Grasping Evil - Chapter 275 (1)

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Time flew by rapidly and with a blink of an eye, three days had passed. Even so, Ning Fan still had yet to arrive.

There was finally a hint of worry flashing within Lu Daochen’s eyes. According to his understanding of Ning Fan, he knew that the latter would not be late if he said he would come.

However, he had waited for three more days and Ning Fan still had yet to appear...

Perhaps he is being held back by something else. 

“Is it possible that he only found out the bottleneck of the Divine Transformation Realm and began his advancement at this point of time?”

Lu Daochen bitterly smiled. It could not be said that there was no such possibility.

Since there was no appearance of the Heavenly Tribulation, he definitely had no idea whether Ning Fan had succeeded in breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm or not. However, he could tell that something important might have happened which caused Ning Fan to be unable to participate in the first-round selection.

Imperial Concubine Zi and Prince Qu Shun were running out of patience.

They had already given enough face to Lu Daochen as they had waited for three additional days without making a single complaint. Since Lu Bei did not seem to be coming for the match, it would be meaningless to delay any longer.

“Lu Daochen, if you don’t start the battle right now, this fight will be considered cancelled. I will then wipe out the whole Luo Yun Province and seize the map from you with force!” Imperial Concubine Zi’s phoenix eyes1 turned gloomy and her tone was menacing.

“She’s right! Too much time has been wasted in waiting for a mere Nascent Soul Realm ant…” Qu Shun’s uttered coldly.

When the two prominent Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts finally spoke, it immediately caused an uproar among the huge crowd of experts surrounding the arena who took their side.

Lu Daochen gritted his teeth. 

Judging by the situation, the only wise choice I am left with is to announce the commencement of the first match to ease the crowd.   

But if Ning Fan is unable to participate in the first match, he would definitely lose his place to enter the Third World. If he can’t enter the Third World, there is no way my hope will be fulfilled. If my lifelong hope will still end up being dashed, what’s the point of doing all this? 

Lu Daochen did not compromise!

All of a sudden, the atmosphere was filled with hostility, as if a war was about to start.

However, at that critical moment, a cold voice reverberated through the air.

“I have a solution. I wonder whether everyone will be willing to listen!”

The person who talked did not have a loud voice. However, at the very moment the voice echoed, it made all the cultivators who were below the Mid Divine Transformation Realm feel a heavy thump in their Sea of Consciousness, causing everyone’s ears to buzz. His voice resounded without receding for quite a long while.

Countless demon cultivators’ countenances changed and their gazes were all focused at the person who talked. To them, the person who possessed such means was by no means ordinary!

The direction of their gaze was at the seats of the Pure Flame Tribe.

A white-haired demon general who was clad in silver robes was standing with pride and his body emanated a Late Divine Transformation Realm aura force. In a cold tone, he uttered.

“I am Wang Xiao, a Demon General from the Ice Owl Clan! I have a suggestion and I hope that everyone will listen!”

His delivery was straight-forward and decisive, not giving others a chance to retort. In spite of that, he was qualified enough to say those words because of his status!

“What?! He is the leader of the ten generals coming from the Immortal Demon World this time - Wang Xiao, who is also known as General Wang?! He is also a member of the Ice Owl Clan, which is one of the True Spirits Race!”

“I wonder what he will suggest…”

The sounds of discussion filled the crowd. However, after Lu Daochen let out a dry cough, the atmosphere gradually became quiet.

With a frown, Lu Daochen looked at Wang Xiao secretly guessing in his heart what tricks Wang Xiao were trying to play. Since he was not certain, he decided to hear him out.

“I wonder what solution General Wang has in mind?”

“Hehe, I’ve been observing the conflicts that were troubling everyone! The main cause for the conflict is just because of Lu Bei… Cloud General wants Lu Bei to participate in the battle. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s impossible for the one hundred thousand of us to continue waiting endlessly for him who is just a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator… Therefore, I hope that Cloud General must really comply with my suggestion!”

Wang Xiao’s tone was aggressive and forceful, making Lu Daochen’s brows to be more tightly knitted together.

“What’s your suggestion then?”

“Since Lu Bei can’t attend the fight himself, his wife or children can participate on his behalf… According to the Demon Ancestor’s teachings, it also said that ‘If a demon breaks the law, it can be atoned by his wife and children’. Similarly, since this Lu Bei himself can’t come, his family members or relatives can participate in the fight on his behalf. After Lu Bei arrives, he can then take over in place of his family members. In this way, it can save us some time waiting for him!”

