Grasping Evil - Chapter 283 (2)

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While strolling in his residence, each of the demon guards would immediately straighten their backs and salute to him with respect and awe as soon as they caught sight of him.

As for the maidservants who were bustling about within the residence, when they saw Ning Fan, they would bow to him with their eyes sparkling with astonishment and admiration.

“Greetings to General Bei!”

Facing their respectful greetings and salutes, Ning Fan just gently nodded his head as a response to them.

If the deceased Lu Bei knew that I have made him famous in the Land of Slumber after he died, I wonder how superb he would feel.

Ning Fan privately muttered within his heart.

As he arrived at the inner hall of the residence, the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness were also bustling around. They had purchased a large number of medicinal ingredients in accordance to Ning Fan’s instructions with most of them being unique spiritual herbs that could only be found in places where the demon race reside. For example, the Spirit Refining Grass which helped him cultivate his Sense Falsifying Art, they found quite a lot of them. Aside from that, they also managed to gather quite a lot of rare medicinal ingredients.

After Ning Fan shook the entire Second World by achieving great triumph against many odds, countless experts from the Luo Yun Tribe as well as the other tribes came to pay Ning Fan a visit. Even though they did not have the chance to meet him in person, they brought a massive amount of expensive gifts with them. Therefore, other than shopping for medicinal ingredients, the two demonesses would of course have to take good care of those gifts and wait for Ning Fan to collect them himself.

When Ning Fan appeared in the inner hall, the two of them immediately stood straight, looking weary and haggard.

“Greetings to Master.”

“Both of you must have had a long day. Recently, the Luo Yun Province hasn’t been peaceful. Please be extra careful. Hmm. How about this… Both of you should return to the Cauldron Ring first and bring these pills to Bing Ling and Yue Ling so that they can give them out to the rest to improve their cultivation levels. Moreover, your cultivation levels have recovered to the Late Gold Core Realm. Just a single step more, the two of you will attain the Peak Gold Core Realm once more. When that time comes, you can then prepare for Nascent Formation.”


Ning Fan tossed more than ten pouches containing pills that he had prepared earlier on the table. All of them had been looted from the countless cultivators who died in his hands over the years. There were too many pills and their categories were mixed. However, most of them were meant for Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm cultivators to consume. To Ning Fan, they no longer have any effect on his cultivation level. Hence, they were something he could part and give to his cauldrons.

All this while, I only focused on my own cultivation and seldom showed concern to my cauldrons. Perhaps in the future I might need to borrow their power. Thus, it is better for every one of them to have higher cultivations.

“So many pills…” The two demonesses’ eyes flashed with surprise. They had no objections at all about returning to the Cauldron Ring. With that many pills, it would only be a matter of time before their cultivation levels would once again reach the Nascent Soul Realm.

“Oh yes. Regarding the one hundred and eight types of spiritual minerals, how many have you bought?”

“Reporting to Master, regarding the spiritual minerals that Master wanted to obtain, we have gathered the last one of them yesterday. All of them are here!”

The Wind Demoness stroked her purple hair and produced a round and bulging pouch. She handed it over to Ning Fan with an eager look, looking forward for his praise.

“They have been fully gathered?!”

Ning Fan felt slightly surprised.

The one hundred and eight types of spiritual minerals were all needed to forge his third Immemorial Divine Weapon. Most of them were mineral alloys specially used in forging Spiritual Magical Treasures. Moreover, a few of them were so precious that even Void Refinement Realm old monsters would go the extra mile just to obtain them.

From his point of view, it was only barely possible to gather half of the required spiritual minerals in just one month while he was treating his wounds. Hence, he had never expected that the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness would be able to accomplish this task so perfectly by gathering every single one of them.

Ning Fan’s eyes suddenly glowed brightly, as if he had just found the answer for why everything had gone so smoothly.

There is only one reason for it… My luck has really returned!

Beneath the black-colored luck is my purple luck and it is this luck that is hidden from plain sight that blessed me with good luck!

Recalling the extremely unlucky days that the Old Devil had in the past, Ning Fan heaved a sigh.

