Grasping Evil - Chapter 282

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Within one month, the remaining 49 places were determined. They were all chosen from the one hundred Divine Transformation Ream experts.

Imperial Concubine Wu Yan was ranked second while Lu Jiefen was ranked third. The remaining were undisclosed.

After just one month, the shocking news about Lu Bei killing six generals on the purple platform was quickly spread to the entire Second World which was billions of li* large using different kinds of communication methods.

No one blamed Ning Fan for Wang Xiao and the other generals’ deaths. After all, the fight was held in accordance to the teachings of the Demon Ancestor. The moment anyone sets foot on the purple platform, their life and death would be decided by the heavens.

Of course, the True Spirit Races were not going to let Ning Fan off the hook. However, it would only be an issue after he ascends to the Land of Demons. Therefore, it was not a concern at all for the demons in the Second World.

What they had to take note of was that as long as Lu Bei exists in the Luo Yun Tribe, they must not offend that tribe no matter what!

The demons began to hunt for demon beasts and search for sacrificial offerings at the southern part of the Luo Yun Tribe which was connected to the Feng Yun Tribe.

To activate the World Passage to the Third World, the nine divisions had spared no effort by deploying nearly all of their forces to hunt demon beasts.

At least five hundred thousands of demon beasts which were at the Gold Core Realm and above would be needed for the blood sacrificial ceremony and at least one percent among them must be beast kings.

The preparation for the ancient demon sacrificial ceremony this time was more demanding than activating the World Passage of the Second World. Just for the materials needed to carve the grand formation, it cost at least one fifth of the total financial resources of each tribe.

However, Ning Fan did not need to worry about any of those things.

Within the month, he was at his bedroom accompanying Lu Wan’er in healing her injuries.

General Bei’s Residence was guarded tightly by countless experts.

In a room within the River Gazing Tower, Ning Fan and Lu Wan’er were sitting in meditation positions with their eyes closed on a soft bed. Both of them were pressing against each other’s palms. With Ning Fan being the lead, the two of them rotated their magic power as they practiced dual-cultivation.

Using the female’s Yin Qi to replenish Yang while using the male’s Yang Qi to replenish Yin and achieve harmony of Yin and Yang within them. The speed of this healing method was exceptional. However, Ning Fan could barely display this method after he attained the Divine Transformation Realm by taking the lead in this cultivation to help Lu Wan’er treat her wounds while treating his.

After a month, the injuries Lu Wan’er suffered due to forcefully activating the phoenix wings during the fight were already completely healed. Moreover, under the dual-cultivation with Ning Fan, her demon power had improved quite a lot.

As for Ning Fan’s wounds, they were nearly recovered. Unfortunately, the loss of his blood essence could not be completely replenished. Hence, his face remained pale.

Sniffing the concentrated manly smell from Ning Fan on the bed while feeling the temperature of his skin when their palms touched, Lu Wan’er’s cheeks turned as red as a tomato and her heart raced with nervousness.

It was her first time sitting on a man’s bed… The meaning behind it could be comprehended without being told.

Those who were a little more sharp-witted would understand that the two of them were treating their wounds while dwelling in deep seclusion inside their rooms for a month.

Whereas those who were ignorant would only think that they had been enjoying themselves for an entire month.

Thus, in the Luo Yun Province, while Ning Fan’s fame had grown rapidly like the scorching sun in the middle of the day, the gossip about his unconventional lifestyle was also spreading widely too.

During cultivation. Ning Fan’s facial expression was extremely serious and he was very scrupulous about every detail. The casual and relaxed look which he normally wore had never once appeared during that period of time.

That concentrated look on his face made Lu Wan’er inwardly blamed him for not understanding amorous feelings.

Everyone knows that I, Lu Wan’er, am your woman. If you don’t marry me, what would happen… Besides, I am already 900 years old while you aren’t even 400 years old… I am so much older than you…”

In the cultivation world, age was like floating clouds. Some of the couples might not have much difference in their cultivation level, but the difference in their ages were extremely huge. Well, these were naturally because of one’s innate potential.

However, those who would really consider the difference of age in an intimate relationship were probably those silly women like Lu Wan’er.

Otherwise, Ning Fan would not need to marry anyone else other than Zhihe since there seemed to be nobody younger than him.

The next moment, Ning Fan gently exhaled and withdrew his demon power back to his body and opened his eyes.

“At long last, my injuries have almost recovered… Wang Xiao is the strongest opponent whom I have defeated relying only on my own strength. However, I didn’t expect that eliminating him would cause me to be injured so badly. If I didn’t have the incarnation technique, I probably wouldn’t be able to withstand that ice demonic technique that froze the entire province…” Ning Fan laughed at himself.

