Grasping Evil - Chapter 261(1)

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Demon General Jing Yun might have easily defeated Lu Zhan but Ning Fan killed Jing Yun with ease!

Holding Jing Yun’s storage pouch in his hand, Ning Fan glanced within and noticed 30 tufts of Blue Flame Grass.

Nice. They finally landed into my hands! As such, I can start to assimilate the Demon Marshal’s blood and improve my demon power to ten thousand units and advance into the Spirit Severing Realm!

A deathly silence fell upon the entire Luo Yun Province so much that you can hear a pin drop.

Yao Yuan and the rest of the 40 Demon Soldiers who personally witnessed the incident where Ning Fan killed three Spirit Severing Realm experts on his own were already on their way back to Northern Desert City. In the province, the only person who had felt a small perceptible part of Ning Fan’s strength was Lu Tianming who was injured to the point where he was just like a dead dog.

But shortly after the moment when Jing Yun died, the whole crowd burst into cheers!

Lu Tianming who was setting up the betting pool was literally dumbstruck with astonishment under Ning Fan’s ferocious qi.

Previously, he was sure that Ning Fan would be able to defeat Jing Yun and even cut him down.  But he had never thought that it would be an overwhelming victory for Ning Fan even though he faced Jing Yun who was quite a strong opponent…

“I am definitely blessed with great luck for being able to stay alive from that man’s hands that day…He even dares to kill one of the Pure Flame Tribe’s generals right in front of their Honorable Demon General, the Flame General, Lu Jiefen. He is just too savage…He does not seem to be afraid of turning all the members of the Pure Flame Tribe into his personal enemies. He does not even consider the consequences of killing a person. All he knows is that anyone who is his enemy must be killed!”

Lu Zhan whose right eye was blinded could feel his blood boiling.

All his grievances after being injured by Jing Yun completely disappeared at this very moment and turned into a feeling of awe and respect towards Ning Fan.

“This old man will be the first one to agree for this person to be the Eighth General of our Luo Yun Tribe! Good kill! Good kill! Moreover, before he killed Jing Yun, he deliberately poked his eyes to blindness. That action was a revenge for me! Hahaha! Lu Bei, this old man, Lu Zhan now truly owes you one!” Lu Zhan laughed loudly. The pain of his blinded eye seemed to be not that painful anymore.

Lu Wan’er covered her mouth with her tiny hands with surprise while the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness were stupefied. It was their first time witnessing Ning Fan’s terrific means after spending quite a while with him.

“Lu Bei…He is really powerful…”

The green-robed lady stroked her sideburns with the tips of her fingers. Her countenance was visibly moved for the first time.

“Lu Bei… This person is nearly unscathed after killing Jing Yun. With that power, I suppose there won’t be more than 20 people who can win against him in the Second World… If he attains the Spirit Severing Realm, perhaps he will be unrivalled among the demons other than the Honorable Demon Generals… But he is still not a true demon after all. He might be able to defeat Jing Yun, but not Jin Qun. Even if he can win, it would be a grueling battle between the two. As for Li Ban…Can he even win against Li Ban?”

Above the vast sky, Lu Jiefen’s tiger-like eyes flashed with anger. To him, Demon General Jing Yun was an outstanding person with strong techniques. However, an exceptional subordinate like him had been killed by Ning Fan just now. How could he be not enraged?

But Lu Daochen who was standing in front of him made his expression become gloomy. He could not possibly enter the fire platform to interfere in the battle in Lu Daochen’s presence.

“Hehe. Flame General, please calm your anger. After the generals have stepped into the fire platform, their life and death will be decided by the Heavens. Since those who perished cannot be revived, if you want to blame it on someone, blame it on your own subordinate who was not as good as his opponent…” Lu Daochen blocked Lu Jiefen’s path without letting him take a step forward.

 “Hmmph! Life and death decided by the Heavens… Fine! When your Lu Bei dies later in the hands of the Demon Generals from the Upper World, you, Lu Daochen, shouldn’t think of saving him either!”

Lu Jiefen’s eyes gleamed with cold light. He might not be able to kill Ning Fan with his own hands, but there were still two generals who could avenge Jing Yun on the fire platform.

Blue Flame Grass had been obtained.

Ning Fan raised his whip and pointed at Li Ban with his finger. Wearing a contemptuous look, he asked, “Are you the next one?”

The haughty expression on his face sparked off a new hatred within Li Ban while reminding the latter about the old grudges that had yet to be settled with Ning Fan, causing his heart to burn with wrath.

“Zhou Ming! I have no idea how you escaped death back in Great Jin but today, I will never let you go again. I will make sure you die right in front of me!”

He moved one step forward, but just as he was going to engage Ning Fan, Jin Qun stopped him.

“Let me deal with him!”

The golden-armored Demon General slowly entered the platform. His aura was becoming more and more concentrated.

From the way Ning Fan killed Jing Yun, Jin Qun realized that Ning Fan was indeed a powerful opponent. But he was still confident that he had the means to eliminate him.

“You can’t take on my spear!”

“Do you really think so…” Ning Fan sneered.

“You’re just courting death!”

Jin Qun’s eyes began to be filled with seriousness. Taking a large step forward, his body was gradually covered with golden fur, turning into a golden mastiff with sharp fangs.

He raised his hand into the air and rays of sunlight was absorbed into it, congealing into a dazzling golden spear. Slapping on the back of the spear, it turned into a flash of golden beam, propelling towards Ning Fan’s dantian.