Judging from the current situation, it seems that I am not following my master’s footsteps. Just refining a Fourth Revolution pill alone, he had failed for more than fifty times…

“Master, I wonder how Master is going to reward us…” The Wind Demoness shot Ning Fan a lecherous gaze whereas the Flower Demoness’ eyes were already full of lust.

“The two of you are really bold. Now you even dare to ask for a reward from me.” Ning Fan gently patted their heads.

“In the future, I’ll gather one thousand Dao Fruits from Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and give them to the two of you as well as the other cauldrons to increase your cultivation levels. How’s that?”

Gathering Dao Fruits for cauldrons to increase their power. Perhaps only Ning Fan whose luck had already recovered had the qualifications to make such a promise.

Perhaps obtaining Dao Fruits that are produced by my enemies won’t be very difficult in the future.

“No!” The Wind Demoness’ eyes flashed with a hint of reluctance and affection.

“Alright. Then let me reward the both of you in another way that you two will be satisfied with…” Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled and shut the door of the room. He of course knew what the two demonesses yearned for.

It’s a good thing after all. With my current cultivation level, practicing dual-cultivation with the two of them would definitely bring lots of benefits to them and greatly shorten the time for them in recovering their cultivation level to the Peak Gold Core Realm.

A brief moment later, soft moans and groans could be heard echoing from the inner hall.

Eventually, the two women were kept into his Cauldron Ring, bringing a large number of pills along with them in order to distribute those pills to the rest of the female cauldrons.

This short duration of serenity made Ning Fan feel as if he had returned to his days in Seven Apricot City.

However, before he kept the two demonesses, Ning Fan asked them a question. The Flower Demoness’ answer caused his brows to be faintly knitted together.

“In the past one month when I was in my room treating my wounds, did Imperial Concubine Wu Yan come to pay a visit?”

“No. Apparently, she was temporarily put under house arrest in the Misty Rain House by Imperial Concubine Zi…”


Ning Fan took a step forward and flew out from his snowy and windy residence, vanishing into the distance. The next moment, he emerged above the province, gazing down on the Misty Rain House.

This place was no longer as bustling as it was in the past. Because of Imperial Concubine Zi’s arrival, the Misty Rain house no longer entertained any guests nor perform for anyone.

Moreover, there were two Divine Transformation Realm imperial concubines standing guard outside the building. Ordinary beings were unable to access that house at all.

For Ning Fan, however, he was not afraid at all as he was used to acting in a flashy manner. After contemplating for a moment, he opened his mouth and spat out a shiny golden relic.

It was the supreme treasure of Wei Country – the All-Heaven Relic!

The relic was formed when the founding ancestor of the Wei Country passed away. In fact, it could also be considered as a Half-Step Void Treasure that could block everyone’s senses from discovering him as long as they were below the Void Refinement Realm.

Before this, due to his insufficient cultivation level, the All-Heaven Relic could only passively shield his Heaven’s Fate from anyone’s divination. Today, by just imbuing a portion of his demon power into it, it was possible for this treasure to conceal his presence, making him unnoticeable by anyone below the Void Refinement Realm!

To Ning Fan, another benefit of breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm was being able to use this heaven-defying treasure.

After scrutinizing it for a moment, he swallowed it again and slightly stirred its power. Gradually, his shadow became ethereal and invisible. As long as he does not recklessly use his demon power, his presence would not be exposed.

Making a step forward, he turned into a billow of purple smoke and flew into the Misty Rain House. The two Divine Transformation Realm women guarding the house did not notice that someone had intruded the place at all.

Even Imperial Concubine Zi who was bathing at the top floor did not sense his intrusion.

There was a room that had been set up with layers and layers of formations. Within the room, a young-looking attractive woman clad in green-feathered robes sat alone in front of her makeup table, looking at the reflection of her gaunt face in the copper mirror. While gently touching her cheek with one of her palms, she let out a faint sigh.

Her face seemed to still feel the burning pain of the slap from that day.

