Grasping Evil - Chapter 281 (2)

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Imperial Concubine Zi had an overbearing demeanor. She never gave way to others, so making her easily hand over the map pieces in her possession to others would be impossible. In a situation like this, there might even be a possibility where she would go up and fight against Ning Fan regardless of anything in order to seize the seven pieces he had just obtained.

As expected, right after Qu Shun passed his map pieces to Ning Fan, she rose up from her seat with a pair of cold and arrogant phoenix eyes.

“You aren’t qualified to hold the map pieces… because you aren’t a demon!”

Just as the words came out from her mouth, utter silence fell upon the Luo Yun Province and then an uproar filled the arena.

“Empress Imperial Concubine Zi must speak with care! General Bei is the pillar of our Luo Yun Tribe, how could he not be a demon?!”

“Exactly! General Bei has awakened the royal bloodline of a True Spirit Race during his Second Bloodline Awakening. It is an indisputable fact that everyone knows!”

“Hmmph! So what if you are a demon from the Upper World? If you want General Bei’s map pieces, then go up the purple platform and challenge him to a duel. The winner of the fight will naturally get the map pieces. Why do you have to slander him with such words?!”

Most of the voices around them were siding with Ning Fan.

Ning Fan remained cool and composed like clouds floating gently in the sky. He was not afraid of having his identity being exposed in public. It was because his identity had already been firmly established and widely recognized after his Second Bloodline Awakening. Even if the members of the Pure Flame Tribe spread the information from the Demon Sealing Sect to publicize that Ning Fan is a human now, who would believe them?

As a matter of fact, there were quite many demon cultivators who had already discovered that the current Lu Bei was not the true Lu Bei after observing him in public and conducting investigations in private. Moreover, some of the previous Lu Bei’s associates were already long aware of the differences in the current Lu Bei’s identity. However, due to their insignificant power, none of them dared to voice out.

After all, the fact that whether he was Lu Bei or not was not important at all! As long as Lu Daochen and the seven generals of the Luo Yun Tribe recognize him, then his identity should not be doubted.

Besides, it was not difficult to determine whether he was a demon or not. If he was not a demon, then he would be a human.

But how could a human who did not know anything about the ancient demon formation or the ancient demon sacrificial ceremony enter the Second World of the Land of Slumber?

Furthermore, even though humans were able to cultivate demon power and activate the demon bloodlines, which human could awaken the royal bloodline of the demon race from ancient times up until now?

What Imperial Concubine Zi said was the truth but it was a truth that no one would believe in.

Imperial Concubine Wu Yan let out a faint sigh. She also knew that Ning Fan was not a genuine demon. However, that statement would only be regarded as nonsense unless Ning Fan admitted it himself. Therefore, Wu Yan had never told anyone else about it.

Lu Wan’er gently patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. She was really worried that Ning Fan’s true identity would be revealed. In this world, if one is known to be a member of the foreign race, he or she would probably be pursued and hunted down by countless demons…

“If Imperial Concubine Zi is dissatisfied with me, please speak in a more direct manner. Making such slander is only going to tarnish your own image!”

Ning Fan sneered whereas Imperial Concubine Zi’s face became even gloomier.

“Hmmph! Fine! I admit that I have just put my foot in my mouth… However, if you want the map pieces of my Spirit King Palace, you must follow the rules of the fight. There are still two Late Divine Transformation Realm imperial concubines from my Spirit King Palace whom you haven’t fought! Wu Yan, go and kill him while he is still severely injured!”

“Me? I…” Imperial Concubine Wu Yan’s eyes were suddenly filled with hesitation and struggle.

She noticed Lu Wan’er who was giving her a pleading look. She then shifted her gaze at the young man who was clasping his hands behind his back on the purple platform in distance and recalled the scenes back in the Scripture Tower. All of a sudden, her mind was in distress…

“Empress Imperial Concubine Zi, Wu Yan…isn’t his match…”

“How dare you defy my orders?!” Imperial Concubine Zi’s phoenix eyes narrowed coldly. When she intended to expose Ning Fan’s identity, she was rebutted by nearly one hundred thousand demon cultivators present and she was said to have been slandering Ning Fan on purpose. It was already causing her to lose much of her face.

When she assertively commanded Wu Yan to challenge Ning Fan to a fight, Wu Yan actually chose to avoid the battle… How could Imperial Concubine Zi tolerate defiance anymore? Losing her self-control, she lifted one of her hands and gave Wu Yan a slap.


A cold hard slap hit her right in the face. On Wu Yan’s pretty face, there was now a red print of a palm with five fingers could be seen clearly.

“Imperial Concubine Wu Yan! Do you understand the consequences if you disobey my orders?!”

A trace of blood flowed down from one of the corners of her mouth. Wu Yan’s facial expression darkened as she lowered her head. The pride and arrogance she had when she first met Ning Fan could no longer seen. In front of Imperial Concubine Zi, she did not have any rights to be proud at all, not to mention defy her orders.

“After returning to the Spirit King Palace, Wu Yan is willing to be imprisoned within the cold palace[1] for one hundred years…”

Exchanging the life of Sister Wan’er’s lover with one hundred years of imprisonment… I think it should be all right for me…

“Elder Sister Wu Yan!” Lu Wan’er was angered when Wu Yan was beaten. Without thinking about her own injuries, she intended to walk up towards Imperial Concubine Zi to get even with her. However, her brother, Lu Sheng made a step forward and blocked her path.

“She is the Spirit King’s favorite concubine. You must not act rashly!”

The Spirit King’s favorite concubine… The woman who was favored by the Spirit King and was able to meet him in person. It was the highest honor that a woman could get. With such honor, even the old ancestors of ordinary True Spirit Races who were feared by Immortal Demons would not dare to touch her.

