Grasping Evil - Chapter 272 (1)

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Zhihe stayed at the Ning Family’s house and Ning Qian accompanied her in the room.

Outside the house, Ning Fan was sitting slantingly on the back of a black ox while holding a willow whip in his hands. His gaze was calm and tranquil.

His physical body might look weak and thin, but his presence made the black ox not dare to show any resistance nor frustration towards him.

Having the royal bloodline of Fu Li had made every demon to evade him. The black ox which was not even a demon naturally would not dare to provoke Ning Fan.

Carpenter Wang knew about his daughter’s decision. After letting out a few sighs, he gave up the intention of stopping her.

However, the Wu’s family seemed to have sent quite a lot of ruffians and rascals from the local county town to the Ning Village with the intention of causing trouble to the village in a large group.

Most of them carried weapons and they surrounded the bamboo fence that encircled the Ning Family’s house. They even had someone carry fire torches and claimed that if the Nings does not release Zhihe, they would then set the house on fire.

“Hehe, if you still do not release the person we want, we will deal with you using the hard way… I heard that this Ning Fan’s mother, Ning Qian was once a peerless beauty of this village. Although her age has exceeded 30, her charm still remains. The Lord wants Zhihe so we dare not lay a finger on her. But for this Ning Qian…hehe”

Each and every one of the ruffians was unruly in nature.

Nevertheless, they did not know that they were nothing in front of Ning Fan who was truly a lawless person.

Every insult they spat made Ning Fan’s gaze become colder. At the moment when his eyes shone with cold-piercing light, he charged forward with the black ox and wielded the willow whip in his hand!

The shadow of a whip being wielded was cast over the ground, but it seemed to be divided into hundreds of shadows in an instance, whipping on the bodies of the gang of scoundrels at the same time.

It was clearly a whip made of willow and yet, the pain inflicted on one’s body by it was more intense as compared to an iron bar!


The ruffians’ screams of agony reverberated to the whole village. making all the livestock in the village make noise and cry out of that sudden surprise!

Ning Fan did not kill any person… For the past eight years, for the past 96 months, he was living a dull and harmonious life just to cultivate the heart to ask for the Dao. If he kills someone and allows bloodshed to influence his mind, his heart of asking for the Dao would shatter due to his intent to kill.  He then could no longer stay in this illusory realm.

The time to spend with his mum would then come to an end...

Moreover, Ning Qian is just a mortal female in this mirage. If she sees me killing people, will she fear me afterwards… 

“In order to stay with my mother for a few more days, I’ll spare your inconsequential lives for now… Interesting. It’s really beyond my expectation that there will be a day when I, Ning Fan will choose not to kill someone! However, even if I don’t kill you, I want you all to feel fear and remorse!”

Ning Fan’s gaze fell on the scoundrel who assailed his mother with obscenities just now and his eyes flashed with absolute ferocity.

With a flick of his finger,  he crushed the willow whip splitting the leaves from its body.  Each of them turned into green, razor-sharp blades and pierced right through their mouths  and cut off their tongues!


Every ruffian felt excruciating pain as if it was drilling into their hearts. Moreover, none of them was able to utter a single word anymore because every single one of them had become mute, losing their ability to speak after having their tongues cut!

All the ruffian looked at Ning Fan’s direction in unison afterwards and confoundedly prostrated themselves on the ground before Ning Fan. The technique that Ning Fan used to cut their tongues using only the willow leaves had made them be stricken with fear!

It’s a demonic technique! This Ning Fan isn’t a person! He is a demon!

No! We must not provoke him... even if we have a thousand guts! How can we, the humans fight a demon monster like him?! 

Moreover, every single member among the gang of ruffians had never seen any demon who could kill someone using just willow leaves before despite living for countless years. 

Even if there were some little demons that occasionally appeared in the rural county, they could at most possess one’s spirit, create some minor disturbance in the residence or just cause one to feel uneasy to sleep or eat. 

Those who could act outrageously and kill people at his whim must be a competent expert with powerful means!

Unfortunately, even though they had known the secret about Ning Fan being a “demon”, they would not be daring enough to spread the news even if their ability to speak still remains. 

The gang of men quickly ran away and went back to the country town as if their lives depended on it. Seven days later, at the Wu’s House in the eastern county, Wu Dongnan’s expression was seething with anger when he looked at 47 ruffians who was personally kept by him had their tongues cut off!

“What happened?! Weren’t you guys supposed to rob the bride? Why did all of you end up losing your tongues? Who is so audacious to offend me, Wu Dongnan in the land of the eastern county!”

Each and every one of the ruffians was completely terrified by Ning Fan’s demonic technique. The only ruffian among the gang who knew how to write a few words managed to write nine words on a piece of paper with much effort.

Ning Fan is a demon. Do not offend him!

