Grasping Evil - Chapter 284 (2)

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Half Step Void Refinement Realm… Possessing such a high cultivation level in the Internal Endless Sea, that person would definitely be a supreme expert even among the Venerated Seven. However, in Ning Fan’s hands, such formidable being was merely a refined corpse…

This kid is really ruthless for being daring enough to turn such a strong expert into a refined corpse. Even if I use a self-harming technique to activate a trace of my main body’s power, I might not necessarily be strong enough to be his opponent…

One must acknowledge that Yue Lingkong was really a firm and resolute woman. As soon as she realized that she had no chance of winning against Ning Fan, she immediately revealed a look of submissiveness.

“Fine! I’ll compromise. If you are willing to make out with me, I will treat you as a mere cucumber. After doing ‘that’, I promise that I’ll never take revenge on you! Besides, I can bring you back to Divine Space Island! I can’t give the island to you because it is my empire which I built up myself. I know that you aren’t after establishing an influential force but rather seeking how to improve your own power… I have seven Divine Transformation Realm female disciples! If you send me back to the island, these female cultivators will be yours and you can do whatever you want with them… During the insurgence of my second primordial spirit, they had betrayed me and launched attacks on me. If it was not because of them, I wouldn’t have suffered such a disastrous defeat… Aside from that, I also have four Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits. They are all sealed within my treasure pavilion. Other than me, no one would be able to open it, not even my second primordial spirit. If you promise to help me, they will also be yours!”

Yue Lingkong clearly expressed her stance. Since she was already in a disadvantageous situation, she was willing to give in. Moreover, she promised to give attractive rewards that were enough to move Ning Fan’s heart without any hesitation.

Seven Divine Transformation Realm female cauldrons and four Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits. They were more than enough to allow Ning Fan’s magic power to attain the Divine Transformation Realm!

“So give me an answer whether you are willing to make out with me?!” The girl angrily rolled her eyes at Ning Fan with clear intentions.

Why is a grown-up man like you being such a sissy while I, a woman, isn’t as undecided as you?

Ning Fan had a feeling that if he still refuses to pluck Yue Lingkong, he would then be underestimated by that woman.

“I’m just a cucumber in her eyes…”

Ning Fan had two choices. Firstly, he forcibly plucks Yue Lingkong right here and right now. After subduing her using his refined corpse, he would not only pluck the excess magic power in her Sea of Consciousness but also her Early Divine Transformation Realm magic power. In that case, it would be an easy task for him to increase one thousand units of magic power.

Secondly, he only plucks Yue Lingkong’s excess magic power to help her recover her cultivation level and continue keeping her at the moment so that he could go to the Divine Space Island under her guidance.

Although the Divine Space Island is said to be full of dead corpses and no one knew whether the seven disloyal Divine Transformation Realm female cultivators were still alive, the four Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits would certainly be still there. Apart from that, it was certain that lot of excellent items would be on that island.

It was the storage of the number one force in the Internal Endless Sea that was enticing to Ning Fan.

There are two choices. The second choice might have some uncertainty but if it succeeds, the benefits are massive.

After considering it for a while, he finally decided to choose the second option.

“I promise to grant your request and I will help you to deal witth the excess magic power within your Sea of Consciousness. Besides, I will even help you recover your power. But on one condition: I must plant a Mental Seal on you to prevent you from going against me afterwards!”

“Mental Seal? As you wish!” Yue Lingkong did not even think about it. As Ning Fan was inching forward, she lifted her head with an unaffected expression.

In fact, she was not afraid of Mental Seals at all. The strongest attribute of her Sea of Consciousness which was in the form of moonlight was that it could easily erase any ordinary Mental Seal that was planted on her. When Yue Lingkong was still small in the past, she was once planted a Mental Seal by a female devil cultivator. However, in the end, she was still able to erase it using her Moon Consciousness.

“Just go ahead and plant it!”

She was fearless and allowed Ning Fan to press his palm against her head.

Ning Fan made a wee smile. He could tell that the reason why Yue Lingkong behaved so boldly and straightforwardly was probably because she thought that her Moon Consciousness would be powerful enough to neutralize the effects of his Mental Seal.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know that my Mental Seal is slightly different from others.

The purple star in his left eye flashed. The power of the Fu Li royal bloodline surged within him, turning into an abstruse Demon Seal which was then seared onto Yue Lingkong’s Moon Consciousness.

At the moment when Ning Fan’s demon star twinkled, Yue Lingkong regretted her choice.

“Demon Seal?! Wait a minute. Weren’t you saying Mental Seal…”

Demon Seal was a profound mental seal of the demon race from the Upper World. Besides, in regards to Ning Fan’s demon bloodline, it was Yue Lingkong’s first time witnessing such a powerful demon bloodline. Just as she saw Ning Fan was planting this kind of mental seal, she was filled with complete reluctance because she… was not able to erase it!

Sympathetically, it was over now… It was too late for her to refuse as the Demon Seal was already in place!

