Grasping Evil - Chapter 280

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Lu Daochen and Qu Shun went down from the purple platform one after another. Both of them had come to an agreement that the second match of the fight would be temporarily stopped at this point. It would only be resumed when Wang Xiao and Ning Fan both recover from their injuries.

Now, the purple platform was only left with Ning Fan and Wang Xiao.

The final showdown… The last move to be displayed had to be their strongest attacks.

The purple mist-like sand gradually dispersed from the tip of Ning Fan’s finger while his eyes were staring at the two types of cold qi summoned by an indifferent Wang Xiao.

“Lu Bei, in this final clash, I will attack you first and you will defend against my attack. Afterwards, we will exchange roles and you can attack me instead!”

“That’s fine by me!”

What Wang Xiao had in his mind was to take advantage of Ning Fan by initiating his attack first. As for Ning Fan, he was pondering how to give Wang Xiao a fatal blow.

At first glance, the arrangement might seem to be unfavorable to Ning Fan as he could only attack afterwards, but there was actually an advantage in his position. When Wang Xiao completely exhausts his energy, Ning Fan could then activate his Wind Mist Finger without any hesitation.

Ning Fan consumed a pill to regulate his breathing and treated his internal wounds. Then, his five fingers turned into a claw and struck at the great land displaying the Soul Extraction. Within a short period of time, his aura rose drastically.

Although it was the second time he displayed that technique in front of everyone, its profoundness was still able to make the crowd click their tongues in admiration. However, it caused Wang Xiao’s expression to become gloomy.

“A playful act for the peanut gallery! I acknowledge that you are a strong expert. However, you still don’t seem to understand how vast the difference is between an ant from the mortal world and a member of the True Spirit Race of the Upper World! Just like Zou Teng who was granted the Freesia Cold Qi, I was given two types of Fifth Grade Cold Qi as well as the Cold Ice Mark. You won’t survive this move!”

Wang Xiao stopped speaking and abruptly pressed the two cold qi on both of his palms against each other. The severe coldness emitted the sound of freezing ice which then spread in all directions. At that moment, his entire body sent out an ice-colored shadow of a moon. Darkness fell upon the surroundings once again.

The darkness was just a diversion that foreshadowed the cold ice moon in the sky!

“Ice Wheel…”

A voice that contained neither sadness nor happiness echoed from Wang Xiao’s mouth. He seemed to have changed into a different person. His tone was abnormally sonorous. The two cold qi were fused together by him using some kind of strange technique, turning into a snowstorm that was full of purple ice particles. In a brief moment, it enveloped heaven and earth entirely.

Above the night sky, an ice moon slowly appeared. That originally crescent moon was gradually turning into a full moon after being replenished by the power of the cold qi. All of a sudden, a sharp menacing eye seemed to have grown on the full moon.

Just as the bizarre eye emerged on the ice moon, the skies were frozen whereas the clouds were frosted. When Wang Xiao’s hand sign changed, circles of purple-iced halos surrounded the moon.

“Ice Wheel, First Revolution! Second Revolution! Third Revolution!”

After the halos made three revolutions, the eye of the moon shot out an ancient piercing light which solidified and spread into the shape of a fishnet. The space wherever the fishnet enwrapped was frozen, turning every living creature into ice. That net woven with ice mesh gave out an extreme coldness, emanating an aura comparable to that of a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm demonic technique.

Moreover, under the help of the two Heavenly Cold Qi, the destructive power of that technique was further enhanced to a greater level, closely approaching that of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm technique!

“Using the moon as frost, taking the coldness of the night. We, the owl race occupy the skies! Anyone who defy us shall perish!”

Wang Xiao’s eyes brightly glowed with cold light and soared into the sky with a loud roar. Then, he stopped and pointed his finger at Ning Fan.

The enormous ice net immediately stretched out towards Ning Fan, leaving no room for him to escape. In that scene, Ning Fan was like a tiny fish that was about to be caught in the net.

Facing that technique, Ning Fan’s heart felt a sense of extreme danger. However, he was still gathering the golden-purple sand within his right hand. Without any hesitation, he summoned the grey flames with his left hand which shot up into the sky with an unimaginable speed, turning into nine grey fire dragons.


The nine fire dragons charged at the ice net in succession. However, as soon as they came into contact with the net, the first eight dragons were literally turned into ice and were extinguished, leaving only a single dragon. It brutally knocked against the net, burning a hole in the ice net. It then poured out all of its remaining power of flames, creating a bigger breach by burning along the hole.

