Grasping Evil - Chapter 278 (2)

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His body refining techniques might be strong, but the cultivation level of his demon power was still just at the beginning of the Early Divine Transformation Realm. With his Early Grade Spiritual Treasure, there’s no way for him to slash through my rattan armor.

After all, my cultivation level is higher than his. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Gradually, Zou Teng’s state of mind calmed down. However, this time, the contempt he had for Ning Fan earlier could no longer be seen in his eyes.

This kid is clearly a formidable expert. I believe he is even capable of killing one or two ordinary Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts…

“Boy, you aren’t weak. But I am under orders from General Wang. It’s unfortunate but I must kill you!”

“Don’t worry. You aren’t weak either. Compared to Wang Xiao, you aren’t as distasteful as him. I’ll only kill you in this life!”

“Very well. Let’s see who will be the last one standing between the two of us!”

An immense Baleful Qi surged around Zou Teng’s body. It was much stronger than Ning Fan’s.

Putting aside the issue with regards to his attitude, his determination for killing was beyond compare among the other generals like Li Ban. Even if he is captured by his enemy, he would never behave like any of them who pathetically begged for their lives before they breathed their last.

For enemies who weren’t too loathsome, Ning Fan would only kill them in this lifetime!

Zou Teng was undeniably a powerful cultivator. It was not mere luck that he was able to kill a wounded Late Divine Transformation Realm expert.

If it wasn’t because of the nature of his Freesia Race and his ice technique which was coincidentally restrained by my fire technique, I would really have to use the Wind Mist Technique to finish him off.

Unfortunately, there were no “ifs” in this world.

In the next confrontation, Ning Fan intended to take his enemy’s life with his next move.

Each of their aura force rose greatly, developing their demonic techniques.

After the power of ice within Zou Teng grew stronger, the surprise, fear and arrogance within his eyes subsided, leaving only tranquility which one would only display when facing the deciding moment in a life or death battle.

When he moved his hands to perform hand seals, green ice mist trailed after them. As his hand signs changed, demon power flowed out in all directions from his entire body, turning into green crystal-like orchids which floated around him. There were at least tens of thousands of them.

He knew that it would be impossible to defeat Ning Fan with this technique. Frowning with savagery, he drew out a sword from his storage pouch and literally severed his left arm!

Countless demon cultivators were baffled after witnessing such a shocking self-mutilating act. However, only a minority of them knew that the self-harming act was actually for displaying another secret art of the Freesia Race.

“Killer Orchid Blood Sacrifice!”

Zou Teng’s face turned pale. After letting out a cold shout, his severed arm exploded into blood mist, fusing into the ice orchids and dying each and every one of them a light blood-red.

The next moment, the level of his demon power nearly reached the peak stage of the Mid Divine Transformation Realm all of a sudden. He was going to display a Mid-Grade Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique with his current demon power which was just a hair’s breadth away from breaking through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Even ordinary Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts would not be able to resist that technique with ease!

The Earth General, Bai Wuzun gulped in dread. If he were the one who was faced with that technique, he would at most have 40% confidence of receiving it head-on even after he activates his Star of Bestowal…

“This Zou Teng sure is merciless. In order to kill his enemy, he is willing to sever his own arm… I’m really not as good as him! I’m afraid Lu Bei won’t be able to withstand that skill… However, it’s still a good thing anyway. If he dies in Zou Teng’s hands, we, the members of the Lie Tu Tribe, will be considered to have been indirectly avenged…”

The Earth General immersed himself in his thoughts. But what happened next made his eyes widen in shock.

That look of surprise did not just emerge on his face. In fact, at the same moment, Imperial Concubine Zi rose up from her seat as if she had forgotten herself. Her phoenix eyes which were used to be filled with disdain were now full of disbelieving amazement.

Inwardly, Ning Fan was aware that if he wants to win against Zou Teng using demonic techniques, he could either display his Wind Mist Technique or temporarily enhance his demon power.

My Parting Sun Spear isn’t any weaker than Zou Teng’s technique. Moreover, with the help of the Yin Yang Flame, the power of the spear would have natural restraint in terms of attributes towards the ice orchids.

But my weak point is my demon power. Besides, if that weakness were magnified to a certain extent, no matter how strong my grey flames is, it will likely to be overcome by his cold ice.

Therefore, I need to have greater demon power and there is only one method to boost my demon power!