“Demon? Ridiculous! A decent man will never talk about supernatural or superstitious things. It is impossible to have so many demons in the world. Alright, maybe Ning Fan is an expert of martial arts. Rumor has it that if a martial artist has cultivated to a very profound realm, he would also be able to kill people using leaves… Hmmph, this time I will personally invite Coach Hong to go into action. It won’t be difficult to bring down this Ning Fan… However, I shall also invite Immortal Master Zhuge as well to join him. Just in case if he is really a demon, that Taoist master will be able to handle him…”

Three days later, after paying them a visit, treating them a feast and giving them some gifts, Wu Dongnan managed to get help from Coach Hong and Immortal Master Zhuge who were very prominent in the county.

The former who was in his forties was a martial arts expert. He had strong inner force while his temple was high and bulging. His mastery in using hidden weapons was so profound that he had reached the stage of killing people by just using leaves. When he heard that there was a young expert in Ning’s village, he immediately replied in a scornful tone.

“Mister Wu, you can rest assured. This person might have good talents and understand the secret technique of ‘Flying Leaves Murder’ but he is still just a 16-years-old boy. No matter how good his talent might be, it is impossible for him to have stronger inner force than me. In other words, he might be good when he fights against normal people but in front of me, he isn’t even worth mentioning!”

Immortal Master Zhuge snorted coldly and sneered.

“So what if one is an expert in the world of martial arts if he does not know there are actually immortals in the world… Although I am just a 4th Level Vein Opening Realm cultivator, I can eliminate three to five mortal experts with ease…This matter does not need Coach Hong to act. I alone will suffice ! With just a fire talisman, he will be turned into ashes!”

The words that Coach Hong and Immortal Master Zhuge spoke were clearly directed against each other. Apparently, they must have some conflicts prior to this.

When Wu Dongnan noticed that the conversation was growing more intense, he immediately soothed the atmosphere with some kind words. Even so, his words were filled with the intention to kill. .

“Coach Hong and Immortal Master Zhuge, please remember that Ning Fan is truly a demon!”

Wu Dongnan insisted Ning Fan’s identity as demon. Therefore, it would not be going against the law of the Yue Country if Ning Fan is killed.

Upon hearing his words, Coach Hong and Immortal Master Zhuge immediately caught the underlying meaning of his words and they coldly smirked as they exchanged glances with each other.

For promising to help Wu Dongnan out, the two of them were given a hundred silver coins each.

It was just a custom to help one mitigate his ill fortune after receiving the pay. Now, after insisting that Ning Fan was a demon, they felt delighted and relieved since it would not be guilty to kill him!

In a formidable array, a group of men went out from the county town in the name of eliminating demons.

When they reached the entrance of the Ning’s village, they saw Ning Fan riding an ox out from it with a willow whip in his hands. His frigid cold gaze scanned through the crowd.

“This person is Ning Fan!” A young manservant who was responsible in leading the way pointed at the young man riding on the ox and yelled.

As soon as Coach Hong and Immortal Master Zhuge heard that, they stared at Ning Fan from top to bottom. After confirming that this young man was only fifteen or sixteen years old, they revealed a greedy look and each of them wanted to become the first person to kill him and obtain the merits.

At the end of the day, Coach Hong’s steps were still bigger and faster than Immortal Master Zhuge. With a fearsome and frightful appearance like that of a tiger, he reprimanded with a big knife in his hand.

“Demon Ning Fan, come down and die!”

“Just you?”

Ning Fan’s gaze became even more cold-blooded. Suddenly, rays of blood light encircled his body and his killing intent surged drastically.

At this moment, those whose eyes met his gaze felt their knees weaken and knelt on the ground, trembling and shivering in fear.

Immortal Master Zhuge’s countenance changed. At the same moment, he was 100% sure that Ning Fan, the young boy in front of him was a cultivator! In fact, he was a cultivator who was countless times more powerful than he was! By just displaying his aura force, he made all his 16 immortal veins break.


He spat out a mouthful of blood while using his fly-whisk to support his body on the ground. Within seconds, he was already overwhelmed with fear and he shifted his gaze to Wu Dongnan angrily.

What a nasty Wu Dongnan! He told me that he was just puny, small thief but it turns out to be such a powerful senior… He is literally luring me to death!

Coach Hong was standing much closer to Ning Fan. As such, he was more sensitive towards Ning Fan’s aura force.

When the power of the blood light charged onto him, his ringed-sword that was forged with fine steel was crushed into powder! Moreover, one of his arms had even been pulverized, turning into blood mist. The agony he felt was utterly unbearable!  

His dantian was destroyed and his five main internal organs seemed to be scorched by fire. Coach Hong felt that his chest seemed to be struck with a heavy blow causing him to fly backwards and crash to the ground.  Afterwards, he could not stand up from the ground anymore. Incessantly, he coughed up blood and his gaze also shifted to Wu Dongnan with hatred.

What is he?!

He is certainly not a martial art practitioner! That attack is not inner force as well. This person really is a demon, a demon that I don’t even dare to provoke even if my life is threatened to do so! 

“Who dares to snatch my wife?!”

Ning Fan uttered in a soft tone but his voice blew up in their ears like countless thunderstrikes. All of them quickly lied prostrating on  the ground.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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