Ning Fan flapped his purple demon wings and flew up into the sky, escaping the area covered by the net from the hole.

The movement of the net was extremely fast but Ning Fan’s speed was even faster!

“Impossible! You are just an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert. How could you attain such speed?! However, if you think you are able to escape from the ice net just like that, you’re utterly wrong. The range of the net is everywhere under the moon!”

Although Ning Fan had avoided the net, his facial expression did not seem to relax because as he was basking in the moonlight, his body was gradually being frozen.

The ice net was just a decoy. The true power of the technique was the moonlight of the ice moon.


As Wang Xiao sneered, the cold moon disintegrated, and broke into countless silk-like threads forming an ice cocoon around Ning Fan.

Slowly, the ice cocoon became larger. The power of coldness within the cocoon increased by one time for every one hundred zhang* it grew. When the cocoon had grown into nine hundred zhang*, its ice power was more than enough to freeze any ordinary Late Divine Transformation Realm experts to death!

“Go to hell!”

With a pair of cold eyes, Wang Xiao changed his hand seals, detonating the ice cocoon. Its ice power was unleashed in all directions, shattering the Void Realm!

In just a single breath, the entire Luo Yun Province was turned into a city of ice under the effect of the ice power.

In the center of the explosion, there was nothing left other than a mass of black shadows.

“Lu Bei is dead! Hahaha!”

Wang Xiao laughed maliciously with pleasure. However, he felt it was rather strange when he could not find Ning Fan’s storage pouch after he was killed.

The magnitude of strength and power that I used should not have destroyed his storage pouch. But even if the storage pouch was destroyed, the map pieces would not disappear as they are made of unique ingredients. Of course, the Purple Lightning Hammers won’t vanish either.

If there is no sign of them here, I suppose they might have been dragged into the Void Realm by wind storms when the skies were broken open.

However, Wang Xiao did not feel relaxed. The side effect of displaying “Ice Moon” was severe as he activated that secret technique by force while his body was already greatly wounded. Now, since the enhancement of his Cold Ice Mark had lost its effectiveness, his four limbs and bones were being consumed by the power of ice.

Dead silence fell upon the entire arena. The technique that Wang Xiao had just displayed was indeed terrifying. Besides, since Ning Fan did not display any technique that was up to the mark, it was not strange that he was killed by it…

Especially the members of the Luo Yun Tribe, each of the demon cultivators were dispirited, thinking that Ning Fan had really been killed.

Only Lu Wan’er took a step forward confidently with her eyes gazing into the vast sky staring at the purple rays which had yet to disperse and said, “No… Lu Bei won’t die!”

“Right! Before my enemies are all dead, how can I die so easily?”

An indifferent, cold voice echoed.

At this moment, the purple rays that filled the sky refracted the most dazzling purple light.

At this moment, the black shadow condensed, forming into a man in black robes.

His countenance was expressionless and his eyes were pure black. The left side of his face had a demonic mark.

The face of this black-robed young man was deathly pale. He coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood which contained some ice residues. Even though he displayed the Black Tempest Rupture Art, he was still grievously injured under Wang Xiao’s technique.

Nevertheless, he did not die!

Sense Soul Incarnation Chant allowed one to disintegrate and condense. It was a profound ability that enables one to turn their bodies into the void. Besides, it involved the principle of illusions which could only be comprehended by Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

Because an incarnation was difficult to kill, this technique was listed as one of the three Void Fragmentation Realm techniques. Furthermore, even Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters would normally desire to learn and master this technique.

After being encased by the ice cocoon and torn apart by the ice power, Ning Fan’s injuries were definitely not light.

However, thanks to these injuries, Ning Fan gained an unprecedented insight about the Sense Soul Incarnation Chant!

“Sense Soul Incarnation… In the past, I used to think that the ‘Sense Soul’ represents the spirit sense and soul respectively. However, after displaying it for multiple times, I feel that these two words aren’t as simple as they sound… The ‘Sense’ here means one’s stubbornness while the ‘Soul’ represents one’s courage! Without courage, one would not be daring enough to crush his own body in order to avoid an attack. Without stubbornness, one would not have the willpower to congeal his body once more! This is the true meaning of the Sense Soul Incarnation Chant! I’m not sure about courage but I do have stubbornness!”

He crushed his body and congealed it again, repeating the process over and over again!