“Damn it!” Yue Lingkong was on the verge of losing her temper. After being planted with a Demon Seal, unless she is stronger than Ning Fan by a big cultivation realm and forcibly break that seal, it would be impossible to erase it!

This kid is already an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert. If I don’t attain the Early Void Refinement Realm, there’s no way for me to break it off!

In other words, before attaining the Early Void Refinement Realm, I am going to be this stinky brat’s sex slave?!

It’s a loss. A HUGE LOSS…

I have to break free from his Demon Seal. Otherwise, even if I recover my Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation level and become the strongest expert in the Internal Endless Sea once more, I will still be under this brat’s control.

As her mind was disturbed, a sharp pain assailed her Sea of Consciousness. The magic power that was sealed within had completely gone out of control just like wild horses which had thrown off their reins, wrecking her body internally.

It hurts!

Yue Lingkong knew that she could not hesitate any further.

Nothing else matters right now other than knocking him down and climbing on top of him!

A seven or eight years old loli dragged her heavy shackled hands and feet which jiggled as she moved and pushed Ning Fan to the ground like a cow in a rut.

Her delicate hands stripped off Ning Fan’s clothes regardless of anything.


The silver-colored iron ball which was tied to her handcuffs fell upon Ning Fan’s head, creating some circling birds on his head.

Although he was not injured, it was still painful, wasn’t it?

*Clear throat* “You don’t have to rush. Let’s take it slow. Let’s take these troublesome shackles off first.”

Ning Fan was at a loss for words. After so many years, it was still his first time being pushed down to the ground by a young girl.

It did not seem like he was plucking Yue Lingkong but she was trying to rape him instead.

“Don’t have to rush?! How can I not be in a rush?! If I’m not fast enough, I’m going to lose my life!”


Suddenly, moonlight flashed around Yue Lingkong’s body and directly eroded an opening on her shackles. Afterwards, she fearsomely threw all of them aside.

Ning Fan’s gaze became focused.

That moonlight is rather terrifying. It can literally melt away the Secret Universe Silver which has the same hardness of an Immemorial Star… Doesn’t that mean before I attain the Golden Body Refining Realm, I can’t withstand her moonlight attacks at all?

This lady really isn’t depending on luck to dominate the Internal Endless Sea…

Without the shackles, Yue Lingkong felt the movement of her limbs became more agile. Brief and swift, she stripped every last piece of Ning Fan’s clothing. With her clothes on, she straight away tore her mini skirt apart, revealing her clean buttocks and sat on top of him.

“Speed! SPEED! You’re just a cucumber. Just watch how I f**k you until you are in denial!”

Yue Lingkong’s words might sound decisive, but her heart was actually feeling slightly anxious.

No matter how tough she looked outside, she was still just a woman at the end of the day. Besides, this was her first time engaging in such an activity.

Her little hand grabbed that ‘hot meat rod’ and determinedly shoved it under her. There was not any foreplay at all.

However, in the next second, Yue Lingkong sadly realized a serious problem.

“It can’t enter? Why can’t it enter?! Come on, just go in already!”

No matter how hard she pushed, it could not penetrate through.

“You are too small…” That scene really left Ning Fan speechless.

“I’m 4000 years old! I’m ten times bigger than you?!” Yue Lingkong was so impatient that her little face began to turn red. Her hair was in a mess and the pain in her head became more intense.

“I’m not talking about age…”

Seeing what happened right before him, Ning Fan also had a headache now. The body that Yue Lingkong had reconstructed was just like that of a seven or eight years old child. That place was just too narrow.

It was supposed to be like that since her body had not even hit puberty.

“You’ve promised me that you’re going to help me!” Yue Lingkong almost cried out of anxiety. It was hard to imagine that the strongest being of the Internal Endless Sea would be on the verge of weeping because of a strange reason like this.

“I’ve told you, don’t rush…” Ning Fan sat up straight and gently held Yue Lingkong with his arms. Exerting force on his palm, he tore away her robes.

Then, he placed his palm on her body and began caressing. Although they were soft and tender, they were as flat as an airfield after all. Well, you can’t expect a seven or eight years old girl to bring you any surprises in a situation like this.

“Do you feel anything…”

“Mm…” Yue Lingkong’s tense body muscles started to relax and some slippery liquid gradually flowed out below her.

“Just endure for a while more if you don’t want to die from being overwhelmed by your magic power…” Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold and forcefully pushed his hip up.

Yue Lingkong could feel that her most sensitive part was being widened three times larger. The pain of being torn apart made this stubborn female shed tears for the first time.


In fact, she literally lost her consciousness due to the unbearable pain. Blood began to flow down along her silky-white thighs making the part between her thighs be dyed completely in red.

“I suppose that it is going to be an unforgettable trauma to her for the rest of her life… Let’s see if she still dares to belittle my ‘cucumber’ in the future or not…” Ning Fan let out a sigh, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He then pressed that small undeveloped body below him.

Actually, he too felt that it was painful… However, in order to pluck this girl, he temporarily endure for the moment.

After all, as a professional devil cultivator of dual-cultivation methods, he must be able to handle all kinds of female cultivators as it is how they show professionalism.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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