Grasping Evil - Chapter 277

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The Cloud Platform was hanging high up in the sky above the Luo Yun Province. Above the platform, there was a thousand li* tall purple platform congealed by Ning Fan with a single step!

Three Early Divine Transformation Realm Demon Generals from the Immortal Demon World performed instant shift and appeared on the purple platform in just a blink of an eye. Each and every one of them shot Ning Fan a look of despise.

“You’ve murdered the Demon Generals from the Upper World, committing the most heinous crime. Bow your head at once and accept your punishment!”

When their voices fell, their aura surged! With a serious look on their faces, each of them successively congealed the illusory shadows of a jade wolf, a snow python and a xuan tortoise1.

Each of the three shadows was nearly one thousand zhang* tall. At the moment they were congealed, a strong gale blew as lightning flashed and floating clouds dispersed!

A massive blast of prestige of the True Spirit Race threw the entire Cloud Platform into chaos causing all the demon cultivators present who were below the Divine Transformation Realme to feel their demon bloodlines tremble in fear, reacting instinctively at the power of the True Spirit Race.

True blood1! The might of the True Spirit Race! The three of them are similar to Li Ban and the others. They all possess the true blood of the True Spirit Race!

Moreover, when the three of them performed some hand seals and fused their might into one, the three illusory shadows gradually merged together. The prestige emanated from it rose drastically, reaching another level which transcended beyond a common true blood of the True Spirit Race!

In the nine divisions of the entire Lu Clan, there were only a handful of them who possessed true blood among the 107 Divine Transformation Realm experts. In fact, in this world, those who awakened incomplete Immemorial Demon Bloodlines were already considered as gifted beings.

Lu Zhan, Lu Qing and the other generals of the Luo Yun Tribe retreated a few steps under the pressure of the prestige before they could offset the fear that was instinctively aroused within their demon bloodlines.

The number two general of the Luo Yun Tribe, Lu Sheng, performed a hand seal and managed to cancel out the massive prestige after retreating just half a step. His eyes flashed with seriousness.

The number one general, Lu Ao, was a burly man in red armor. He had a short beard like dagger and a pair of cold eyes. He was already an expert who was halfway to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. With just a stomp, a red light flashed, shattering the prestige of the True Spirits Race. Even so, his expression was not relaxed!

It was already burdensome for a Divine Transformation Realm expert with incomplete immemorial demon bloodline to confront it, let alone the Nascent Soul Realm demons with hybrid and common bloodlines and the Gold Core Realm cultivators. They would not even have the power to withstand the prestige of the true blood from the members of the True Spirit Race!

Unless one has attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, no one would be able to maintain their composure under such powerful prestige!

Wang Xiao’s eyes sparkled with cold light. Sneering, he spoke to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts behind him.

“Fu Lang, Yu Du and Ge Jia… They might only be at the Early Divine Transformation Realm but they have successfully cultivated the technique of prestige fusion. When they combine their prestige into one, I’m afraid Lu Bei would be squashed to death with just the pressure of their aura force…”

Three waves of aura force rushed towards Ning Fan like three massive ocean waves, surrounding him.

However, he just stood within the vortex of aura force seemingly unaffected. With a flick of his sleeve, he performed Instant Shift and sent Lu Wan’er back to her seat. Afterwards, his eyes suddenly became cold and stern.

“Mere true bloods…”

He uttered those words in a flat tone. But as his eyes grew cold, the illusory shadow of Fu Li grew from his back. It was a thousand zhang* tall.

The dark purple demon blood was full of misfortune and malice. Just as it appeared, a boundless aura force that was filled with mighty prestige that gave no room for others to underestimate it spread out from his body, congealing into a pair of fearsome eyes!

The aloof stare from those eyes seemed to be overseeing the Heavenly Dao as well. Moreover, the Void Realm seemed to be crumbling under that stare!

The three illusory shadows of the demon generals, be it the jade wolf, the snow python or the xuan tortoise, all shuddered uncontrollably and dispersed!

The expressions of the three generals changed greatly. All three of them flew backwards for a hundred zhang* before they could withstand the prestige of the royal bloodline of the Fu Li Race. Their eyes were filled with utter surprise.

“Royal blood! It truly is the royal bloodline of a True Spirit Race! But why haven’t we heard of the Fu Li Race before among the True Spirit Races?!”