Her heart was filled with a hint of grief, loneliness and helplessness.

“Ten thousand years of imprisonment… Nasty little thief, I have to endure ten thousand years of imprisonment for you and yet you don’t even know anything about it…”


The noise of flowing sand could be heard. The next moment, a gust of wind blew and wisps of golden-purple sand eroded the formation outside her room, creating a hole on it. A billow of purple smoke then stealthily flew into her room.

“What’s that noise?”

Imperial Concubine Wu Yan turned her head and cast a glance at her door. After realizing there was not anything strange, she shook her head dejectedly.

It must be my imagination. My mind is just having too much thoughts.

However, when she shifted her eyes back to the copper mirror, her eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, nervousness and shock.

She gently gritted her teeth and suppressed all her grievance and sorrow, putting on her usual haughty expression.

In the copper mirror, there was a white-robed young man standing behind her smiling radiantly.

“How did you come in? This is the Misty Rain House. It has been cordoned off by Imperial Concubine Zi and no one should’ve been able to enter!”

Wu Yan was trying hard to retain her composure. But her trembling palms were showing that her emotions were not really calm at all.

“You’ve suffered humiliation because of me. If I don’t come and visit you, am I still human…”

Ning Fan might just be teasing her with his words, but they actually stabbed right at her vital area, making her calmness be completely overwhelmed by her loneliness.

“I’m just giving face to Sister Wan’er in saving you. You shouldn’t think too much about it… As you can see, I am being detained in this room. Although I don’t have much freedom, it isn’t a big deal… If you have watched enough, please leave. If you don’t leave, don’t blame me if I alert the others to catch you!”

“If you really wanted to call for help, you would have called the moment I appeared.”

Ning Fan gave a wee smile and directly walked to her bed. Lying down on Wu Yan’s blanket, he sniffed deeply.

“What a fragrant smell! People say that having a beauty as company could make one read ten lines with one glance without forgetting anything. I suppose it is true.”

Ning Fan deliberately took out a volume of the demon scriptures and began reading it.

“You impudent man!” Wu Yan was angered to the point of being speechless.

Don’t tell me that this man intentionally sneaked into my room just to make me angry?!

However, she had not realized that all her loneliness and negative thoughts were cast aside after being provoked by Ning Fan.

“Tell me, what exactly is your intention in coming here?!” Wu Yan knew that Ning Fan was a man who only does things for his own benefits. Therefore, she guessed that the reason why he came here was not merely to visit her.

“I only have one purpose!” Ning Fan made a leap.

“As expected…” Wu Yan sighed. She knew that Ning Fan would not purposely come to pay her a visit. After all, she was not Lu Wan’er. It would be impossible for Ning Fan to pay extra attention to her.

“The reason I came is to make you feel relaxed. You can set your mind at ease. I have ways to save you from being imprisoned for ten thousand years by Imperial Concubine Zi!”

“What did you say?!” Her eyes widened. She had never anticipated that Ning Fan came here just to tell her that.

Countless thoughts ran across her mind. However, no matter how much she thought, she could not figure out what kind of methods Ning Fan could do to stop Imperial Concubine Zi from complaining to the Spirit King.

Killing Imperial Concubine Zi and her people? It isn’t a matter of whether he is capable of doing it or not. It is just utterly impossible.

Using his background from the Upper World to make Imperial Concubine Zi fear him and give way?

He is just a human. He has no foundations in the Immortal Demon World at all. There is no way Imperial Concubine Zi would be afraid of him. Besides, based on her attitude, she hardly gives anyone face.

“What are you planning to do?!”

“I am planning to help you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense… I am an imperial concubine from the Upper World and there is no kinship between the two of us. Why would you help me? Wait!”

Before Wu Yan could finish her words, Ning Fan had already flown away.

As a gust of wind filled with golden-purple sand blew, the formation of her room was easily lifted, as if no ordinary formation was able to stop him at all.

Wu Yan was completely stunned and her expression became even more complicated.

“Nasty little thief, you really want to help me… Hopefully, you won’t do anything foolish…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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