Quite a lot of demons nodded their heads in agreement secretly. This was because there was indeed a tradition like that in the demon clan.

A brief moment later, voices of cultivators who agreed with Wang Xiao’s idea began to reverberate in the sky one after another.

“General Wang is right! We have already waited for Lu Bei for three days. We’ve already shown enough respect to the Luo Yun Tribe. Since Lu Bei isn’t coming, let his relative take his place!”

“Please start the first match quickly and stop wasting time! Who is Lu Bei’s relative? Please show yourself quickly! Otherwise, we should just disqualify him!”

Besides, there were many demons of the Luo Yun Tribe who agreed with that suggestion too.

However, nobody was coming forward to replace Ning Fan to participate in the fight.

Only a few among the crowd who understood Lu Bei’s family well, knew that Lu Bei of the Northern Desert City didn’t have any wife or children…

Lu Daochen frowned deeply.

This Wang Xiao’s words seem to be reconciling the disagreement between us but in actuality, he must be up to something...

However, there was not enough time for Lu Daochen to think about Wang Xiao’s intention. It was because the moment his suggestion was voiced out, even Imperial Concubine Zi agreed with him.

As for Qu Shun, he gave Wang Xiao a long look. There was neither joy nor anger on his expression other than a look of disdain.

“Wang Xiao is a person who has an impetuous mood. A person like him would find it difficult to become a powerhouse…Although my status is not as high as him, I’ll be strong enough to compete with experts of the Upper World when I ascend to the Demon World in the future…However, that group of experts will obviously not include Wang Xiao…”

Qu Shun had an unbreakable pride, as if he had been victorious from a thousand wars!

He was the son of the Demon Sovereign in the Demon World. Along his growth, he had been continuously challenging powerful experts and trampling upon their bones after successfully defeating them and moving towards a higher goal.

He was proud, strong and an arrogant person. He looked down on Wang Xiao and also Lu Bei. In fact, there was not even any person in this Land of Slumber who could make him put them in his eyes!

“Prince, this Wang Xiao seems to be a little reckless. The ulterior motive of his plan is unknown. Should we reject his suggestion…” A Divine Transformation Realm servant communicated with Qu Shun using telepathy.

“Never mind! No matter what purpose Wang Xiao has and who his target is, we don’t need to worry … Moreover, his suggestion is quite good. Let Lu Bei’s relative participate in the fight on his behalf, so that we don’t need to waste anymore of our time waiting for him!”

“However, from what I’ve heard, Lu Bei does not have any relatives…”

“It is none of my business whether he has relatives or not!”

Qu Shun suddenly rose up from his seat and released his aura force showing his intention to rob the map if the match is not going to be started right now.

It was an act of intimidation. He wanted to compel Lu Daochen to obey him!

Lu Daochen heaved a deep sigh.

Although the suggestion that was mentioned by Wang Xiao was good, Lu Bei had no relatives to take his place…

“Master, please be at ease. Lu Bei actually has a wife…”

Lu Wan’er who wore a purple robe walked towards Lu Daochen with her sleeves dancing in the air while giving out a whiff of fragrance.

“Huh, you are talking about the two Gold Core Realm demon servants he left in his residence? You want to let them replace him in the battle?” Lu Daochen helplessly shook his head.  The Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness did not have sufficient cultivation level to participate in the match. It was pointless for them to come at all.

“No, they don’t have sufficient cultivation level but I, Lu Wan’er have… I am Lu Bei’s wife!”

Lu Wan’er smiled and flew into the air as if she was walking on lotuses. On her back, a pair of attractive phoenix wings burning with purple flames grew.

Every footstep she made was light and delicate. Fragrance permeated the air while purple flames glowed on her back.

Originally, the beauty of her appearance was already able to cause the world to topple. However, after she activated her phoenix wings, her presence was enhanced with a touch of elegance startling every demon cultivator present.

What a beautiful woman! She’s just like a phoenix fairy that descended to the mortal world!

Despite her magnificent appearance, she also has the affectionate look of a fox fairy!

It was a kind of contrasting beauty. She had a baby face with a temperament of a matured woman. While her expression was frigid cold, an inextinguishable passion which was blazing like wild flames hid beneath it. Her eyes did not glance at any other men, as there was always a figure hidden in her heart…

“Lu Bei has a wife and that person is me. I am willing to take his place to participate in the first match!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Phoenix’s eyes are also known as Red Phoenix eyes. It’s a pair of eyes shape in which the outer corners of the eyes inclined upwards. They are considered striking, alluring and beautiful. (Source from Immortal Mountain

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