Grasping Evil - Chapter 262 (1)

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Stone Warrior could not feel calm in his heart.

After being summoned to the Fire Stage for no reason, he had to face two massive Wild Beasts and a Demon General. Even though Stone Warrior was born to fight, his heart sank facing his current foes.

He did not know why Ning Fan would have to deal with such enemies. 

He only knew that the eyes of the dragon beasts were brimming with killing intent. If he chooses not to fight today, there would not be a favourable ending for all of them.

“Stone Warrior, the blood dragon is yours…Wei Liang, you will deal with the black dragon… Take this sword with you…’

He seemed to be worried about Wei Liang’s safety. He touched his glabella and took out a sword shadow which gleamed with starlight. Afterwards, he passed it to the female corpse.

The female corpse nodded her head obediently. She did not show any resistance towards Ning Fan’s order.

Sensing the killing intent exposed by the black dragon towards Ning Fan, the female corpse’s presence emanated a trace of majesticness befitting of a former daughter of the Celestial Emperor. 

“How dare you…”

The female corpse took a step forward after she finished her words. She held the sword with one hand while holding a needle with the other. Bending one of her fingers inward, she shot out the immortal needle towards the black dragon. As it flew, it transformed into a chilling light and rushed straight at the dragon, making the arrogant look on the black dragon’s face change. 

‘A sword with Spirit Seals! And the Immortal Soul Ice Needle of the Ancient Heavenly Court!’

All of a sudden, the shadow of the black dragon flashed, but it still could not escape from the chilling light. The needle pierced straight into its immortal veins, going after its dantian. As for the female corpse, she turned into a moss-green light shadow. Taking a light step forward as if she was stepping on top of a lotus, she appeared right beside the black dragon.

Just as it suppressed the sneak attack of the immortal needle, it saw the female corpse had already approached it. It’s eyes shone with a ferocious light and quickly clawed at the chest of the female corpse.

That claw attack was able to grievously injure an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert. However, when it landed in front of the female corpse, she merely raised her hands in which her nails grew longer turning into claws as fast as lightning and collided with the claw of the black dragon. Under the impact of a massive force, the female corpse did not even move a single step backwards but the black dragon suffered a terrible repulsive force, causing serious internal injuries to it... With just a claw, the female corpse had torn down the black dragon’s claw.

However, a moment later, the claw of the black dragon reformed through a cloud of black shadow again. It seemed like it was immune to physical attacks.

The black dragon gritted its teeth to bear the severe pain. Its pupils dilated in dread. The strength of the refined corpse in front of it was comparable to a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert’s while the defense of her body was almost similar to that of a Late Spirit Severing Realm expert. The sharpness of her nails from the previous attack was probably equivalent to a common Spirit Treasure!   

Without giving the dragon any time to retreat, the female corpse raised her hand that held the sword and slashed the other claw of the dragon. The black dragon gave out a painful wail! 

In a flash, the Mid Spirit Severing Realm black dragon was seriously hurt by the female corpse!

Especially the sword shadow which gleamed with starlight... The black dragon noticed that it was a treasure engraved with Spirit Seals. However, he failed to notice that there were actually over 7000 “Sharpness” Spirit Seal engraved on the sword, making it peerlessly sharp!

Its sharpness was enough to cut half of its demon body into pieces that was solidified under the blood mist.

However, what made it feel especially surprised was that the other  half of its illusory demon soul was injured by this sword too.

One should know that the black dragon was the body of the sinful dragon that was only left with its demon soul at first. But it would be impossible to grievously hurt its demon soul which was nourished under the power of the True Spirit Dragon Blood with anything other than using an Immemorial Divine Weapon.

This sword was definitely an Immemorial Divine Weapon forged using the  Immemorial Stars!

On the gash in its claw, there was an invisible flame which started to burn the demon soul of the black dragon.  

It was Soul Burning, an ability added onto weapons using spirit augmentation!

“, then...die!”

The female corpse wore a fierce look and immediately dashed towards the black dragon to follow up with another attack.

Within just a brief moment, the black dragon was already in a life-threatening situation.

The blood dragon was shocked by the aggressiveness of the female corpse. It felt like the female corpse was not cutting the claws of the black dragon but its own claws instead. 

Before the blood dragon could initiate an attack towards Ning Fan, Stone Warrior took a step forward, turning into a mountain giant. The following step he made trampled upon the demon soul of the blood dragon!

The strength of that step caused the demon soul of the blood dragon to disperse into blood light. At the next moment, the demon soul recondensed, but the eyes of the dragon was boiling with anger.

“How dare a spiritual puppet of the mortal world injure my dragon soul?!  You are courting death!”

“Mortal world?! Who told you that I’m a puppet from the mortal world? During the ‘World War’, I’ve also killed several True Wild Beasts of the Blood Dragon Race! You are not my match! Gui Technique, Seven Kills! ”

Seven blood-red stars appeared in the sky and fell upon the ground in seven blood-red flashes.

Under the blood flashes, there was a drastic change on the face of the blood dragon. It could not stop evading the incoming blood-red beams. 

This Gui Technique was a natural restraint to every race associated with blood!

This dragon was a sinful dragon of the Blood Dragon Race which became attached to the Thunder Dragon clan. However, in the eyes of Stone Warrior, it was just the remaining evil element of a blood dragon which was not even worth paying attention to.

Li Ban was completely shocked!

For a steady victory, he called out the black dragon and blood dragon. Unfortunately, these two Wild Beasts were suppressed by the female corpse and spiritual puppet that were summoned by Ning Fan to the point where they had no power to retaliate at all!