There was not any explanation. Besides, there was no need for an explanation!

Ning Fan’s eyes turned merciless. He made a step forward and his body disappeared in a flash. He then materialized himself from a trace of green smoke in front of the three generals and drew out his Separation Slayer Sword from his glabella!

A sword shadow gleaming in star light was reflected within the eyes of three generals. None of them could clearly identify what it was. They only knew that it had the shape of a sword. Despite that, it gave them a sense of extreme danger. Their hearts were overwhelmed with astonishment.

On their faces, the disdainful look they wore earlier faded away!

This man’s speed is too fast!

His sword is extremely dangerous!

We must immediately defend ourselves!

 “Innate ability of the Jade Wolf Race, Jade Star!”

“Snow Python Race’s innate ability, Slippery Scales!”

“Xuan Tortoise Race’s innate ability, Mountainous Shell!”

A total of twelve shields emerged in front of Demon General Fu Lang! Those shields could only be displayed by a cultivator whose body refining realm had reached the Jade Life Realm. With the twelve shields protecting him, it was possible to block a strike from a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Yu Du revealed his demon form, turning into a six hundred zhang* long snow-white python. Pieces of light green snake scales gradually covered up its body. If one takes a closer look at the scales, every scale was as solid as a Low Earth Profound Grade armor. What was unique about the scales was that each of them were extremely slimy and slippery. If an ordinary magical technique or divine ability was used to attack the python, they just would literally slide to the sides of its body, inflicting no damage on it.

Meanwhile, a dark tortoise shell which was like profound iron grew on Ge Jia’s back. After blowing a mouthful of demonic qi on it, the tortoise shell kept enlarging, transforming into a gigantic shell which was much more colossal than a mountain. It kept Ge Jia protected within. An Early Divine Transformation Realm expert’s full strike and also the power of a Profound Heaven Defective Treasure would definitely not able to break that thick carapace.

In a blink of an eye, the three of them were compelled to display their ultimate defensive techniques. Besides, they were in the midst of performing demon seals even though they were under the protection of their defensive techniques, preparing to deliver a fatal blow on Ning Fan after withstanding his sword attack!

However, the Separation Slayer Sword did not possess any extraordinary and complicated magic abilities like what they had imagined other than… sharpness!

His long black hair flowed in the wind as he held the long sword which was glowing in starlight in his hand. It was as if he and the sword were one. Then, he made a half-crescent slash horizontally at the direction of the three generals.

As the sword cut through the air, the Heavenly Spiritual Energy within ten thousand li* was drawn to it!


At the moment when the starlight sword moved, an incredibly sharp sword light which emitted an ear-piercing sword whistle left a gash at the sky in front of him!

Just as the sky began to rupture, there were fifteen thousand traces of sword threads which emanated starlight tearing apart everything in the way. Every onlooker felt their scalps go numb upon witnessing that terrifying scene.

Threads Transformation Sword! There were fifteen thousand traces of sword-like threads! Every single one of them was enough to easily tear a Gold Core Realm cultivator to pieces. In other words, that single slash he made was enough to wipe out fifteen thousand Gold Core Realm small demons at once!

The twelve jade shields were pulverized!

The python’s scales were cut open!

The mountainous tortoise shell was crushed!

Ning Fan withdrew his sword and stood calmly with his chin held high. Under that single attack, all the defenses and armors of the three generals were destroyed including their physical bodies!

Three demon souls frantically fled from their bodies in the form of smoke. Every last one of them was already overwhelmed with fear.

That sword light was extremely sharp. It was a Spiritual Treasure. In fact, it was a Spiritual Treasure that was going to break through to the Intermediate Grade. What’s even more terrifying was that the sword was engraved with more than 15000 traces of “Sharpness” Spirit Seals!

Other than experts at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm or above, who else would be able to block the attack of that sword?!

Run! Must run!

“Now you want to run? Weren’t the three of you very confident and arrogant just now?!”

Ning Fan lifted a finger towards them displaying the Heaven Sealing Technique. The three demon souls were all immobilized simultaneously. With a flick of his sleeve, the three miniature creatures were sucked to his hand. Without taking a look at their fearful expressions, he opened his mouth and swallowed them down!

Successively, four generals were murdered. The four storage pouches left behind by them were all kept by Ning Fan.

The Violent Qi encircling his body rose. At this moment, his Early Divine Transformation Realm aura force was exposed without any restraint!

