Grasping Evil - Chapter 256(2)

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“We aren’t permitted to leave before fulfilling the military order! Young Master Tianming, I suggest you let us pass rather than making this matter turn into a big issue!”

“Military order…How dare you try to coerce me using military order?! What are you?! A Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon like you might be considered quite strong in the Northern Desert City, but within three moves, you will die in my hands for sure!”

“Why should I fear death?!”

As their confrontation turned hostile, the 16 Demon Soldiers behind Lu Tianming voiced out in unison in order to dissuade Lu Tianming. The latter unhappily let out a cold snort.

“Fine! For the sake of my Demon Soldiers, I will pardon you for your offense. However, if you want to enter the province, you must present a gift. I believe you should at least know about this established practice, even though you are just a Demon Soldier from the borderline…If your present is able to satisfy me, you are allowed to freely enter the province. If it isn’t, Lu Wan’er must stay!”

Lu Tianming’s tone of voice changed. From the beginning up until now, his intention was simple. Before Lu Wan’er is able to meet his old ancestor, he wants to kidnap her and do something that cannot be undone to her to avoid her getting protection from the old ancestor who will make things difficult for him. Besides, since Lu Wan’er was also entering the province, Lu Tianming would definitely never let go of her with ease.

The way he deals with things was exactly the same as that of a son from a well-off family.

“How dare you?! Mistress is the sister of Demon General Lu Sheng, how can she be detained by you?!” The forty Demon Soldiers replied, feeling enraged while getting into battle stance by placing their hands on the sheaths of their swords.

But this time, Yao Yuan did not get angry at all. His lips curved into a contemptuous smile instead.


You want a gift?!

“Wait. Have you all forgotten that our Commanding Officer Lu has already prepared a ‘special gift’, specifically for Young Master Tianming…This gift is so precious that I think no one of the province will be daring enough to receive it…”

Yao Yuan’s words were like a gust of wind that diminished the anger within the 40 Demon Soldiers.

Currently, all 41 of them had a similar expression – waiting to see Lu Tianming embarrass himself!

There was indeed a gift but Lu Tianming did not even have the qualification to accept it at all!

“My subordinates, prepare the gift!”

As Yao Yuan shouted the order, two well-built Demon Soldiers lifted a wooden box with both of their hands and threw it in front of Lu Tianming’s horse with an arrogant expression.


 Moreover, one of them scornfully spat a mouthful of saliva at Lu Tianming’s direction.

Lu Tianming’s heart was filled with anger. In his eyes, each and every one of the Demon Soldiers from the Northern Desert City were just a bunch of riffraff.


But this wooden box is quite extraordinary… It is made of Profound Spiritual Purple Wood. If it is used to store spiritual pills and medicines, they won’t rot even after ten thousand years and they will remain fresh. This box alone should be worth around hundreds of thousands of immortal jade…

Apparently, it looks rather expensive…

Fine. Before penalizing Lu Bei, let me check what’s within.

“If this gift does not suit my appetite, Lu Wan’er will be mine! Soldiers, open the box!”

Under his command, two of his henchmen immediately got down from their horses and ran towards the box. Both of them were Early Nascent Soul Realm experts. They had been born in aristocratic families. Therefore, they had already gotten accustomed to the comfort and wealth in the province. In the past, during their Second Bloodline Awakening, their bloodlines were only slightly stronger than the previous Lu Bei.

As their hands landed on the surface of the box and opened a gap, a ferocious and overbearing qi which was comparable to that of a True Wild Beast gushed towards their faces instantly. As they were caught off guard, that fierce qi caused their qi to be in chaos, making them cough out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, their bodies retreated from the box and eventually fell down beside Lu Tianming. Disbelief filled both of their faces. Their bodies shivered uncontrollably in fear.


Furthermore, none of them were able to utter a complete sentence!

