Grasping Evil - Chapter 272 (3)

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Ning Fan’s eyes turned completely clear as he smiled bitterly.

I actually attacked Meng Xuanzi while I was in the middle of comprehending the technique. But luckily, this Immortal Emperor does not seem to be blaming me for it.

Deep inside, he was feeling glad because of the power of that technique.

By displaying it, Ning Fan was confident that he could eliminate a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert with just a finger. Besides, he would even have a slight chance of killing an expert at the Late Divine Transformation. That technique was capable of turning his enemies into flying ashes within the smoke!

248 days passed by. His magic power had increased by 2480 units, amounting to a total of 3495 units!

Besides, after a course of enlightenment, he felt that he could almost complete his Divine Transformation. Now, he was only left with the final step – engraving his name on the Divine Tablet.

“Thank you, Mister Purple Dou…”

Facing the cloud of purple mist in the distance, Ning Fan cupped his fists and muttered.

The Immortal Sovereign should have already died. The master-disciple relationship between Ning Fan and him within the illusory realm was just for the inheritance of a technique.

That is a power that I can’t comprehend for now. But some day, I will surely be able to comprehend it, discern reality from fantasy and grasping the true meaning of samsara.

“Young man, are you interested in ascending to my Void Realm and join my Tablet Master Palace…”

For the first time, Meng Xuanzi took the initiative to offer to keep someone as his disciple!

“Junior already has a master…”

“Really… Then, it’s too bad…” Meng Xuanzi shook his head and sighed. After all, it was more than enough to make that offer once for someone like him. It would be impossible for him to speak the same line for a second time as he would seem to be forcing someone into becoming his disciple.

Without uttering any more words, he held Ning Fan’s shoulder and vanished with a flick of his sleeve. Heaven and earth trembled. The next moment, both of them appeared below the three Divine Tablets.

Since Ning Fan was attaining the Divine Transformation Realm in the aspect of his demon power, he would of course have to carve his name on the demon tablet.

“This is the technique of ‘Congealing Luck into Pen’. Carving your name using this technique would allow you to obtain the blessing from your luck…”

With another flick of his sleeve, a piece of jade slip appeared in front of Meng Xuanzi. Ning Fan grabbed it with his hand and placed it on his glabella.

Within seconds, he had learnt about the technique mentioned by Meng Xuanzi.

As a matter of fact, his luck had already been receiving blessings from the Bell of Samsara. Therefore, he did not think he would need to go through extra steps.

Moreover, there was a trace of purple luck camouflaged by his black-colored luck.

With that first-class luck, if Ning Fan was willing, he could simply carve his purple name on the tablet. However, that straightforward action might receive attention from the True Immortal who plotted against him in the past and allow the latter to know about the secret regarding the change of his luck. If that happens, he would definitely suffer huge losses…

It isn’t worth the candle…


Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and conjured a golden pen. Holding it in his hand, he made a step forward, appearing in front of the Demon Tablet. He lifted his hand, landing the tip of the pen onto the tablet!

A black-colored name emerged – Ning Fan!

“Black-colored?” Meng Xuanzi felt slightly surprised. But a brief moment later, he shook his head, laughing.

“For common beings, if their luck is black in color, they would definitely have no hopes in becoming immortals. But you’re different… Your talent is monstrous and your potential is immeasurable. Even if your luck is black, it might be enough for you to attain immortal ascension… This old man will be waiting for the day when you become an immortal at the Black Tortoise Star. Go now! Hurriedly return to the mortal world and complete your Divine Transformation!”

With a wave of his hand, Meng Xuanzi sent Ning Fan’s consciousness back to the mortal world.

However, just as he was waving his hand, a thought struck him. He took out an item and gave it to Ning Fan as a present.

“Take this item. Treat it as an item from this old man to establish a good relation with you!”

Below the Dragon Pond, Ning Fan had been slumbering for eleven years!

The black dragon which was nearly bored to death was capturing the dark beasts and swallowed them to assimilate them.

As for the partially-decayed dragon corpse of the royal member of the Black Dragon Race, he had already consumed it with great sufferings.

