Grasping Evil - Chapter 279 (1)

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Silver robes and white hair. Holding the Purple Lightning Hammer in his hand, Wang Xiao did not utter any more words. A pair of massive silver-colored wings grew on his back. When he made a step forward, his body continuously enlarged. After taking a few steps, he had completely transformed into a one thousand and five hundred zhang* tall giant.

In front of that gigantic being, Ning Fan was as tiny as an ant. In spite of that, his facial expression showed no signs of fear.

“Turning into a giant in his physical body…” Ning Fan muttered.

It was a means used by the ancient fiendgods during combat. Unfortunately, Ning Fan’s body refining technique was largely different from that of the ancient divine cultivators.

The silver-winged giant let out a shrill owl’s cry. After that, darkness fell abnormally, covering the entire purple platform which was basked in daylight just a moment ago. It was so dark that one could not possibly see their hands in front of them.

Standing in the darkness, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with seriousness. It was the innate divine ability of the Ice Owl Clan – Remnant Night!

Owls were creatures that lived in the dark.

The members of the Ice Owl Race would fuse their bloodlines with their demon power and summon nightfall which could weaken their enemies’ vision and senses.

Ning Fan tried to spread his spirit sense. However, his field of vision could only cover the vicinity of one hundred zhang* around him in the absence of light. All the demon cultivators outside were completely clueless of what was happening on the purple platform.

Although Ning Fan was unable to see clearly, he was able to sense that a fearsome aura was plummeting down right above the top of his head!

The purple star in his left eye sparkled and his gaze pierced through the darkness, enabling him to have a clear view of his surroundings.

At the moment night fell, the silver-winged giant wielded his Purple Lightning Hammer right at Ning Fan’s head.

His strength created nine folds of thunder clouds in the sky and each of them were charged to the maximum with his extreme power, causing the lightning power within them to go out of control. It spread throughout the sky in a ripple, tearing off the Void Realm.

Nine groups of clouds and nine layers of extreme power. It showed Wang Xiao’s perfect proficiency in manipulating his strength after his body turned into a giant.

Moreover, its speed was unimaginable! The thrust of the hammer was comparable to the moving speed of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. Furthermore, using that hammer to perform sneak attack in the dark was more than enough to put a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert in a grievous state if they are caught off guard.

Looking at the purple golden hammer which was more massive than a mountain and the nine groups of wave-like thunder clouds, Ning Fan activated all three of his divine star, demon star, and devil star together. At the same time, although his body did not grow any larger, the devil marks on his back began to heat up while the demon bloodline within his body boiled violently. Blood-red lightning flashed around him, emitting the sound of electricity.

As a strong wind blew, his black hair fluttered along with it. The large dark purple crystal wings on his back flapped. At this moment, Ning Fan’s speed reached its maximum.

Just like a flash of purple lightning, he dashed towards the sky, rushing directly at the nine lightning clouds.

Each of the clouds was enough to blast an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert to death. Combining nine into one, its power was enhanced to a level where it could severely injure a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert.

But the lightning star on Ning Fan’s glabella flashed and his gaze swept across the clouds. The lightning clouds which were congealed merely through a magical technique began to crack, split and disperse successively!

While flying across the nine groups of lightning clouds, Ning Fan drew his Separation Slayer Sword and made a slash at the humongous hammer.

He mustered all this strength and focused it on the sword. That scene was similar to a tiny mosquito colliding against a mortal human’s palm, seemingly overestimating itself.

But the strength of the attack he made was indeed out of the ordinary. When the miniature sword and the enormous hammer met, a huge sound echoed in the sky.


The moving direction of the hammer which was falling down from the sky was altered by Ning Fan’s sword. Despite that, the momentum behind the hammer landed on his chest through his sword, causing his qi and blood to be in disharmony.

“This Wang Xiao’s body refining realm is quickly approaching the Third Level of the Jade Life Realm. My strength is much weaker than his…”

The first falling hammer was deflected away. A second hammer quickly followed. He pressed against his glabella to draw out his Spirit Crushing Whip and struck the Purple Lightning Hammer.

At the moment when his whip landed on the hammer, the sky within the vicinity of a ten thousand li* was densely covered with blood-red lightning clouds, rumbling with thunder.

The lightning power blasted at the Purple Lightning Hammer but more than half of it was absorbed by the hammer. Only the remaining lightning power struck directly at Wang Xiao’s dantian through the connection between his mind and the hammer.

Knowing that that technique was unable to harm Wang Xiao, Ning Fan kept his Spirit Crushing Whip and fluttered his wings. With a speed comparable to a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert’s, he retreated hundreds of li* away and wielded his Separation Slayer Sword. The darkness that enveloped the sky was split into two and vanished!

Now, Ning Fan had a clearer understanding towards Wang Xiao’s capabilities. At least, he realized that defeating the latter using only his Separation Slayer Sword and Spirit Crushing Whip was absolutely impossible.

His state of mind is impulsive and arrogant. However, his capabilities aren’t weak.

The onlookers were not able to clearly see the progress of the battle in the dark. However, the blood-red lightning which covered ten thousand li*, the deafening sound that reverberated in the sky when the nine thunder clouds were destroyed and the hostile shrill of an ice owl allowed the demon cultivators to imagine how ferocious their attacks were and how many techniques they had displayed in just the beginning of the battle.

But even under such high-level battle, Ning Fan was still in one piece. In stark contrast, Wang Xiao who was in his giant form had a trace of silver blood flowing down from one of the corners of his mouth.