He clearly knew that after his demon power had attained the Divine Transformation Realm, he could at most put up a fight against a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. If he wants to kill an expert at that cultivation level, he must pay a great price, like inflicting damage on himself.

However, he had never anticipated that his self-mockery would cause Lu Wan’er to petulantly stare at him.

“What else do you think?! You have just reached Divine Transformation Realm and yet you immediately went to risk your life fighting that Wang Xiao… It isn’t easy at all to exchange Wang Xiao’s life with your grievous injuries, okay?! You are that stubborn every single time… Do you know how worried I was when I saw you vanish within that ice demonic technique? I was really afraid that you would die…”

Lu Wan’er’s shoulders shuddered. Although she claimed that Ning Fan was not dead at that time, her heart was overwhelmed with anxiety.

“Who asked that Wang Xiao to harbor intentions of hurting you? I just don’t dare to let him escape alive this time…”

Don’t dare… The outsiders might be seeing how glorious Ning Fan was, but none of them knew that he also feel fear. He was just too afraid to let his beloved woman be in danger.

One’s courage always stemmed from one’s fear in life.

In fact, the reason why that butterfly dared to resist an Immortal Emperor was not because it had amazing boldness and bravery but because it had its true love behind it.

Lu Wan’er’s heart skipped a beat. At this moment, she suddenly realized that Ning Fan was actually just an ordinary person. He was not as lofty and insensitive as she had imagined him to be.

Lu Wan’er lifted her arm and placed it around Ning Fan’s neck. Leaning forward, she looked him squarely in the eyes like an elder sister affectionately looking at her young brother.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine… Ning Fan, tell me about your stories, will you?”

From Ning Fan’s eyes, Lu Wan’er saw too much tiredness and loneliness.

This firm and persistent man must have lots of stories to tell…

“You want to listen?”

“Yes. I want to truly understand you…” Lu Wan’er expression was abnormally serious. Gradually, she lied down and snuggled into his chest.

Being bashful and bold at the same time, she rubbed her soft and tender bosom against Ning Fan’s solid chest.

The demon race was not shackled by etiquettes. Love means love. The current Lu Wan’er was not the number-one spirit augmentation master of the Luo Yun Tribe but a little fox who had fallen in love.

“Tell me everything about you. Let me see your true self…” Her vision slowly turned blurry and misty.

The more she looked at the current Lu Bei’s appearance that Ning Fan wore, the more unfamiliar she felt. She wanted to see the true Ning Fan rather than the fake Lu Bei.

“My true self…”

With a flick of his sleeve, his appearance rapidly changed but his body did not experience significant changes. His body remained thin and weak as usual but his facial features became more attractive while his jawline became sharper.

However, his true appearance was a lot younger and thinner than Lu Wan’er’s imagination, making him look just like a scholar.

“You look so small. If I walk by your side, others will think that you are my little brother…” Lu Wan’er gently turned her head and her cheeks flushed. As it was her first time witnessing Ning Fan’s true appearance, it made her heart race.

“Mm. You’re right. You are rather big…”

Without giving her time to argue, he pulled her directly into his arms.


Lu Wan’er let out a moan and her face blushed in embarrassment. She was a person who had not had any experience regarding intimate activities like that. Therefore, she instinctively turned around and intended to run away from Ning Fan. But just as she crawled out from Ning Fan’s arms and wanted to stand up, she stepped on his foot and fell back into his arms with her back facing him.

Looking at this beautiful woman who had just delivered herself to his doorstep, Ning Fan playfully embraced her from behind with his arms pressing against her bosom.

“Hmm… I think the little fox can’t run away anymore.”

“No. I won’t run away anymore… I’m not… Let me go… Your hand… your hand is…”

Because of the dual cultivation they practiced earlier to heal their injuries, Lu Wan’er had to wear thin clothes. Now, she could sense that the skin of her back was literally rubbing against Ning Fan’s chest, feeling extremely awkward.

As for Ning Fan, since he already treated Lu Wan’er as his own woman, he did not mind it at all.

When his arms horizontally landed on her chest, compressing the two soft protruding lumps, they then sank within along with the pressure of his arms.

As her bosoms were touched by his arms, she felt her whole body losing strength, as if she was going to melt in his arms.

She was a demon who lived without being held back by traditions or etiquettes by nature. At first, the shyness she felt was just the natural instinct of a woman. She was not disgusted with Ning Fan’s touches.

