Grasping Evil - Chapter 275 (2)

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Her Late Nascent Soul Realm aura gradually dispersed. Her Peak Profound Earth Grade phoenix wings had sparked the interest within countless experts. Qu Shun and Imperial Concubine Zi were surprised by the spiritual equipment she possessed!

Because even they would find it difficult to obtain such high quality spiritual equipment. Perhaps not even Divine Transformation Realm experts would be able to hurt her when she is equipped with those pair of phoenix wings…

Only the Earth General of the Lie Tu Tribe was seething with anger.

At first glance, he already realized that that pair of phoenix wings once belonged to the general of his tribe, Xu Ri…

Lu Bei murdered Xu Ri and he gave my general’s wings to his wife as a gift to make spiritual equipment… Hehe. What a “romantic” Lu Bei… He shall die paying for it!

Lu Wan’er had no idea how many eyeballs she had attracted at the moment she revealed herself, how many people coveted her phoenix wings and her alluring body nor whether someone harbored hatred towards her and trying to scheme against her…

At the same time, Lu Wan’er did not have any idea that she had caused innumerable men to admire Ning Fan to have such beauty as his wife when she said ‘I’m Lu Bei’s wife’.

With a wife as beautiful as her, what else would the husband ask for?!

However, she was not concerned about them at all. Deep inside her, she still had a hint of embarrassment. After all, it was her first time admitting that she was his wife in front of one hundred thousand demon cultivators…

The women of the demon clan were always bold. But this time, Lu Wan’er seemed to have acted overly courageous.

Lu Sheng laughed while gently shaking his head. Since his sister was head over heels in love with Lu Bei, he would not stand in the way. The only worry he had was whether it would be risky for Lu Wan’er to participate in the fight representing Ning Fan.

There are only 55 places for Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to compete. But the number of Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators participating are too many…

With the Peak Profound Earth Grade phoenix wings, Lu Wan’er’s speed is now comparable to that of a Divine Transformation Realm expert. In other words, she should not be facing any life-threatening danger in the fight. However, she is still just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Being able to move fast does not mean that her attacks are strong. As such, it’s still uncertain whether she could seize the platforms from other Peak Nascent Soul Realm participants and upgrade her own…

On the contrary, Lu Daochen did not worry much about her.

When he caught sight of the phoenix wings, he immediately wore a relieved look but in the next second, he let out a sigh, feeling ashamed of himself.

“What an excellent pair of wings. They are actually a combination of the attack, defense and speed enhancements. It’s beyond my capabilities to forge such equipment… With this pair of wings, Wan’er would be able to withstand a Divine Transformation Realm expert and protect herself… Besides, with the help of the other seven Demon Generals of my Luo Yun Tribe, it won’t be hard for Wan’er to upgrade her Spirit Platforms to the purple grade…”

Lu Daochen secretly passed down a command to his seven generals and permitted Lu Wan’er’s action.

With that spiritual equipment, she was qualified to compete and strive for the chance to enter the second round!

As such, even if Ning Fan was late, he would still be qualified to participate!

In the middle of the arena, 25600 white grade Spirit Platforms floated in midair like flowing clouds.

Some of the cultivators began to rub their hands in excitement while some slightly bent down their back, as if they were getting ready for a sprint because the first match was finally going to begin!

As long as Lu Daochen uttered “start”, all demon cultivators would have to dash towards the center of the arena and get on a white grade Spirit Platform.

In other words, when the match starts, only the first 25600 demon cultivators would be able to obtain a white grade Spirit Platform while the remaining cultivators would be disqualified!


Lu Daochen’s voice reverberated across ten thousand li* away! Meanwhile, his body transformed into a cloud of green smoke and floated above.

When his voice was heard, one hundred thousand beams of light dashed towards the arena. The Divine Transformation Realm experts displayed their Instant Shift and almost immediately, every one of them were already standing on a white grade Spirit Platform.

Among the 145 traces of Divine Transformation Realm experts, Lu Wan’er moved in a trace of purple fiery cloud. Her speed was not any weaker than them and she also managed to occupy a white grade Spirit Platform for herself.

Inwardly, she felt a hint of joy.

As long as I have the phoenix wings, I will surely be able to help Ning Fan preserve his right to participate.

