Grasping Evil - Chapter 281 (1)

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The uproar of cheers filled the air surrounding the Luo Yun Province. As the seventh division among the nine, the Luo Yun Tribe had never had such a glorious day before.

General Lu Bei killed a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert despite being only at the Early Divine Transformation Realm. The power of his finger had amazed the whole city!

Especially at the end of the fight, the persistent aura force that he displayed while continuously crushing himself and re-condensing his incarnation had made the demon race in this Land of Slumber be stricken with fear.

The demons of the Luo Yun Tribe could feel a formidable aura from Ning Fan’s current presence. Moments ago, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and eventually killed six generals continuously. When he fought, he showed no mercy. When he drew his sword, it would definitely be stained with blood.

No schemes, no tricks, no deception. What he had was only sheer power and the absolute determination to crush his enemies!

A sword was the perfect analogy for the aura emanating from him. When the sword was kept in its sheath, nobody would know how sharp it was. However, when Zu Qin intended to injure Wan’er earlier, he was like a sword that had been unsheathed with its tip pointing directly at Zhu Qin. When he kills, he was like a sword with extreme sharpness that would cut down everything in his way!

Fu Lang, Yu Du and Ge Jia attempted to kill Ning Fan in order to gain merits. Therefore, this razor-edged sword cut all of them down successively without mercy!

When Zou Teng stood against Ning Fan, this sword was then aimed at him!

Since Wang Xiao was the mastermind behind it all, this sword was pointed at him in the end!

In the collision against Zou Teng and Wang Xiao, Ning Fan’s injuries worsened time after time after each confrontation, making his aura force greatly decrease.

It was like the peerlessly sharp sword was broken into half by his enemies. With a weakened aura force, anyone with a logical mind would have chosen to protect themselves by ending the match with a draw. Ning Fan, however, did not make that choice. In stark contrast, he risked his life and endured a terrifying demonic technique from Wang Xiao that froze the entire Luo Yun Province and eventually killed the latter who was already worn-out with his Wind Mist Finger!

Even though his aura force had become weak like a broken sword, he still continued to kill!

A broken sword without a hilt was unable to be held tightly, let alone be used to cut down enemies.

However, although holding it by its edges would injure his palm, Ning Fan still gripped that broken blade tightly and plunged it deeply into his enemies' hearts..

At this moment, Ning Fan gave others a feeling that he was a broken sword that was fully covered with fresh blood… Despite the huge loss of his blood essence and the severe injuries on his body, there was not a hint of fear within his eyes!

Standing on the purple platform, he forcefully swallowed the blood in his throat. He was still burning with fighting spirit, showing no signs of backing off.

“Wang Xiao is dead… Today, I am going to strive for the first place! Anyone who refuses to give in can come up here and fight me!”

His voice resounded without receding for tens of thousands of li* in the Luo Yun Province. However, the demons on the Cloud Platform gradually quieted down.

Anyone of good sense could see that Ning Fan was already exhausted. If any of them goes up the purple stage right now, they might have a high chance of defeating him despite being just a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

However, even Lu Jiefen who was a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert and also the Honorable Demon General of the Pure Flame Tribe that had the strength of the Star of Bestowal also did not dare to go up the platform at this moment.


It’s because nobody knew whether Ning Fan would act beyond everyone’s expectations again and display some powerful methods to bring them down!

“Fire General, are you willing to fight me?!”

When Ning Fan’s gaze swept across Pure Flame Tribe and fell straight on Lu Jiefen, Lu Jiefen’s brows were tightly knitted together. His eyes flashed with a hint of dread!

There was a Late Divine Transformation Realm refined corpse of a Wild Beast in his storage pouch. With that creature, he would be able to fight Wang Xiao without losing. However... when Ning Fan locked eyes with him, he seemed to have purposely released a trace of qi.

When this breath was released, Lu Jiefen’s countenance changed greatly. He could feel that the Late Divine Transformation Realm refined corpse in his storage pouch was trembling with fear.

“This breath… It can’t be wrong! Lu Bei must have a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse! Half-Step Void Refinement Realm… Perhaps Lu Bei would be able to kill a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator with that refined corpse!”

As he thought about that possibility, Lu Jiefen gradually calmed himself down. With a frown, he avoided Ning Fan’s gaze without giving him any reply.

His intention of avoiding a fight with Ning Fan was obvious even without the need of voicing it out! If Ning Fan had a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse with him, perhaps even Prince Qu Shun or Imperial Concubine Zi would not be able to get any advantages over him in spite of his current condition!

