will he have the hope of advancing into the Spirit Severing Realm…” When the elderly man spoke about Lu Bei, his eyes shined.

“What?! Are you saying that Young Master Tianming is not a match for Lu Bei?!” The demon with the surname of Qin looked at the elderly man with his mouth agape, feeling unable to believe what he had just heard.

“Do you know why I would come today?”

“No, this subordinate does not!” That surnamed Qin demon lowered his head while cupping his fists towards the elderly man. At the same time, his heart was also filled with doubts. Actually, it was supposed to be just an ordinary ceremony to welcome the commanding officer of the Northern Desert. It was considered grand enough to have Young Master Tianming present at the scene along with another 17 Nascent Soul Realm experts. He really did not have any idea why the Honorable Demon General would personally hide at a dark corner.

“The reason I came was to protect Tianming’s life! If I am not here, once the Lu Bei begins to kill…Hehe, he is unstoppable…”

“This is impossible! Not to mention if Lu Bei is strong enough to kill Young Master, if he really can, does he really dare to act here, in the province, knowing well that Young Master Tianming is one of your descendants?”

“You are wrong… There is nothing this man does not dare to do… For the World Passage to the Third World, he will probably dare to kill me too… In the entire Luo Yun Tribe, no one is able to stop him – Zhou Ming from the Endless Sea!”

The elderly man’s eyes which were originally hazy brightened up!

He had already performed divination and roughly discovered the identity of Ning Fan.

Gradually, his eyes returned to their normal state and gazed at the sky.

A ray of golden light pierced through the mist and smoke in the distance and dashed towards the direction of the entrance!

When the golden flame dispersed, it turned into a crystal chariot. At the moment it stopped, 41 elites of the Northern Desert alighted from the vehicle under Yao Yuan’s lead, emanating a massive amount of killing intent.

Most of the cultivators among the 41 demons were at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. Only a minority of them were at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. Still, when they approached the entrance step by step, their aura became as penetrating as a razor-sharp sword, making the 17 demon soldiers of the province unable to rein their battle horses. Under that killing intent, each and every one of them were inwardly astonished.

So this is the aura of the Demon Soldiers from the border?

Every one of the 41 demons were experts that were able to stay alive after going through hundreds of battles and skirmishes. Their aura was definitely unrivalled compared to the Demon Soldiers from the province who cultivated in peace and tranquility.

Especially Lu Tianming, his eyes became solemn.

41 soldiers! Demon General Lu Sheng sent 41 of his elite group just to escort that Lu Bei?!

He felt jealous, particularly about the Golden Flame Chariot that was ridden by Lu Bei! He had once sincerely pleaded the old ancestor for it but he did not acquire it in the end.

“Those who come, stop! Where do you belong and why do you come to the province?!” Lu Tianming coldly asked.

“I am Yao Yuan. We belong to the demon troops of the Northern Desert City. We are the vanguard of the Demon General Lu Sheng. We came to the province under the military order of the Honorable Demon General. Our duty is to escort Commanding Officer Lu of the Blood Orchid Guards to the province in order to participate in the qualifying test for Demon Generals!”

Privately, he might be able to honorably address Lu Bei as Demon General Lu Bei. In a formal occasion, however, one’s official military post must not be ambiguous.

“Commanding Officer Lu…Don’t tell me he is the disgrace of the Northern Desert City – Lu Bei…” Lu Tianming sneered whereas Yao Yuan’s face turned gloomy.

The latter lifted his head and responded, “Commanding Officer is not a disgrace of the Northern Desert at all! Young Master Tianming, please mind your words!”

 “Mind my words? Hehe. Are you trying to teach me?” Lu Tianming’s eyes narrowed into a line.

“No. This soldier does not dare!” Although Yao Yuan was explicitly saying that he did not dare, his eyes were filled with a hint of contempt towards Lu Tianming.

Of course, he knew who Lu Tianming was. However, in his mind, the latter was a person who tried to woo Demon General Lu Sheng’s sister – Lu Wan’er to the point where she was compelled to leave the province and return to the Northern Desert City in order to avoid him.

This person might have an outstanding inborn talent. But such a talented person who spent his life in the peaceful province only knew about the contentions of mouth and tongue. In Yao Yuan’s eyes, a person like him was worthless.

In the past, he only respected one person and that person was the Demon General of the Northern Desert – Lu Sheng!

Now, there was another person he had respect for and he was none other than Lu Bei!

As for Lu Tianming, no matter how strong his cultivation level gets, he was still a worthless son of the rich in Yao Yuan’s eyes.

“It’s better that you said that…However, I received no military order from the Honorable Demon General to see Lu Bei. Regarding the test for Demon Generals, it only chooses the outstanding demons who have attained the Late Nascent Soul Realm and above as the candidates to enter the Dragon Pond and ascend to the Cloud Platform to receive Heaven’s fate… So tell me, does Lu Bei, a mere Early Nascent Soul Realm Demon Soldier have the right to participate in the test?! If you don’t have better things to do, I suggest you to return to your Northern Desert City! This place does not welcome the disgrace of the Northern Desert!”

As soon as Lu Tianming’s words fell, the 16 Demon Soldiers behind him immediately cupped their fists towards him, trying to remonstrate. But before they managed to speak a single word, Lu Tianming waved his hand, signaling them to back off.

A shred of anger flashed within Yao Yuan’s eyes.

The twelve golden orders from the Honorable Demon General are all fake ones?

How can the sincerity and seriousness of Demon General Lu Sheng be dishonored just like that?

How can the military order be treated as if it is a trifling matter?!

Even if you, Lu Tianming, are the descendant of the Honorable Demon General and possess extraordinary potential, you are also committing a sin in defying the military order of the Honorable Demon General!

Furthermore, you called Commanding Officer Lu as the disgrace of the Northern Desert whenever you wish and even claimed that he isn’t fit to participate in the qualifying test. It’s really absurd!

If a person who killed three Spirit Severing Realm demons on his own isn’t suitable to participate in the test, who else can?!

Yao Yuan glared at Lu Tianming. Deep inside, he clearly knew that the latter was just trying to take revenge using an official matter. He also knew that it was all because of Lu Wan’er.

However, Lu Tianming completely ignored Yao Yuan’s glare.

“Why don’t you quickly roll back to your Norther Desert?!” Lu Tianming spoke disdainfully.


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