What is that puppet? He’s really strong. A strong being like him should not exist in the mortal world!

What is that refined corpse? Facing the Mid Spirit Severing Realm Wild Beast,  she could rip the shoulder of the dragon apart and cut the black dragon’s claw using the sword without suffering any injuries at all…

However, Li Ban did not have much time to think about the strangeness of the corpse and the puppet.

Because Ning Fan was already approaching him step by step, seething with killing intent!

Every one of the steps he made revealed a Late Spirit Severing Realm aura force making Li Ban suffocate.

Each of the steps he made activated the prestige of his royal bloodline, creating a burning sensation within Li Ban’s immemorial dragon bloodline. Both of his knees grew weak. At that point of time, there was a thought in his mind - to kneel down and surrender!

“I am the descendant of the Thunder Dragon! How can I surrender?! Demon technique, Sea of Blood!”

As Li Ban performed the hand seals, the blood mist which was formed from his dead demon partners within the fire platform was sucked into his body.

His red hair was floating in the wind while the bloody scales covering his body became darker. Tremendous Violent Qi surrounded him!

Demonic technique, Sea of Blood!

In the past, Li Ban slaughtered every living being within Jiang Zhou City and nearly killed Ning Fan with this technique.

As Li Ban pointed his finger at Ning Fan, a ray of blood light turned into countless gleaming rain and fell from the sky.

Moreover, some of the rain droplets drifted towards the Luo Yun Province. Any demons that were stained by the blood-red droplets would perish at once even if they were at the Late Nascent Soul Realm.

The power of this blood rain had become more powerful than before. Apparently, Li Ban’s demon power had improved a lot compared to the past.

However, when this blood rain droplets fell in front of Ning Fan, their movements were stopped by him with just a glance. None of them were able to fall upon Ning Fan’s body, let alone melt his physical defense.

He suddenly raised his head with his long black hair dancing in the wind with his eyes that looked like those of an emperor.

“Blood rain…It’s ridiculous! Do I allow you to fall down? Go back! ”

As his voice fell, the blood rain which was conjured using demonic technique seemed to be fearful of Ning Fan and did not dare to fall again!

Besides, under Ning Fan’s gaze which was imbued with the Divine Intent of Rain, the rain droplets were all flying back into the sky, disappearing without a trace.

“Divine Intent of Rain! Your comprehension towards this Divine Intent has almost reached the level of ‘turning intent into technique’! ”

Li Ban’s countenance changed greatly. The mere Nascent Soul Realm ant before him had actually comprehended a Divine Intent and he was already able to turn his intent into technique. With just a thought, he was able to cause the rain to fall; with just a glance, he was able to command the rain to reverse their motion and rise against the sky!

Li Ban’s technique was cancelled itself without even being attacked. Ning Fan did not even move his hand as well.

In the past when Ning Fan faced this technique, he had to endure it arduously while displaying every possible techniques he had in order to survive. Now, however, he was already strong enough to negate this technique merely using a glance and a thought.

Turning intent into technique!

Li Ban might have comprehended the Demon Intent of Blood Carp but he had yet to learn the Demon Intent of the Thunder Dragon…

His current demon intent was not only weaker than Ning Fan’s Rain Intent in the aspect of grade but also in terms of the depth of comprehension towards his own intent.

“No! It is impossible! There is no way I am weaker than you!”

Li Ban was unable to accept this fact.

However, if Li Ban knew that Ning Fan also possessed the Devil Intent of Evil Luo Mountain which had a higher grade than his Divine Intent of Rain, he would have gone crazy!

As Ning Fan was getting closer and closer towards Li Ban, the tension within Li Ban’s heart was getting stronger and stronger. 

Li Ban clenched his fist so hard that his nails dug into the skin of his palm causing his hand to drip with fresh blood.

Reluctant. He was reluctant to lose to a mere ant!

He pressed against his glabella and ruthlessly pull out a silver long whip which flashed with lightning..

After tens of years of cultivation, Li Ban had already recovered the original manifestation of the Dragon Tendon using a secret technique after it was cut into half by Ning Fan in the past. 

With the Dragon Tendon in his hand, Li Ban seemed like he was holding a silver thunder whip. As he swung the whip towards Ning Fan, thunder clapped and wind gushed ruthlessly.

At the same time, Ning Fan also raised his hand, wielding his Spirit Crushing Whip and swung it towards Li Ban’s silver thunder whip.


The Spirit Crushing Whip was merely refined from half of the Dragon Tendon. However, after the refinement done by Ning Fan himself, the spirit augmentation performed by Lu Wan’er using her blood essence and the multiple times of tempering by the Heavenly Tribulation of Blood Lightning, how could Li Ban’s silver whip still match his?

As the blood-red whip got into contact with the silver whip, a hundred strikes landed successively onto the silver whip, breaking it apart. Li Ban immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood and suffered a heavy blow. His eyes, however, widened in madness as if he had completely lost his sanity.

“Impossible! Impossible! How can my dragon tendon be refined into such supreme treasure after it got into your hands?”

“This treasure, I want it back! This dragon tendon, I want to refine it back into my body. Then, I will be able to attain the Mid Spirit Severing Realm very soon!”

Li Ban acted in an abnormal manner as if he was possessed by an evil spirit. With a slap on his storage pouch, he took out an ancient and broken blood-red sword.

Holding that blood sword in his hand, a desolate and ferocious qi spread in all directions. Even Lu Daochen and Lu Jiefen who were outside of the fire platform had their hearts palpitate with anxiety.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel.  


  1. Measurement :
    a. li (里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm
    d. cun(寸) = 3.33cm

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