However, there was something she did not tell anyone else… The phoenix wings were indeed strong. That spiritual equipment could be said to be her best creation in her entire life. But it was also because of its strong power that she was unable to completely refine it by herself…

She had been waiting for Ning Fan to help her refine the pair of wings. Unfortunately, before the day Ning Fan come out from his seclusion, she had no choice but to activate this spiritual equipment in order to maintain his place in the match.

She felt a sharp pain in her heart and her face turned pale. No one knew how painful it would be to forcibly activate the phoenix wings…

However, she did not back off because of the pain she felt. Her current identity was Ning Fan’s wife. She might not have an idea of how much bitterness and agony he had experienced in his previous journeys, but she understood that if she could not endure that pain, she would not be qualified to become his woman…

One breath, two breaths… When ten breaths had passed, the 25600 white grade Spirit Platforms were all occupied by demon cultivators.

Among them, there were 145 Divine Transformation Realm experts, 1900 Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and the remaining were all Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

After everyone had set their feet on their respective Spirit Platforms, a light formation was activated at the center of the arena and stretched to a radius of five thousand li* long, encircling the cultivators within.

At the moment when the light formation emerged, the demon cultivators who were not standing on Spirit Platforms were instantly teleported outside the arena.

Each of the demon cultivators were stunned as they stared at the light formation after being sent outside of the arena.

Some of them refused to give in as their Spirit Platforms were seized by others due to carelessness and tried to break the light formation in order to dash into the arena again. But no matter how they attacked the formation, every single one of their attacks were easily deflected.

Any Nascent Soul Realm attack would not be able to even shake the formation. Even if it was a direct attack from a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert, the formation would not be completely shattered.

“A Mortal Void Realm formation! This Lu Daochen actually established such a terrifying formation on the Cloud Platform!”

Qu Shu’s eyes widened for the first time and began to have a different opinion towards Lu Daochen.

This person’s cultivation level might not be high, but his mastery in the Dao of Formations is far beyond my imagination.

Rumor has it that he is a brilliant man of wide learning. Formation, pills, divination, spirit augmentation, equipment refinement and so on. He is extremely proficient in every aspect. The rumor is really true after witnessing his capabilities myself. It’s no wonder this person was chosen by the Spirit King Palace… Apparently, I’ve underestimated him earlier.

To the cultivators within the arena, the emergence of the light formation meant that the first match had finally begun!

The 25600 participants must go through a chaotic fight and seize each other’s Spirit Platforms. By the end of the match, there would only be 200 participants left in the arena with purple grade Spirit Platforms!

Just as the light formation appeared, each and every one of the demon cultivators floating in midair of the arena initiated attacks at their opponents beside them!

Outside the Cloud Platform, a shadow of a man flashed past. When the mist in the air gradually dissipated, a young man who was clad in white robes revealed himself. His appearance was quiet and stealthy, not drawing any attention from the crowd.

Looking at the fights happening on the Cloud Platform, he put on a forced smile.

“I really didn’t expect to accidentally ignite the power of True Yang while mastering the Parting Sun Spear and caused my second divine star, Eroding Yin, to gradually become completely full. Because of that, I was delayed for three days and missed the first match… Judging by the looks of it, Wan’er is participating on my behalf…”

The corners of his lips curved into a heartwarming smile.

Lu Wan’er treats me really well.

After witnessing Lu Wan’er’s techniques, he felt a little less worried.

That spiritual equipment made from the fire phoenix’s wings did not just enhance one’s ability to fly. It also enhances one’s offense and defense. The rapid speed of the wings would produce a wall of flames for protection while at the same time creating a sea of flames to inflict damage on her enemies.

A few Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts were already knocked out from their Spirit Platforms due to the attack of the sea of flames…

“After eleven years, Wan’er has gotten stronger…”

Ning Fan smiled. But in the next second, his smile faded and his eyes turned solemn.

A gust of wind blew past and it made one feel uneasy…

Among the participants, there was a silver-armored Demon General who shot Lu Wan’er a quick glance.

Although it was just a glance, his eyes were filled with … killing intent! At the next moment, his eyes became indifferent as usual.

“That man seems to be one of the Demon Generals from the Upper World under Wang Xiao’s lead… That look… Is it just a wrong impression…” Ning Fan frowned and muttered to himself.


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