In the past eleven years, he had almost hunted down all the dark beasts of the Dragon Pond. His power was on the verge of breaking through to Half-Step Void Refinement Realm1! When he was consuming the royal bloodline, he had one chance of reawakening the royal bloodline himself. But sympathetically, there was a thin layer of barrier which rendered his one and only attempt a failure…

Within his body, there was still a big chunk of pure demon blood from the dark beasts. The poison contained inside the blood was removed by the black dragon. After eleven years of continuous refinement, he had managed to condense it into a faint golden blood ball the size of a fist.

The black dragon was very confident that he could truly advance into Half-Step Void Refinement Realm once he completely assimilates the entire blood ball!

When the time comes, even if his qi is unstable, even if he does not have a royal bloodline nor a demon body, he would still be regarded as a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being, isn’t he?

He might appear weak among the experts at the same realm as him, but the chances of him defeating a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert aren’t slim too…

Hehe. The Half-Step Void Refinement Realm is a big cultivation gap from that malefic being who is just at the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm…

“Once this Elder Brother breaks through to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, it will be the time for me to try breaking free from the Demon Seal!”

The black dragon sneered coldly.

When I break free from the Demon Seal, I will then be truly free! I don’t have to be afraid of him anymore.

“Then, I will surely subdue this malefic being on the ground, trample upon him and torture him with my Half-Step Void Refinement Realm power!”

“Hey, you, malefic guy, you wait and see. Wait for your Grandfather Black Tooth to erase the Demon Seal and then eat you!”

The black dragon wore a malicious smile on his face. However, at the next moment, that expression on his face hardened, just like a fool who had just woken up from his world of fantasy.

In a lotus position, Ning Fan had been sitting above countless skeleton in silence for a long time.

At that moment, his aura rose drastically. Besides, he emanated a blast of aura force that was overwhelming even for the black dragon, greatly frightening the latter.

It was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force. Moreover, there was a trace of True Immortal’s prestige within it, which made the black dragon’s heart beat with fear.

“This malefic being has succeeded in his Divine Transformation?! How can it be so coincidental?! Aside from that, why has his aura force become Half-Step Void Refinement Realm despite his cultivation level being at the Divine Transformation Realm!”

From just the impact of his aura force, the black dragon felt pain in his dragon body and his breathing became irregular.

The black dragon’s eyes flashed with astonishment. Because at this moment, Ning Fan stabilized his aura and suddenly rose up from the skeletons around him. He kept the gift from Meng Xuanzi and shifted his gaze towards the black dragon in a cold manner.

“You want to subdue me on the ground, trample upon me and torture me?”

His current demon power was at 14750 units while his magic power was at 3495 units with his spirit sense which was now at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

Ning Fan stared at the black dragon with his cold piercing eyes. Ferociously, he activated the Demon Seal and immediately, the black dragon felt the excruciating pain which caused him to wriggle and howl in agony. All the pride and arrogance he had dissipated and what was left within him was just the intention to ask for mercy.

“Master, please have mercy! Please have mercy! This little brother was just joking. I’m just joking…Argh!”


Ning Fan snorted coldly. With a beckon of his hand, he brought the massive black dragon before him. His eyes sparkled.

This black dragon certainly has excellent natural potential. After devouring the dark beasts and the royal dragon corpse, his cultivation level has improved to the peak stage of the Divine Transformation Realm and he nearly awakened the royal bloodline of his race too. However, there seems to be a barrier that hindered him from the breakthrough. Otherwise, his combat power would have increased by a large margin…

In his body, there is also a glob of dark beasts’ blood essence that has been purified with great effort and care. However, it is still yet to be assimilated… If I consume it, not only could I further improve my demon power but also stabilize my new cultivation realm.

Such a great nourishing item is truly hard to find.

“Give me the blood essence of the dark beasts!” Ning Fan ordered indifferently.

“Wha…What?! You want to seize my thing?!”

The black dragon revealed a sorrowful look on his face. But before he could even talk back to Ning Fan, he let out a painful cry.

It was the Demon Seal.

Most likely, the black dragon could not keep the blood essence anymore…

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


1.     Just to remind the sequence of the cultivation level. The following is the sequence of advancement in a cultivation level from the weakest to the strongest.
Let’s take Divine Transformation Realm for example.
-Early Divine Transformation Realm
-Mid Divine Transformation Realm
-Late Divine Transformation Realm
-Peak Divine Transformation Realm
-Half-Step Void Refinement Realm

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