“Divine Transformation Realm?! This kid actually succeeded in breaking through to the next level?!”

Wang Xiao suddenly rose up from his seat, his pupils constricting in disbelief.

Eleven years! Eleven years ago, this Lu Bei was rumored to be just an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. But now, after eleven years, he has really broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm!

It’s fine if he just advanced to the Divine Transformation Realm. But the might of his sword attack just now was clearly comparable to that of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert’s full strike!

If Wang Xiao was not wrong, the Spiritual Treasure which was just half a step away from the Intermediate Grade contained at least 15000 traces of “Sharpness” Spirit Seals. Moreover, it was also an Immemorial Divine Weapon… With this sword in hand, Ning Fan was nearly unrivalled among all the Early Divine Transformation Realm experts!

The Earth General of the Lie Tu Tribe, Bai Wuzun was stunned!

His tribe, Lie Tu Tribe could be considered to have a deep-seated grudge and hatred against Ning Fan. Besides, he had already harbored the intention to murder Ning Fan in his trip to the Luo Yun Province this time for revenge. But now, his heart wavered. Previously, when he heard that Ning Fan eliminated three Divine Transformation Realm beings on his own, he at most felt unsettled. There was not once any hesitation his mind like this.

After personally witnessing the might of Ning Fan’s sword attack, Bai Wuzun reckoned that other than activating the power of the Star of Bestowal, it would be impossible for him to receive that attack without suffering any damage!

If it was Ning Fan’s ultimate strike, it would not be that dreadful for Bai Wuzun. But any people with discerning eyes would be able to tell that Ning Fan had not even used a single sword technique in that attack. He was just relying on the sheer sharpness of the Separation Slayer Sword itself when he killed his three Divine Transformation Realm opponents with ease.

Furthermore, he managed to bring the three of them down after they had displayed their ultimate defensive techniques which Bai Wuzun would find troublesome to deal with!

It wasn’t stylish. It wasn’t luck. Even if the three generals were given a second life, they would still fail to block Ning Fan’s attack!

As the Honorable Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe, Bai Wuzun felt dreadful towards a junior who had just attained the Divine Transformation Realm for the first time.

Lu Haochen wore a bitter look. He and Lu Bei were once considered as the most notorious hedonists in the Northern Desert City. However, after eleven years, he was still at the bottom of the valley while the other was already a Divine Transformation Realm being. Moreover, that man had even become a legendary being who killed three Divine Transformation Realm experts at once with just a single sword attack!

It’s hilarious to think that I once taunted this man back in Ming Yu Building. At that time, I was really an ignorant brat who did not know how to spell ‘death’…

Imperial Concubine Wu Yan smiled petulantly, inwardly thinking that this Ning Fan was indeed a being with monstrous talents.

Attaining Divine Transformation Realm in eleven years. He actually managed to accomplish such a difficult task… Currently, I’m afraid that he is strong enough to defeat me even without using his bewitching technique.

Lu Wan’er’s chest swelled with pride. This was the man that she had chosen. This was the so called “Nascent Soul Realm ant” or “the insignificant Lu Bei” mentioned by Wang Xiao. What happened in the end? Ning Fan stood above the purple platform, disregarding everything with his sword pointed at Wang Xiao. After showing himself for just a short while, he had already killed four Divine Transformation Realm experts form the Upper World in succession. His magnificent demeanor was matchless. No one from the True Spirit Races in the Immortal Demon World could probably match him, let alone the nine divisions of the Lu Clan…

Lu Daochen stroke his long white beard and his eyes revealed a look of relief.

He has successfully advanced to the Divine Transformation Realm. As such, he is going to keep his promise and enter the Third World to retrieve Demon Marshal Lu’s remaining soul…

Lu Daochen looked up to the purple platform above the sky, staring at the young man who was filled with immense Baleful Qi and heaved a sigh.

I also had that demeanor once upon a time. Wielding my sword and pointing its tip at heaven and earth fearlessly. Unfortunately, time never stops. I am already old…

“Lu Bei, take this map!”

Lu Daochen’s eyes flashed with determination and took out the map which was supposed to be owned by the Luo Yun Tribe. He flicked his finger and a cloud of smoke engulfed the map and brought it to the purple platform. Along with the map, there was still an ancient portrait. It was the item that Ning Fan onced claimed to be an immortal treasure.