“Demonic technique, Parting Sun Spear!”

The power of this golden spear formed from sunlight was comparable to that of the burning sun. Just now, it nearly killed Lu Qing.

This time, Jin Qun had even transformed into his demon manifestation to thrust the spear, intensifying the might of it and making it a few times stronger than the previous one.

Facing the incoming spear, Ning Fan’s gaze turned solemn for the first time. He summoned grey-colored flames on his palm and directly blocked against the tip of the spear.

Its temperature was as hot as the scorching sun. Within seconds, the skin on his palm was burnt.

Fortunately, it was just a wound on his physical body. With the help of his demon blood, it was recovered immediately.

He then used his palm to catch the spear following its momentum. With a speed akin to lightning, he held on to the tip of the spear and moved backwards for three steps to offset the force of propulsion.

His eyes began to appraise the spear.

The reason why it is so powerful is because it was conjured using the power of sunlight. Among the other demonic techniques of the same level, this technique is definitely peerless.

In order to break this technique, I must first extract the power of True Yang from within! [Lit: Yang = the sun]

“There’s a sun in the Northern Sea named Yin Rong and there’s thunder in the Northern Sea named Lei Tong…”

Recalling the mysterious incantations taught by Luo You in the past, Ning Fan recited it silently within his heart. Gradually, he felt that his palm which was encircled by grey flames was eroding the power of sunlight.

A great shock was felt in Jin Qun’s heart.

The temperature of the spear was extremely horrifying. Even Jin Qun knew that if he were the one who took the spear head-on with his own physical body, he would surely be burnt into ashes.

Ever since Jin Qun learned this demonic technique, he made huge contributions to his race by killing his enemies relying on that technique alone for countless times, though it would still be warded off by some experts. However, even ordinary experts who had achieved the Golden Body Refining Realm would not dare to directly confront the sunlight in their golden body form. They would at most use their demonic techniques to offset the power of Jin Qun’s spear.

Like Lu Qing, it was a vain attempt for him to directly take on the golden spear with his physical body which had attained the Jade Life Realm. As a result, one of his arms was burnt to nothingness.

But currently, Ning Fan had actually blocked this spear with just his palm!

What is that grey flame enveloping his palm? A demonic flame that is strong enough to withstand the scorching heat of sunlight… Could it be a Sixth Grade Spiritual Flame?!

Before he could figure it out, he saw Ning Fan grasping the golden spear and stopped its momentum after just retreating for three steps.

In his vision, Ning Fan seemed to have displayed some kind of secret art that was able to diminish the power of sunlight within the spear!

As the power of the spear was drawn away, half of an illusory star gradually congealed on his glabella.

Even though the star was yet to be in its complete form, it had already contained a remarkable ability called Yin Rong! (Lit: Eroding Yin)

The first star he congealed was an elemental star while the second star he congealed came with a unique ability.

After entering into the Secret Realm of the Broken World, Ning Fan had devoured innumerable demon blood. Under the nourishment of those demonic blood, his body refining realm had already achieved the borderline of advancing into the Second Level.

Shortly after the half of the second star was congealed, the barrier of his body refining realm broke through as well…

“Yin Rong… Using the thunder power of absolute yin to erode the sun… Although it has yet to completely congeal, the power of this eroding yin is exactly the natural restraint for all techniques that uses the power of the sun!”

The grey flame on his palm vanished. What replaced it was traces of blood-red lightning bolt.

Within a few breaths, there was a tremendous change happening within his body. After breaking through the barrier of his body refining realm, his current body refining realm advanced into the Second Level of Jade Life Realm!

Besides, on his glabella, there was already one and a half star!


All of his fingers gripped tightly and the spear cracked and fell apart, turning into broken fragments that shined with bright golden light!

Among the broken fragments, Ning Fan took a step forward, flapping his wings and vanishing in a cloud of smoke. In a flash, he had already appeared in front of Jin Qun, throwing a punch at him.

There was nothing fancy about this punch. It was just a simple punch with blood-red lightning flashes. Even so, it was enough to cause Jin Qun’s face to be filled with dread.

“What is that lightning?! It seems to be meant for neutralizing any ability using sunlight! The strength of this punch…It can’t be wrong…It’s the strength of a cultivator with Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm! This punch is equal to a single strike of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert!”

Jin Qun hurriedly moved all his fingers to perform hand seals. His body emanated a dazzling ray of golden light and transformed into a golden mastiff. With his mouth wide open, he pounced towards Ning Fan.

“Demonic technique, Wood Crushing Golden House!”

As he changed his hand seals, his golden mastiff head split into tens of such head with each and every one of them radiating bright golden light.

However, all the clones of the golden mastiff were conjured using the power of the sun. As long as they came into contact with the blood-red lightning, every one of them shrieked in pain and was strangely melted away, being absorbed by the blood-red lightning as its power.

Divine thunder of absolute Yin, eroding the power of the sun!

“It’s bad. I can’t evade it!”

That punch accurately landed on his chest. His golden armor broke apart; his ribs, fractured.

Moreover, the punch was just like a lightning strike, violently tearing apart his internal organs after landing on his body.


In the incident where the World Passage collapsed, he did not suffer a single injury at all. However, after receiving a single blow from Ning Fan, he actually coughed out blood!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Measurement :
    a. li (里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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