Grasping Evil - Chapter 283 (1)

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The night was silent with a gentle breeze blowing through the air. The blood moon hung high up in the night sky as usual, overlooking the earth.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with recollection as he meticulously told his past.

He told her of each of the women who appeared in his past.

He told her every life and death moments that he experienced in all the bloodbaths he had gone through.

Lu Wan’er had actually prepared herself for the fact that Ning Fan had multiple women in his harem. Although her expression looked a bit dejected, she knew that Ning Fan had a unique character. He might be showing his affection to many different women, but he would be loyal to every single one of them.

However, what Lu Wan’er did not expect was that a talented being like Ning Fan had actually gone through such a bumpy road which was full of slings and arrows.

“The days I stayed in Hai Ning were peaceful and full of warmth. That child was originally surnamed Yun, but due to him being overly common, he was granted a name called Ning Fan. The dull and peaceful days only lasted until he was 16 years old… Ning Fan had a younger brother. He had the same aspiration as his brother. Both of them always desired a dull and peaceful life without any fights or conflicts… However, life did not give him a choice. A young master named Ning Tian put him in danger. When he was 16 years old, he had been framed and was sold to bandits. After changing hands several times, he eventually ended up in a neighboring country - Yue Country. In the All Pleasure Sect of Yue Country, I, who was just as insignificant as an ant was almost violated to death by a group of Vein Opening Realm female cultivators.”

Ning Fan’s expression remained calm and he seemed to be telling someone else’s story. The hatred he had towards the All Pleasure Sect was nearly gone completely and all of his past was as if a cloud of smoke. Now, he had attained the Divine Transformation Realm. As for the Vein Opening Realm female cultivators who had already died, he no longer put them in his mind.

However, Lu Wan’er could not maintain her composure after she heard about that part. She clenched her fists with her eyes flashing with a hint of anger. Her beloved man had fallen prey to the machinations of others and was even humiliated by female devil cultivators. She was eager to know about what happened after that.

The 16-year-old Ning Fan was still only an ordinary person. She wondered what happened next that triggered him to choose this path of merciless killing and also how he survived from that situation.

“A young lady rescued me. She saved me not only once but twice. Her name is Zhihe. Without her, I would have died many times.” When Ning Fan talked about Zhihe, his eyes were filled with complicated feelings. There was the feeling of guilt for not going home after a long time and also the the deep feeling of yearning for her.

“Zhihe…” Lu Wan’er knew that this woman must be a very important person to Ning Fan. Occasionally, she even heard Ning Fan uttering Zhihe’s name in his sleep… She had long known about the existence of this woman, but this was the first time she heard Ning Fan mentioning her.

“What kind of woman is she?” Lu Wan’er gently asked.

“She is just a silly girl who is so silly that nobody would be willing to injure her… She hates fighting. She dislikes cultivating. What she wants is just a common and peaceful life. However, she is not wrong to harbor that wish. She should have been born in ancient times and lived a harmonious life as a princess. She can then play with butterflies in the medicinal garden everyday… Unfortunately, she was born in a troubled era like this. War and bloodshed are inevitable if she wishes to move forward on the path of cultivation. In order to strive for opportunities, if one refrains from killing, they will eventually be killed… She is not suitable for the cultivation world. But I promised her to keep her hands clean from blood. No matter what happens, I will fulfill my promise...”

“She must be a very blissful woman…” Lu Wan’er slightly sighed with with a hint of envy.