Each time he congealed his body from the black shadows, the injuries which were originally on his body gradually healed.

“He is performing self-recovery using his incarnations?!” Imperial Concubine Zi’s lips were slightly agape for the first time.

Incarnation was a type of illusory body which was totally different than a clone or a defensive divine ability.

One has to at least attain the Void Fragmentation Realm in order to condense their incarnations. As for cultivating the incarnation to the level where one could use it as a means for self-recovery, ordinary Void Fragmentation Realm experts were unable to achieve that.

Imperial Concubine Zi did not know why Ning Fan, a mere Early Divine Transformation Realm expert, would be able to learn secret arts like this.

She also did not have any idea how keen his understanding was as he discovered the self-recovery effect from the incarnation technique on his own.

Her dazzling eyes turned to Imperial Concubine Wu Yan, recalling the advice she had given her earlier.

“Don’t provoke Lu Bei!”

“This man really has a heaven-defying potential for being able to comprehend two Void Fragmentation Realm techniques. Even I should not be offending him… However, he isn’t a member of the demon race! This is an undeniable fact!”

The black shadow congealed into the shape of a man. Ning Fan lifted his finger and activated his Wind Mist Technique and directed it at Wang Xiao.

Wang Xiao was completely stupefied. He could not understand why Ning Fan could survive after he had directly taken the brunt of the ice power attack!

He also could not understand why Ning Fan’s finger which was emitting golden-purple sand would give him such an intense sense of danger.

The only thing he knew for now was that he must retreat. However, after displaying his attack earlier, his strength was completely depleted.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan’s aura was continuously rising while he was repeating the same action of crushing himself into shadows and congealing his body.

That was a display of great courage, a stubbornness that would never be changed even if he were to die a million times!

I must protect my loved ones… Before they are safe, I won’t die, no matter how many times I have to destroy myself!

“Time is just like flowing sand while old age is just a period of time which has passed… Purple Technique, Wind Mist!”

The purple rays in the sky magnified and purple clouds scattered. The cold ice of the Luo Yun Province melted and was replaced by purple mist-like sand, blowing against the entire province!

The wind blew once again. This time, however, it was Ning Fan who reversed the motion of the wind!

As he displayed his Wind Mist Finger, Wang Xiao intended to flee but his hope was crushed when Ning Fan raised his other finger.


Dark red threads of Ning Fan’s aura force entered Wang Xiao’s demon body, binding him up from within.

For the first time, Wang Xiao felt terrified. However, to mask his cowardice, he angrily roared.

“Impossible! Why would you have so many heaven-defying means?! You’re just an ant from the mortal world!”

“Impossible?! I’ve even done crazier things than this! Do you want to know about them?!”

Yes. The craziest thing that Ning Fan had ever done was not fighting ten thousand human sharks alone, nor was it eliminating a Nascent Soul Realm expert while he was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator and not even wiping out the entire Demon Sinister Forest couldn’t be considered as such…but it was ascending the Heavenly Court and injuring an Immortal Emperor in the body of a mortal butterfly!

The body of a mortal butterfly might be insignificant but the stubbornness it possessed was indeed terrifying…



As he unleashed the power of his finger, the whole city was filled with dust and sand. Even the shining spears and armored horses for military use had all disappeared.

After a brief moment passed when Wang Xiao was drawn into the purple sand, he shockingly realized that he was aging at an incredible speed while his armor, robes as well as his cultivation level gradually vanished.

Disappeared? Where did they go?

Only Ning Fan knew that the lost items were devoured by samsara!

Humans had samsara. Immortals had samsara. No matter how long one could live, nothing was able to escape from samsara!

Wang Xiao’s mind was flooded with memories of his entire life. Gradually, the tediously long thoughts within his mind became vague and hard to see.

The white hair on his scalp began to fall. His handsome appearance began to be full of wrinkles.

Eventually, one of his arms had actually started to decay.

He moved his other hand, trying to grasp the remaining ashes from his decayed arm. But as he exerted his strength, his entire body was reduced to ashes.

His demon soul had also disintegrated without a trace.

He had literally vanished in a puff of smoke.

“He’s dead?! Wang Xiao was killed by this man with just a single move… What is that sand?!”

Qu Shun felt a hint of terror for the first time.

The Luo Yun Province was in utter silence. But in the next moment, the silence was broken with deafening cheers.

“General Bei is mighty!”

An Early Divine Transformation Realm had killed a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert! (To be continued…)


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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