She gently lowered her head, allowing her long hair to block her misty eyes and let Ning Fan continue to hug her in that intimate position without showing any resistance.

It was worth noting that Lu Wan’er’s young appearance and large bosoms were really a deadly combination that would tempt every man.

Furthermore, since she was a member of the fox race, she was born with a natural charm. At first, Ning Fan was just in the mood of teasing. However, when his hand came into contact with Lu Wan’er’s bosoms, he immediately felt his “little brother” reacting.

That’s why Lu Wan’er sensed that her tender voluptuous butt was suddenly being pushed by something hard.

If she were a woman of the human race, she would probably be flushed with shame. Lu Wan’er, however, looked at Ning Fan with her hazy eyes which carried a hint of embarrassment, filling the atmosphere with more eroticism.

It’s a good thing. It means that my lover is also emotionally affected by me… It also means that I am still quite charming in his eyes.

“It’s no wonder so many sisters in the fox race are willing to fall in love with mortal men… I only know now that falling in love is such a wonderful feeling… En…”

Lu Wan’er was perplexed in her mind. However, she unintentionally let out a moan all of a sudden. It was because Ning Fan’s hands glided underneath her clothes, trailing her well-developed breasts and gently fondled them.

“Little fox, just now you said you are much ‘bigger’ than me right? Now, let me have a clear look at how big you are.”

“I was talking about ... age… not… not these… en…”

She felt that her body was invaded by something, as if there was something swelling and moving within her body. That feeling was painful and numbing but it was really fascinating.

Her original intention was to listen to Ning Fan tell her about his past. However, she had never expected that it would turn out like this.

Feeling her bosoms which were covered with undergarment being squeezed into any shape as he wished, traces of electricity flowed through her entire body. Her breathing gradually became heavier and faster and her breaths carried the smell of orchid flowers as she immersed herself in pleasure.

Between her legs, traces of creamy liquid began to flow down while her cheeks were hot like boiling water. Above her curvaceous buttocks, four snow-white fox tails slowly grew out under her clothes.

People said that fox demons were the easiest to be aroused. Once they were aroused, they would then reveal their demon avatars with ease. Now, it seemed that the rumors were rather real.

Ning Fan used one of his hands to squeeze her bosoms while the other to stroke her fox tails.

The burning hot tails stood erect. At the moment when Ning Fan touched them, Lu Wan’er seemed to be feeling a massive amount of stimulation. She clenched her teeth but a feeling of pleasure and comfort ran throughout her whole body, making her unable to endure it anymore and moaned.

“Don’t touch… there… This… This part is…”

“Hmm? The tails of the female fox demons are so sensitive?”

Rhythmically, Ning Fan used his fingers to continue stroking her tails. Meanwhile, the stimulation she felt was getting more and more intense. She lifted her head which was filled with tiny beads of sweat, facing upwards and looking at Ning Fan with a flirtatious expression. Her lips which were red like fresh blood glistened with sparkling saliva as if she was yearning for a kiss.

Knowing exactly what she yearned for, Ning Fan placed his lips onto hers. From her lips, he could feel a different kind of sweetness.


As Lu Wan’er’s lips were stuffed, she felt herself suffocating but at the same time, she felt that she was in seventh heaven.

Ning Fan’s hand which was originally stroking Lu Wan’er’s tails moved to the place between her thighs. Instantly, his fingers were moistened.

At this moment, Lu Wan’er’s entire body was quivering violently. More and more liquid gushed out from between her thighs, soaking her own undergarment and dampening Ning Fan’s fingers.

Her eyes were filled with embarrassment and affection. Under Ning Fan’s continuous touch, she eventually reached her climax.

She then looked at Ning Fan with a sulky look, blaming him for making her behave in such manner…

“The women of the fox race are really…”

“Really what?! Really shameless, is it?” Lu Wan’er was feeling slightly nervous.

“No… It’s just too enchanting…”

“Stop being glib-tongued… You haven’t even told me about your stories yet and you’ve already made fun of me…” The redness on Lu Wan’er’s face did not recede as she angrily rolled her eyes at him.

However, she could also understand the reason behind it. Ning Fan had forgotten himself and began touching her because the way she enchanted him was too successful.

That is to say, I’m really charming in his eyes…

“I want to hear your stories…”

“Alright. I’ll tell you now. It all began in a mid-ranked cultivation country of the human race named Wu Country in the Rain Immortal World… In there, a three-year-old kid was taken in by the Ning Clan of Hai Ning…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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