“Xiao Lan’s patience, Bai Lu’s defiance, Su Qiu’s stubbornness and also Si Si… There are a lot of people and matters that I am sentimentally attached to in Yue Country. There are even deep blood feuds that have yet to be resolved… Ever since I entered the Ning Clan, I didn’t have any parents. In order to protect my younger brother, I had to strive, steal and even snatch for the things that we needed with my mortal body. It was tiring but I could not compromise at all… It was until I met my master that everything changed. In the beginning, I was forced to become his disciple. Later... Later, I followed him to Seven Apricot City and gradually enjoyed the days that I spent staying there. I was made the young lord of that city. In that place, I was no longer lowly and inferior. I was no longer being bullied and even discriminated by others. My master gave me everything I needed. He taught me the iron laws of cultivation and even assisted me in rescuing my younger brother… I could not forget his help even until now. During the first time I met him, he was standing high in the sky under the bright full-moon with a domineering aura… During the winter in Seven Apricot City, it was the first time I felt the joy and warmth of life. I could laugh and talk freely anywhere, anytime. Without Han Nietian’s appearance, perhaps I would have spent the rest of my life staying in Seven Apricot City … That man was once the disciple and the adoptive child of my master. He was the person whom my master trusted the most. However, in the end, he … betrayed my master!”

“He is one of the Divine Emperors of the Devil World. He is a powerful being who could intrude the Rain World by himself, a being who could strike fear into the hearts of all the experts in the Rain World. He is a Void Fragmentation Realm expert! However, the day of my battle against him isn’t far from now… My master had already left. Perhaps he will not return to the Rain World ever again, but to the Sword World… However, I’m sure he will definitely go to the Ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court. It will be the place where I will settle our blood feud once and for all! No matter how many Divine Emperors or Void Fragmentation Realm experts are going to stop me, I will and I must cut him down!”

“It isn’t only because of hatred, but also because of fear. I am afraid of allowing this traitor to hurt my master again!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with immense killing intent.

Lu Wan’er pitifully turned around and tightly hugged Ning Fan. She could not imagine how a young man who had just reached the Harmonious Spirit Realm endured such a heavy load on his shoulders and moved forward step by step to the Divine Transformation Realm.

Void Fragmentation Realm experts, Divine Emperors of the Devil World… In this Second World which could be dominated by a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert and the Land of Slumber where a Void Refinement Realm expert could become a Demon Marshal and rule over the entire place, the Void Fragmentation Realm was just an unreachable level…

For Lu Wan’er, if she were to have such a formidable enemy, perhaps she would have already been filled with despair. Ning Fan, however, took on the massive burden and lived up to until today with unyielding stubbornness.

“Don’t you lose to him… Don’t you die…” Lu Wan’er muttered in a low tone. She believed that her beloved man would set his foot on the Ancient Heavenly Court one day in the future and appear in front of Moksha1 Emperor with an unrivaled strength that can cause that traitor to be so shocked that his eyeballs would fall out of his eye sockets.

“I won’t.”

Ning Fan’s eyes gradually became tranquil again and tightly embraced Lu Wan’er in his arms, feeling the warmth of her body. On the journey of cultivation, there was not only massacre, exhaustion and hatred, but also moments of joy and happiness. For Ning Fan, he just wanted to keep improving his power until he is strong enough to protect his loved ones with his own strength.

Tirelessly, Ning Fan talked about each occurrence of bloodshed he encountered. Each stage of growth he experienced made Lu Wan’er become sometimes silent, sometimes nervous, and sometimes smile through tears. While listening to Ning Fan’s past, she just let her thoughts move along with his stories, vividly picturing every scene of his life.

The demons in the Second World had spent their entire lives guarding the slumbering Demon Marshal. None of them had ever had such a magnificent life like Ning Fan’s.

Lu Wan’er knew that Ning Fan must be very tired. However, he just never mentioned anything about it and wore a faint smile on his face regardless of the situation.

“Ning Fan, with me being at your side, you can be at ease and rest for the night. There isn’t any fight nor massacre here. You don’t need to worry that you will be sneak-attacked when you fall asleep. I will protect you.”

“I can’t be tired.”

Ning Fan knocked Lu Wan’er’s forehead and smiled, “All right, the story ends here. It’s time for a serious matter. Now, take off your clothes.”

“A serious matter…take off my clothes...” Lu Wan’er’s cheeks became as red as a tomato. She timidly responded with a voice as soft as the buzzing of the mosquito and started to unbutton her clothes.

The ‘serious matter’ that she thought of was of course love making since the night was short.