Lu Jiefen desired the Star of the Celestial Emperor. That’s why he wanted to enter the Third World. However, from the very beginning, he had already realized that it would be impossible for him to determine who are going to have the chance of entering the Third World by himself since many forces were involved.

Since he was not able to monopolize it, there was no need for him to risk his life to fight a life and death battle with Ning Fan.

It isn’t rational to gamble my life just for the map pieces! Since I will definitely be within the top fifty ,why do I need to fight for my life!

“Fire General Lu Jiefen does not dare to accept General Bei’s challenge?!”

The eyes of the Luo Yun Tribe’s demons were burning with enthusiasm as they saw that unbelievable scene in front of them.

Afterwards, Ning Fan shifted his gaze to the other seven tribes in succession. However, since the Fire General refused to fight him, who else would be daring to go up to the platform?

Especially the Earth General, Bai Wuzun, when Ning Fan stared at him, he only felt ill at ease as chills began to run down his spine and bones.. Only when Ning Fan looked away did he feel a sudden relief in his heart...

“It’s better that I restrain myself for now! Lu Bei could even kill Wang Xiao who had displayed a secret technique which temporarily enhanced his level to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm…How can I become his match?! Moreover, there is quite some unsettled resentment between the two of us. If I go up the stage now, I will definitely be killed by him without a single doubt.”

Nobody dared to accept his challenge!

The Thunder General and Wind General who were also Late Divine Transformation Realm experts exchanged glances with each other and let out a deep sigh. When Ning Fan cast a glance at them, they could also notice a hint of Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force that was deliberately released by him…

“This person has a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse…If that’s the case, nobody will be able to defeat him in this Second World!”

After contemplating for a while, they bitterly sighed and took out their maps with forced smiles. With a flick of their fingers, they delivered the map pieces to Ning Fan at the Purple Platform and then cupped their fists towards him.

“That final attack of yours was peerless. We reckon that both of us won’t be able to resist it so we decided to admit defeat! With your strength, you are qualified enough to be recognized as the champion of the match. Moreover, you are literally matchless in this Land of Slumber with that hidden item that you possess right there…Therefore, we think that it is better that you keep the map pieces!”

Ning Fan heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. Although his breathing was still disorderly, it was getting calmer. He stretched out one of his hands and bent his palm. Two rays of faint light turned into two map pieces and landed on his palm. After keeping them in his storage pouch, he cupped his fists in return.

“Thank you!”

In his storage pouch, there was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse that was refined from the black dragon. It was something to protect himself. It was also the reason why he dared to continue challenging other generals.

The reason why he intentionally released the qi of the refined corpse was to intimidate other generals. However, his action not only frightened the rebellious Lu Jiefen, but he also received two map pieces from the Thunder General and the Wind General. Now, Ning Fan had already obtained four map pieces in his hands!

If one only knows how to play dumb to take advantage of others without revealing his actual power, sometimes it might cause the enemies to start underestimating him too much; thus, attracting more unnecessary trouble...

Properly displaying one’s trump cards in order to intimidate his enemies was undoubtedly a clever way.

When his gaze paused at Prince Qu Shun, he noticed that the latter was suddenly grinning at him.

What he did next was truly surprising. He slapped his storage pouch and took out three map pieces. With a flick of his finger, he tossed them to Ning Fan. His expression remained calm and steady.

“Wang Xiao has been defeated. Now, I believe that none of the Divine Transformation Realm experts from the Pure Flame Tribe can defeat you…With that item in your storage pouch, I also find it difficult to defeat you. Therefore, these map pieces will be placed in yours hands for the moment!”

Ning Fan received them and his eyes became solemn.

He only fused the aura of the refined corpse into his gaze to intimidate Lu Jiefen and three other generals. He didn’t expose it to Qu Shun at all but the latter was still able to discover that hidden corpse in his storage pouch.

This man has keen observation skills. Besides, since he knows that he could not monopolize all the nine map pieces by himself nor wipe out the Luo Yun Tribe completely, he immediately changed his mind and handed over the map pieces.

He might seem to be giving in and establishing a friendly relationship with Ning Fan, but in actuality, he was scheming to start a conflict between the Spirit King Palace and Ning Fan and make use of them to get rid of the latter!

Now, Ning Fan already gathered seven map pieces while the remaining two map pieces were in Imperial Concubine Zi’s hands.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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