Grasping Evil - Chapter 261(2)

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Jin Qun was pushed backwards for a thousand zhang* after receiving Ning Fan’s punch. With much effort, he stabilized himself. His eyes were filled with bewilderment.

How could I, a dignified Demon General from the Upper World, be defeated by a mere insignificant demon from the mortal world?!

“Blood Ignition!”

He had just awakened a complete drop of the Golden Mastiff Bloodline. Now, however, in order to win against Ning Fan, he chose to incinerate it.

In the province, each of the demons gasped in surprise. They had never expected that Jin Qun, who was a member of the Golden Mastiff Race, would be cornered to a point of burning his own immemorial demon bloodline by Ning Fan in just a brief moment.

After igniting his demon bloodline, Jin Qun’s body seemed to have transformed into glaring sunlight. Moving a step forward, his entire body disappeared on his original spot, leaving only his golden afterimage.

The increase in speed he temporarily obtained from sacrificing his demon blood was definitely able to rival Ning Fan in his demon wings!

Just as Jin Qun vanished, Ning Fan raised his eyebrows and his lips curved into a mocking smile.

The purple star within his left eye gleamed, allowing him to see through Jin Qun’s attack at a glance. He moved backwards for nine steps, charging the grand force of heaven and earth on the tip of his feet from each of the steps. When the ninth step landed on the ground, he lifted his foot and stomped the fire platform, pulverizing it!

At the same moment, below Ning Fan’s foot, a golden mastiff’s head drilled out from the ground. He was trying to sneak attack Ning Fan from underground.

However, before he could successfully ambush Ning Fan, the strength of the nine steps which was sharpened into becoming the sword of heaven and earth and the physical strength of Second Level of Jade Life Realm were all delivered unto Jin Qun’s demon body.

The power of this stomp was filled with tremendous sword qi. Countless blood-red lightning flashed around his foot.

With the ground below his foot as the center, countless rifts were formed along the platform to the sky in all directions. Under that stomp, Jin Qun’s demon body was pulverized into blood mist. Even his demon soul was grievously injured under that attack!

The fire platform reformed!

He stepped on Jin Qun’s demon soul with his foot on top of the platform. His eyes stared down at the miniature demon soul, as if he was looking down at an inconsequential being.

That look of contempt on Ning Fan’s face scarred Jin Qun’s pride, infuriating the latter. However, he could not even move a single muscle as he was being pinned down like a dead dog under Ning Fan’s foot in his demon soul form.

Jin Qun was enraged, completely enraged!

“Lu Bei! Lu Bei! If you dare to hurt me, one day when you ascend to the Immortal Demon World, the seniors of my race will kill you for sure to avenge me! I am a Demon General from the Upper World! If you dare to kill me, just wait for you and nine generations of your family to be massacred and annihilated! Now, I am giving you a chance. Let me go, kowtow to me ten thousand times and surrender in this battle! Then I will have mercy on you and spare your life!”

Jin Qun was extremely conceited!

It was because he was confident that Ning Fan was not bold enough to kill him! Besides, he was different from Jing Yun. Jing Yun was a Demon General from the Pure Flame Tribe. His supporter was just the Pure Flame Tribe. There would be no big deal in killing him. However, Jin Qun was backed by the entire Golden Mastiff Race!

Killing one mastiff would be equivalent to offending ten thousand mastiffs! Therefore, he was sure that Ning Fan would be afraid in taking his life!

Hearing Jin Qun’s wild and arrogant tone, the killing intent within Ning Fan’s eyes became more intense. But he did not immediately crush Jin Qun to death. On the contrary, he lifted his head and laughed at the sky while fearlessly staring at Lu Jiefen.

Then he shifted his gaze towards the entire province below him and spoke with a thunderous voice.

“This demon, Jin Qun, might be a demon from the Immortal World. He might be a member of the Golden Mastiff Race. But he has brought troubles to our Luo Yun Tribe, harmed Lu Qing and even threatened all of us… Shouldn’t a criminal like him deserve some punishment?!”

That question swept across the province like a typhoon.

Shouldn’t Jin Qun deserve some punishment?!

Before Ning Fan voiced out that question, no one dared to hurt the generals from the Immortal Demon World even if they ceremoniously humiliated the Honorable Demon General in the province.

However, after Ning Fan blocked the golden spear with his palm, crushed the golden light with his punch and stepped on Jin Qun with his foot, his commendable power and valor had ignited the righteousness within every last one of the demons of the Luo Yun Tribe. His influence enabled the mortal demons who had grown used to resigning themselves to adversity and behave in a lowly demeanor to finally vent out all the discontentment within their hearts!

So what if they are Demon Generals from the Immortal World…

Why are they more superior than us?!

“Based on the teachings of the Demon Ancestor, the men of the demon race shall not fear the heavens nor the earth…So why do we even have to fear the Demon Generals from the Upper World?!”

“Demon General Bei, please execute this evil demon to establish he might of our Luo Yun Tribe and take revenge for me!” Lu Qing who had lost one of his arms shouted with great passion.

While pressing his wounds with the other hand, his eyes glared angrily at Jin Qun, feeling extremely pleased with what he was seeing.

After his words, a chant echoed throughout the entire province like a tidal wave.




A satisfying smile appeared on Lu Daochen’s face.