Now, I don’t have to be afraid in displaying it in front of everyone anymore. Since I’ve already attained Divine Transformation Realm, I am now competent enough to publicly show it!

“Soul Extraction!”

He bent his palm and stretched out his fingers in the shape a claw. It looked like he was about to extract the soul of Luo Yun Province’s land which was hundreds of thousands of li* wide!

As he grabbed the hollow air, he seemed to have taken out something ancient from the vast earth and eventually, he swallowed it down from his mouth.

At the next moment, his demon power rapidly increased up to fifty thousand units, shortening the gap of demon power between him and Zou Teng!

That ancient item was the soul of the great land. It contained the soul of the land which was as large as hundreds of thousands of li* and now, it was turned into the power on Ning Fan’s finger!

“It’s Soul Extraction!” Qu Shun’s eyes were burning with passion!

When Ning Fan consecutively murdered three Divine Transformation Realm experts, he did not regard him as important.

When Ning Fan displayed the grey flames, he also did not consider him as an important person.

But when he saw Soul Extraction, he was unable to remain composed any longer.

After all, that technique was one of the three Void Fragmentation Realm divine abilities. Those who could learn that technique would definitely be able to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm in this lifetime if there were no mishaps!

“This man isn’t just an insignificant ant. In fact, he is a powerhouse who has high hopes of achieving the Void Fragmentation Realm! I’ve really misjudged him. Apparently, in this world there isn’t just Lu Daochen, an intellectual freak but also such a monstrously talented being… Lu Bei…”

Zou Teng’s state of mind which was calm like a mill pond was interrupted once more after witnessing the Soul Extraction displayed by Ning Fan.

“Soul Extraction… Soul Extraction… This kid’s keen insight shouldn’t be underestimated in the future. People like him should only be roped in, not provoked or eliminated. General Wang has made a blunder… Once this kind of person is offended, he would become a great enemy to General Wang Xiao if he is given enough time… I must remove such a menacing threat now for General Wang! Demonic Technique, ‘The Sigh of Ice Orchid’!”

As Zou Teng’s hand signs changed again, a deep audible breathing echoed in the vast sky.

As it inhaled and exhaled, the tens of thousands of ice orchids seemed to have been imbued with life force. All of them transformed into ice rainbows and flew towards Ning Fan while emitting deafening shrills. When they were only one hundred zhang* away from Ning Fan, every single one of them was ignited by green cold flames.

With the flames, the collision force of each of the ice orchids was comparable to that of an extraterrestrial meteorite.

Ning Fan’s countenance remained calm as usual even though the ice orchids which approached him like falling meteors got closer.

Suddenly, he lifted his finger. At the same time, all the grass and trees within the vicinity of hundreds of thousands of li* within the Luo Yun Province withered. Their souls and life force had been extracted and absorbed.

The earth cracked. The river dried up. The great land which had lost its soul began to deteriorate.

His five fingers grasped the air and traces of sunlight were extracted from the sky by Ning Fan like silk. Gradually, a giant spear emanating golden light was congealed in front of him.

The spear was brilliant and dazzling. It gave off terrifying heat that was seemingly able to melt everything away. The reason why that heat was impossible to resist was because it contained a trace of the power of True Yang!

No Divine Transformation Realm expert were able to master that power. As such, they could only wield it by means of borrowing.

But when Ning Fan willed it, two dark red divine stars appeared on his glabella!

The first star was solidified while the second star was slightly illusory. The illusory star, however, was no longer in the form of a half star. It was the star that Ning Fan congealed by chance when he was practicing the Parting Sun Spear in the Dragon Pond.

It was the reason why he was late for the match but it was also one of his strongest abilities. At first, the massive Parting Sun Spear had a trace of power of True Yang. But after activating his second divine star – the Star of Eroding Yin, it would convert his power of lightning into the power of True Yang and thus, increasing the power of True Yang within the spear up to twelve traces!

Because of the increase of the power of True Yang, the Parting Sun Spear now had similar destructive power to a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique.

As Ning Fan inserted his grey flames into the Parting Sun Spear, the body of the spear which was shining with golden light began to be shrouded by a layer of grey flames, making it become a High-Grade Divine Transformation Realm technique.

Meanwhile, the size of the spear continuously grew bigger, nearly turning into a one hundred zhang* long spear.


An immeasurably huge demon power gathered in his palm. With a forceful slap on the spear, it transformed into a beam of light which was partially golden and grey and shot directly at Zou Teng.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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