After witnessing the pathetic scene experienced by the henchmen of Lu Tianming, Yao Yuan and the other Demon Soldiers laughed in unison. They did not even spare a glance on them.

“Gift, we have presented it to you. But it seems like Young Master Tianming’s subordinates are too weak to even open the lid of the box, let alone see what it looks like.”

Yao Yuan’s words were like needles piercing through Lu Tianming’s ears, making him feel extremely unwilling.

Raising his horsewhip, he whipped at his two subordinates without hesitation.

“Trash! Zhang Wei, Liu Kuang, the two of you go and open it!”

As his command echoed in the sky, another two Demon Soldiers approached the box. However, they had the same reaction as the two previous henchmen. Before they could even lift up the cover, they were already shocked to the core by the overpowering Baleful Qi.

Now, Lu Tianming’s face finally became solemn. He realized that the box must have contained an extremely terrific item that could cause four of his Nascent Soul Realm demons to fail in opening up the lid.

Walking towards the box, he decided to personally open the box.

For every step he made which got him closer and closer to the box, his heart pounded faster. As he arrived at the side of the box, his heart palpitated so fast that it nearly jumped out of his throat. Before opening the box, an overwhelmingly terrifying feeling had consumed his heart.

Inwardly, he was astonished.

What exactly is inside this box? Why it is able to cause me, one of the most outstanding beings of the Luo Yun Tribe, feel such fear.

Cautiously, he decided to ask about the item within the box first.

“Yao Yuan, let me ask you first. What’s inside the box?!”

“Heads! The heads chopped off from the enemies killed by our Commanding Officer Lu!” Yao Yuan sneered.

“Heads? Who can he, an Early Nascent Soul Realm being, possibly kill?!”

Lu Tianming tried to stabilize his composure, not believing in what Yao Yuan had just said.

Reaching out his hand, he went for the lid of the box.

However, when the lid of the box was just lifted up for half a cun*, a trace of bloody Baleful Qi seeped out from within, making Lu Tianming feel a chill down his spine.

He gnashed his teeth, repressing his fear and opened the lid up to a cun. From the aperture, he could vaguely see three human heads.

Mustering all of his strength, he slammed his palm on the lid. With his Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm, the lid of the box was crushed into pieces.

However, without the lid, what he saw was really beyond his expectations.

Human head! Three human heads!

As the Baleful Qi of the three heads spread, Lu Tianming and the rest of his subordinates were instantly overwhelmed by terror.

Even Lu Tianming himself had his four limbs trembling in fear ceaselessly.

“These…These are… These are…! Demon… Demon… the heads of Demon Generals!”

He felt a sudden jolt in his mind. Under the nourishment of the Profound Spiritual Purple Wood, the three chopped-off heads were as good as new. They did not decay at all.

Aside from that, the hatred, resentment and grudges that they felt right before they died still remained on the expressions of their heads.

He continuously retreated backwards for seven steps, coughing out a mouthful of fresh blood for each step he made.

After seven steps, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Half-kneeling on the ground, his fearful gaze shifted towards the direction of the Golden Flame Chariot!

The heads of three Demon Generals, the lives of three Demon Generals! Who did it?!

If Lu Tianming was not wrong, the three of them should be Bai Yuan, Xu Ri and Feng Ziqi from the Lie Tu Tribe… He had a particular impression on Xu Ri as his old ancestor had even praised the latter. In fact, Xu Ri was the person who had the highest hope in attaining the Mid Spirit Severing Realm in the Lie Tu Tribe!

He died just like that?! Who did it?!

Lu Bei… It’s Lu Bei! Yao Yuan said just now, the three of them were all killed by him!

And he killed them all on his own!

Now, I am trying to act arrogant in front of such a formidable person to rob his woman?!

“No. This isn’t true. No!”

His eyes flashed with a hint of craziness. In the meantime, Ning Fan, bringing along Lu Wan’er beside him, steadily stepped out from the Golden Flame Chariot.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Measurement :
    a. li (里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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