After receiving the map, Ning Fan kept it into his storage pouch and nodded his head towards Lu Daochen. As for the remaining matters, there was no need for further explanation!

Since he already had the map in his clutches, he would never go against the promise he made.

Now, in his hands, there were two pieces of the map!

“The map! This Lu Bei has already obtained the second piece!” Each of the Divine Transformation Realm old monsters were filled with enthusiasm.

Besides, a number of them had already forgotten about the fight and intended to rush to the purple platform and seize the map pieces.

However, when they recalled the scene where Ning Fan cut down four Divine Transformation Realm experts, how would any common expert at that cultivation level be bold enough to challenge him?!

After all, even the Honorable Demon General of the Lie Tu Tribe was also terrified…

Ning Fan was not concerned about the hostility or fear in the eyes of the onlookers at all. He drew his Separation Slayer Sword and pointed it at Wang Xiao. His presence was filled with immense sword qi!

“I, Lu Bei, am standing right here. Wang Xiao, do you dare to come up here and die?!”

“Detestable! So what if you have really become a Divine Transformation Realm expert?! So what if you really possess the royal bloodline of an unknown True Spirit? In my eyes, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm expert is worthless! Why do I even have to kill you myself?! Zou Teng, you are up! Go and bring that brat’s head to me!”


The strongest man among the three Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts behind Wang Xiao leapt onto the purple platform in a green smoke. His aura was vast like the sea.

His green armor was thick but his face was thin like a corpse. Even so, his body was filled with immense strength. He was an expert who mainly cultivated body refining techniques!

“I am Zou Teng. I’ve been cultivating the demon path for 2900 years. In my hands, I held 27 lives of Divine Transformation Realm experts. Among them, 21 belonged to experts of the early stage of the same cultivation realm, 5 from experts of the mid stage while one from an injured expert of the late stage… Now, I am obeying the command of General Wang to behead you!”

As his voice fell, his demon power surged drastically. His body was covered with pieces of rattan armor.

That rattan armor was bulky. Ning Fan had a feeling that it might not be penetrated through even with the help of his current Separation Slayer Sword unless the sword had truly been refined into an Intermediate Grade Spiritual Treasure.

This person must not be underestimated.

For the first time, Ning Fan felt that his opponent was of similar strength with him.

“It’s Zou Teng, right? I will remember your name…”

He let loose of his sword which eventually transformed into a ray of starlight and flew back into his glabella.

Inching forward, a jade green shield emerged surrounding Ning Fan and his aura was rising with every step he took!

Judging by the situation, he was planning to defeat Zou Teng using the strength of his body refining realm!

Zou Teng narrowed his eyes.

Even an expert with Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm finds it hard to crush my rattan armor. Now this Lu Bei wants to fight me with his body refining technique? I can’t tell if this kid is too foolish or too crazy…

“You won’t be able to withstand my single punch!” Zou Teng spoke arrogantly.

“Bring it on!”

With the speed of light, Ning Fan threw a punch at Zou Teng.

Zou Teng’s expression remained unchanged as he swung his fist which emanated a jade green light at Ning Fan.

As the two punches came into contact, Ning Fan retreated backwards for seventy steps while Zou Teng fell backwards for a hundred steps.

A fist fight between two Second Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm experts. The collision of their fists was inaudible. However, after a few breaths, at the place where their fists met was a strong wind blowing past and that area quaked and cracked.

The massive collision of aura force caused the demon cultivators who were at below the Divine Transformation Realm to be filled with awe and respect.

“What a strong fist…” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with sternness. This Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert before him must be a person who enjoyed bloody battles.

“Hmmph! Yours isn’t worse!”

Zou Teng’s countenance was frigid cold but inwardly, he was flabbergasted. Despite the fact that both of them were at the same body refining realm, he was slightly weaker than Ning Fan.

This kid is a monster… His speed of improving his cultivation level is unbelievable while his body refining realm is strong too.

His heart was once again filled with the feelings that he only experienced in an arduous battle. He only had that feeling once during the time when he killed the injured Late Divine Transformation Realm expert!

I’m afraid that this kid is much stronger than General Wang has expected! 


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. A xuan Tortoise is a tortoise with the head of a bird, the mouth of an eagle and the tail of a snake. (Click here for picture)

  2. True blood means the complete Immemorial Demon Bloodline.

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