Ning Fan’s eyes became cold. Wu Yan was hit because of him…

“Imperial Concubine Xi[2], you’ll go!”

Imperial Concubine Zi pointed at a prepubescent girl in yellow robes behind her. That girl’s body was rather tiny and her appearance was childish. However, her presence emanated a Late Divine Transformation Realm aura.

She was a subordinate who excelled in almost everything. Unfortunately, what terrified her the most were bewitching techniques.

She placed her little foot forward and prepared to fight against Ning Fan. However, as Ning Fan’s eyes met hers, her face blushed immediately and her body began to grow hotter.

“Bewit…. Bewitching technique! This man has an incredible bewitching technique. Xi Ran isn’t his match…”


Imperial Concubine Zi wore an exasperated expression as none of the things she did had lived up to her expectations. She really wished that she could ascend the purple platform and fight Ning Fan herself.

Ironically, she was the one who mentioned that Peak Divine Transformation Realm experts were not allowed to participate in the fight.

On the other hand, she had no idea that Ning Fan still had a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse with him. If Imperial Concubine Zi really dares to come up the stage and fight him, he would definitely summon the refined corpse and kidnap her without using his bewitching technique!

Imperial Concubine Zi’s eyes were filled with rage. But there was nothing she could do. After pondering for a moment, she snorted coldly and took out the remaining two map piece. She flicked her finger and sent them to Ning Fan.

“Lu Bei, you wait for me!”

“Alright! I’ll definitely take a good bath and put on clean clothes and wait for your arrival at my bed tonight!”

“You! Hmmph!”

Imperial Concubine Zi’s eyes flashed with killing intent and she turned around.

This man is too shameless! How dare he assail me with obscenities and disregard my threat?!

Fine. After going into the Third World, there will be plenty of chances to kill him!

At the moment she left, her eyes coldly glanced at Wu Yan and warned, “I’ll remember your words. After returning to the Spirit King Palace, I will present a memorial to the king to grant you a house arrest of ten thousand years!”

“Ten thousand years…” Wu Yan made a sad smile but she did not talk back at her.

Looking at the bossy Imperial Concubine Zi, Ning Fan’s eyes darkened.

I’m going to make the eleven demon imperial concubines including Imperial Concubine Zi become my human cauldrons. It’s a way which can let Wu Yan feel slightly better.

It’s unsuitable to kidnap them in the external world. I guess… I shall take action in the Star Palace of the Third World which can’t be pried into from outside!

The nine pieces of the map were now all gathered. The first place of the match had already been decided. Next, other than Ning Fan, the fights between the remaining 49 participants were no longer Ning Fan’s concern. With just the map pieces, the World Passage could not be opened. A large-scale ancient demon sacrificial ceremony would still be needed in order to activate the World Passage. The preparatory work for establishing the formation and the offerings alone were already pretty time-consuming.

“Luo Yun, number one…”

Ning Fan kept the map pieces and shut his eyes. The roar of cheers around was like tidal water. However, it was hard to get his mind excited.

So what if I get the first place… Being the strongest in the Luo Yun Tribe isn’t enough!

“Sooner or later, I’ll be the strongest expert in the Rain World!”

He made a stomp, crushing the entire purple platform. When he bent his hand with his palm open, 56 traces of purple qi condensed into purple crystals and went into his storage pouch.

Every single purple crystal was comparable to a Blood Awakening Pilll.

In the sound of cheers, Ning Fan descended the Cloud Platform. Immediately, the demon cultivators in front of him divided into two groups, clearing up a path for him to walk.

Step by step, he approached Lu Wan’er and gently touched her face.

“I’ve avenged you…”

“But you were hurt in the process…” Lu Wan’er’s face was filled with guilt.

All of a sudden, her eyes widened as if she had just thought of something important and turned around. Looking at Wu Yan and the other imperial concubines who were leaving the arena, she lifted herself by standing on the tips of her toes and placed her lips near to Ning Fan’s ear.

In a deep pleading tone, she said, “May I ask you for a favor?”

“Do we still need to use the word ‘may’?” Ning Fan felt an itch on his ear as he felt Lu Wan’er’s breath.

“Well I’m afraid that it’ll bring you troubles… Can you think of a method to not let Sister Wu Yan be imprisoned for ten thousand years by Imperial Concubine Zi… My master said that the imprisonment of the Spirit King Palace is very scary…” Lu Wan’er wore a look of guilt. She thought that the reason why Wu Yan would defy Imperial Concubine Zi’s orders and refrain from killing Ning Fan was because of her request.

“I already have a method in mind... I guess Imperial Concubine Zi won’t be able to return to the Spirit King Palace safely, let alone complain to the Spirit King!”

“What? Don’t tell me that you….”

‘You plan to kill her?’ Lu Wan’er was not daring enough to complete the remaining part of her sentence. Murdering a demon imperial concubine. Besides, the imperial concubine in question was the favorite woman of the Spirit King. It was just overly bold.

“No. It’ll be a waste to kill such excellent cauldrons… Besides, I am a very timid man. I’m most afraid of killing others…” Ning Fan deliberately made an innocent smile, making Lu Wan’er laugh.

Slowly, her mood improved a bit. Meanwhile, Ning Fan’s mind began formulating a plan to abduct the eleven beauties in the Star Palace.

As for Imperial Concubine Wu Yan, I think I should comfort her… Being humiliated in public… I wonder if she is feeling sad about it.

“She really is a poor woman…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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  1. ^ 1. The cold palace is a palace where the wife or concubine of an emperor stays when the emperor no longer like her anymore or when she commits unforgivable crimes.
  2. ^ 2. Imperial Concubine Xi. The “Xi” (兮 pinyin : xī) is just an exclamatory particle in Chinese. In old Chinese, it means “ah”