“This Lu Bei is rather prudent… Knowing that killing the Demon Generals from the Immortal World is a heavy crime, he is still afraid that I might set him up even though the life and death contracts had been signed. Therefore, he ignited the anger within the demons of the Luo Yun Tribe, binding all of them with him by filling them with a common hatred… Since Jing Yun had blinded Lu Zhan’s eye, he avenged him by poking both of Jing Yun’s eyes to blindness. On the other hand, Jin Qun cut off Lu Qing’s arm, he crushed his demonic body… Destroying Jin Qun’s demonic body is equivalent to establishing a blood feud with him. Therefore, Lu Bei will of course finish Jin Qun off, so that he doesn’t leave trouble for himself in the future. But before he kills Jin Qun, he deliberately prompted Lu Qing to speak and planting the seed of hatred within the Luo Yun demons… This person also intends to share the crime of killing Jin Qun with the entire Luo Yun Tribe… He really is a crafty and cautious person…”

The chant became louder and faster, reverberating through the whole province.

At this moment, Ning Fan lowered his gaze and coldly stared at Jin Qun.

From Ning Fan’s gaze, Jin Qun who was originally proud and conceited felt death was slowly approaching him.

The coldness from his gaze would make one’s skin tighten up and shiver all over even though it was not cold…

The ferocity in his gaze would make one unable to breath, wheezing arduously for air…

This Lu Bei wants to kill me?! Why? How come?! Unless he is a fool, no one would dare to kill me, knowing perfectly well that I am a member of a True Spirit Race!

Fear began to creep into Jin Qun’s heart.

He was afraid now!

He felt like his background, his supporter and the qualifications that allowed him to act in a disdainful demeanor were all ridiculous jokes in front of Ning Fan.

He is a madman! A MADMAN!!

Doesn’t he think about the consequences of killing a person?!

“Lu…General Lu, let’s… talk properly…” Under the sound of the thunderous chant, Jin Qun’s demon soul trembled in fear.

“I have nothing to say anymore… Die!”

He lifted his foot and brutally stomped on Jin Qun, completely squashing his demon soul!

He then opened his mouth, swallowed the demon soul including the blood mist into his abdomen.

It’s such a pity that I didn’t search his soul first. Or else I will have known quite a lot of secrets about the Upper World.

However, in a situation like this, Ning Fan did not have the time to calm his heart down and slowly search one’s soul.

If he didn’t kill Jin Qun’s demon soul without any hesitation, the chances of killing him would slip away if Lu Jiefen decides to intervene and save him…

One of the Demon Generals form the Immortal Demon World had been defeated!

At the moment when he was finally killed, the demons in the province let out deafening cheers.

“General Bei is mighty!”

Actually, the demon race should never be restricted by the ranks in the first place.

A demon who did not have a fearless and indomitable spirit was never qualified to be a demon to begin with!

In the cheers of the crowd, Yao Fei’s face revealed more awe and admiration.

“Spirit King… If it wasn’t because His Majesty was being plotted against and suffered a severe injury until today, perhaps His Majesty might also be as awe-inspiring as him in the Immortal Demon World…His Majesty would never have allowed the True Spirit Races like the Dragon Race to behave like this…”

After obtaining Jin Qun’s storage pouch, Ning Fan scanned through it and found a volume of cultivation method among the numerous items within. It recorded a Mid- Grade Spirit Severing Realm demonic technique, Parting Sun Spear…

The spear of sunlight was not weak. For Ning Fan who had yet to learn any powerful demonic techniques, it was quite a good choice. After all, not every demon knew about the incantations of Yin Rong... (Lit: Eroding Yin)

Half of the second divine star on his glabella was congealed. The ability that contained within him was Yin Rong! (Lit: Eroding Yin)

Besides, within the battle, his body refining realm had broken through the bottleneck, advancing into the Second Level of Jade Life Realm!

Now, Ning Fan walked towards Li Ban step by step as a tremendous Baleful Qi seethed within him.

As for Li Ban, he unknowingly retreated half a step!

His mind was in a chaotic situation as if it was buffeted by a storm surge!

“He really is Zhou Ming… that Harmonious Spirit Realm ant that was unable to withstand a single blow?! Today, he has already gotten so terrifyingly strong!”

In the meantime, Li Ban did not notice that his palms were already dripping with cold sweat!

His pride might not allow him to fear an ant from the mortal world but his body was shuddering in fear uncontrollably!

I will lose… I will lose…

If I fight him on my own, I will never be his match. I will end up getting killed!

As such, don’t blame me for being mean!

“Demon partners, in formation!”

He slapped on his storage pouch with a malicious expression, traces of demon shadows emerged on the fire platform, surrounding Ning Fan in the center.

Hundreds of demons were all emanating Nascent Soul Realm qi!

However, each and every one of the demons had the bodies of beasts. They were not demon partners in human form like the Wind Demoness and Flower Demoness. Instead, they were his demon beast partners…

“This Li Ban has so many demon partners?!” Lu Daochen’s eyes shined with surprise. A Demon General from the Upper World would be considered an extraordinary being for having tens of demon partners.

Demons partners were actually the servants that were arranged for the generals by their race.

Having so many demon partners under his possession was enough to prove how important Li Ban was to his race in the Immortal Demon World…

Aside from that, Lu Daochen had also heard about the ten Demon Generals from the Upper World who arrived at the Second World. Among them, the general with the highest cultivation level was Wang Xiao, who had attained the Late Spirit Severing Realm.

On the other hand, among the ten of them, the one who was thought to be the most highly of by their own races was Li Ban!

But before he had even fought Ning Fan, he called out hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm demon partners. It was an act of showing his weakness while at the same time, reflecting how crooked he was…

“This demon’s identity is rather unique… I wonder if Lu Bei is daring enough to kill him like Jin Qun… If he doesn’t possess that courage, I’m afraid he won’t be qualified enough to stand on the Star of the Celestial Emperor, let alone save Demon Marshal Lu…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Measurement :
    a. li (里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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