With her back facing Ning Fan, she took off her undergarments revealing her white and silky shoulders. Shen then placed her hand at the silk string of her bra and pulled it making her snow-white bra slip down to the bed.

There was only a thin skirt covering her lower body while her upper body was completely naked. Lu Wan’er gently held her breasts, slightly covering them with her hands and reluctantly turned her body.

“My husband, please be gentle with me…”

*clears throat* Ning Fan forcibly resisted the urge to laugh.

The ‘serious matter’ thought by Lu Wan’er seemed to be a different thing from what he meant.

His original intention of asking her to take off her clothes was to help her completely refine the phoenix wings onto her with his demon power. However, since she had misunderstood his intention, it would definitely make her feel embarrassed if he explains what he initially wanted to do to her at this moment.

It doesn’t seem to be different to first proceed with what she wanted to do and then refine the phoenix wings later...

Ning Fan undressed himself. With a flick of his finger, the candlelight in the room was extinguished and the gauzy curtain surrounding the bed fell down.

Gently, he pressed Lu Wan’er beneath his body and started brushing his lips against hers.


An enchanting moan reverberated across the banks of the demon river, making the atmosphere even more stimulating.


Under Ning Fan’s assistance, Lu Wan’er tried to completely subdue the Peak Profound Earth Grade spirit equipment - Phoenix Wings.

That pair of Phoenix Wings was originally Xu Ri’s wings. However, Xu Ri was killed by Ning Fan. Although this pair of Phoenix Wings did not have any spirituality, at the moment when Ning Fan poured in his demon power, it seemed to be afraid of him, not daring to show any resistance at all. Without any hassle, it was engraved by Lu Wan’er using her demon blood and thoroughly subdued it.

After that, she would need several months of seclusion to be in sync with the pair of wings. When she finishes refining the wings, although it might still be strenuous for her to use them, she won’t suffer a heavy backlash anymore in the future.

However, according to Lu Wan’er’s talents, she would be breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm very soon. After Ning Fan handed over half of the purple crystals that he collected from the purple platform to her, she literally would not face any difficulty in her Third Bloodline Awakening.

“28 purple crystal?! They are comparable to 28 Blood Awakening Pills! Why don’t you keep the crystals for yourself and not give them to me instead?!” Despite her interrogation, she felt a hint of sweetness in her heart.

“Silly girl! If it wasn’t for the Blood Awakening Pill that you gave me during my Second Bloodline Awakening, perhaps I would not have awakened a royal bloodline… Besides, you don’t have to be so polite towards me…”

Wan’er had temporarily entered into secluded meditation. The location of her seclusion was none other than Ning Fan’s residence.

During that period of time, her brother, Lu Sheng had come to pay them a visit them a few times. However, Ning Fan humbly treated him as his elder brother without showing any arrogance towards him.

The busy social activities were all handed to Lu Sheng by Ning Fan. The activation of the World Passage to the Third World would need a tremendous amount of sacrificial offerings. No one knew for sure how long it would take to establish the formation. Before that, Ning Fan wanted to prepare himself for the trip to the Star Palace by improving his strength even if it might just be just a strand of power.

After his demon power reached the Early Divine Transformation Realm, bringing his demon power up to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm seemed to be out of reach in a short period of time.

Now, he had a total of 109 units of devil qi. Breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm in his devil qi would require a massive amount of corpse qi and yin qi. Therefore, it was an unreachable goal for now.

As for his magic power, he had already accumulated 3495 units. Devouring the Profound Heart of Mother Earth would enhance a great deal of his power. Besides, if he plucks Yue Lingkong too, his magic power would improve further. Although it might still be far from attaining the Divine Transformation Realm, it was not difficult to reach Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm.

Aside from that, the last and most important method of improving his strength was ... the Third Bloodline Awakening!

“Having more strength is equivalent to having more safety... Wan'er is in the midst of seclusion. Before I go into seclusion, I shall settle the common affairs of the Luo Yun Tribe first.’’


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Moksha is a term in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. It refers to freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth impelled by the law of karma. (Source: Wikipedia)

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