Wang Xiao was injured?!

The eyes of the silver-winged giant were filled with surprise and rage, feeling confused.

Under the effect the Remnant Night technique of my Ice Owl Race, one’s senses would surely be impaired. Besides, I’ve even attacked him with the Purple Lightning Hammer. In the absolute darkness, even Late Divine Transformation Realm experts would not be able to see through those sneak attacks and would’ve been eventually injured by my double hammer attack.

But this man saw through it even in darkness. If it wasn’t because of that, it would definitely be impossible for him to directly aim at my attacks and offset them one by one.

Ning Fan’s ability of seeing through the darkness had already baffled Wang Xiao. His further action of crushing the nine thunder clouds made Wang Xiao to be filled with disbelief. If whatever he had done just now was explainable, then the things that are going to happen next would certainly stun Wang Xiao.

Just now, Ning Fan did not evade the first hammer attack and also blocked that hammer with his sword instead. It was a collision between a three chi* long sword and a gigantic hammer which was as huge as a mountain. But the outcome of the collision between the two weapons with different grades was in favor of Wang Xiao who gained a slight upper hand in strength.

Wang Xiao knew that his body refining realm was greater than Ning Fan’s. Even so, after he transformed into his avatar, Ning Fan who had a lower body refining realm than him was nearly able to take his attack head-on with just a significantly smaller sword without the need of an avatar…

I transformed my body into a giant to gain greater strength but he condenses his strength and remain his size.

Despite the two completely different levels of body refinement, the outcome of the collision was nearly a draw.

What caused Wang Xiao to be injured was the second hammer!

He had heard about Ning Fan’s true identity from Lu Jiefen and discovered that the key of the latter’s unique ability of striking one’s Nascent Soul by striking one’s treasure was borrowing the power of lightning. Therefore, he intentionally used his lightning-based treasure – Purple Lightning Hammer to withstand the lightning power from Ning Fan in order to avoid his demon soul from getting hurt.

His Purple Lightning Hammer was a High Grade Spiritual Treasure whereas Ning Fan’s Spirit Crushing Whip was an Intermediate Grade Spiritual Treasure. In spite of that, just based on lightning power, Ning Fan’s whip was still a level higher than Wang Xiao’s. As such, even though most of the whip’s lightning power was cancelled out by the hammer, it was still able to hurt Wang Xiao’s demon soul. After that strike, even the High Profound Earth Grade demon soul’s armor that Wang Xiao put on on his demon soul was blasted to pieces by the lightning. If it was not because there was still a seal of cold ice on his soul, he would not only be lightly injured but put in a critical state instead…

The injuries Wang Xiao suffered might be minor, but it made his facial expression extremely horrible.

I wasn’t careless nor merciful to him at all just now, but I was injured by that ant in just the beginning of our fight…It’s quite the embarrassment.

“It’s no wonder that this kid was able to kill Zou Teng and the others. His capabilities are indeed strong. Besides, when the second hammer fell, he evaded it with incredible speed. Apparently, his top speed is not any weaker than mine… But it’s still not enough to rival me with just that!”

Wang Xiao’s face turned gloomy. He held his hammers high and made a different hand seal. The form of the lightning hammers began to change. One of the hammers transformed into a purple lightning mountain which plunged at Ning Fan right at the top of his head.

In order to win against him, I must not just rely on my brute force but some kinds of feints too.

The Heavenly Spiritual Energy gathered to the lightning mountain when Wang Xiao changed his hand seal, flowing into it. When the mountain was still at ten thousand zhang* above the sky, it shifted instantaneously, arriving at one hundred zhang* above Ning Fan’s head.

The other hammer transformed into a purple lightning prison, sealing up every possible escape paths around Ning Fan. Once he was suppressed by the mountain, the seal of the lightning prison would seal him tighter and eventually imprison him within with the form an Immemorial Divine Weapon, making him unable to break free.

That was the transformational ability of the Purple Lightning Hammer. It was able to turn into a mountain or a lightning prison. It was specially used to suppress and besiege the enemies.

Purple Mountain Lightning Prison!

As the hammer got closer, its presence caused the air to stagnant, making one suffocate. The wave of air that blew against one’s face was sharp like needles.

Ning Fan’s face darkened. His surroundings were sealed off while the space above his head was suppressed. There was no way to run. Usually, he could display the incarnation technique by turning his physical body into black mist to evade that attack. However, now he felt that the Immemorial Divine Weapon had the ability of attacking one’s illusory body. Thus, even if he turns into a black shadow, he would still be suppressed by the heavy mountain!

Since I can’t run, I must crush this Purple Lightning Hammer right before it’s too late!

Wang Xiao was wearing a confident look on his face as if he was absolutely certain that he was going to defeat Ning Fan with his mighty weapon.

Other than the Separation Slayer Sword and the Spirit Crushing Whip, I still have one more powerful treasure.

The Blood Sword!

With a slap on his storage pouch, the dragon soul of the blood dragon flew out. An old broken blood-red sword emerged on his hand.

At the appearance of that sword, Wang Xiao was astonished. But that astonishment was replaced with disdain a moment later.

“Blood Dragon Demon Sword?! This sword belonged to Li Ban. It’s the treasure of the Blood Dragon Race. However, its power has already been sealed. Without tearing off its seals, it won’t be able to match my hammer… Moreover, there’s no way you can break off the seals on that sword!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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